Love Triangle Challenge: Can You Name That Interloper? Quiz Statistics and Answer Key

This quiz has been taken 40 times, 2 times on Spinditty and 38 times on other sites.

Average score: 56%

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Who was the interloper who caused Tiger Woods' wife Elin to attack him with his own golf club?
The correct answer is "Rachel Uchitel"

Who was the generously tattooed woman who (together with Jesse James) broke actress Sandra Bullock's heart?
The correct answer is "Michelle McGee"

Who was Donald Trump's not-so-secret mistress?
The correct answer is "Marla Maples"

Who was President John F. Kennedy's famous interloper?
The correct answer is "Marilyn Monroe"

What interloper was allegedly with FDR instead of his wife, Eleanor, when he died?
The correct answer is "Lucy Mercer Rutherford"

With whom did Heidi Klum allegedly cheat on Seal?
The correct answer is "the family bodyguard"

Jessica Simpson cheated on then-husband Nick Lachey with what interloper musician?
The correct answer is "Adam Levine"

Which actress broke up the marriage of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston?
The correct answer is "Angelina Jolie"

Which U.S. politician subsequently married a woman he had an affair with while still married to a previous wife?
The correct answer is "all of these"

This interloper was 2008 Presidential candidate John Edwards' campaign worker and bore his love child.
The correct answer is "Rielle Hunter"