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60+ Songs About Thursday

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Thursday Songs

Thursday marks that time of the week when you’re already looking forward to the weekend. Sure, there’s still work to do, but the day seems to fly by. This is precisely why I love Thursdays. I see it as an extension of the weekend, enabling me to focus on what needs to be done, gain momentum toward the end of the week, and even hold a little celebration to finish the day off.

I also like the fact that on Thursdays, you really don’t expect anything special to happen. You might have big plans for the weekend, but if something gets in the way, you end up feeling disappointed. This rarely happens on a Thursday since you don’t think about anything mind-blowing. You just let things manifest themselves, and you make the most out of them.

Thursday is also an excellent time to unwind. The promise of an exciting weekend is always something to look forward to, but never underestimate how fun Thursday can be. If you think about it, there are so many good shows that air on Thursdays. And if you’re a fan of Thirsty Thursday, you can have even more fun by enjoying a drink or two with your buddies. In fact, I do this so often that I discovered so many Thursday songs.

If you want to add a little bit of spice to your day, then check out these songs about Thursday.

Best Thursday Songs

1. “Thursday” by Jess Glynne

2. “Thursday’s Child” by Isobel Campbell

3. “Thursday’s Night” by Chixdiggit!

4. “Thursday” by Pet Shop Boys

5. “Thursday Morning” by Giles, Giles and Fripp

6. “Thursday’s Keeper” by The Orb

7. “On a Thursday Morning” by Leonard Herron

8. “Thursday Afternoon” by Christoph Spendel

9. “Thursday” by The Futureheads

10. “Thursday” by The Weeknd

11. “Thursday” by Morphin

12. “Sweet Thursday” by Gilbert Street

13. “Thursday” by Leven Kali

14. “Jersey Thursday” by Fairytale

15. “Thursday Afternoon” by Rollins Band

16. “Thursday’s Child” by Hours

17. “Thursday” by R. Flex

18. “Mrs. Thursday” by Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich

19. “Thursday at the Blue Note” by Women in Technology

20. “Thursday” by Jim Croce

21. “Thursday” by Zameer Rizvi

22. “Thursday” by Always in Between

23. “Like A Summer Thursday” by Townes Van Zandt

24. “Outlook for Thursday” by DD Smash

25. “Thursday” by Tennyson and Mr. Carmack

26. “Sweet Thursday” by Matt Costa

27. “Jersey Thursday” by DONOVAN

28. “Thursday” by WheresRiley?

29. “Thursday” by H.E.R.

30. “Thursday in the Danger Room” by Run The Jewels Feat. Kamasi Washington

31. “Thursday’s Child” by Eartha Kitt

32. “Thursday” by Lostboycrow

33. “Arizona Thursday” by Dahaha

34. “Thursdays in May” by Moy Eng and Wayne Wallace

35. “Sweet Thursday” by Pizzicato Five

36. “For Thursday” by Will Joseph Cook

37. “Sweet Thursday” by Icicle Works

38. “Thursday” by Steve Cole

39. “Thursday” by Tennyson & Mr. Carmack Feat. BJ the Chicago Kid

40. “Sweet Thursday” by Matt Costa

41. “Sweet Thursday” by Johnny Mathis

42. “Thursday” by EARTHGANG

43. “Perfect by Thursday” by Kendall Payne

44. “Thursday at the Blue Note” by White Town

45. “Another Late Thursday” by Paul Van Dyk

46. “Blackouts on Thursday” by Les Savy Fav

47. “Outlook for Thursday” by Dave Dobbyn

48. “The Tale of the Magic Thursday” by Awaken

49. “Suite Thursday” by Duke Ellington & His Orchestra

50. “(Thursday) Here's Why I Did Not Go to Work Today” by Harry Nilsson

51. “Thursday” by Asobi Seksu

52. “Holy Thursday” by David Axelrod

53. “Thursday” by Country Joe & The Fish

54. “Thursday” by Noisia

55. “Thursday Afternoon” by Brian Eno

56. “Thursday the 12th” by Charlie Hunter Trio

57. “Thursday’s Child” by The Chameleons

58. “Like A Summer Thursday” by Eddie McGee

59. “Probably on Thursday” by Sara Brightman

60. “Rain Every Thursday” by Bobby Hutcherson