Top 8 Worst Justin Bieber Songs of All Time

Updated on July 28, 2019
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Krzysztof is a 8+ year YouTube researcher who spends hours researching, analyzing, and uncovering YouTube trends, challenges, and media.

The Worst Justin Bieber Songs

Justin Bieber may have been a global phenomenon since he was a child, but he has also produced some of the worst songs ever.

Luckily his music has evolved for the better, but that doesn't mean we can forgive some of the missteps throughout his career.

So what's the worst Bieber song you've ever heard, and does it make the cut?

Let's find out with the eight worst Justin Bieber songs of all time.

1. "Purpose" - Purpose

I don't understand why his best album, Purpose, would feature a track of the same name if it was never meant to be a single.

And I especially don't get why he would include such an underwhelming track when the album had hit singles like "Sorry" and "Love Yourself".

Either way, the song left much to be desired. The lyrics weren't too bad and the melody was okay but this was clearly a B-side type of anthem, and for that, it belongs on this list.

Sure Bieber may have had a lot worse songs than this, but none of them were so directly tied to the album and his personal journey.

His Purpose album may have been excellent, but sadly the track "Purpose" could've been a lot stronger.

2. "Heartbreaker" - Journals

"Heartbreaker" was the first song off of his second compilation album, Journals, which preceded the release of his second concert movie, Believe.

Perhaps that's why the digital only album often felt incomplete despite collaborations with artists like Future, Big Sean, Lil Wayne, and Chance the Rapper.

Their was also an overarching theme that focused on heartbreak, forgiveness, and fallen relationships. It has been stated that Journals was created when Bieber and his former girlfriend, Selena Gomez, broke up.

So with all of that going on, you'd think some of these songs would have some substance right?

Well unfortunately there was a lot more bark than bite to these tracks, and "Heartbreaker" suffered the most from it. The song is dull, desperate, and lacks any sort of vigor that should exist in an emotional song like this.

Yes it sounded less poppy than prior tracks, but I felt that the emotional tones were on a constant loop.

This in-between phase of Bieber's career lacked the charm of his earlier works and the true maturity of future albums, and "Heartbreaker" was the apex of his professional struggles.

3. "Baby" - My World 2.0

"Baby" was Justin Bieber's coming out party, and everybody bought into it.

Unfortunately it also generated a ton of backlash due to the cheeky video, the odd Ludacris feature, and the cheesy lyrics. In fact the backlash was so bad that it's still regarded as one of the most disliked videos on YouTube despite being the first to ever hit 1 billion views on the platform.

So did it deserve all the hate?

Probably not, it's far from being the worst song ever made and Bieber sounded okay in it, but it was definitely a low point for him (quality-wise).

The song had little to no merit, the teen romance angle was cringe-worthy, the lyrics were very poor, and the music video didn't do it any favors.

He also made much better songs before this, so there's no excuse that he was still young. In total this was just a mediocre song, but for Justin, it definitely hangs on the lower half of the totem.

4. "Eenie Meenie" - My World 2.0

I think the track title says it all.

"Eenie Meenie" was an overly poppy dance number that only dragged collaborator/artist Sean Kingston further into obscurity.

I'll admit that at first glance this tune is kinda catchy, but once you dig deeper, you'll wish that this ear worm would just go away. It doesn't help that Kingston stole the chorus away from Bieber with his unnecessary Reggae injection.

And the lyrics only made it worse. They were oddly disturbing and made no sense:

"Eenie meenie miney mo"

"Catch a bad chick by her toe"

"If she holla (if, if, if, she hollas) let her go"

Can someone explain to me what that means because I'm totally lost.

I realize that the album is full of dance-pop tracks with cringe-inducing lyrics, but I don't think any of them are as annoying and confusing as "Eenie Meenie" and that includes "Baby".

5. "One Less Lonely Girl" - My World

"One Less Lonely Girl" was the second single from Bieber's debut album, My World, and it's about as predictable as you might expect from a young, male pop singer.

Now sure his first single, "One Time", dealt with teen relationships too, but it had enough charm, vocal talent, and a dynamic beat to overcome its shortfalls.

Sadly I can't say the same for this tune, which just recycled the theme without adding anything interesting to it. It also tried to copy R&B styles from artists like Chris Brown who have done a much better job with the material.

Maybe this song was memorable at the time it was released, but when you think of popular Justin Bieber songs, this one falls by the wayside.

It was a poor follow-up, and it severely restricted Justin's talent.

6. "Drummer Boy" - Under the Mistletoe

"Drummer Boy" was a track from Justin's first official Christmas Album and second studio album.

It was also a collaborative feature with hip-hop legend Busta Rhymes; what could go wrong?

Well it ended up being the worst track on the album, and is in my opinion, one of poorest covers of that song.

It started out just like any other cover, but then it rapidly divulged into something repugnant. I don't even know why this version was made as it has very little to do with the Christmas classic.

Bieber's rapping is awful, the lyrics are ridiculous, and I don't know what Busta Rhymes was thinking. Personally this may be my least favorite song of his; it's so much worse than any song on this list because of what it represents.

Justin Bieber's Christmas album was released early in his career and the main single, "Mistletoe", is actually really enjoyable, so I don't understand how he got here.

Maybe you think I'm over exaggerating, but seriously try listening to this song and not wince at every rap verse.

7. "Boyfriend" - Believe

Justin's third album Believe was a significant departure from the teen pop tunes of his previous albums, but the songs still struggled to find their footing outside his fan base.

It didn't help that his personal antics got progressively more obnoxious, which negatively skewed the public's opinion of him.

So naturally people weren't thrilled when his album tried to go more mature when he himself was the opposite, and nothing showcased that more than "Boyfriend".

"Boyfriend" was an R&B infused pop track that sported an older, more vocally mature Justin Bieber who clearly tried to replicate Justin Timberlake's style. Unfortunately you can't go adult when you're still very much a child underneath.

The lyrics are laughable, he was trying way too hard, and the music video was atrocious. Somehow he became even more unlikable than he was before, and songs like this did nothing to change that.

Thankfully the album wasn't all bad, "Beauty and a Beat" was a pleasant surprise and other singles had their moments, but they couldn't quite erase the negativity surrounding Bieber.

8. "Despacito (Remix)"

"Despacito" was produced by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, and it's an excellent track.

However the song wasn't good enough to go mainstream until Justin Bieber got involved, and worst of all, he added nothing to it outside of English familiarity.

And that's exactly why I'm putting the remix of "Despacito" on this list.

Not every song needs to be remixed by a main stream artist to prosper especially songs from non-speaking countries. The original version has over 5 billion views on YouTube, and it certainly didn't need Bieber's help to get there.

In addition the song sounded much better before his contributions. I'm not against big US music artists helping out other artists from different countries, but there should be a reason for it.

If English familiarity and clout are the only reasons to help non-English speaking musicians, then they should just stop.

If Americans can't appreciate other languages or a country's music, then that's their problem.

Your Turn!

What's the worst Justin Bieber song?

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    • profile image


      11 months ago

      Bk voihevcecjkkve kde dongs kk

    • Chriswillman90 profile imageAUTHOR

      Krzysztof Willman 

      2 years ago from Parlin, New Jersey

      Thank you, I noticed you included a few of his songs on some of your lists so he obviously has talent. Some artists have more misses than hits, he may be one of them.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      2 years ago from USA

      Loved this! I am okay with some Bieber songs but these are not very good at all. Even the best stars (not that he is) have dud songs.


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