Take the Quiz: Name That Cheater Quiz Statistics and Answer Key

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This "Dancing with the Stars" host cheated on his wife just days before their wedding.
The correct answer is "Mario Lopez"

This guy cheated on Sandra Bullock with a San Diego stripper.
The correct answer is "Jesse James"

This famous mistress was Rielle Hunter. Who was her married politician lover?
The correct answer is "John Edwards"

This country music star cheated on her husband of 7 years with a married man. Who was she?
The correct answer is "Lee Ann Rimes"

This Governor famously fathered a child with his Guatemalan-born housekeeper.
The correct answer is "Arnold Schwarznegger"

Which of the following women is President Clinton NOT alleged to have had extramarital relations with?
The correct answer is "Bill Clinton has been linked with each of these women."

This Governor was accused of sexual harassment and revealed in a press conference that he was "a gay American."
The correct answer is "Jim McGreevey"

This singer/actress began cheating with Ben Affleck when she was still married to someone else.
The correct answer is "Jennifer Lopez"

This married Idaho Senator was arrested on charges of lewd conduct in a men's restroom after adopting a "wide stance."
The correct answer is "Larry Craig"