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VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 1990s

I'm a fan of indie rock with over 10 years of online writing experience.


VH1's Top 100 Songs of the '90s

  1. Nirvana - "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (1991, #6 US)
  2. U2 - "One" (1991, #10 US)
  3. Backstreet Boys - "I Want It That Way" (1999, #6 US)
  4. Whitney Houston - "I Will Always Love You" (1992, #1 US)
  5. Madonna - "Vogue" (1990, #1 US)
  6. Sir Mix-A-Lot - "Baby Got Back" (1992, #1 US)
  7. Britney Spears - "Baby One More Time" (1999, #1 US)
  8. TLC - "Waterfalls" (1994, #1 US)
  9. R.E.M. - "Losing My Religion" (1991, #4 US)
  10. Sinéad O'Connor - "Nothing Compares 2 U" (1990, #1 US)
  11. Pearl Jam - "Jeremy" (1991, #79 US)
  12. Alanis Morissette - "You Oughta Know" (1995)
  13. Dr. Dre (featuring Snoop Doggy Dogg) - "Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang" (1992, #2 US)
  14. Mariah Carey - "Vision of Love" (1990, #1 US)
  15. Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Under the Bridge" (1991, #2 US)
  16. MC Hammer - "U Can't Touch This" (1990, #8 US)
  17. Destiny's Child - "Say My Name" (1999, #1 US)
  18. Metallica - "Enter Sandman" (1991, #16 US)
  19. Beastie Boys - "Sabotage" (1994)
  20. Hanson - "MMMBop" (1997, #1 US)
  21. Celine Dion - "My Heart Will Go On" (1997, #1 US)
  22. Beck - "Loser" (1994, #10 US)
  23. Salt-N-Pepa with En Vogue - "Whatta Man" (1993, #3 US)
  24. House of Pain - "Jump Around" (1992, #3 US)
  25. Soundgarden - "Black Hole Sun" (1994)

Nirvana, "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

26. Eminem - "My Name Is" (1999, #26 US)

27. Counting Crows - "Mr. Jones" (1993)

28. Ricky Martin - "Livin' la Vida Loca" (1999, #1 US)

29. Vanilla Ice - "Ice Ice Baby" (1990, #1 US)

30. *NSYNC - "Tearin' Up My Heart" (1998)

31. Radiohead - "Creep" (1993)

32. BLACKstreet - "No Diggity" (1996, #1 US)

33. Spice Girls - "Wannabe" (1997, #1 US)

34. Third Eye Blind - "Semi-Charmed Life" (1997, #4 US)

35. Oasis - "Wonderwall" (1995, #8 US)

36. C+C Music Factory - "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" (1991, #1 US)

37. Green Day - "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" (1998)

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38. Christina Aguilera - "Genie In A Bottle" (1999, #1 US)

39. Goo Goo Dolls - "Iris" (1998)

40. Color Me Badd - "I Wanna Sex You Up" (1991, #2 US)

41. Spin Doctors - "Two Princes" (1993, #7 US)

42. Collective Soul - "Shine" (1994, #11 US)

43. En Vogue - "My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)" (1992, #2 US)

44. The Fugees - "Killing Me Softly With His Song" (1996)

45. Hootie & the Blowfish - "Only Wanna Be With You" (1995, #6 US)

46. Shania Twain - "You're Still the One" (1998, #2 US)

47. Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch - "Good Vibrations" (1991, #1 US)

48. Matchbox Twenty - "3 A.M." (1997)

49. Jewel - "Who Will Save Your Soul" (1996, #11 US)

50. Alice in Chains - “Man in the Box” (1990)

Soundgarden, "Black Hole Sun"

51. 2Pac (featuring Dr. Dre and Roger Troutman) - "California Love" (1996, #6 US)

52. Sugar Ray - "Fly" (1997)

53. Naughty by Nature - "O.P.P." (1991, #6 US)

54. Joan Osborne - "One of Us" (1995, #4 US)

55. Fiona Apple - "Criminal" (1996, #21 US)

56. L.L. Cool J - "Mama Said Knock You Out" (1990, #17 US)

57. Jay-Z featuring Amil and Ja Rule - "Can I Get A..." (1998)

58. Sophie B. Hawkins - "Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover" (1992, #5 US)

59. Weezer - "Buddy Holly" (1994)

60. Bell Biv DeVoe - "Poison" (1990, #2 US)

61. Sheryl Crow - "All I Wanna Do" (1993, #2 US)

62. Live - "I Alone" (1994)

63. The Notorious B.I.G. featuring Mase & Puff Daddy - "Mo Money Mo Problems" (1997, #1 US)

64. The Presidents of the United States of America - "Peaches" (1995)

65. Digital Underground - "The Humpty Dance" (1990, #11 US)

66. Edwin McCain - "I'll Be" (1998, #5 US)

67. Deee-Lite - "Groove Is In The Heart" (1990, #4 US)

68. Will Smith - "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" (1998, #1 US)

69. Korn - "Freak on a Leash" (1998)

70. Jamiroquai - "Virtual Insanity" (1997)

71. Arrested Development - "Tennessee" (1992, #6 US)

72. Barenaked Ladies - "One Week" (1998, #1 US)

73. Marcy Playground - "Sex and Candy" (1998, #5 US)

74. Cher - "Believe" (1999, #1 US)

75. Kris Kross - "Jump" (1992, #1 US)

Alice in Chains, "Man in the Box"

76. Blues Traveler - "Run-around" (1995, #8 US)

77. Ice Cube - "It Was a Good Day" (1992, #15 US)

78. Lenny Kravitz - "Are You Gonna Go My Way" (1993)

79. Meredith Brooks - "Bitch" (1997, #2 US)

80. Right Said Fred - "I'm Too Sexy" (1992, #1 US)

81. Paula Cole - "I Don't Want to Wait" (1997, #11 US)

82. Geto Boys - "Mind Playing Tricks on Me" (1991, #23 US)

83. The Breeders - "Cannonball" (1993)

84. Snow - "Informer" (1993, #1 US)

85. Cypress Hill - "Insane In The Brain" (1993, #19 US)

86. The Cranberries - "Linger" (1993, #8 US)

87. Billy Ray Cyrus - "Achy Breaky Heart" (1992, #4 US)

88. Duncan Sheik - "Barely Breathing" (1997, #16 US)

89. Liz Phair - "Never Said" (1993)

90. New Radicals - "You Get What You Give" (1998, #37 US)

91. Sarah McLachlan - "Building a Mystery" (1997, #13 US)

92. Public Enemy - "911 Is a Joke" (1990)

93. Lisa Loeb - "Stay (I Missed You)" (1994, #1 US)

94. Fastball - "The Way" (1998)

95. Montell Jordan - "This Is How We Do It" (1995, #1 US)

96. Nelson - "(Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection" (1990, #1 US)

97. Prince & The New Power Generation - "Gett Off" (1991, #27 US)

98. EMF - "Unbelievable" (1991, #1 US)

99. Missy Elliott - "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)" (1997)

100. Gerardo - "Rico Suave" (1991, #7 US)

Kris Kross, "Jump"

Gerardo, "Rico Suave"

Songs That Just Missed the Cut

  1. Wu Tang Clan - "Protect Ya Neck"
  2. Fatboy Slim - "The Rockafeller Skank"
  3. Foo Fighters - "Everlong"
  4. George Michael - "Freedom! '90"


Jennifer on May 22, 2020:

WHERE are The Prodigy or NIN? Those guys defined the 90s era, marked the youth of many people and remained reference points.

Siz on December 19, 2019:

Missing - Everything but the girl

Vik on October 05, 2019:

Hmm 1 Tupac song ok then

Chris on September 08, 2019:

Destiny's Child I grew up on. Even though they came out in the late '90s ... I don't care, they are my favorite '90s band of all time, I mean come on, "Say My Name" is so catchy. It's the most recognizable song on this list. And I love Beyoncé's body in the music video...

Abilashamanian on August 17, 2019:

three songs are so good

Dave P on July 09, 2019:

The song that made me think of googling this list was Zombie. And its not even on here?? And no I Saw the Sign? That was a huge song. And to the dude who complained that there was only one Radiohead song list, you should be pleased that one song made it. Overall a pretty good list. Rock was much bigger in the 90s than today.

Jesús on June 30, 2019:

Where is zombie by the cranberries? (Most epic 90s song), I swear by All4One, Boyz II men, where do you go by No mercy, Corona??? Are u kidding me?

Chatty on May 30, 2019:


Tommy on April 08, 2019:

No Ace of Base? They’re like the icon of 90s..

Josh Sykes on April 04, 2019:

They forgot Ace of Base's "The Sign"

Or "All That She Wants" It's highly doubtful that one if those songs aren't on the list.

MS on April 04, 2019:

Wait, what? The one song by Radiohead on here is... Creep? You serious? Any other song off either The Bends or OK Computer would've been better. It was popular, sure, but I don't know about "great"...

Bill on February 21, 2019:

I love korn!!! It is the best band!! I love freak on a leash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe on January 22, 2019:

I love pearl jam jermeny i love nirvana smells like teen spirit l love will smith get jiggy wit it

jj on January 08, 2019:

Seems abit one sided to pop especially the top10.

Murv on January 02, 2019:

This is a list of songs that musicians reference to play live at cover band gigs. The songs mentioned here that you all are asking about being missing simply don not go over well in a live setting, and that is the likely reason they are not mentioned on this list.

Resiliant1 on January 01, 2019:

snow informant its a dope song

Eddie on December 21, 2018:

So glad Destiny's Child "Say My Name" is on the list

Seth on December 11, 2018:

I love Nirvana!! I like the songs smells like teen spirit, come as you are, and in bloom. I am a big fan.

aixa on December 09, 2018:

Where's K.D. Lang's Constant Craving at??

John on December 04, 2018:

Why is Master of Puppets not on here?? That is my most favorite.

Jack on November 15, 2018:

Why is Pearl Jam's Even flow, Why go, Black, Once, Porch, Deep? At least Jeremy is on there. That is a really good song. I love Pearl Jam.

Chuck on November 14, 2018:

Why is Beck, Linkin Park, Black Eyed Peas?

Jeremy on November 14, 2018:

Where is Steve Miller? Red Hot chili Peppers? Pearl Jam? Linkin Park

Tanmay on November 13, 2018:

Where is Michael Jackson

Alonso Lizano on October 25, 2018:

No Bush, All-4-One, Boyz II Men or Stone Temple Pilots in this list? Really?

sudhi on October 20, 2018:

any one knows the song one guy running with radio when he turns on music surrounders cant controll and they also dance with him...finally police arrest him..there by mistake police ons radio and all started dance..english song saw during my child hood days

Austin on September 13, 2018:

How is Blind Melon's "No Rain" NOT on this list? Is this a joke?

JUSTIN on March 25, 2018:

come on you must add more mariah carey and biggy smalls songs!! seems like you have one song for every artist

Cairo on March 20, 2018:

Not enough Wu Tang. CREAM!!

tester on January 24, 2018:

#1 def defined the 90s but there were SO much good music in the 90s its hard to slim it down to just 100 songs

Anonymous on January 14, 2018:

No "Gangsta's Paradise"? That was one of the most popular songs of the decade I thought...

Sinead Regan on January 05, 2018:

Love my family

brokenZnero on December 21, 2017:

What are all of you guys talking about some of the songs are not cool.

Tyler on November 03, 2017:


Juju on September 15, 2017:

No closer by NIN either really!!!!

Ruben on July 30, 2017:

Don't Speak?!

Will on July 29, 2017:

Summary of the comment section: Why don't you have 500 songs in your top 100?

andrew on July 27, 2017:

where is "nothing else matters" ?!@#

Baby Spice on June 28, 2017:


Eddy on June 19, 2017:

looks like Eduardo needs to quit stuffing the ballot box with that 1 song. it wasn't that great of a song & the video wasn't as hot as you think it was...maybe back then when it came out cause the women were younger & you were a kid but go back & watch the video now & all the do is color coordinate their clothes with the walls of the room as they sing. If the group was so great, they would of stayed together singing more "great hits".

Michael Efemadru on June 17, 2017:

Who wants, honey, as long as there is some, money...

Josh on June 08, 2017:

Really? Where is november rain?

Anonymous on June 02, 2017:

Where were the important songs, like "We are the world"

Bab2781 on May 20, 2017:

So many great songs missing.

master dude on May 20, 2017:

I always freakin hated that Nirvanna! aarrrrrrrggg shouldn't have posted there dumb video.

Me on May 02, 2017:

King For A Day or Good Riddance by Green Day should've been in here

Tracey Hale on April 12, 2017:

Oldies but goodies!

Amanda on March 05, 2017:

cool awesome nice

90s gal on February 26, 2017:

I wish bye bye bye was in there ;) GO NSYNC

Dre on January 10, 2017:

Where's Janet? That's the way love goes, Escapade, Together Again?

Shawnn on November 29, 2016:

So not one michael jackson song??? Wow

Austin on October 12, 2016:

"I will always love you" was the greatest song of the 90s. Such a powerful song from a powerful singer. It is one of my favorite songs ever.

Blake on July 07, 2016:

Achy Breaky Heart is the greatest song ever...

Anonymous on July 07, 2016:

Where is Selena Quintanilla Perez?! Cause I distinctilly remember Selena releasing an album called Dreaming Of You in 1995! And it would sell to 6 Million Copies Worldwide!!!!

kobe8 on April 15, 2016:

California Love is way too low.

And Britney Spears? She doesn't belong in the Top 10

jeff on September 02, 2015:

How about the song that was at number 1 the longest in the 90s one sweet day. What a joke of a list.

kelly on April 26, 2015:

Smashing Pumpkins should have made the cut.

Alex on January 11, 2015:

No Sublime??

sarah on August 10, 2014:

this is more like most popular or maybe most memorable songs of the 90s....definitely not best. but even for most popular, there are some songs that i can't believe aren't on boyz II men's i'll make love to you for example. that song was huge.

Tiffany Vuong on July 03, 2014:

i dont understand how boyz 2 men isnt on this. end of the road and ill make love to you should both be in the top 50

Pete on May 19, 2014:

No Ace Of Base???

Borna on March 08, 2014:

Let's be honest..Red Hot Chili Peppers are the best band that exist in the 90's..and they are not on this list..with two albums BssM and californication, that are revolutionary , for the band that camed after basically this list is shit

raj on March 06, 2014:

Celine Dion's My Hear Will Go ON, the Titanic Theme Song, biggest blockbuster in 21.. r u kidding me?

Ricky on March 01, 2014:

If I had a quid every time I said *off on this list i'd be able to afford an Xbox game, maybe two.

Green Day should be nowhere near a top 100 songs of the 90's list

Sarah Forester from Australia on February 16, 2014:

So many of my favourites, such an amazing list! Going to spend the next few hours listening to all my favourites.

dqueen on July 29, 2013:

Really? No Boyz II Men in this List?? Really??

Rob the White Guy. on July 29, 2013:

Destiny's Child "Say My Name" sucked it wasn't even a '90s Song it is a 2000's Song EDUARDO.

gsurvivor on July 25, 2013:

Not a fan of most of the tracks, but you simply can't deny their popularity. Thanks for sharing the info, a vote up from here :)

Rodger on July 24, 2013:

Wait a minute Jesse, Eduardo is right about one thing Destiny's Child "Say My Name" is one of the greatest songs of the R&B 90's and Beyonce really wasn't noticeable in the late '90s, but Destiny's Child did make the VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 90's list ok Jesse.

Jesse on July 24, 2013:

I don't care about Destiny's Child "Say My Name"'s on this list, Beyonce really wasn't noticeable back in the 90's she just started to get famous in like the year 2003, ok Mr. Eduardo Mc-who ever the hell you areGHANEY, LOL.

Eduardo Ramón McGhaney from Jacksonville, Florida on July 13, 2013:

As long as Destiny's Child "Say My Name" made the list I'm alright with the list, Beyonce is the best of the R&B '90s.

CoasterBud on July 03, 2013:

This list is completely bogus! Thats The Way Love Goes by Janet Jackson spent 6 weeks at #1 in 1993 and If was one of the biggest dance hits for the same year yet neither of them is on the list? I guess who ever came up with this list must be lacking any real musical taste or simply hate Janet Jackson. What a crock and dis to Miss Jackson!

slynn71 on June 23, 2013:

Where's "Personal Jesus" or "Enjoy the Silence"... ok I understand VH1 might be DM haters. But c'mon Marey Carey/Boyz II Men - One Sweet Day...The longest running #1 in history!!! Wow... You guys really "screwed the pooch"... Especially if you are going by sales, billboardcharts, or anything else!!

Eduardo Ramón McGhaney from Jacksonville, Florida on June 18, 2013:

Destiny's Child "Say My Name" Best R&B Song of the 90's. Love Beyonce.

roy roy on June 14, 2013:

Found a great 90's tribute song. Check it out u guys. Its called "I miss the 90's". awsome!

Tim on May 20, 2013:

This list is total bullshit! Where the hell is Pantera's Cemetery Gates or Walk? How about AC/DC's Thunderstruck? Its surprising that not a lot of people know that that song came out in 1990! And NO CREED! Higher, My Own Prison, With Arms Wide Open just to name a few. And the best song omitted from this junk list is Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton. Every single one of those guys should have a song in the top 10!

Eduardo Ramón McGhaney from Jacksonville, Florida on May 11, 2013:

Destiny's Child "Say My Name" LOVE IT SO MUCH.

Eduardo Ramón McGhaney from Jacksonville, Florida on May 03, 2013:

R.I.P to "Chris Kelly" Mac Daddy of Kris Kross "Jump" was one of the Best Songs of the 90's, besides Destiny's Child "Say My Name" lol.

Eduardo Ramón McGhaney from Jacksonville, Florida on May 02, 2013:

Destiny's Child "Say My Name" is a great late '90s Song, besides Backstreet Boys "I Want It That Way" (1999). They both deserve to make this list...

Eduardo Ramón McGhaney from Jacksonville, Florida on April 26, 2013:

Destiny's Child "Say My Name" is a 90's Song only the Video came out in the early 2000's but the actual Song is a 90's Song.

Eduardo Ramón McGhaney from Jacksonville, Florida on April 26, 2013:

I Love Destiny's Child "Say My Name". So '90s. Love me some Beyonce Knowles.

Brittany Jones on April 26, 2013:

So yeah.... I LOVE how many people showed love for Savage Garden!!!!! The fact that none of their songs are on here is unreal! I love them and always will. They belong on this!

bitchus maximus on April 25, 2013:

This list eats, the Pixies owned you all and you never even knew... shame on your name.

Eduardo Ramón McGhaney from Jacksonville, Florida on April 15, 2013:

George - I'll show you I'm not Childish, of course I Love Destiny's Child "Say My Name" but where is Pantera "Cemetery Gates" Phil Anselmo voice was Amazing on that Song. See I'm not Childish. Lol.

George Greene Jr. from California PA on April 15, 2013:

I say give your name to the men in white coats and have you banished for improper use of a hub to show your idiotcy! you ruined a hub with your pathetic childishness!

Eduardo Ramón McGhaney from Jacksonville, Florida on April 14, 2013:

Say My Name Say My Name When No One Is Around You Better Say My Name.

Eduardo Ramón McGhaney from Jacksonville, Florida on April 13, 2013:

Destiny's Child "Say My Name" is all I have to say Lol.

adrian on April 13, 2013:


adrian on April 13, 2013:


Eduardo Ramón McGhaney from Jacksonville, Florida on April 11, 2013:

Destiny's Child "Say My Name" is on the VH1 90's Songs list, everyone thinks the Song was a Ridic because it's a 00's Song than anything but the actual Song was recorded in 1999 only the Video was released in the early 00's but the actual Song is a 90's Song EVERYBODY.

Eduardo Ramón McGhaney from Jacksonville, Florida on April 08, 2013:

Yeah I agree too Fugees Killing Me Softly was wack, but at least Destiny's Child "Say My Name" made the list, you should see the video back in the 90's Destiny's Child killed the "Say My Name" video it was great.

George Greene Jr. from California PA on April 03, 2013:

Can agree with all but the fugees cover of killing me softly.. Only Roberta Flack can do that song justice! i agree the Fugees are a decent band but I just do not like their cover of that song.

Eduardo Ramón McGhaney from Jacksonville, Florida on April 03, 2013:

My favorite '90s artists and songs are TLC "Waterfalls", Mariah Carey "Vision Of Love", Destiny's Child "Say My Name", Fugees "Killing Me Softly", Digital Underground "The Humpty Dance", Missy Elliot "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)", these are my Favorite artists on VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 90's, especially Destiny's Child Say My Name lol, I am glad to be a 90's Kid lol.

Eduardo Ramón McGhaney from Jacksonville, Florida on March 29, 2013:

Love Destiny's Child Say My Name WOW I am glad VH1 put Destiny's Child on the list.

Eduardo McGhaney on March 28, 2013:

George- Thanks for considering Destiny's Child "Say My Name" on the 90's VH1 list... even though Say My Name was a late '90s Song it's still a 90's Song back in the 90's only the Music Video came out in the early 2000's but the actual Song was recorded in 1999 and the Song also (Ranked: 69)'s's 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs of the 1990s and also (Ranked: 17) on VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 90's, so technically it is a 90's Song, only the Video came out in the early 2000's Destiny's Child was a Girl Group back in the late '90s and nowadays Beyonce Knowles is better now before her Destiny's Child days Lol thanks - George.

George Greene Jr. from California PA on March 28, 2013:

Eduardo- I agree to destiny's Child being there.. It was part of the music genre for the time and then that genre split and brought us today's genre of the Lady Gaga's and katy perry's. So considering that, the Spice girls should be in there well!

chepe on March 26, 2013:

Every Morning - Sugar Ray

Richard on March 23, 2013:

If there's any top 100 list that could potentially include Bitter Sweet Symphony, and it doesn't include Bitter Sweet Symphony, then it, quite frankly, is a shit list.

Eduardo Ramón McGhaney from Jacksonville, Florida on March 22, 2013:

Ok George but Destiny's Child "Say My Name" needs to be on this list because there are not few R&B Songs of the 90's on this list but Destiny's Child Say My Name that was a great Song back in the 90's.

George Greene Jr. from California PA on March 22, 2013:

I will never ever see where "smells like Teenage Spirit" can even be considered music...I can almost understand these assholes that sing this death metal better!!!! And the rest of the list is certainly no representation of the true good music that came out of the 90's. Yes after reading some of the comments; I can see where this messed up list is more or less a compilation of what the bubblegum crowd was listening to and not taking into consideration what the rest of the world was doing. yes its teens that buy the records but its the adults who buy the concert tickets(where the big money comes in).

Aerosmith easily could have had 2 songs, Mariah at least 3. Many acts were not even included who have paved the way for the music we are listening to here in the 10's.

In other plain language and to quote about 75% of the commentators


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