Forever 27 Club Quiz Quiz Statistics and Answer Key

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Average score: 41%

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Which of these blues artist help teach Robert Johnson how to play the guitar?
The correct answer is "Son House"

Which of the following The Drifters hits did 27 club member Rudy Lewis not sing on?
The correct answer is "Under the Boardwalk"

Brian Jones also served as a guest musician for the Beatles. Which of these Beatles did he not play on?
The correct answer is "As My Guitar Gently Weeps"

Which song was Jimi Hendrix only US top 20 hit?
The correct answer is "All Along the Watchtower"

Which of the following 27 club members did not play Woodstock?
The correct answer is "Jim Morrison"

Arlester "Dyke" Christian is best known for recording and writing the original version of which Wilson Pickett hit?
The correct answer is "Funky Broadway"

Which Badfinger song, co-written by Pete Ham became a US number 1 for Harry Nilsson?
The correct answer is "Without You"

Which Minutemen song written by D. Boon was featured as the theme to the MTV show Jackass?
The correct answer is "Corona"

Prior to forming Nirvana Kurt Cobain was in which of the following bands?
The correct answer is "Fecal Matter"

Amy Winehouse became the first British female to do what?
The correct answer is "To win five Grammy Awards in single ceremony"