What is the difference between the Peavey Vypyr VIP 2 and VIP 3?


I suggest visiting Peavey’s website and comparing the specs for the two amps side by side. Here are a few differences I think are important:

The front panel for the VIP 3 is more advanced. It has an LCD display, so you can clearly see what effects and models you are dialing in. I like this feature in modeling amps. It gets a little confusing trying to figure out which knob is doing what, and the little display can help.

The power rating is another major difference: The VIP 3 is rated at 100 watts, and the VIP 2 at 40 watts. While the power alone may not be a deciding factor for some guitarists, for others power should be a consideration.

For example, if I were going to play in a band, I would definitely prefer the VIP 3. I would want the volume and headroom that comes with 100 watts. On the other hand, if I never intended to take the amp out of my house, the VIP 2 is certainly loud enough.

However, even for home use, I may prefer the VIP. It has a variable power feature, so even though it is rated at 100 watts, the PowerSponge lets you dial it back as far as one watt. This, in effect, is like using a power soak on a tube amp.

The cost difference between the VIP 2 and VIP 3 is about $100 at the time I am writing this. However, remember that you may want one of the (optional) Sanpera pedals to control the amp, so factor that into the cost as well.

Updated on March 29, 2018

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Peavey Vypyr VIP Series Review
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