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Best Songs With "Baby" in the Lyrics

Carson suffers from a serious case of melophilia. Geeking out on her favorite music artists is her guilty pleasure.

Most of these songs aren't about actual babies, but the word "baby" is a very common song lyric to describe a romantic partner.

Most of these songs aren't about actual babies, but the word "baby" is a very common song lyric to describe a romantic partner.

Tons of Songs Use the Word "Baby"

We all know that when a song has the word “baby” in the lyrics or the title, it probably isn’t about a newborn. In nearly all cases, the word is used to refer to a lover—or a former lover, in a few instances. I don’t have the actual numbers, but I’m willing to bet that “baby” is one of the most-used words in song lyrics.

What About Songs With "Baby" in the Title?

Take note that the list below contains songs with the word "baby" in the lyrics. I started out by searching for songs with "baby" in the title, but I found that the list would be much more interesting if I included songs with the word "baby" in the lyrics.

Obviously, I couldn’t include every single song on this list, so apologies in advance if you don’t find your favorite. You can share songs I’ve missed, and I’ll keep the list updated.

Before you proceed, let me warn you that these songs will trigger LSS (also known as earworms)!

Famous Songs With "Baby" in the Lyrics

Check out our favorite 25 songs below!

1. “Baby” by Justin Bieber

And I was like baby, baby, baby oh

Like baby, baby, baby no

Like baby, baby, baby oh

I thought you'd always be mine, mine.

2. “Be My Baby” by The Ronettes

So won't you, please

(Be my, be my baby) Be my little baby

(My one and only baby) Say you'll be my darlin'.

3. “...Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears

When I'm not with you I lose my mind

Give me a sign

Hit me, baby, one more time.

4. “Baby I Love Your Way” by Big Mountain

Ooh, baby, I love your way, everyday, yeah

I wanna tell you I love your way, everyday, yeah

I wanna be with you night and day, oh baby, oh baby, please, everyday.

5. “Baby by Me” by 50 Cent

Have a baby by me; baby

Be a millionaire Have a baby by me; baby

6. “Baby Love” by Nicole Scherzinger and

You are my baby love, my baby love
You make the sun come up (Oh boy, oh boy)
You're my every, every, every, everything.

7. “Always Be My Baby” by Mariah Carey

No way, you're never gonna shake me (you and I)

Ooh, darling, 'cause you'll always be my baby (you and I).

8. “Santa Baby” by Eartha Kitt

Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree

For me I've been an awful good girl

Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight.

9. “Born to Be My Baby” by Bon Jovi

You were born to be my baby

And baby, I was made to be your man.

19. “I’m Your Baby Tonight” by Whitney Houston

Just call on me, baby

I'll be there in a hurry

It's your move, so baby, baby decide.

11. “Hot Stuff” by Donna Summer

Lookin' for some hot stuff baby this evenin'

I need some hot stuff baby tonight.

12. “Baby-Baby-Baby” by TLC

Oh baby, baby

Baby, baby, baby

Cause if you gonna get me off

You got to love me deep.

13. “Babies Makin’ Babies” by Sly & the Family Stone

Babies makin' babies, babies makin' babies, babies makin' babies

Babies makin' babies, oh yes sir, babies makin' babies.

14. “Baby We’ve Got a Date (Rock It Baby)” by Bob Marley

Baby, baby, we've got a date; (ooh-hoo, ooh-hoo)

Oh, baby, baby, don't you be late. Oh, baby!

15. “Baby” by Brandy

Baby, baby, baby, baby

Don't you know that you're so fine?

Baby, baby, baby, baby

Think about you all the time.

16. “Baby Baby Baby (Baby)” by Steve Earle

Call her on the phone and it rangle langle lang, and she said

Baby, baby, baby, baby

Baby, baby, baby, baby

17. “Baby I” by Ariana Grande

Baby I got love for thee

So deep inside of me I don't know where to start.

18. “Baby” by LL Cool J

Girl come on (girl come on, girl come on,)

'Cause I'm your baby, I'm your baby, I'm your baby, I'm your baby

I'm your baby, your baby, your baby, your baby.

19. “Where Did My Heart Go?” by Ringo Starr

Baby, baby, baby, don't leave me,

Please, don't leave me all by myself.

20. “Burn Baby Burn” by Gravediggaz

Burn baby burn, burn baby burn

Check it, yo, yo

I was unearthed, the womb gave birth.

21. “Lovin’ in My Baby’s Eyes” by Taj Mahal

Look here baby now you know I can, be the one to be your man

Baby now you know I'd do, anything in the world for you.

22. “Work” by Kelly Rowland and Scott Storch

Put it in

Check it baby, get it baby, check it baby, get it (work).

23. “Baby Please Don’t Go” by T.H.E.M

Baby, please don't go

Down to New Orleans

You know I love you so

Baby, please don't go.

24. “Babe I Need Your Lovin” by Four Tops

Baby, I need your lovin'

Baby, I need your lovin'

Although you're never near

Your voice I often hear.

25. “Bye Bye Baby” by Madonna

Bye bye baby bye bye

It's your turn to cry.