Female Bass Player Quiz Quiz Statistics and Answer Key

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Average score: 44%

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Suzi Quatro appeared in a few episodes as musician Leather Tuscadero in what popular TV show?
The correct answer is "Happy Days"

Kim Gordon produced which of the following albums?
The correct answer is "Hole - Pretty on the Inside"

Kim Gordon co-directed which of the following music videos with Spike Jonze?
The correct answer is "The Breeders - Cannonball"

Este Haim, along with her sister Danielle were members of which 2000s all girl group?
The correct answer is "Valli Girls"

For the Pixies first couple of albums, Kim Deal was credited in the liner notes under which name?
The correct answer is "Mrs. John Murphy"

Tina Weymouth contributed backing vocals and percussion for which UK alternative rock band?
The correct answer is "Gorillaz"

In 2002 Melissa Auf der Maur provided lead vocals for an all female band Hand of Doom, a cover band of which rock band?
The correct answer is "Black Sabbath"

Hand of Doom also featured which female bass player?
The correct answer is "Paz Lenchantin"

Which female bassist played bass on the 1997 Rolling Stone song "Saint of Me"?
The correct answer is "Meshell Ndegeocello"

Esperanza Spalding was personally selected to perform at the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize concert by whom?
The correct answer is "Barack Obama"