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60+ Songs About September

Carson suffers from a serious case of melophilia. Geeking out on her favorite music artists is her guilty pleasure.


Songs About September

Who doesn’t love September? It marks the beginning of fall, my favorite season. The transition to cooler weather paired with falling leaves always makes for a romantic setting. Not to mention, September reminds us that the holidays are approaching. In my case, that means it’s time to save up so I can buy presents for all my nieces and nephews. That’s pretty hard to do considering it’s a busy month in our household, with several family members taking pride in being September babies.

But you’re not here about that, aren’t you? Let’s now get to the point. I initially got interested in September songs when I played “Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day back in high school. I wasn’t into music back then as I am now, but that song somehow piqued my interest. The way it was written made me think how powerful songs can be as a story-telling medium. And from there, it just felt natural to look for even more songs about September to uncover the stories behind each of them.

Perhaps September is just another month for you. Or maybe you just want to search for songs about September to win some game against your friends. In any case, here are the songs I’ve listened to, and I’d be more than happy if you could add more to the list.

Best September Songs

1. ”Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day

2. “September Morn” by Neil Diamond

3. “September Song” by WIllie Nelson

4. “See You in September” by The Tempos

5. “September in the Rain” by Rod Stewart

6. “September” by Bryan Ferry

7. “September Song” by JImmy Durante

8. “September Grass” by James Taylor

9. “My September Love” by David Whitfield

10. “September Sun” by Type O Negative

11. “The Late September Dogs” by Melissa Etheridge

12. “A Lonely September” by Plain White T’s

13. “12th of September” by Xavier Rudd

14. “September in the Rain” by Norah Jones

15. “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire

16. “September Gurls” by Big Star

17. “September” by Kirk Franklin

18. “September Song” by Frank Sinatra

19. “Gone in September” by Mike Posner

20. “Blue September” by Al Stewart

21. “September” by DJ Sava Feat. Raluka

22. “It Might As Well Rain Until September” by Carole King

23. “Blame it on September” by Allstar Weekend

24. “September” by Marianas Trench

25. “September Skyline” bby Single File

26. “September 16” by Russ

27. “September” by Taylor Swift

28. “Wet Day in September” by Pussycat

29. “September When I First Met You” by Barry White

30. “Make it Stop (September’s Children)” by Rise Against

31. “The September Of My Years” by Frank Sinatra

32. “September Song” by Sara Vaughan

33. “Pale September” by Fiona Apple

34. “Old September Blues” by My Morning Jacket

35. “Flaming September” by Marianne Faithfull

36. “September Love” by Kool & The Gang

37. “It’s September” by Johnnie Taylor

38. “Septemberism” by Man Overboard

39. “September Song” by Willie Nelson

40. “September When It Comes” by Rosanne Cash

41. “September Song” by Lou Reed

42. “Sweet September Morning” by Buffy Sainte-Marie

43. “September Song” by Agnes Obel

44. “September's Not So Far Away” by The Field Mice

45. “September” by Daughtry

46. “Maybe September” by Bill Evans

47. “September-san” by Aimer

48. “September in the Rain” by Brenda Lee

49. “See You in September” by The Bangles

50. “September” by Ernest Ranglin

51. “Come September” by Natalie Imbruglia

52. “September Baby” by Joseph Arthur

53. “September in the Rain” by Peggy Lee

54. “Maybe September” by Tony Bennett

55. “Blue September” by WIndows

56. “September Song” by Stephen Higgins

57. “September Song” by Tony Bennett

58. “September” by Ryan Adams

59. “One September Day” by Nina Simone

60. “September Song” by JP Cooper

61. “Oh! September” by Mirah

62. “Sweet September Rain” by Idha

63. “September Night” by Van Morrison

64. “September” by The Hunt

65. “In September” by Hayden


Liz Westwood from UK on August 27, 2020:

I hadn't realised that there were so many songs about September. It's a transition month, marking the end of summer. Schools go back for the start of a new academic year in the UK. This is an even bigger deal than usual in England this year as many children have been home educated since March.