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120+ Best Songs With "Summer" in the Title

Carson suffers from a serious case of melophilia. Geeking out on her favorite music artists is her guilty pleasure.

Celebrate warm and sunny days with these summer songs!

Celebrate warm and sunny days with these summer songs!

Summer Songs for Your Playlist

What activities are you most excited about when the summer season arrives? Many of you will hit the beach, enjoy the sea breeze, and spend an entire afternoon soaking up some rays. Other than sun and sand, however, I also love listening to my favorite tunes in the summer.

Maybe the sun's rays have a magical way of turning even the gloomiest mood into something fun and exciting, compelling me to put on my headphones and turn up the volume as I take a stroll. And during one of my long walks, I thought about gathering a list of songs with the word "summer" in the title.

Lyrics Celebrate the Good and Bad of the Season

What a thrill it was to listen to a ton of "summer" songs. Doing this made me appreciate and respect songwriters so much more. While summer is a season typically associated with happiness and good vibes, some songs I listened to convey vastly different messages.

To understand what I'm talking about, take some time to listen to these songs with "summer" in the title.

Top Songs With "Summer" in the Title

1. “I Know What You Did Last Summer” by Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello

2. “Summer” by Calvin Harris

3. “Summer Madness” by Kool and The Gang

4. “Summer Moved On” by A-Ha

5. “In the Summertime” by Mungo jerry

6. “Summer Wind” by Frank Sinatra

7. “Here Comes Summer” by Bruce & Terry

8. “Summer Holiday” by Cliff Richard

9. “Picnic in the Summertime” by Deee-Lite

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10. “Cruel Summer” by Taylor Swift

11. “Summertime Magic” by Childish Gambino

12. “Summer Means Fun” by Bruce & Terry

13. “Summer of ‘69” by Bryan Adams

14. “Summer Rain” by Johnny Rivers

15. “Summer Wind” by Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood

16. “Summer Nights” by Grease

17. “Summer Girl” by Haim

18. “That Sunday, That Summer” by Nat King Cole

19. “Suddenly Last Summer” by The Motels

20. “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Rey

21. “Summer Night” by Rascal Flatts

22. “Summer Girls” by LFO

23. “Here Comes Summer” by Jerry Keller

24. “Let’s Go Steady for the Summer” by The Tren-Dells

25. “Summertime” by The Ravens

26. “Summertime Blues” by Eddie Cochran

27. “Endless Summer Nights” by Richard Marx

28. “The Boys of Summer” by Don Henley

29. “Summertime” by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

30. “Summer Soft” by Stevie Wonder

31. “Summer in the City” by The Lovin’ Spoonful

32. “All Summer Long” by The Beach Boys”

33. “Wild Summer Nights” by John Cafferty

34. “Summer on you” by PRETTYMUCH

35. “All Summer Long” by Kid Rock

36. “Summer Nights” by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John

37. “What I Did This Summer” by Marcy Joe

38. “Now That Summer Is Here” by The Videls

39. “Summer Breeze” by Seals & Crofts

40. “Summer Days” by Martin Garrix

41. “My Summer Love” by Ruby & The Romantics

42. “Summer in Siam” by The Pogues

43. “Summer Love” by The Chimes

44. “Hot Fun in the Summertime” by Sly & The Family Stone

45. “Summer Love” by The Wonders

46. “Long Hot Summer” by Keith Urban

47. “Summer Babe” by Pavement

48. “Summertime” by Billy Stewart

49. “Make Summer Last Forever” by Lou Christie & The Tammys

50. “It’s Been a Summer” by New Found Glory

51. “Summer Babe (Winter Version)” by Pavement

52. “Happy Summer Days” by Ronnie Dove

53. “It’s Summertime” by The Flaming Lips

54. “The Other Side of Summer” by Elis Costello

55. “Sunshine and Summertime” by Faith Hill

56. “Summer Snow” by Lour Christie

57. “Summer Day” by Kari Lynn

58. “I Didn’t Have any Summer Romance” by Carole King

59. “Lazy Summer Night” by The Four Preps

60. “Summer Song” by The Cranberries

61. “Summertime Lies” by The Four Preps

62. “Summertime Nights” by Happy Tones

63. “Idiot Summer” by Gin Blossoms

64. “Celebrated Summer” by Husker Du

65. “A Summer Song” by Chad & Jeremy

66. “Long Hot Summer Night” by Heaven Research

67. “Summer, Highland Falls” by Billy Joel

68. “Beat This Summer” by Brad Paisley

69. “Summer ‘68” by Pink Floyd

70. “That Summer” by Garth Brooks

71. “Roll Along Summer” by Paul Weller

72. “A Little More Summertime” by Jason Aldean

73. “Rain in the Summertime” by The Alarm

74. “300 Looks for the Summer” by Girls Against Boys

75. “Endless Summer Days” by Adrian Baker

76. “21 Summer” by Brothers Osborne

77. “Here Come Summer” by Kerry Keller

78. “Summertime Clothes” by Animal Collective

79. “Standing on the Edge of Summer” by Thursday

80. “Summer’s Here” by James Taylor

81. “Groovy Little Summer Song” by James Otto

82. “One-Eighty by Summer” by Taking Back Sunday

83. “Summer Job Days” by David Nail

84. “This Time Last Summer” by Brenda Holloway

85. “Summer” by War

86. “Summer Home in Your Arms” by Jewel

87. “Hot Scary Summer” by Villagers

88. “Summertime Blues” by Alan Jackson

89. “Lies of Summer” by Aimee Mann

90. “Hot Girl Summer” by Megan Thee Stallion feat. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign

91. “Easy in the Summertime” by Allison Moorer

92. “Long Hot Summer” by Keith Urban

93. “The Summer Jam” by Periphery

94. “Out of Summertime” by Scotty McCreery

95. “Summer People” by Gretchen Peters

96. “Where’s Summer B?” by Ben Folds

97. “Summer Again” by The Afters

98. “Summertime is in Our Hands” by Michael Franti

99. “One Week Last Summer” by Joni Mitchell

100. “Summer Wind” by Frank Sinatra

101. “All Summer Long” by Kid Rock

102. “Silent Spring” by Glenn Frey

103. “Sweet Summertime” by Candlebox

104. “That Summer, at Home I Had Become Invisible Boy” by The Twilight Sad

105. “Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer” by Nat King Cole

106. “Wonderful Summer” by Robin Ward

107. “What a Lonely Way to Start the Summertime” by The Bitter Sweets

108. “Cruel Summer” by Bananarama

109. “Summer Days” by The Sweethearts

110. “Summer Love” by Justin Timberlake

111. “Summer Sunshine” by Keith Collet & Kathy Stephens

112. “Summer’s Here (School Is Through)” by Chateaus

113. “Stay and Love Me All Summer” by Brian Hyland

114. “Summertime USA” by Freddie Cannon

115. “My Summer Love” by Steve Clayton

116. “Summer Days” by Lou Christie

117. “Soft Summer Breeze” by The Diamonds

118. “Almost Summer” by Celebration & Mike Love

119. “When Summer Is Gone” by Gary Lewis & The Playboys

120. “Summer Kisses, Winter Tears” by Elvis Presley

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