What's your opinion on the Schecter Omen Extreme-FR vs. the Schecter Omen 6?


My opinion is that the Schecter Omen Extreme is an excellent guitar at an excellent price point. It’s a little more expensive than the Omen 6, but you also get a few nice upgrades. For beginners and intermediate players, I think it’s a solid choice, especially if a guitarist is into metal or hard rock.

The Omen Extreme Series is a step up from Omen 6. While many of the differences are cosmetic, there are a few significant changes to note. The Omen Extreme-FR has a mahogany body where the Omen 6 has basswood. Both are resonant tonewoods, and I like both, but given a choice, I’d prefer mahogany.

The Extreme also has more advanced electronics, with the addition of another volume knob and a push/pull coil tap function. The coil tap is nice, but I really like the extra volume knob. This, in combination with the 3-way switch, makes the Extreme similar to a Les Paul when it comes to pickup switching and using the selector switch as an on/off.

Of course, the major difference here is the Floyd Rose Special tremolo found on the Extreme-FR. I can only tell you that, in my opinion, the Floyd Rose Special is a good bridge. Whether I’d prefer a guitar with a Floyd Rose or Tune-o-Matic often depends on which way the wind is blowing. However, if you think you need a guitar with a Floyd Rose, I think this one is a great choice compared to some of the other options out there in this price range.

Updated on March 27, 2018

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Schecter Guitars Review: C-1 Classic vs. Hellraiser vs. Omen 6
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