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12 Songs About the One That Got Away

Carson suffers from a serious case of melophilia. Geeking out on her favorite music artists is her guilty pleasure.

Next time you're feeling down about the one that got away, put on your headphones and let yourself feel all the feels of these 12 songs.

Next time you're feeling down about the one that got away, put on your headphones and let yourself feel all the feels of these 12 songs.

There are few things more frustrating than feeling like you let the love of your life slip through your fingers. Whether you were never able to confess your feelings or you simply weren't on the same page, the pain of unrequited love can linger for years.

Thankfully, many musicians have tackled this difficult emotion head-on, resulting in some truly moving songs. So next time you're feeling down about the one that got away, put on your headphones and let yourself feel all the feels of these songs. Chances are, you're not alone.

1. "The One That Got Away" by Katy Perry

"The One That Got Away" is a power ballad by American singer Katy Perry. The song is about a failed relationship, about a once new love that somehow fell apart over time.

The lyrics talk about the regrets of not being able to make things work out, and how the singer still thinks about what could have been. The song has a catchy melody and Perry's powerful vocal performance gives the song an emotional punch. It is one of Perry's best songs and is a favorite among her fans.

"The One That Got Away" was released in 2010 as the sixth and final single from Perry's album, Teenage Dream. It peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making it Perry's sixth consecutive top ten single in the United States.

The song also received generally positive reviews from music critics, who praised its emotional lyrics and Perry's vocal performance.

2. "Back to December" by Taylor Swift

"Back to December" is one of Taylor Swift's most emotive and relatable songs. The lyrics chronicle the pain and regret of a failed relationship, and many listeners can relate to the feeling of wishing they could turn back time and fix things.

This song evokes a sense of deep regret as she thinks of all the ways in which she took her relationship for granted and failed to appreciate what she had. Swift's candid admission of her mistakes is both brave and relatable, and her raw emotion is conveyed through the vulnerable delivery of her vocals.

The result is a heart-wrenching ballad that will resonate with anyone who has ever experienced a lost love.

3. "Should’ve Kissed You" by Chris Brown

Chris Brown's 2010 song "Should've Kissed You" is a touching ballad about regrets and missed opportunities. The song reflects on a past relationship that the singer wishes he could have saved.

Over a gentle piano melody, Brown croons about all of the mistakes he made in his relationship and things could have been so different only if he had made the right decisions. The lyrics are both heartbreaking and relatable, and the singer's emotions are palpable throughout the song.

The piano provides a backdrop for Brown's emotive vocals, and the result is a moving tribute to lost love. Although the song is sad, it also contains a message of hope, as Brown sings about how he would do anything to have another chance with his lost love.

"Should've Kissed You" is a haunting reminder of what could have been, and it is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever experienced a similar loss.

4. "When I Was Your Man" by Bruno Mars

"When I Was Your Man" is an all-time classic from Bruno Mars. It is an emotional song that talks about the regret and loneliness that often accompany a failed relationship.

Bruno’s song has become a modern-day classic because of his poignant musical reflections on love and loss. The heart-wrenching lyrics resonate with many people who have experienced a failed relationship.

The release of "When I Was Your Man" coincided with a resurgence in Mars' popularity, and the song helped to cement his place as one of the biggest pop stars of our generation.

Thanks to its universal themes and Bruno Mars' impressive vocal performance, "When I Was Your Man" is sure to remain a timeless reflection on love and loss.

5. "Happier" by Ed Sheeran

"Happier" is one of the most enchanting songs of Ed Sheeran, where he shares the bittersweet story of his lost love. The lyrics of the song paint vivid imagery and heartfelt emotion, reflecting a poignant portrait that has the beauty and pain of heartbreak.

The song begins with a sense of hope and nostalgia, as Sheeran reflects on fond memories of his past relationship. However, the tone quickly shifts to one of sadness and resignation as he realizes that those moments are now nothing but "ghosts of us."

Despite the pain of loss, Sheeran finds comfort in knowing that his former lover is happy in her new life without him. This mix of emotions gives the song a feeling of both melancholy and hope, making it an instant classic for anyone who has ever experienced the complex journey of heartbreak.

6. "Moonlight" by Ali Gatie

Ali Gatie's "Moonlight" is a hauntingly beautiful song about lost love and what could have been. The song is about Gatie looking back at his past relationship and wondering what might have been. The vulnerable and heart-wrenching lyrics, together with his emotions are palpable in every word.

The production is minimal, allowing Gatie’s voice and words to take center stage. The song is a reminder that sometimes the one that got away is the one we regret the most. "Moonlight" is a beautiful tribute to lost love, and it will resonate with anyone who has ever experienced heartbreak.

7. "Right Now" by Akon

In 2006, Akon’s song “Right Now (Na Na Na),” quickly became a global hit. In this song, he talks about one of his relationships that had ended badly and how he regrets letting his lover go. The lyrics are delivered in Akon’s signature style, which combines R&B with elements of hip hop.

The result is a catchy and unforgettable track that speaks to the heartbreak of a failed relationship. Though the song is ostensibly about love, it also contains a deeper message about the importance of living in the present moment. As Akon sings in the chorus, “I miss you much / Tell I get you back I'm gonna cry.”

Through these words, he reminds us that we should never take our relationships for granted and that it is always better to act with kindness and understanding. This song is a powerful reminder of the importance of living in the moment, and its message is as relevant today as it was when it was first released.

8. "I Never Told You" by Colbie Caillat

Colbie Caillat’s “I Never Told You” is a heartfelt song about a failed relationship. The prominent piano melody emphasizes the haunting feeling of loneliness after the person you love got away. The lyrics of the song describe the protagonist's feelings of regret and sadness after the end of a relationship.

The song reflects on the missed opportunities and what could have been if only the protagonist had expressed her true feelings. The piano melody is emotive and melancholy, perfectly conveying the heartbreak and longing of the lyrics.

While the message of the song is bittersweet, the overall tone is hopeful, as the singer looks back on the experience with wisdom and understanding.

9. "Someone Like You" by Adele

Though many people experience heartache at some point in their lives, few of them can say that they understand the deep, lasting pain that comes with losing a loved one. "Someone Like You" by Adele is a song that perfectly captures this feeling of bittersweet sorrow.

The initial shock and agony of the loss may eventually fade, but as the lyrics suggest, there will always be an "indelible mark" left behind. This reminder can be both painful and comforting, serving as a testament to the importance of those we have lost.

It is a relatable song for many people who have experienced loss, as it accurately captures the complex range of emotions that we feel in the aftermath of a breakup or death. The lyrics are simple yet profound, and Adele’s powerful vocals convey both the hurt and hope that we all experience when grieving.

10. "Ghost" by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber's "Ghost" is about the loss of love. It describes how a relationship that once was burning bright slowly faded away. This had left a hole in the heart of the singer and his former partner had been coming in his dreams often. In the haunting chorus, Bieber sings, "I hate to turn you over."

This line captures the feelings of many people who have experienced a breakup. The loss of love can be overwhelming and all-consuming. It can feel as if your former partners are everywhere you look. The lyrics express a deep sense of longing and nostalgia for what once was, and paint a picture of a relationship that ended too soon.

But, as Bieber reminds you in the song, you must try to move on and believe that you are not behind in recovering. Otherwise, you will be haunted by your ex’s memories forever.

11. "I Miss You" by Incubus

“I Miss You” by Incubus talks about the longing of the singer for someone. However, she is not in his life anymore and it dawns on the singer that he will not be able to see her ever. This is a slow song that reflects the singer’s sadness and nostalgia.

The lyrics are simple but powerful, and they resonated with many people who have lost someone important to them. In the first verse, the speaker recalls happy memories of being with the person he misses, and he expresses his disbelief that those moments are gone.

The chorus is a plea for the person to come back, and in the second verse, the speaker confesses his fear that he will never see the person again. The song ends on a hopeful note, with the speaker saying that he will always love the person even if they are no longer together.

12. "Wish You Were Here" by Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne's "Wish You Were Here" is a heart-wrenching ballad about the pain of lost love. The lyrics hint at the singer’s deep longing for her ex-lover. It was someone who had meant so much to her that she can't help but wish he was still there for her.

Despite the sadness of the lyrics, the song has an incredibly catchy melody that has helped to make it one of Avril's most popular songs. The story that the song tells is one that many people can relate to, which may be why it has resonated so deeply with so many listeners.

Although the lyrics are sad, they also convey a sense of hope that the singer will someday be reunited with their lost love. Whether you're nursing a broken heart or simply missing someone you love, "Wish You Were Here" is sure to provide some comfort.