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Top Five Serj Tankian Songs of All Time

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Serj Tankian found fame and success with his fellow Armenian-American members of the nu-metal band System of a Down.

Serj Tankian found fame and success with his fellow Armenian-American members of the nu-metal band System of a Down.

Top Five Serj Tankian Songs of All Time

Serj Tankian found fame and success with his fellow Armenian-American members of the nu-metal band System of a Down. After releasing several successful albums, they declared a hiatus in 2006. After over a decade of separation, they have declared that they are getting back together to make more music, much to the delight of their fans.

During the hiatus, two S.O.A.D. band members Daron Malakian and John Dolmayan briefly formed their own band, Scars on Broadway, but only released one album. Serj, the lead singer of S.O.A.D., continued to write, record, and perform several albums and songs as a solo artist, adopting a new look and a new sound.

Serj is a political and environmental activist, and a lot of his songs reflect his beliefs, making his music not only catchy but important and full of meaning, too. Here are his top five best songs that he has released since the beginning of System of a Down's temporary breakup.

5. "Sky is Over"

Album: Elect the Dead
Year of release: 2007

One of his most popular songs, "Sky is Over" is a song that has been interpreted in many ways: pollution, war, and government greed and corruption. The main chorus lyrics refer to the sky, which would disappear if nuclear war reigned. He ends the song with "the sky is over us," but "over" can also mean "finished" or "gone." In short, war and pollution will be the end to mankind if to continues.

The mix of rock and piano in this song makes it easily likable and it has so far racked up over twenty-three million views on YouTube.

4. "Artsakh"

Album: n/a (single)
Year of release: 2016

As explained at the beginning of the video, Serj was inspired to write "Artsakh" when the people of Nagorno-Karabagh, who were placed under the control of Azerbaijan by Stalin, finally got their independence.

The song is sung in Armenian, which is Serj's native language and the language of Artsakh, and he sings of those who lived and prospered in their homeland who then had to fight for their liberty. A full translation of the lyrics can be found on Serj's website.

You can tell how strongly Serj feels about the people he is connected to and he created a truly beautiful acoustic song inspired by the Artsakh people's story.

Released relatively recently, the video has been viewed over two and a half million times.

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3. "Unthinking Majority"

Album: Elect the Dead
Year of Release: 2007

"Unthinking Majority" is a great song full of disdain and irony. It's got some fantastic lyrics about war, government control, medication, and resistance, and you'll find yourself listening to it again and again. It's definitely one of Serj's masterpieces that expresses anger and resentment towards those who control and silence us.

"Unthinking Majority" has over five million views, making it not as popular as "Sky is Over" but nevertheless a great tune.

2. "Empty Walls"

Album: Elect the Dead
Year of release: 2007

"Empty Walls" sends a clear message about how war tears apart the lives of regular people, with a poignant video of children using toys and props to mirror the actions of soldiers. The lyrics themselves are, in summary, asking "why? Why do you make us go to war?"

This video has just over a million views but the lyric video, originally uploaded by Serj himself, boasts over six million.

1. "Harakiri"

Album: Harakiri
Year of release: 2012

This energetic song is all about what people, in particular the people in power, are doing to the earth by sacrificing the good of wildlife and the environment for the sake of innovation, mass production, and nuclear war.

It is a little depressing but very poignant and inspiring. With powerful statistics of real events and some of the best lyrics Serj Tankian has written in his musical career, it is definitely his best song in my opinion.

"Harakiri" has a whopping fourteen million views to date.

More Serj Tankian Songs

There are many other great Serj Tankian songs such as "Lie Lie Lie," "Peace Be Revenged," and "Uneducated Democracy." He aims to spread political and environmental awareness through his fantastic music and powerful lyrics.

His fans, and fans of System of a Down, are looking forward to future albums and live performances by him as a solo artist and part of the band that initially put him on the map.

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