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VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the '80s

Updated on April 20, 2016

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The Complete List #1-100

  1. "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi (1986)
  2. "Pour Some Sugar On Me" by Def Leppard (1987)
  3. "Hungry Like the Wolf" by Duran Duran (1982)
  4. "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson (1982)
  5. "When Doves Cry" by Prince (1984)
  6. "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)" by Hall & Oates (1981)
  7. "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses (1987)
  8. "Like a Virgin" by Madonna (1984)
  9. "Walk This Way" by Run DMC (1986)
  10. "You Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC (1980)
  11. "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey (1981)
  12. "How Will I Know" by Whitney Houston (1985)
  13. "With Or Without You" by U2 (1987)
  14. "Walk Like an Egyptian" by The Bangles (1986)
  15. "Jump" by Van Halen (1984)
  16. "Need You Tonight" by INXS (1987)
  17. "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake (1982)
  18. "Come On Eileen" by Dexy's Midnight Runners (1982)
  19. "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper (1984)
  20. "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield (1981)
  21. "Beat It" by Michael Jackson (1982)
  22. "Just Like Heaven" by The Cure (1987)
  23. "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper (1984)
  24. "Take On Me" by A-Ha (1985)
  25. "Our Lips Are Sealed" by the Go-Go's (1981)
  26. "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N' Roses (1987)
  27. "Too Shy" by Kajagoogoo (1984)
  28. "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" by Wham! (1984)
  29. "Burning Down the House" by Talking Heads (1983)
  30. "Love is a Battlefield" by Pat Benatar (1983)
  31. "Under Pressure" by Queen and David Bowie (1981)
  32. "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger (1983)
  33. "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell (1981)
  34. "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" by Poison(1988)
  35. "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins (1981)
  36. "867-5309/Jenny" by Tommy Tutone (1981)
  37. "Janie's Got a Gun" by Aerosmith (1989)
  38. "Pride (In the Name of Love)" by U2 (1984)
  39. "I Melt With You" by Modern English (1982)
  40. "Love Shack" by The B-52's (1989)
  41. "Dr. Feelgood" by Mötley Crüe (1989)
  42. "London Calling" by The Clash (1982)
  43. "Look of Love" by ABC (1982)
  44. "Cruel Summer" by Bananarama (1984)
  45. "Nasty" by Janet Jackson (1986)
  46. "Every Breath You Take" by The Police (1983)
  47. "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister (1984)
  48. "Born in the U.S.A." by Bruce Springsteen (1984)
  49. "Fight For Your Right" by Beastie Boys (1986)
  50. "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" by Eurythmics (1983)
  51. "Round and Round" by Ratt (1984)
  52. "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" by Dead or Alive (1985)
  53. "White Wedding" by Billy Idol (1988)
  54. "Push It" by Salt-N-Pepa (1986)
  55. "I Ran (So Far Away)" by A Flock of Seagulls (1982)
  56. "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler (1983)
  57. "Mickey" by Toni Basil (1981)
  58. "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" by Culture Club (1982)
  59. "Jack & Diane" by John Mellencamp (1982)
  60. "Bust a Move" by Young M.C. (1989)
  61. "Mr. Roboto" by Styx (1983)
  62. "Take My Breath Away" by Berlin (1986)
  63. "Whip It" by Devo (1980)
  64. "Straight Up" by Paula Abdul (1988)
  65. "I Want to Know What Love Is" by Foreigner (1984)
  66. "Just Can't Get Enough" by Depeche Mode (1981)
  67. "Keep On Loving You" by REO Speedwagon (1980)
  68. "Fight the Power" by Public Enemy (1988)
  69. "It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)" by R.E.M. (1980)
  70. "I Love Rock N' Roll" by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts (1981)
  71. "Super Freak" by Rick James (1981)
  72. "One Thing Leads to Another" by The Fixx (1983)
  73. "99 Luftballons" by Nena (1983)
  74. "Faith" by George Michael (1987)
  75. "Little Red Corvette" by Prince (1983)
  76. "She Blinded Me With Science" by Thomas Dolby (1982)
  77. "Candy Girl" by New Edition (1983)
  78. "Call Me" by Blondie (1980)
  79. "Don't You Want Me?" by Human League (1981)
  80. "It Takes Two" by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock (1988)
  81. "Word Up!" by Cameo (1986)
  82. "Tempted" by Squeeze (1981)
  83. "Kiss" by Prince (1986)
  84. "All Night Long (All Night)" by Lionel Richie (1983)
  85. "Addicted to Love" by Robert Palmer (1985)
  86. "I Want Candy" by Bow Wow Wow (1982)
  87. "Rock Me Amadeus" by Falco (1986)
  88. "Ain't Nobody" by Chaka Khan (1989)
  89. "Brass in Pocket" by The Pretenders (1980)
  90. "Wild Thing" by Tone-Loc (1989)
  91. "Walking On Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves (1983)
  92. "You Got It (The Right Stuff)" by the New Kids on the Block (1988)
  93. "Cars" by Gary Numan (1980)
  94. "Start Me Up" by the Rolling Stones (1981)
  95. "Only in My Dreams" by Debbie Gibson (1987)
  96. "Down Under" by Men at Work (1982)
  97. "What I Like About You" by The Romantics (1980)
  98. "My Perogative" by Bobby Brown (1988)
  99. "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" by Wang Chung (1986)
  100. "Working for the Weekend" by Loverboy (1981)


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    • Zsuzsy Bee profile image

      Zsuzsy Bee 9 years ago from Ontario/Canada

      Yup! the good old eighties tunes

      great HUB

      regards Zsuzsy

    • MrMarmalade profile image

      MrMarmalade 9 years ago from Sydney

      Gee, even I can remember back to then.

      Great hub

      Have a tremendous new Year and better in 2008

    • gabriella05 profile image

      gabriella05 9 years ago from Oldham

      You have brought back some memories

      Thank you Great hub

    • SaraCoutodaSilva profile image

      SaraCoutodaSilva 8 years ago from Honolulu

      I love the 80's!!! I like your choices! Good hub RB!!! Thanks!!!

    • bizriak profile image

      bizriak 8 years ago from Memphis

      I realize taste is a personal thing and all, but how "Living On A Prayer" tops this list is beyond me. A paper thin song by a shallow pop rock group shouldn't top a list like this, no matter how many it sold. The song is ok, and in some ways it hold up today, but really more as a campy, cheesy, "remember when we were kids" kind of way more than anything else. And Poison doesn't belong in a top list of any kind except top frauds of all time.

    • cvaughn570 8 years ago

      Great memories in these songs...thanks for the reminder!

    • Jonathon 8 years ago

      Can someone expain to me why "Free Fallin" isn't on this list?

    • Constant Walker profile image

      Constant Walker 8 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

      Bizriak, all commercial lists, as well as music award shows, aren't about the best acts, they're about the best SELLING acts.

    • cat3na profile image

      cat3na 8 years ago

      I think I can do better than that list, best selling isn't always the "best"! Good hub though.

    • allshookup profile image

      allshookup 8 years ago from The South, United States

      Great hub! Brings back memories of me and my husband dating! 80s was THE decade for music. cat3na, I'd love to see your list too! Sounds great! Can't beat that music!

    • Bear 8 years ago

      i still heaven't found what i looking for?sunday bloody sunday?to be with you? i simply can't believe that london calling is at 42?it should be 1st!!! billie jean 2nd,sweet child 3rd,every breath 4

    • breakfree74 profile image

      breakfree74 8 years ago from Wellington, New Zealand

      Some great songs there (especially the first two), great to see a fair bit of rock amongst the list there :-)

    • Dallas 8 years ago

      I cant believe Rick Astley wasn't on there!

    • Fight the Power 8 years ago

      This is one of the absolute worst lists I have ever seen. Born in the USA at 48? No Once in a Lifetime? What about "One"? Where the Streets Have No Name? I Still haven't Found What I'm Looking For? Cum on Feel the Noize? Born to Run? Purple Rain? Boy's Don't Cry? There was also a serious lack of hip-hop on this list. Fight the Power was way too low in the rankings as well. So many songs I thought would've been obvious choices were completely neglected and replaced with crap like "Wake me up Before you go go" and "Hungry like a wolf." Some good choices, but totally laughable overall.

    • jessalyn toast crunch 8 years ago

      coulda had a better number one ): i like the song, but really? number one? meh....

      o well... i love vh1 :D

    • dodog 619 8 years ago

      Billie Jean-1 Sweet child o mine -2 every rose has its thorn-3 every breath you take-4 and jump-5

    • KDorfman profile image

      KDorfman 8 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      That's awesome that someone posted the list, no matter how lame it is. They didn't even include the ultimate song of the 80's - "Run to the Hills"!

    • Dingodog 8 years ago

      What about the cars "Drive" ??? surely better than som of the stuff there....

    • Rigo 8 years ago

      It was a good list but there was like 2 guns n' roses songs two u2 songs 2 cyndi lauper songs and 3 prince songs!!! I mean shouldn't they have had like 1 song per artist??? Only Michael Jackson deserved 2 songs cuz in my opinion is the definition of 80s music...and yes no iron maiden was surprising they were the biggest metal band of the 80s

    • newcapo 8 years ago

      Brings back high school memories -- great hub !!

    • Alexdangelo 8 years ago

      I can't believe that Pet Shop Boys is not in the list! what the...

    • G222 8 years ago

      I don't know why all of you are complaining. This was based on votes, so all you should have voted if you have such a problem with it. And you know what? I think it's perfect, just as long as Bon Jovi is first..

      and hey, I'm not the only one if thousands thought so as well.

    • Christian Sylvester 8 years ago

      You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby!

    • Craig 8 years ago

      What a silly list-a glaring omission of truly great and important records from "Bette Davis Eyes" and "We Are the World" to "What's Love Got to Do With it" and "My Town" while well over half the entries here might be talking point records, they are clearly far from great. Looking at the list, most of them aren't even good, Madonna, a major 80s artist, is wildly under represented, showing only once with one of her worst, while her virtually countless list of legitimate classics are totally omitted.

      If we're talking about quality records, Wham, Whitney Houston, Twisted Sister, Wang Chung, Devo, B52s and, well, just about everyone on the list can't seriously qualify to anyone who enjoys popular music as an artform.

      Aerosmith's "Janie's Got a Gun" over the Police's "Every Breath You Take" - give me a fuckin break.

      Not sure how this list was compiled, feels like someone just arbitrarily listed 100 songs from the 80s without any rhyme or reason.

    • John L. 7 years ago

      anyone know the song on the introduction to the special?

    • C.J.R 7 years ago

      VH1 Sucks, Bon Jovi #1?? Did they do the survey in the meadowlands??

      Clearly the #1 should be the Police-Every Breath You Take. Defines the decade.

      Where are Tears for Fears, Thompson Twins, Spandeau Ballet, New Order, Don Henley, and finally how could you have wannabe Springstein John Mellencamp and no Bruce Springstein. C'mon Man.

    • suzette dabb 7 years ago

      As the kid from pretty in pink said (Farmer Ted) Nice manners Babe!

    • oliviA 7 years ago

      Why is there no Warrant, or Billy Joel, others? And there is NO way Bon Jovi can get #1. Sorry, Bon Jovi fans.

    • arely 7 years ago

      madonna should be at #1 shes the madge

    • mjj 7 years ago

      they should have put The Way U Make Me Feel by michael jackson

    • iun 7 years ago

      yes where is billy joel and journey needs to be represented more on this list

    • 7 years ago

      My mom loves these songs... she is sooooooooooooo weird!

    • Will J 7 years ago

      I, for one, like the list. I think there's a difference between the "greatest 80s songs" and the "greatest songs that happened to be made in the 80s". I, for one, love Iron Maiden and I don't think I would have put them on here.

      And anyone knocking Devo as a crummy one-hit pop band needs to shut the Hell up; Devo was about as deep, political and meaningful as a band can be. Maybe if you'd listen to something besides fucking Whip It then you'd see that they have more to say than half the bands who consider themselves punk today.

      My only real complaint about the list is... where is the Safety Dance?

    • Ian 7 years ago

      No power of love by huey lewis & the news? No eye of the tiger by survivor? No songs by Starship?? C`mon man. The power of love has got to be first! And you seriously need Billy Joel`s songs in there and more of journey too. However, good choices with Jump by van halen. Not really a fan of bon jovi. BY MICHAEL JACKSON WAS THE BIGGEST ACT OF THE 80`S AND HOW COME HE DOESN'T HAVE MORE SONGS ON THAT LIST?

    • cq 7 years ago

      I agree with the above , but c'mon, that's a dang good list

    • Susanna 7 years ago

      Where the heck is Lambada?

    • Betina 7 years ago

      this isn't the guys personal list people. its vh1 and people voted for these songs. however many people voted for a certain thing is how it's ranked. you need to stop being judgmental. im 14 and i apprciate all 80s songs. these happen to top my list. thanks!

    • JT 7 years ago

      How is Michael Jackson's Thriller not even on the list?

    • theunknown 7 years ago

      i'm seeing a serious lack of some 80's paul mccartney.. defeinatly a bad list. I Ran, along with gary numan and dead or alive should be bumped waay up...

    • CNR 7 years ago

      Not enough Depeche Mode, where's New Order and what happen to 'Shout' Tears for fears! This list was ok but missing a lot

    • Patty O  7 years ago

      I don't agree with Bon Jovi's Livin on a Prayer to be the number 1 song of the eighties at all. Metallica should have been number 1.

    • anthony 7 years ago

      number 1 should hav been rock you like a hurricane or one or master of puppets by metallica

    • carlos 7 years ago

      great! list my favorite 80s rules!!!


    • Shady 7 years ago

      I think "Money for Nothing," by Dire Straits should at least be somewhere on this list.

    • ;) 7 years ago

      They should've put "In A Big Country" by Big Country in that list and what "Smooth Operator" by Sade.

    • jess 7 years ago

      Michael Jackson and Madonna are the idols of the 80's! Where are they? They are completely not well represented. It's a shame.

    • Jay 7 years ago

      Wheres The Smiths on this List?

      How Soon is Now or There is A Light That Never Goes Out

    • Micheal 7 years ago

      Great list. Definitely some great songs here.

    • Sly 7 years ago

      Nice list but why i don't see anyone song roxette ? Its joke !

    • Keith 7 years ago

      "We Are the World" is one of the greatest songs of all-time, it should be in the top 10 and it's not even on the list... that's the only disappointment of the list

    • Phazon117 7 years ago

      For sure missing crucial bands like Iron Maiden and umm... METALLICA! Metallica's best albums are from the 80's!

    • dolen 7 years ago

      where in the world is "Thriller" and why is Billie Jean 4 it should have been 1 not 4

    • thefreak013 7 years ago

      Metallica's Master of Puppets is the best of the 80's this list is bs

    • Hayden 7 years ago

      POISON is higher than Mötley Crüe?! Oh WOW.

      That ruins the whole list!

    • Serena 7 years ago

      I agree with Will J... Where the hell is The Safety Dance? That is the greatest song EVER

    • dan 7 years ago

      what a b.s. list...I mean honestly there are good songs and all, but the arrangement with bon jovi #1, I think a lot of people were like "wtf", its obviois billy jean should have been #1, mj was the 80's, and we are the world wasn't even on the lsit!..what's up with that.

    • someone 7 years ago

      more beastie boys

    • Ducklove33 7 years ago

      i don't give a crap that people voted for this list but mj's thriller shouldve been #1!!!! serously, where is we are the world?

    • wynterr 7 years ago

      i know duck. it sold more than the beastie boys and whatever so, wtf where is it

    • Sean 7 years ago

      So Whitesnake gets #17 and Motley Crue gets #41?




      Whitesnake opened for Crue throughout '87 and Crue wiped the floor with them every night.

    • Big joe 7 years ago

      No Yes, Owner of a lonely heart is a great 80's song!!!!

    • kidd  7 years ago

      okay list. vh1 can suck it sometimes but bon jovi? im only 17 and i don't agree at all with that call.. Hello Metallica ROCK IT in the 80's. clearly dissapointed... =[

    • a guy 7 years ago

      Where's Tears for fears

    • Thomas 7 years ago

      How in the world do you put together a top 100 and exclude:

      The Cars

      Alan Parsons Project

      Billy Joel

      J. Geils

      Moody Blues

      Stray Cats

      Traveling Wilburys

      and good grief: ZZ TOP!

    • Vu 7 years ago

      No Boys of Summer?!? >:[

    • sadaa 7 years ago

      wtf walk this way is aerosmith not run dmc

    • Jessica 7 years ago

      Are you kidding me? Only 2 Michael Jackson songs?! MJ SHAPED THE FRIGGIN 80s. wtf. On top of that...Where's Madonna? ZZ Top? Billy Joel!

    • TJ 7 years ago

      Thriller should be on here & Billie Jean should be #1. I agree MJ did shape the 80s & should have more than 2 songs on here.

    • ellieashley 7 years ago

      i mean seriously the king of pop why the eff isn't MJ (R.I.P) number one on this chart

    • tikki 7 years ago

      hail the 80's :)

    • Papo 7 years ago

      Thriller is good not great. Smooth criminal is better and it should have been on this list.

      "Billie Jean" should be number 1, that´s not even arguable I think, it´s one of the greatest songs ever.

      And Madonna should have been ranked with "Like a prayer" instead.

    • daniela 7 years ago

      where is thriller?? and billy jean should be number one and also they had to add the way you make me feel, smooth criminal. michael is the best. he owns the 80's

    • wasssuuppp 7 years ago

      Livin' On A Prayer is a fun song :). I don't think this list is "most profound songs", it's more like the most nostalgic songs. Although Michael Jackson should have been most of the Top 10, don't hate on Bon Jovi. They've sold lots of records based off of "Livin On A Prayer." America, not Vh1, spoke and Bon Jovi takes the gold. I also have to give props to Jon Bon Jovi and the gang for still rockin' today well into their forties. So the fact that they made #1? Not your problem ;-)

    • Micky 7 years ago

      what the heck how is Billie Jean no number 1. and only 2 of Michael Jackson's songs are on here, dude Michael difined the artist of the the 80's scratch that he friken was the 80's

    • I_LOVE_JOURNEY!!! 7 years ago

      Ok list but come on... living on a prayer first?!?!?!?! And you didn't have enough journey on there... you forgot anyway you want it, and open arms(the single greatest rock ballad and love song of the 80's!!!) so basicly worst 80's list ever!

    • APSR 7 years ago

      ...ok some of this song are great like 10... but d other ones are just LAME!!!

    • Darryl 7 years ago

      white wedding was 83, not 88

    • Chris 7 years ago

      I'm not sure if billie jean or when doves cry should be #1. You have to take into consideration that kids who did not experience the 80's voted for these, and Brett michaels has a tv garbage show on vh1 which is why poison is on there, I like this list more than the 90's list although these are all pretty much nostalgic songs. I like it but where is purple rain and we are the world, come on stupid teenage girls. And I live in new jersey and I think most of the people my age don't know that Bon jovi is from there.

    • Courtney 7 years ago

      I'm not saying this just becuase he died, but seriously Michael should have a Number 1 spot. You can't say 80's withoutt thinking of Him. vh1 got this all wrong.

    • Raphael Ribeiro 7 years ago

      I don't think MJ should be #1.

      His hole album is great, but one song itself is not a good support, that's why others songs get a good spot. Billie Jean? There are songs that are more well-done, like: Livin' on a prayer, is a tremendous song, and the lyric is amazing.

      We cannot judge just about what we like, but everyone else too.

    • Briana 7 years ago

      Why isn't Billie Jean #1? Michael Jackson defined the 80s!

      There should have been more MJ! And Livin' On A Prayer beating Billie Jean(Or any MJ song for that matter)? WTF!

    • RomeD 7 years ago

      ok so its obvious u guys got the order all wrong. and its obvious that only 2 MJ songs on the list is a catastrophe. But what the hell man, where is Tears for Fears! Everybody wants to rule the world! now and forever.

    • mr. t 7 years ago

      No Master of Puppets?

    • hg 7 years ago

      okay so where is all the bad songs hello

      smooth criminal, man in the mirror?

      how come prince is the only one who got 3 songs. mj like everyone else said was the 80's!

      and i also think madonna should have more songs. i mean she ruled the 80's with mj

    • ... 7 years ago

      wheres Amanda?

    • Ashley 7 years ago

      I'm outraged that no Jet songs are on the list. No Jet? SERIOUSLY?

    • Rayboy 7 years ago

      where the hell is careless whisper!!!

    • rhodesy 7 years ago

      im 16 and i love 80's music.... i have one thing to say, WHERES HUMAN LEAGUE, SPANDAU BALLET AND SIMPLE MINDS?!?!

      they should be on there somewhere

    • sean 7 years ago

      where is thriller on this list??

    • Dave 7 years ago

      Michael Jackson was just one of many talented artists from the 80's.

      He's dead - get over it.

    • Robert 7 years ago

      There definitely are some really good picks here but wheres metallica in the 80s they were huge And in the rolling stones 500 best songs master of puppets is in the 20s and plenty more metallica songs are on that list as well

    • PrinceLover 7 years ago

      OMG where's purple rain? It deserves to be on here... not no bon jovi as #1 -.-'.. but congrats to Prince.. he has not 2 but 3 great songs on the list...only Prince can pull that can Michael Jackson. Sade deserves to be on here too.

    • Pier 7 years ago

      I totally agree with Bon jovi's living on a prayer in the number 1 spot.

      I effing love that song!

    • Jack 7 years ago

      Does anyone know the title of the song with these lyrics:

      I should have never let you put your lips on my girl??

      Thanks for any help you can give me

    • Gigi 7 years ago

      OK i think that MJ's billie jean should have been #1. I am not a huge MJ fan, i am a GNR fan, but after all the things about MJ's death and after i saw This Is It. I realized that MJ deserves to be #1. He put a lot of effort into the projects he worked on. Livin on a prayer is not a bad song it is pretty good but compared to Billie Jean i think Billie Jean should have been #1.

    • hayley 7 years ago

      i love rock and roll should be at a better position,not number 70!

    • Melissa 7 years ago

      Where is Karma Chameleon??? This list sucks, so many other great songs are missing.

    • Smooth Criminal 7 years ago

      Honestly, this list is really messed up. Half of Michael Jackson's songs which moulded the 80s and even up till now. Billie Jean is definitley the geatest song of the 80s and deserves to be number one. Not to mention, where the hell are great classics like Thriller, Human Nature, Bad, Smooth Criminal, Man in the Mirror, and even We are the World. This list totally undermines Michael Jackson's legacy. Other than that, I agree with Guns N' Roses selections, Journey, and atleast my boy Rick James is there.

    • :D 7 years ago

      Every1 has to calm down about Michael Jackson, its gettin a bit over the top. Also where is Karma Chameleon and Careless Whisper???

    • Hi 7 years ago

      Where is Metallica's One?? And Back in Black?! It is both classics!

    • Taylie  7 years ago

      The 80's had good music my favorite is Mickey and Girls just want to have fun....

    • 80's Rocker 7 years ago

      haha some of you guys are soo dumb there shouldn't be any Metallica! Of Course great band but this is the 100 greatest songs of the 80's meaning the most popular not your favorite songs of the 80's. Metallica was still underground. If your gonna say stupid things don't comment.

      Ok btw where is Simple Minds:Don't you forget about me!

      The Smiths:How Soon is Now? Quiet Riot:Cum on Feel the noize Tears for Fears:Everybody wants to rule the world The Cult:She Sells Sanctuary Megadeth:Peace Sells

    • The Lizard King 7 years ago

      Check out my blog above, my 80's list is way better than this list. Here's my breakdown.

      This list just embraces songs that are either guilty pleasures, or songs that are just flat out bad. There are some truly great songs like When Doves Cry and Every Breath You Take, but there are too few. One thing I am relieved that is that they didn't fill the list with cheesy hair metal like they did with their hard rock songs. They said that Motley Crue were better than The Clash on that list. And in this list! They couldn't even get the facts right: London Calling was released in '79 idiots! Any way, I started my own blog to combat this, I hope you like it. It gives a lot of credit underrated artists like The Pixies or Megadeth. Check it out.

    • robert 7 years ago

      hey man ive been looking for a good 80s song

      and i already had half of them so i did find 1 song i really needed which goes like this

      shes a super freak super freak

      you've really made my day thanks a bunch man :)

    • Rafael  7 years ago

      Where the hell are the bee-gees, Toto...??


    • survivor101 7 years ago

      You have got be kidding me!! Where is The EYE OF The TIGER at?? There is no way its not top 10 at least and you don't have it in the top 100 here!! That is UNREAL!!!!!!!

    • Smallz 7 years ago

      This is top songs and I think thriller was a good song but the only reason we love it so much is the dance and that's NOT a definition of a song. I do agree with most of the list, but was a little surprised hungry like a wolf beat billie jean even though i'm a huge duran duran fan. I still believe livin on a prayer should be first.

    • Harry 7 years ago

      wat the hell tears for fears should have atleast 1 song in their

    • Ikon 7 years ago

      No Living Colour?!?!

      No Roxette?!?!

      Only 1 Duran Duran song?!?!

      There's only one explanation....

      This list is total BullS**t!!

    • annoyed 7 years ago

      is it just me or are the first ten the least exciting songs chosen? The first song I wanted to listen to was Journey #11.

    • annoyed 7 years ago

      I totally second Harry . . . there could easily be three Tears for Fears songs. But at least one! WTF kind of list is this?

    • WTF 7 years ago

      HAHAHA MJ MADE THE 80'S !!!

      How the hell could only 2 songs of his be in the list? That's sick..

    • msqundhari 7 years ago

      100 greatests songs of the 80s and no Simply Red?! What kind of a list is this!

    • jennyfromtheblockk 7 years ago

      omggg, how come not even HALF of mjs songs are on here?lamee!

      he dominated the 80s.

      this is bogusss/:p

    • Jamie 7 years ago

      Where is Rick Springfield's "Jesse's Girl"??

    • wtf 7 years ago

      none of mjs "bad" album is on this list what the hell well its ok because vh1 is not even about music anymore all reality and by the way michael jackson made mtv no respect but people don't get your blood pressure high about that because vh1 sucks

    • tasya lewis  7 years ago

      i know billie jean and beat it are more stronger but thriller (song)is the representative song and defined thriller (the best selling album of all time)as great album even defined the whole 80's music scene. but the song is not even on the list???...

    • The Bedsitter 7 years ago

      WHAT!? (*Almost chokes on dinner!*) SOFT CELL TAINTED LOVE at 33?? (Don't take this the wrong way MJ fans) Michael Jackson's Thriller was more of a dancing song. I'm not saying it's bad, cause I like it myself. But give me a fucking break with tainted love at 33! Doesn't anyone remember the "Sometimes I feel I've got to *DUN* *DUN* run away, I've got to *DUN* *DUN* get away..." or the *super high note* "Don't touch me please I cannot STAND the way you TEASSEEE! I love you thought you hurt me so, now I'm gonna pack my things and go. Tainted Love..." The band who discreetly formed pop music at that time!

    • Megan 7 years ago

      Lol. Ok, I think a lot of people just need to calm down. Just like a lot of people already said, its a list that WE vote on. Not a list that 1 single person put together. Lol. So stop freaking out on Vh1 for what other people voted on. And if you don't like the list, make your own or find one that better suits your taste instead of sitting here complaining about how crappy you think it is. Nobody cares to read your complaints. They want to talk about music. Obviously I'm not but I'll get there.

      Anyways, I love Micheal Jackson and I wish he'd been recognized more by whoever voted. I think Micheal Jackson's music helped define the 80's in general. R.I.P. Micheal!

    • Sergio 7 years ago

      Well... I know that actually people ranked that 80s songs in the place they are, but I think that when you hear something like "the greatest songs of the 80s" you expect the most iconic, the main, the greatest... instead people's favorites... for that they should have done something like "the gratest songs of YOUR 80s"

      Let's review the list... There are really important singles in the list, but there are another ones who don't really belong to the list... Instead them I think there should be songs like "We Are The World", "Don't You Forget About Me?", "Bette Davis Eyes", "Shout".

      Madonna and Michel Jackson were already in the 80s the kings of the decade. I think Madonna should be there with "Material Girl", "Papa Don't Preach", "Like A Prayer" besides "Like A Virgin", wich was more important than "Livin' On A Prayer" or "Hungry Like A Wolf"... Talkin About MJ. I think he also should be ranked with "Thriller", "Bad", "Smooth Criminal" and maybe "The Way You Make Me Feel".

    • Megan Howard 7 years ago

      I was just wondering, because I know this is just based on people's opinions and such, but where is The Jeff Healy Band? He was a great musician who was blind, played a mean guitar, andalso sang exceptionally well. He died too soon in my opinion, and I was hopeing he would have been mentioned on here. RIP JEFF HEALY!!!! ROCK ON!

    • Annie is not okay 7 years ago

      Really? How is "Thriller" not on the list? Or "We are the World? Or any songs off his "Bad" album? And how does Madonna only have one song on this list? They owned the 80's. Oh and where is Billy Joel? How is Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" not in the top 10, but "livin on a prayer" is number one? Steve Perry has much more talent than Bon Jovi. Sorry Bon Jovi/Bon Jovi fans. I don't understand VH1.

    • dreyx04 7 years ago

      cmon dudes, where is the scorpions??? not even one song on the list...

    • michael jackson 7 years ago

      uh why isn't michael jackson on the top of the list. He is the best performer of all time!

    • Greco 7 years ago

      i cant believe they didn't put any air supply in there!!!... the were Huge!

    • john 7 years ago

      Ok, so if this list was comprised of votes, why isn't pink floyd anywhere on this list. Dark side of the moon is like the best selling album ever. Now with MJ gone he might have taken it back. But seriously not one song from Pink Floyd. Floyd isn't even my favorite band and I still think they should have had brick in the wall in there. "What's the use of complaining no one listens anyways". Kudos to VH1 for doing this tho. Was born in 79 and I still remember these songs. Gotta love the music

    • angelique doppelganger 6 years ago

      what about Eddie Money's 'Take me Home Tonight', and Rick Springfield's "jessie's girl"?

    • Vh1 sucks 6 years ago

      First off the top three suck balls. They are good songs but Michael Jackson deserves netter thannumber 4. This list needs tobhave the whole thriller album and half of bad on this list. Also where is we are the world? This is te best selling us single of the eighties and it even raised a shitload of money for africain 1985. Also Bruce Springsteen needs to be in the top ten. We need more rap mire guns and roses more acdc more motley crüe more metallica more aerosmith and more maiden. Not this pop shit! It sucks and also how can the rollng stones be 94th? That is crap vh1 viewers have no taste and same goes for the people who choose which songs theyareallowed to choose from. U suck

    • fred e loader 6 years ago

      there's not one of those 100 songs worth saving

      Skip the 1980's

      it sucked

    • Me 6 years ago

      Wow...this song doesn't have most of the ones I was thinking of. No...Elton John? Rick Astley? I few others, those are the main 2.

    • rspammal 6 years ago

      THRILLER? Why is it not on here it has to be top 5

    • BKW 6 years ago

      Yeah, unreal that Huey Lewis and the Cars wouldn't make the top 100. And no way that Thriller doesn't make the list -- it redefined both pop music *and* music videos. I'm more than okay with 70's icons like Elton John and Billy Joel not being included. Joel peaked with The Stranger in 1977, and I'm not sure which 80's song of Elton John's you'd include. And whoever upthread said the BeeGees, yikes. On the other end of the decade, I would've left R.E.M. off, since End of the World is a pretty weak song for the list and they didn't really hit their stride until the early 90's.

      Songs I definitely would have left off: “Cars” by Gary Numan, disliked it then, dislike it now. “Too Shy” really? “Look of Love” ugh ugh ugh. “Take My Breath Away” don’t hate it, but not nearly top 100. “She Blinded Me with Science” In the goofy category, I would’ve put “Safety Dance” or “Major Tom” way before this one. “All Night Long” ‘nuf said

    • BKW 6 years ago

      Oh, and "London Calling"? I love the Clash, but I don't think that was the 80's. And nobody has mentioned it, but no Tom Petty? And I'd have snuck "Gloria" by Laura Branigan onto the list -- lots of fun and *very* 80's. :>

    • bauti 6 years ago

      This is a joke Where is bryan adams

    • Jamey 6 years ago

      Thriller? I will admit, it was a great video, and the album is the best selling ever, but not because of that song. Seriously...if not for the Thriller video, nobody would care about the song. It was NOT that great of a song in comparison to Billie Jean or even Beat It with Eddie Van Halen on the guitar. My question is where is Home Sweet Home, Photograph, the entire Back in Black album, Crazy Train...

    • Stranger 6 years ago

      That's a great list, but when you actually lack some of the best known songs from that era, then you've failed.

      Oh, and: Cutting Crew - Died in your arms

    • Georgia 6 years ago


      Eye of the Tiger? Anyone?

      I'm not saying it's an awesome song or anything, but it's better and far more memorable than half the stuff on here. And the video just screams, '80s'.

      Also the lack of Metallica is terrible.

    • Ian 6 years ago

      What?? No Huey Lewis & The news?? Power Of Love?? No Dire Straits? Money for nothing?? These songs were the reason why the 80s rock!

    • Amanda 6 years ago

      Billy Joel should be on this list.

    • Dougrad 6 years ago

      Wow, I'd say this list was pretty fair in comparison to Vh1's best songs of the 90s list. It seems like they didn't just go for the most super-popular songs of the decade on here. Most of these songs still sound good today and are still listened to by folks regularly, unlike the 90s list, which had a lot of songs that now sound rather dated and are fun to joke about, and were on the list primarily for their popularity. There are also some pretty good artists on here, and there is a good range of genres represented. I just hope Vh1 doesn't screw up their best songs of the 2000s list when that time comes around.

    • Vaiko 6 years ago

      No Metallica?Metallica's best songs/albums are from 80's.This list sucks

    • Lessley 6 years ago

      billie jean is number one and beat it should be in the top 5. other then that great choice!

    • Doogie 6 years ago

      I am quite happy to see then-underground 80s alternative rock bands like The Cure, Depeche Mode and R.E.M. on this list. that right there is evidence that they didn't just go for the most popular, overexposed rock songs of the decade. if so, there would have been plenty of bad hair bands like Poison representing rock on this list.

    • mike 6 years ago

      I think "Cars" is a 70s song. But it was popular in the 80s. Great list of 80s songs though.

    • Brianna 6 years ago

      Okay I am 16 years old and I know all these songs. Thanks to my dad:) The 80'S music kick some real ass! Music today isn't like back then which is really depressing but at least I can still listen to it and jam out. Every party I have had I at least play 20 songs from the 80's. I still think I should have been born in the 80's. I get so jealous because my dad always talks about how much fun he had. It's okay though. I LOVE THE 80'S

    • maxwin 6 years ago

      err where is She Sells Sanctuary, that is easily one of the 100 best 80's songs EVER!!!!

    • Marissa 6 years ago

      Why is there only two MJ songs here? Where are his songs from the bad album? There were so many great ones like man in the mirror, smooth criminal, the way you make me feel, and many many more! And only one of Madonna? Come on, MJ and Madonna dominated the 80s. Putting Bon Jovi as number one makes no sense to me. And what about Billy Joel??? I'm sorry, but this list sucks! Thriller practically defined the 80s music and it wasn't even mentioned.

    • Bob 6 years ago

      WHERE's TOTO

    • Max 6 years ago

      How on earth is "Your Love" by The Outfield not on this list? But otherwise solid list

    • Bog 6 years ago

      Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me is the best song from the 80s, there's no doubt.

    • tiffany 6 years ago

      not enough King of Pop here!!!! ALL of the songs on the Thriller and Bad albums should be on here; Michael OWNED the 80s!!!!

    • annabelle 6 years ago

      where the hell is the cure-pictures of you!!!!! best damn song evvvvver

    • Jeffrey weaver 6 years ago

      what about thriller

    • brett 6 years ago

      great link

    • chris 6 years ago

      i love the 80' and i never even saw them

    • steven 6 years ago

      NIN- Pretty Hate Machine?? I know it was in 89 which is late in the 80's but it's still the 80's

    • WEWU 6 years ago

      what was # 103

    • Abigail 6 years ago

      I agree with about 50% of the list, but as many others have said, it is seriousely lacking MJ, Madonna, The Cure etc.

      We Are The World and Smooth Criminal should be in the top 10 unquestionably, along with Billie Jean.

    • Trey 6 years ago

      WHAT - MEN AT WORK at #96??? What about Metallica, Roman Holliday, Sex Pistols, Midnight Oil???

      Long Live the 80's!!!

    • Tom 6 years ago

      Where's Europe's The Final Countdown?

      I hate the song, but c'mon.

    • ryan 6 years ago

      don't you forget about me?

      simple minds?

    • Sarah 6 years ago

      Final Countdown is pretty awesome

    • Laura 6 years ago

      Where the heck is Dancing in the Dark, Thriller, and BOSTON?

    • GS 6 years ago

      Run DMC ahead of Journey - Don't Stop Believin'???? Enough said about what these critics' collective heads are shoved up.....

    • Ellen 6 years ago

      they made a mistake. the clash's london calling is from 1979.

    • Sheldon 6 years ago

      Hi ho lets go.

    • pankaj kumar 6 years ago

      billie jean and man in the mirror is the best song ever

    • Jeff 6 years ago

      I didn't see anything from The Smiths - only the best band of the decade!

    • coolkiddd 6 years ago

      WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE WORST LIST....EVER!!!!! A lot of the songs were good, but some of them made the list, as to songs that our a staple today that didn't!!! WTF!

    • bettedaviseyes 6 years ago

      Um .. Chill, folks. No need to be mean ("sick" and "bs"?). If you don't like this list, compile your own. I'm sure we'd all be happy to read it - and critique it. Great memories, rb. I'm glad I found this.

    • Angered 6 years ago

      Michael OWNED the 80s.

      Why in the world does he have only two songs on here? Smh... he is so underappreciated to be the best entertainer who ever lived

    • C.J. Stevenson 6 years ago

      The 80's song always remains me to ronald reagan the greatest us president in the 20th century who bring the 80's the greatest us decade in the 20th century

    • Caitlin 6 years ago

      Alright, clearly, I wasn't born in the 80's, but I was just about raised on this music from my parents. Bon jovi is alright, but number one? Honestly? Not enough michael jackson songs. And where the hell is journey? Their song "Don't stop believeing" is so very popular today. What a fix.

    • dougrad 6 years ago

      come on, people. there were simply too many good songs from the 80s, and they couldn't fit them all on one list of 100 songs. and be glad that Michael Jackson and a few other artists got at least two songs on here. Vh1's best of the 90s list only allowed one song per artist. i've also noticed that some of the songs on this list have the wrong year next to them, and some of them are off by several years.

    • vnkbfngfkjxn 6 years ago

      Wake me up before you go-go? our lips are sealed? girls jst wanna have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! in front of every breath you take. not acceptable

    • dougrad 6 years ago

      come on, like Vh1 is really going to include Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, or other artists that weren't on commercialized radio or MTV/Vh1 on one of their "best of" lists. it's a list of the most "popular" songs of the 80s, not necessarily the "greatest."

    • u all wing to much 6 years ago

      u all wing to much for god sakes shut up and mj wasn't that bloody amazing and thriller was a crap song just had a good music vid

    • dougrad 6 years ago

      i agree with the MJ related comment. people should be happy that he got two songs on here. he may have been the most internationally famous artist of the 80s, but his songs weren't so amazing that they should "take up half of this list" as some are saying. there were much better songs and artists that came out of the 80s. people are just over-praising MJ because he's now a dead icon. i also think Prince had much better songs than MJ in the 80s.

    • Daja 6 years ago

      GUNS N ROSES 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • yuppp 6 years ago

      mj should have been number 1 he is the best of all they didn't even have thriller on there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sam 6 years ago

      wtf, how is summer of 69 not in the top 100?

    • Marc 6 years ago

      And Men at work - overkill??? Pet shop boys out??? that's just unbeliveable... they represent the 80´s years more than 50 os these artists listed...

    • hopestr 6 years ago

      they should have michael jackson thriller

    • Godsown 6 years ago

      This is the worst, most embarassing top I've seen in my life?!?! I am shocked for the songs they put in this '80s top, and for those that they left out... I can't believe it, this got me really angry!

    • lafaye15 6 years ago

      Uhm, okay COME ON people!! When you say, "greatest songs of the 80's" you can't help but think about michael jackson!! HE FREAKIN DEFINED THE 80'S PRACTICALLY SINGLE HANDEDLY! Mj was the 80's. Shoulda had WAY more songs on this list, waaay more. WTF WHO PICKED THIS DAM LIST?

    • yes 6 years ago

      i can help but think of mj. in fact when i do i get nauseous...

    • lebeef 6 years ago

      where's toto? those guys were awesome.

    • MJ.? 6 years ago

      where is Thriller.?

      Smooth Criminal.?


      The Way You Make me feel.?

      waaaay more MIchael Jackson sonqs should have been in the list. !

      Michael Jackson was the 80s !!!!

    • SFnearside bay 6 years ago

      If you talk about 80's decade SF 49ERS owned, Cowboys and Steelers don't do anything and just CHOKEeeeee, i am very proud to be the west coast guy yeaaaa, oke lets related to the topics no one ever mentioned N.W.A song, they make influential impact, are you all leaving in rich neighborhood like beverly hills or something....

    • Tom 6 years ago

      Good god would you lot listen to yourselves. If every song you guys had listed as having should be there, was there, it would be a list of 1000.

      Music is down to personal interpretation, get over it.

      As it happens its got a lot of my favourites, and a few ive never heard of but look forward to finding!

    • Cowboy 6 years ago

      Where the bloody hell was "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers everyone who has any idea about music knows this song when they hear it, and IT WAS one of the biggest hits in the 80's even though it was country. this list must have been made by some 20 or something year old.

    • Chicago in Virgina 6 years ago

      uh... no

      this just vh1's idea of the 80's and not a true reflection of the real music that moon walked all over us - time and time again.

      I will say this, compared to the music being played today... I'll take the unordered music on this list anyday!

    • tyler 6 years ago

      hey whoa whoa what happened to home sweet home by motley crew in 1985 that should at least be in top ten

    • Didi 6 years ago

      I agree, madonna, or the police, should be number one

    •  6 years ago

      Michael jackson should have been number 1 and 2 all the way to ten, Bon jovi.. come on ??,, ,Michael owned the the eighties and was the best entertainer of all time, this is actually offensive !

    • JY 6 years ago

      I agree that Billie Jean should've been number one, plus they should've had more billy joel, phil collins, and MJ. Also every breath you take is top 5 easy. I also "i wanna dance with somebody should be up there" maybe not high but on there. Whitney was owning the charts in the mid 80's!

    • GET OVER HIM 6 years ago

      For crying out loud get over michael jackson, yes was one of the best entertainers in the world but he wasn't the only one. There were stacks of great songs in the 80's and the only way by putting them into the top 100 is by cutting a few... stupid michael jackson songs. So who cares!!!

    • pinpointer 6 years ago

      all you MJ lovers out there, Michael did not really OWN, RULE or DEFINE the 80s, as all of you are saying. he only put out two albums, Thriller and Bad, during the entire decade. and there were several other artists out there who were putting out albums and singles consistently throughout the decade (like Prince, Madonna and other huge stars of the 80s). MJ only really had hits in '83 and '88, and he was pretty much absent from the charts during the mid 80s. people were mostly waiting for him to finally put something out in those five years between Thriller and Bad.

    • doogie 6 years ago

      i noticed they got the years wrong on some of these. REM's "the end of the world as we know it" was from 1987, not 1980, Billy Idol's "white wedding" was from 1982 or 1983, not 1988, and Whitesnake's "here i go again" was from 1987, not 1982.

    • Exactly 6 years ago

      "Pinpointer" is exactly right and so is "hey jy" MJ was not all that popular... until he over dosed himself on prescription drugs and killed hes sorry ass.

    • agreed 6 years ago

      you're right, all these MJ-obsessed commenters are probably today's teenagers who think he was at the top of the charts every year during the 80s and released a ton of albums during that decade. when really, he just had those two albums and was no Beatles or Elvis. his death gave him iconic GOD status and made today's generation of young people think he was bigger than he really was. plus, by the late 80s, he became more talked-about for his nose jobs, other plastic surgeries, and skin color transformation than his music. keep in mind that i'm not saying he wasn't a talented singer and dancer. i still enjoy his music and videos. i'm just saying that he is a bit overrated these days.

    • Amy 6 years ago

      To be honest people mj did own the 80's but his fans have never stoped loving him so id say everyone has their own opinion but id say Mj did it be made the best songs ever and some were even played in clubs more than once so someone must of liked them ..

    • jimmy 6 years ago

      Officially Michael Jackson Is "Artist Of The 80's"

      Thriller Is Michael Jackson Signature Song

      but the song, i don't seeing on the list...

      are you kidding me...

      give me some break...

      what's up with you guys...

      please shut up people who don't live in the 80's...

    • J.M 6 years ago

      To all the people dissing Michael Jackson... GO TO HELL!!!

    • Guest 6 years ago

      Love The 80's!!! Best Music Decade Of ALL TIME!!!!

    • slammasterj 6 years ago

      hey were r all the NWA songs they were the most creative artist this world has ever seen it shocks me to not even see staight outta compton or boyz-n-the-hood

    • slammasterj 6 years ago

      also were r all the run-dmc songs like king of rock and it's tricky

    • jordan 6 years ago

      I'm sorry but "don't you forget about me" is the epitomal 80s song.

    • zubin mujawar 6 years ago

      any direct link for these songs ?

    • Mohammad Yahya 6 years ago

      Michael Jackson is the best cant believe thriller wasn't up there and there could be a better number 1 seriously

    • Cory 6 years ago

      Uh...Blame it on the Rain???

    • Akash 6 years ago

      Vh1 sucks mj owns the 80's not bon jovi or another

    • cuztoms 6 years ago

      i love to 80s

    • Akash 6 years ago

      We love u mj ur livin in our hrtz always love u mj and vh1 sucks

    • maxrad4 6 years ago

      where is "boys of summer" don henley & "the way it is" bruce hornsby???

    • james 6 years ago

      Uh... the #1 selling song of the entire 80's decade is missing?!? Olivia Newton-John's "Physical" !!!

    • sweets 6 years ago

      Not enough prince in the list. He owned the 80's come on man.

    • stupid 6 years ago

      THIS LIST SUCKS!!!!! Theres no Billy Joel or Ozzy Osbourne when they cearly should be on here. [an others which would take to long to list] Don''t get me wrong I love SOME of the songs SOME. STUPID STUPID STUPID LIST

    • Julia 6 years ago

      Thriller? We are the World? Man in the Mirror? Bad? Smooth Criminal? C'MON! This is insane.

      And Billie Jean #4.. RIDICULOUS.

    • 80s man 6 years ago

      people forget that most of the number one songs from the 80s were crap. i'm glad they left off stuff like Olivia Newton John's Physical, Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder's Ebony and Ivory, any ballad by Chicago, etc. a lot of the greatest and undated-sounding songs of the decade, y'know, ones you actually still hear on the radio, didn't even make the top 20 in the 80s.

    • Fan of MJ( Where is MJ's a lot of songs...) 6 years ago

      Where is Smooth Criminal, where is Bad, thriller, and more.... BEST OF SINGER MJ I love you MJ Forever...

    • Razzle 6 years ago

      Are you kidding me no Thriller on that list ? what the hell is going on here ? the song can easily number one..., mmm that list maybe created by eminem fans for sure ???

    • 80sFAN 6 years ago

      There is NO way that you can fit the greatest songs from the 80s in a top 100 list...there are waaaaaaay too many awesome hits from that decade, so its only obvious that a lot a songs are not on this list...but seriously there are some songs here that don't deserve a top 100 spot and some that really should be up there...but hey, it's only 1 list of many out there!

    • Harry 6 years ago

      Great songs.Bon Jovi's living on a prayer is the best song ever.So stop cribbing.

    • music junkie  6 years ago

      damn they missed like some of the best 80s songs like what happened to your love by he outfield? that song is the shit >:( and wheres "if you leave" by the cure they just put there just like heaven song,and nothing by the cars,nothing from when in rome?? damn vh1 sucks the dick

    • Starx 6 years ago

      R.E.M definitely did not release "It's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine) in 1980. It was released in 1987.

    • MJ 6 years ago

      Michael jacksons song ned to be ther

    • Kyle Weaver 6 years ago

      Fade to Black should have been consisered. vh1 also failed with their 100 greatest artistist list too. im giving up on vh1 now.

    • danny m 6 years ago

      WOW! as if you don't have Simple Minds on there!!!!!

      "Don't You Forget About Me" was easily one of the greatest songs of the 80's. i'm talking like top ten aswell, it accompanied arguably one of the best films of the 80's, the breakfast club, i am genuinley shocked that song is not on there...

    • fan of mj 6 years ago

      why isn't thriller and smooth criminal on the list. Two of the best songs ever. Plus where's faithfully by journey and livin on a prayer is a good song but shouldn't be #1

    • mudpig 6 years ago

      Whatta complains, but I guess all the songs ur all expecting was belong to the # 101 and up! Not really on the 80's top 100. LOL

    • ITSMEBITCHESSS 6 years ago

      lol im a 80's child stuck in a body of a 90's child freakingg love 80's music

    • tator 6 years ago

      phil collins? peter gabriel?

    • Abiii 6 years ago

      gotta sing an 80's song for my christmas show at my high school. this list helped, i suppose:)

    • diggler 6 years ago

      billie jean and when doves cry need to by 1, 2 in either order

      def leppard and bon jovie represent cliché corporate rock that fvcked over the entire decade. livin on a prayer should be on a list os 100 worst songs ever

    • whatever 6 years ago

      not a song worth listening to in the entire list. "jack and diane" maybe. And I agree that Simple Minds was better than most on the list. But for the most part, MTV ruined music in my opinion. Just horrible, funk-less, wall of sound, garbage was all we got from the 80's.

      The best music was roughly from '68 to '78. Just my opinion. Rock on!

    • Reggie 6 years ago

      Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" should have been number one, but besides that, the list looks good to me!

    • Paulette 6 years ago

      @Harry: You gotta be KIDDING about Livin on a prayer being the best songs ever. Seriously.

      Some hits but mostly misses on this list, starting by the #1.

    • Douglas 6 years ago

      Sweet Child is the 1#!!! No the 7#.

    • Douglas Gunner 6 years ago

      Sweet Child O' Mine is the 1#!!! No the 7#.

    • Jess 6 years ago

      the eighties, amazing decade (LL)

    • Digger 6 years ago

      The Smiths ?? New Order ?? Joy Division ??(after all - Love will tear us apart was from 1980). PIL ?? Siouxsie & The Banshees ?? Dead Kennedys ?? Happy Mondays ??

      Oh wait - this list is about people who sold music - not who were innovative and CHANGED music.

    • mel uk 6 years ago

      Where is tears for fears...Everybody want to rule the world

    • 6 years ago

      Some good picks, some not so good picks. Everything is subjective though, and you'll always leave someone's fave band off the list! I would personally add:

      West End Girls by Pet Shop Boys, Subdivisions by RUSH, Bigmouth Strikes Again by Morrissey, Owner of a Lonely Heart by Yes, Don't Dream It's Over by Crowded House........and Straight Outta Compton, by N.W.A. !

    • Kate 6 years ago

      I'm surprised Man in the Mirror isn't here...I think it's one of the best from the 80s.

    • Alex 6 years ago

      What was the critera? Why Bon Jovi the first (no way)? Where the hell isn´t Queen´s I want to break free (at least one of the best ten!)? and they missed so many more...

    • Peniksen Pidennys 6 years ago

      Very interesting list!

    • neil 6 years ago

      sweet child o mine should have been no 1 not 7

    • interret 6 years ago

      why isn't Bonnie Tyler's Holding out For a Hero on there??

    • someone 6 years ago

      Good list but definitely missing Tears for Fears "Shout" or "Pale Shelter" and "Free Fallin"

    • chris 6 years ago

      It seems to me the bottom half of this list seems to be better than the top half.

      Many songs like Joan Jett's I love Rock\Roll and Robert Palmer's Addicted To Love were huge hits and should be in the top 20. Billie Jean should be number 1. "Living on a prayer" is top ten but not number one overall. Smooth Criminal should be on the list. Salt & Pepa push it is a crappy bullsh*T song that does not represent the 80's. Duran Duran does not belong in the top 10. Cyndi Lauper girls just want to have fun should be considered top 5. This song was huge!! Depeche Mode just cant get enough in my opinion is also crappy music.

    • billy 6 years ago

      gotta say that the 80's was definetly the best times for music! to be honest, a lot of today's music really sux!! when you think of today's music, it really killed the whole point of listening to music! today's music is all about tryin to prove somethin to someone and back in the day, music was music!!! it was fun! it took you to a place that no one could bring you back from! hell, now you gotta worry about drivin through the wrong part of town because of the music you got playin in your car!! 80's music was free and accepted everywhere! what happened? this is just my opinion but if you don't agree, think about it!! wether you want to accept it or not, its true!

    • Davon 6 years ago

      The 80's music is the bomb! Im sitting here listening to wiz khalifa, mobb deep, and jay z, then "Amadeus" just popped in to my head, and I started that's what I call music!

    • George Washington 6 years ago

      "Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel should be there

    • john prterson 6 years ago

      great time best music

    • simon 6 years ago

      why art'nt there any new songs or any songs from are genoration?

    • Cody Mueller 6 years ago

      I figured Autograph's Turn Up the Radio would be on here, classic tune

    • christine 6 years ago

      really.... Thriller didn't make this list?

    • Rita 6 years ago

      Yeah, I'm thinking they definitely missed holding out for a hero by bonnie tyler and shout by tears for fears. how can you not include them. i mean, holding out for a hero was from foot loose! come on! and maniac from flash dance! i's so sad.

    • tdm2345 6 years ago

      There definitely are a lot more songs that deserve to be on this list, but I think overall this list is pretty Awesome!!!

    • Mark 6 years ago

      where is new order or big country on this list? list is pretty good overall

    • Me 6 years ago

      no ABBA?

    • Lynn 6 years ago

      I have a singing competition on Sunday (like the x factor im down to the final 7) and really need a song from the 80's to sing!!!! :( stuck.x

    • Jasmine JellyBaby 6 years ago

      I love you for putting Jon Bon Jovi first!!! and I must say you're officially my favorite person right now as this list is like the best ever!! 80's rock baby yeah!!

    • Mark 6 years ago

      How could they omit "Don't You Forget About Me"? That song is played on rock, pop, light, alternative...every kind of station. It's not even one of my faves, but it is the quintessential '80's song and should have made the list.

    • Michele 6 years ago

      Where is "Life in a Northern Town" by the band "Dream Academy"!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mamelody profile image

      Mamelody 6 years ago

      I can't believe you missed MC Hammer's you cant touch this!! or Culture club Karma Chameleon. This list is obviously made by some 16 year old who wasn't even in the 80s

    • Kevin 6 years ago

      If this list had all the songs everybody wanted, it wouldn't be a top 100 list, it would probably end up being a top 1000 list...

    • onyxia 6 years ago

      Where is Black's wonderfull life? I can't think a best of list without it :/

      @Mamelody +1

    • rex77 6 years ago

      THRILLER not on the list ?, are you smoking something... and WE ARE THE WORLD (one of the most fastest selling single ever)not including too ?, what the hell is going on here...

    • QueenFan 6 years ago

      Only one song by Queen in the entire line-up?

      At least it was Under Pressure, but really?

      what about We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions combo, Radio Ga-Ga, Who Wants To Live Forever, Seven Seas of Rye, or the oh so famous Fat Bottomed Girls?

      I can't believe Bohemian Rhapsody wasn't on that list ether...

    • CJ 6 years ago

      Obviously forgot:

      The Psychadelic Furs - Love My Way

    • Melody 6 years ago

      Faith is definitely better than mr. roboto, Faith is in the top 20 FOR SURE

    • lay seed 6 years ago

      @Mamelody I love that you throw an insult out there about how little the person posting this list knows while hassling them for not including a song that was released in 1990... way to pay attention there.

    • Yorsch 6 years ago

      Geez, guys.

      He did not make this list.

      He just posted VH1's list of 80s, which is based on peoples VOTES!

    • motleycruerox 6 years ago

      Dude! Did they fricken forget all about hard rock/heavy metal???? they only have like 5 songs! Dr.Feelgood in the 40's?? That should be in the top 10! Where is the Skid Row?? At least VH1 was smart enough to put Bon-Jovi at #1

    • yoyo 6 years ago

      careless whisper and last christmas need to be on that list

    • ¡M!™ 6 years ago

      okay the number of things that people listed that "should have been on the list" is greater than the number of spots that were on the list. whenever these lists come out, obviously people will be disappointed. the 80's had A LOT of AMAZING music, so calm down!! and also, i didn't realize how many people even liked michael jackson, considering i never heard one good thing about him before he died (then again, i didn't live through the 80's and i have nothing against his music). and no one's reading this anyway, considering this list is from 2006, i think? k cool...

    • the 80s6 6 years ago

      wheres justin beber

    • butch 6 years ago

      they still rock

    • music is life 5 years ago

      were the hell is .38 special?! Joan Jett and ozzy osbourne? more queen and some freakin lita ford! needs some more acdc and dance hall days! wtf

    • JT 5 years ago

      No Starship is a bit weird.

    • Nathan 5 years ago

      Geez. This brings back memories. Bad ones. Very very bad ones. The 80's was the worst decade ever for music.

    • Stephanie 5 years ago

      Awesome, that whole list. I was born in 87 but I love 80s music, I have always been told I was born too late. Should have grown up in the 80s. Wish I had!!

    • Jon 5 years ago

      everyone stop complaining

      of course it's subjective because someone made it

      it was made according to what he/she likes, not what you specifically like

      personally, i think the list spreads a lot of spectrums of music from then

      good job dude

    • Ben 5 years ago

      Just goes to show you how many great songs and bands came from this awesome decade. I mean, you're missing a ton of great songs and bands: Dire Straits, Toto, Billy Joel, Joe Jackson, and that's just a couple.

    • Whamherjamher 5 years ago

      I like the list. Its not what I would have had personnaly.

      Billy Idol's Rebel Yell and Dancin With Myself would of certainly made the list.

      And whether everyone wants to admit is it or not when we think of the 80s its 'Flock of Seagulls' that define it. Not BonJovi or Micheal Jackson because they transcend the era altogether. I ran so far away or even that 'spin me right round like a record' shit should be on top. They were the best 80s songs because they defined the fruity 80s. Word to your mother!!!!

    • D. 5 years ago

      Obviously not every great 80's song could make the list, but Hall & Oats instead of Peter Gabriel? "In Your Eyes" is up there with "Time After Time" and "Take My Breath Away" as THE iconic 80's ballad. And there's really no excuse for missing MJ's "Man in the Mirror" and Prince's "Purple Rain."

    • jigzawqw7 5 years ago

      this is the best list ever bon jovi is the best stop your bitching about livin on a prayer reaching number one the song is awesome america voted and that's what happened

    • OMG with the Michael Jackson and cursing 5 years ago

      What a bunch of dopes. Cursing (you are so tough and mature..scary!) and it's not "A List of Michael Jackson Songs"'s an 80s list. Everything won't be on here. And London Calling is the worst, it's just their best song. hahaha

    • Brian 5 years ago

      I think all the bands up here are great, and many that are not up here are great. Music is art, no list will ever encompass everyone's exact preferences.

      Furthermore, if this was compiled by more than one person, it's likely that whoever was involved does not completely agree with it either.

      So if you're unhappy with this list, stop crying and go listen to (insert favorite music here), and make your own list.

    • 80's kid 5 years ago

      I agree with a lot of people of bands either being left out or positioned way too low

    • 80sfan 5 years ago

      this is list total crap!!! where r the bands: Pet Shop boys, etc ...

    • kevin 5 years ago

      i gresss its a fair representation of the 80s. We cant plez evryone...for me the 80s were the best era for music..if u have prince,madonna,michael..its already complete. I grew up in that fantastic music era. U cant beat the 80s music. Thank u for the music..the songs im singing..

    • Andrew 5 years ago

      I'm just 13 but I love the 80's big fan!

    • Russ 5 years ago

      No, it is suppose to be the best!!! What happened to Queen? Another one bites the dust, Oh, I guess that one sucked. Come on.....Probably the only song of theirs from the 80's that should be there, but it should be there... What gives?

    • AWESOMENESS 5 years ago

      USA For Africa- We are the World

      Not even on there. It's #2 in my opinion(behind Just Like Heaven)

    • BLEHG! 5 years ago

      how is mr roboto in here? tht absolutely destroyed styx

    • Alan Bishop 5 years ago

      I think Blondie's "The Tide Is High" from 1980 should have been in this list. No wonder that laundry detergent is so expensive. (The Tide is high!)

    • shaniqua 5 years ago

      wow that's a lot of comments.

    • Fuck MJ Haters Fuckin Fucks 5 years ago

      Whoever said pink Floyds dark side of the moon or whatever the fuck oats called sold more than Mjs is fucke in the head. If it didn't, y was it the bigger selling album in history from the week it sold huh? And "u all wing too much." go and fuck ur mum side ways, sincero u have nothing better to' di with ur screwed up life. GET OVER HIM, u need to get over urself, MJ is the reason for beyonve Rihanna, Chris brown, usher ect! Pin pointer, I think I need to pin point u to a wall and kick ur balls until u vomit. No body appreciates MJ for what he dis

      d. He made human hisory. He loved children too mug to watch them suffer. U don't no how much pain MJ was in! Mj should hav more songs on here. Whitneys song that us in the top 10 or whatever it is shoul not be there. And why dies Janet Jakson make the list? She was bigger in the 90's. Cause MJ was too domineering then. He still was in the 90's buy she had bigger hits then

    • Erick Canino 5 years ago

      You know, I wish I can back in time to that badass era of music, it would be pretty awsome to go back to the most badass era of our time. LUV U 1980'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Enough Already 5 years ago

      Seriously, people need to stop making a fake ruckus about MJ. It's amusing how his sudden death all the sudden made people get all protective about him. I grew up in the 80's and 90's and nobody was sticking up for him when he was getting accused of those crimes and especially not black people. Growing up, if you said you liked MJ in school, you were be labeled a gay. Blacks were ashamed of the accusations and his changing skin color. Then when MJ dies and blacks flood the streets holding his CD's even though they've spent over a decade disowning him. If MJ were still alive, many of these people blabbering about MJ would not be posting. They'd still be passing judgment on MJ or continue being closet fans which is why MJ spent all those years holed up feeling society's rejection.

    • Sam 5 years ago

      Where are Madness, The Specials and Queen.

      Absolute joke of a list!!

    • boobs 5 years ago


    • cock 5 years ago

      haha supa nice

    • pussy 5 years ago


    • Kayla 5 years ago

      Not bad, it could've been a lot better and, clearly, some numbers should be moved around (Bon Jovi No. 1, really?) but overall it could've been a LOT worse. Devo could've been No. 1.

      Basically, there are five, six, maybe seven artists that need to be on there and they are. End of story. Michael Jackson is great and all but he's on there twice and that's fine for me.

      Prince, Billy Idol, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Bowie, and adding in The Clash was much appreciated. From there on, you have one-hit-wonders, and you try to find the artists' greatest hits, then order them. The order is about personal taste, probably record sales and general popularity.

      I'm more of a '70s and '90s music fan, rather than the '80s and even I know that compiling a top 100 list that appeases everyone is difficult. But this is ridiculous.

      Guns N Roses over Madonna?

      Duran Duran over Prince?

      And Aerosmith over The Clash is a personal insult to me.

      Please let someone else make up these lists.

    • Cyril 5 years ago

      What's with da MJ fever? Of course 'Thriller' deserved some top spot on the list, but pliz don't make him sound like God! As if you guys were there... And where's Toto, Starship and Bruce springsteen, and yea, Dire straits and Europe?? Where the hell is Air supply?

    • Anon 5 years ago

      Motley Crue is terrible

    • cream chargers 5 years ago

      top thanks!

    • lolman 5 years ago

      "Toy Soldiers"? Where is "Save a Prayer"? Garbage list!

    • clive 5 years ago

      i can do an 80s list way better than that, WAY BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jaj 5 years ago

      mj ruled the 80s billie jean should be no.1 and where the hell is thriller and the way you make me feel

    • jer 5 years ago

      mj was awarded the'artist of the decade' award . he deserves the no.1 spot

    • doogster 5 years ago

      people on here are acting like Michael Jackson was the ONLY musical artist in the 80s, but really, there were hundreds upon hundreds of great songs in the 80s, and MJ didn't sing all of them. even all of his popular singles from the decade weren't that great. Billie Jean and Beat It were great, much not else was really great like those two songs were. in fact, i don't think the Bad album is all that memorable with great songs that you could include on here. and call me crazy, but it seems like Prince overtook Michael Jackson in popularity in 1984, once the Purple Rain album AND movie came out. i think he also had more hits throughout the decade, as well as in the 90s. i'd say Prince was more like the King of Pop in the 80s, not MJ. and to the swearing commenter above, how exactly did MJ make "human history?" because he influenced Beyonce, Usher, Rihanna, and Chris Brown? those are some artists that i don't think will ever reach "legend" status, and we could do without them in popular music. in five years no one will remember who the generic, insane-tempered girlfriend-beater Chris Brown even was.

    • the disco freak 5 years ago

      all the songs are great but the order is all wrong

    • Kirstyn 5 years ago

      WHOO! Bon Jovi made first! That was an awesome song that is still popular to an extent today! To all you MJ fans who are sooo outraged, MJ had 2-3 big hits in the 80's, that's it, these songs were voted for, so obviously more than one person chose these songs. Love the 80's!

    • IsraeliGal 5 years ago

      i am 16 and i love the 80s! best list, BonJovi gets to be number 1!

      but where is Bryan Adams? or De-Barge?

      the 80s definitely was the best decade for music!

    • david mackaye 5 years ago

      Look people get over it! Micheal Jackson is NOT going to be the top of every list! I agree he ruled the 80s but he is not the greatest thing to ever happen to music! Duran Duran being #3 is awful! Bryan Adams should have been on here. Who does not know Summer Of 69? And PLEASE they could have used a better Motley Crue song! DR. Feelgood is not their best song! Robert Palmer should have been top 50. Who can't hear the Addicted to Love song and not think of that stupid but funny video? I love Styx but Mr. Roboto is terrible! Journey should have gotten at least one more song. Faithfully is every 80s high school seinor's first time song! I do live the REM song they chose though. I'm sorry people but i think Aha's Take On Me is one of the stupidest songs ever! It should be in somewhere in the 80s or 90s NOT in the top 30. Queen's Radio Ga Ga should be on here. I mean they preformed it at Live Aid and one of the biggest stars of today named herself after it! Where is Dire Straits Money for Nothing??!! That was only one of the most popular videos and songs of the whole decade! I mean that song sold got Dire Straits over 30,000,000 in album sales. The only one who topped that was Michael Jackson! Why does Prince get 3 songs on the list when Billy Joel gets none? Twisted Sister's best song is I Wanna Rock NOT We're Not Gonna Take It! I Wanna Rock was just as big! Areosmith's song should be Love In an Elevator! Not retarded Janie's Got a Gun! Back In Black should be here too! REO Speedwagon's song was a good choice. Rock had romance back then before it became all about sex and parties. Not that there is anything wrong with those two things but rock tends to forget that to get laid you sometimes have to love in a different way first. John Mellencamp should have been higher too. Jack and Diane is a song for every young couple that's ever struggled to get by. That goes for the 80s 90s and today. I HATE Sweet Child O Mine! That song sucks so much ass! Pardise City Or Patience should be there instead! Bon Jovi should have had You Give Love a Bad Name on the list too! Living On a Prayer in ABSOLLUTLEY NOT the best Bon Jovi song! Where is Owner of a Lonely Heart by Yes? That song was massive! The B52s utterly SUCK! Joan Jett should have been top 50 at least. Every one knows and has at some point sang along to I Love Rock and Roll. Don't deny it people you know you have done it! All in all I give this list a 50 out of 100. They got some right but they got some terribly wrong. Keep it up vh1 you will get it someday. Let us pray that day comes soon.

    • Support Med. profile image

      Support Med. 5 years ago from Michigan

      These are great songs from the '80's. I don't even think the writer of the hub placed them as #1 being the number one song, just that it is the first one that came to mind or was chosen first. There was so much great music in the '80's choosing the exact #1 may be difficult for some, although I can think of one but there's enough complaining so I won't go there. It's a good list!!! The one listed as #100 doesn't necessarily mean it came in the 100 spot, it's just a list of selected songs from the '80's. Pretty good! and shared. v/r

    • Chris 5 years ago

      I could understand putting Bon Jovi at the top of a list of worst bands ever. That would make sense. But putting them at the top of a 'best of the 80s' list is a pretty big insult to everyone else on the list. Of course any 'best of the 80s' list that doesn't include "Human" by the Human League can't really be taken too seriously.

    • Lisa 5 years ago

      I cant believe someone started a list of 80s tunes - which I find very helpful thanks as I was looking at gettin a few old friends together - and everyone just bitchin about what number one should be or who they have not included - are you mental! make up yer own list if your not happy but don't just bitch away at someones opinion - jeez!

    • Roy 5 years ago

      What about VISAGE - FADE TO GREY ??

    • Ryan 5 years ago

      Sounds like VH1 needs to do a 200 greatest songs of the 80's list.

    • Ham 5 years ago

      No Fleetwood Mac? Boooooooo

    • Bon Jovi 5 years ago

      No band slayed the 80's like Bon Jovi did. It's fair to put Livin' On a Prayer in the top spot

    • Salem 5 years ago

      where is HALL AND OATES/OUT OF TOUCH !!! this great song should be at least on the top 10, im sad :c

    • Shaker 5 years ago

      where are Desireless - Voyage Voyage ? :(((Why their not there?

    • Entoy Da DragoN 5 years ago

      what about baltimora's tarzan boy which i think the song is an icon in the 80's? europe's six to eight? & duran2x's a view to a kill?

    • Entoy Da DragoN 5 years ago

      And there's not even a single song from the ramones :(

      The clash's ROCK THE CASBAH SHOULD BE #1 and i bet you never heard of it.

    • BJlover 5 years ago

      Bon Jovi totally gets to be number one on the list! And it has nothing to do with the 80's,it's just great music!(and this is coming from a 17 year old)

      and the list is really a matter of taste, there is no need to bad mouth anyone who thinks differently the yourself.

      I LOVE THE 80's!!!!!!

    • Sweetness 5 years ago

      Loved Bon Jovi in my teen years and still love hime now in my late 30's. Just great music. Of course in the days he went by Jon Bon Jovi. :D

    • cory 5 years ago

      How is your love by the outfield not on this list!!!

    • captain genius 5 years ago

      It's the end of the World as We Know it is 1987 - not 1980. Jack and Diane were robbed at #59. But a fun trip down memory lane reading the list!

    • Anne 5 years ago

      I grew up in the 80s. Believe me, MJ, Madonna, and Prince were the holy trinity of pop music. They should be represented more in this list despite the fact that there were tons of other good artists in the 80s.

    • labyrinthlover654 5 years ago

      Wheres David Bowie on this list!!!!!!!!!

      there should be the songs

      when the world falls down and underground

    • Mr.4x3 5 years ago

      hi you must also consider separate ways by journey that's great music Visit it

    • PhillyGuy 5 years ago

      What about: Swing Out Sister (Breakout), Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (Free Fallin), Robbie Neville (Cest La Vie), Journey (Open Arms), Sade, The Whispers (Rock Steady), Billy Ocean, and others I can't remember right now

    • Jess 5 years ago

      Want that I could have grown up in the 80's. What a time for music! and life in general. *sigh* Well, we still have the tunes!!! Might as well enjoy them. xD

    • Satanerday 5 years ago

      Not bad, but a few bad ones, too!

    • chris 5 years ago

      Mj's the bomb

    • Jake 5 years ago

      This is a joke!

      Where on earth is anything from:

      Billy Joel


      The Cars

    • Daryl 5 years ago

      When Doves Cry should have been number 1, and where's Purple Rain??? BTW Def Leppard deserves its place, this song was damn good!

      Additionally, there were lots of missing songs such as;

      ONE - METALLICA (One of the greatest songs of all time)

      Into the Groove & Like A Prayer - Madonna

      Love in an Elevator - Aerosmith

      Lovesong - The Cure

      Paradise City - Guns N' Roses

      Physical - Olivia Newton-John

      Maniac - Michael Sembello

    • Michael 5 years ago

      Where is the Safety Dance: Men Without Hats - 1982

    • 1980's loverr! 5 years ago

      Yeah.....i definitely agree with the whole Michael Jackson stuff...half the list should of been his He pretty much revolutionized the 1980's, and Beat It is on my all time favorite songs list! but honestly, i definitely don't think Livin' On A Prayer should have been #1..., maybe # 5.....i feel like there were at least 5 other songs, and that's just off the top of my head, that beats that song bar none! Granted, I do love the song! But this is just my opinion, and many people have many opinions. Overall good list though!

    • corey 5 years ago

      where the hell is corey hart and cutting crew on this list

    • Julio Rene Chaparro 5 years ago

      U forgot Bruce hornsby "the way it is"

    • lonelywolf 5 years ago

      some of these should have been in the list:- - the cars. shop boys. a prayer-dd.


    • jjjhhhhhjj 5 years ago

      No Tears for Fears... No List, Go Away.

    • me 5 years ago

      Where are the cars?????????

    • johnforfans profile image

      johnforfans 5 years ago from Florida

      that's a very impressive list Aerosmith Janie's Got a Gun is one of my favorite songs from Aerosmith besides Run DMC Walk This Way. this music definitely plays a big role and influenced many of the songs we have today

      sadly hip hop Heavy D has passed away today. seeing how much your interested in music i highly recommend checking out my hub on his life acheivements

    • pealursking 5 years ago

      what abt sweet dreams Eurothemics

    • Omer 5 years ago

      They Sould've Put Atleast 5 Michael Jackson Songs On The List , I Mean C'mon

      Thriller Is The Greatest Album Ever Made

      And Don't Forget The Bad Album Which Was Fantastic

      5 MJ Songs That Can Be In The List

      1. Billie Jean (Greatest 80's Song)

      2. Beat It


      4.Wannna Be Startin' Something

      5.Bad,Smooth Criminal etc

    • jr. art 5 years ago

      "Your Love" :by The Outfield???

    • Me 5 years ago

      Not one song of the Police?

      You should call this your list alright! Your s-hit list! ;-)

    • Taylor 5 years ago

      I hate it when adults think that our music is terrible. The truth is that it really isn't. You just usually have the tastes of your generation. Well, im only 14 and I LOVE older and newer music....DAVID BOWIE AND EMINEM

    • Taylor 5 years ago

      All though david bowie was in the 70s mainly it still proves my point

    • John 5 years ago

      jorge acosta: it's Betty Davis Eyes.. Good Luck!

    • rachael 5 years ago

      did the 80's die out because they look like they were awesome and come on more journey i love don't stop belivin and i am 11!!!

    • Don 5 years ago

      Where is Africa by Toto? Overlooked a lot of megahits! A little disappointed in the list but enjoyed the walk down memory lane.

    • Eduardo 5 years ago

      Queen under pressure is the best 80's song ever

    • Eduardo 5 years ago

      Queen's under pressure bass riff was very 80's freddie mercury village people beard ruled the decade best song on the list

    • Eddie 5 years ago

      Queen's radio ga ga should have made the list too the music video was very 80's and colorful and under pressure song still rules the list as well love queen.

    • Eduardo 5 years ago

      Queen another one bites the dust is not on on here and it should be on this list it was a great 80's song as well freddie mercury voice was spectacular

    • dg6364 5 years ago

      Not one Outfield song? Seriously?

    • kendra 5 years ago

      i think michael jackson definitely should've been #1 but that's my opinion

    • mel 5 years ago

      Alexander O'Neal - Criticize ?

    • me 5 years ago

      OK really. like song choice but ordering is so wrong.

    • Eduardo 5 years ago

      Queen and abc under pressure and look of love great 80's songs

    • Eduardo 5 years ago

      There should have been more queen songs on this 80's list.

    • Queenfan 5 years ago

      Freddie mercury was gay but man could he sing a song especially under pressure

    • Eduardomercury 5 years ago

      Queen under pressure should be number 1 freddie mercury voice was 70's and great in the 80's as well

    • Eddiemercury 5 years ago

      Love queen

    • Eduardo80's 5 years ago

      Of course I love queen but janet jackson's dancing in the video nasty is incredible I love her dancing very 80's

    • smartguy 5 years ago

      Wheres Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant?

    • Eduardo 5 years ago

      Queen is better than eddy grant eddy didn't make the list but queen made the list under pressure

    • 80's child 5 years ago

      Queen rocks the 80's love freddie mercury best overbite teeth of the 80's

    • 80's baby 5 years ago

      Love queen's under pressure but ehere is janet jackson's rhythm nation? Best video of the 80's

    • Ed80's 5 years ago

      Love queen but where is who want's to live forever by the group queen great song of the 80's and I love abc look of love.

    • Eduardo 5 years ago

      Queen I love and I love debbie gibson only in my dreams and I love chaka kahn's ain't nobody and of course queen's under pressure.

    • Eduardo 5 years ago

      You know queen's 1981 song under pressure is a great 80's song because vanilla ice sampled the song for his song the one hit wonder ice ice baby and queen rules.

    • Lovejanetjackson 5 years ago

      Janet jackson's dancing paved the way for other great dancers janet's dancing and music videos are very entertaing and influential me as a dancer myself I love janet's dancing

    • Styxfan 5 years ago

      Kilroy kilroy mr roboto love styx mr. roboto great 80' song and I love queen's under pressure no wonder everybody talks about that group queen on this 80's

    • Eddie mercury 5 years ago

      Under pressure pressing down on me pushing down on you no man ask for under pressure the things you feel in time puts people on streets love queen under pressure totally 80's tubular song.

    • Andrew 5 years ago

      I can't believe queen made the list with under pressure that was a shock to see a 70's band make the 80's list great show I love queen freddie mercury best 80's artists on the list.

    • Valedon 5 years ago

      I love queen under pressure but I really like dead or alive and ratt and abc but queen deserved to be on this list with under pressure I think queen should of had been number 3 on this list.

    • Xavier 5 years ago

      Hey! And Patrick Swaize

    • Dixon 5 years ago

      Hey I think queen's under pressure should of had been number 1 because the bass riff was very 80's and you know the song was good if vanilla ice sampled the song and freddie mercury best singer he hit high notes so perfect and one of the strongest tenors by far love queen best 80's artist's on this 80's list.

    • Eduardo 5 years ago

      I love queen under pressure should of been more queen songs on this list like radio ga ga and another one bites the dust but another 80's artists I really like kilroy kilroy kilroy styx mr. roboto I love these 80's artists on this list.

    • Acosta 5 years ago

      Kilroy kilroy kilroy kilroy dobi arigato mr. roboto love the group styx and I also like queen under pressure that bass riff is totally rad under pressure definitely deserve to be number 31 on 100 greatest songs of the 80's love queen

    • Freddie mercury look a like 5 years ago

      I love queen another on bites the dust under pressure, body language, radio ga ga, I want to break free , one vision , a kind of magic, who wan'ts to live forever flash, crazy little thing called love , I want it all are all great 80's songs of queen at least queen's under pressure made the list great song and I love freddie mercury voice.

    • I love queen 5 years ago

      There are a lot of comments about the band queen I think that's good under pressure of queen was a great 80's song and another one bites the dust best 80's song as well you go good job freddie mercury r.i.p

    • Eduardo 5 years ago

      I love queen under pressure even though freddie mercury was a persian/ indian ugh but I still love queen best artists of the 80's

    • ??? 5 years ago

      The 80's without tears for fears?

    • Edward80's 5 years ago

      Love queen they took the 80's decade and made it totally rad gnarliest decade ever with another one bites the dust and under pressure if it wasn't for radio ga ga we wouldn't have lady ga ga today love freddie mercury best 4 octave vocal range ever

    • rahdizzle 5 years ago

      every cheesy hair band tune after 1985 should be taken off. Poison? Bon Jovi? please... on another note, comparatively speaking, the majority of the tunes before 1984 trumps the majority songs afterword. Phil Collins, Police, Pretenders, Squeeze... all TRUE CLASSICS. just an observation.

    • crocodilius 4 years ago

      personally, my number 1 is Master of Puppets..

    • cyoung35 profile image

      Chad Young 4 years ago from Corona, CA

      You've covered them all, these are great songs and some are even being reproduced with a newer version. Great Hub!

    • Love freddie mercury 4 years ago

      Queen under pressure should have been number one and queen another one bites the dust should have been number two this list needs some queen QUEEN all the way queen did make it to number 31 so that good the song under pressure best totally rd tubular song of the 80's

    • Queen lover 4 years ago

      I love chaka khan ain't nobody song and I love queen under pressure

    • Steve 4 years ago

      I loved UPSIDE DOWN by Diana Ross in the 1980's...which stayed on the HOT 100 from July 1980 until February 29 weeks!

    • idk 4 years ago

      don't dream its over? don't you forget about me?

    • Deondra 4 years ago

      Queen under pressure all the way im so glad queen made the 80's list which was a shock.

    • Under pressure 4 years ago

      Queen under pressure made vh1 100 greatest songs of the 80's list I love it Queen really did own the 80's they are totallt rad

    • Queen rocks 4 years ago

      Queen under pressure made the list, I can't believe it that's awesome

    • Alma 4 years ago

      Queen had a record breaking 80's achievements worldwide another one bites the dust and under pressure and radio ga ga and I want to break free and one vision song great band of the 80's

    • reggie 4 years ago

      it s the first top list that I pretty much agree with all of them. cool, well done

    • Broady 4 years ago

      QUEEN I love under pressure best song of the 80's great 80's group.

    • Queen under pressure 4 years ago

      Queen made me happy with under pressure freddie mercury is an indian parsi and I love his 80's style

    • Totally 80's 4 years ago

      Queen under pressure I love that song totally rad song

    • kay of nottingham 4 years ago

      Hi hub. Great list there is nothing from Air Supply, Kenny Loggins or Chicago. Shame on

      you. Jan Hammer was great too and where is QUEEN, they were the 80's.

    • darin 4 years ago

      need metallica

    • meggie 4 years ago

      miss the good old days. too bad they made music worse today :(

    • sam clowd 4 years ago

      i love the 80s muzic evnen thow i was not born in the 80s i am only 18 years old and i love listenning to it becuase it is better then my muzic today. my dad always listens to the 80s and i started to when i was only 3 years old and i love there mozic till today.

    • Eduardo 4 years ago

      QUEEN under pressure great 80's song period. Glad queen made the list

    • dave 4 years ago

      Under Pressure is okay but I Want It All is a better Queen song. Why don't they take out the stupid Gary Numan song and add that instead?

    • Eduardo 4 years ago

      QUEEN were rad and totally 80s I love queen under pressure glad queen made the list.

    • stew 4 years ago

      The list is a joke.

      Only half of those songs should be there.

    • Paul 4 years ago

      Came across this site whilst trying to put my music library back together after computer went down.

      Think as a snippet of advert for 80 s this not bad but not great either.Thers a lot of big one hit wonders

      bands & artists from 80's whose songs arent on the list either which is crazy.Which will never be forgotten

      Just my opinion but artists I feel who owned the 80's list who have more than maybe one hit to ther name,are as follows:








      BEE GEES,

      BON JOVI,

















    • Queen 4 years ago

      Queen under pressure great song

    • Emran 4 years ago

      People what about Aztec Camera's Somewhere in my Heart???

    • Jay 4 years ago

      Queen under pressure rules the decade it freaking transcended the 80's

    • jessica 4 years ago

      girls just wanna have fun was 1983 dude!

    • facha 4 years ago

      la ultima cuenta regresiva, por siempre joven,tu eres la voz , carrie,cyndi lauper antes que madonna por favor 80s no 90s no a la mescla de decadas.

    • KhanSahab04 4 years ago

      Either When Doves Cry by Prince or Billie Jean by Michael Jackson should have been number 1!!!

    • Carlos 4 years ago

      Men without hats!! WTF

    • Class of 89 - MV 4 years ago

      What about THE CLASH - Should I stay or should I go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on people!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ben 4 years ago

      Wow, I spent the past few hours watching this on YouTube. I honestly should have just looked at the list before spending so much time on such a disappointing list. As usual, VH1 puts emphasis on hair metal crap bands and less on artists who truly deserved to be on the list. No songs from Tears for Fears? Billy Joel? Tom Petty? The Cars? Dire Straits? Only one song from The Police? Only one song from the Cure? No Huey Lewis? No Bette Davis Eyes? No Pet Shop Boys? No Genesis? No ZZ Top? Only one song from Madonna? Only one song from The Clash? Bon Jovi number one? Bon Jovi???! Top five should be Billie Jean, Every Breath You Take, Sweet Child of Mine, When Doves Cry, and Like a Virgin. How Motley Crue, Poison and Ratt made the list over some of the above artists is criminal. This list is a complete joke.

    • jennefer 4 years ago

      awsommmmm..............great collection

    • Ilan 4 years ago


      You can listen to part of this list and more of the 80's in the following playlist:

    • louromano profile image

      louromano 4 years ago

      The 80's music is the bomb! Im sitting here listening to wiz khalifa, mobb deep, and jay z, then "Amadeus" just popped in to my head, and I started that's what I call music!

    • Sam 4 years ago

      It was the heat of the moment telling me what your heart meant

    • hippo_425 4 years ago

      Walk this way is Run DMC it was redone by areosmith. and by the way for people trying to figure out why some artists are higher on the list than othersa it doesn't go by which song you think is better it goes by how many copies of that song was sold in this time period.

    • Brian Reaves 4 years ago

      No KISS, Warrant, ZZ Top, Motley Crue... I could keep going. This is NOT the top 100 of the 80's.

    • Big Mike 4 years ago

      Where is A promise by When in Rome?

    • Aerosmith fan 4 years ago

      (1) Run D.M.C. was "rap" not "rock"......(2) the song was an Aerosmith hit well before Run D.M.C. ...(3) you need to change it to say, "Aerosmith/Run D.M.C." if you are gonna give credit to that version. Just sayin.

    • volhead49 4 years ago

      what about Mister Mister? and MJ shouldve been No. 1 seeing how Thriller is like the best selling album ever. shouldve been the number one spot and three or four more top 30 picks shouldve been MJ songs. R.I.P. Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. But good list. in my opinion its pretty acurate exept for those few. actually tears for fears is def known as iconic music to represent the 80s. they shoulve at least been top ten. thanks for the list though. i gotta lot of good reminders to download now. ;)

    • Calvin 4 years ago

      I think some of these were half-assed, I agree with some of them but Billy Joel #1, No way, Katrina and the Waves #91 Not even close. This needs to be revised MAJORLY

    • Daniele 4 years ago

      Dire Straits must be in the list with at least 5 songs...

    • Martin 4 years ago

      Not sure why people are complaining about the songs in this list? The title plainly states VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 80's i.e. VH1 picked them not the author.

      If you want to check out the top songs of the 80's by year there are some great lists at with previews of each track. Again these have been picked by someone else so you may not agree with the selections but it's fun to remember some of the music from back in the day.

    • Boris Bagel 4 years ago

      London Calling is a great song, but it came out in 1979....

      & Bon Jovi sucks

    • April 4 years ago

      Umm.. What about Heart? They were huge in the 80's. What About Love, These Dreams, Never, Nothin' At All, Alone, and so on. I remember them topping the MTV charts with These Dreams for weeks.

    • Luke 4 years ago

      Ah i love the eighties and the fact that bon jovi kicks ass

    • Austin T 4 years ago

      Wow men down under.... down under ranks )-= noooo my opinion its top 20 atleast.

    • Jak 4 years ago

      MJ all the way

    • brandon 4 years ago

      Where is take me home tonight

    • doogie 4 years ago

      i can tell that the Michael Jackson hype has finally died out because i don't see any recent comments saying "this list sucks because half of the songs aren't exclusively from Michael Jackson, he owned the 80s!!!" or similar comments like that. boy, that got really annoying. this list is actually pretty good, and i think the 80s was the best decade for pop music so far. the 90s was the worst because you had all those crappy one hit wonders, and the huge pop artists of the decade were people like Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Ricky Martin, etc.

    • Ilan 4 years ago

      Thank you!!!

      I've collected most of these songs and more to a playlist:


    • Ilan 4 years ago

      Sorry - the previous link does not is incorrect. Here is the right link!


    • Dennis Teel 4 years ago

      it's a good list,but missing a lot of songs..some of you posters are real a-holes with your attitude.effing rude.and to the moron bashing bon jovi,bon jovi is a prime example of what 80's bands were(style wise). there were a few anti mainstream music listeners in the 80's but they were few and in between.bon jovi,def leppard,poison and motely crue were very popular bands in the 80's.and very anti-mainstream,metal band fans can call those bands whatever you want,but truthfully you metal heads that in the 80's were bashing the mainstream i were not the majority..ya know? so bashing bands like def leppard in favor of ace kings x for example doesn't win you any prizes.

    • Bill 4 years ago

      This list is a joke. Only 1 Madonna song?? Are you kidding me? Where's Like a Prayer, Material Girl, Papa Don't Preach, Borderline, Open Your Heart????

    • heather 4 years ago

      VH1, I am disappoint. Every Michael Jackson song released in the 80s should be up there. I mean really. Just think about Thriller real quick... oh yeah, best selling album of all time, every single track hit the top, led to the invention of the music video. Come on. and what about Bad?

      The lack of Prince & Madonna is also making me rage x.x

    • Eduardo 4 years ago

      Queen under pressure great 80's song of all time.

    • Eduardo 4 years ago

      Queen under pressure is one of the best 80's song on this vh1 list.

    • Eduardo 4 years ago

      Queen under pressure features David Bowie but really it's a Queen song written and produced and vocals by Queen and Freddie Mercury the only thing David Bowie did on the song was snap his fingers that was it Freddie Mercury over powered the song with his powerful vocals.

    • christina 4 years ago

      WOW.. I have to say this list is a tragedy to all epic 80's hits, whether they are one hit wonders or not. Friday night at my local bar we are having an eighties night and I have over a 180 songs so far yes most of these songs are on there but come on the number one eighties song livin on a prayer....what about the clash......90% of the one hit wonders were better than livin on a prayer... don't get me wrong its a great song but not for number one... where is Don Henley, David Bowie, The Bee Gees, the Outfield, Metallica... for heavens sakes Marvin Gayes Sexual healing??? I guess they thought we wouldn't notice.. WRONG!!!

    • mostwanted710 4 years ago

      Thriller is the biggest selling album of all time no doubt about it, so why thriller is not in the #1 position?

    • babotski 4 years ago

      Whoever singer can surpass the THRILLER in terms of record sales has the right to be in number 1 position. There are lots of good songs popularized by many known singers but never came close to the record sales of MJ songs. MJ dominated the 80's in charts, concerts and awards giving bodies. Regardless of controversies regarding his popularity, his songs are well-accepted and patronized world-wide. That's how the globe loved him. Therefore, beat the history of THRILLER if you want to remove MJ's name in the GUINNESS book of world record.

    • James 4 years ago

      Piano man should be in the top 10 and it is not even on the list.

    • Victoria 4 years ago

      I'm glad other people commented great songs ;D

      Glad to know that everyone remembers the 80's that I was never part of.

    • Eduardo 4 years ago

      Queen under pressure best 80's song on this list I think.

    • jeanie 4 years ago

      I love 80' music!!!! Viva "Ricci e Poveri"

    • Eduardo 4 years ago

      Queen under pressure tops the 80's list because Freddie Mercury had a great voice the moustache and parsi indian tan skin which was very 80's I love QUEEN.

    • paul 4 years ago

      wtf .. no duran duran - the reflex?? great video and great so !!

    • Bites the Dust 4 years ago

      Queen Under Pressure is good but where is Queen Another one bites the Dust song that song was very 80's as well, and there are a lot of comments about the band Queen why they were 70's they weren't 80's enough for me.

    • doogie 4 years ago

      i agree. Queen's last hit in America was Under Pressure in '81 or '82, and for the rest of the 80s they were only really big in the UK. and James, Billy Joel's Piano Man came out in 1973 or '74. in the 80s Joel was putting out all those 50s and early-60s soundalike songs like Uptown Girl, Tell Her About It, and The Longest Time. and to the girl a few posts back, Michael Jackson DID NOT invent the music video with the Thriller video. that video came out in December 1983, and MTV came out in August 1981. there were plenty of other good videos that came out on MTV before Thriller, which i think people say is an amazing song primarily because of its video. without the zombie-filled video, that song wouldn't get the praise it does today. and even though the Thriller album, which had seven top 10 hits (not all nine tracks were hits as she said), was a great album and could have had maybe two more songs on here, i really don't think anything from the Bad album was good enough to make this list. Thriller is still a classic, but Bad sounds pretty cheesy and dated today, especially songs like Dirty Diana, Man in the Mirror, I Can't Stop Loving You, etc. only a few songs from the Bad album still hold up well and still get played on classic hit radio stations. plus, MJ didn't even dominate the charts the 80s. he was actually absent from the charts in the mid 80s, because he only put out two albums in very late '82 and late '87. other big 80s pop artists like Prince, Madonna, Phil Collins, Billy Joel, Lionel Richie, Whitney Houston, and even Janet Jackson put out more albums in the 80s, and therefore, were able to score more hits than MJ did. people only think he dominated the charts just because Thriller was a huge international success. they think that after selling that many copies of one album, he must have been the biggest and best pop star throughout the entire 80s. and after all the media coverage surrounding MJ's death, today's teenagers seem to think he was some sort of music god. in reality, the '83-'84 period was MJ's only real shining glory period in the 80s, and that was when he definitely was the biggest pop star in the world. by the time Bad came out in '87, many people were focused more on his new nose, new white skin color, and reclusive behavior. he was still huge and could score several hit singles, but he wasn't the biggest pop star of the 80s anymore by that point.

    • Ev 4 years ago

      I am a 13 year old and I love and know all these songs.

      No not from Glee! From the Original people!

      Thanks so much!!!!!!! :)

    • Under Pressure 4 years ago

      Queen Under Pressure song went to number 27 in the USA in 1981, 1983 and Queen Radio Ga Ga song was number 16 in USA Charts in 1984, so Queen were big in the 80's Another one bites the Dust is another great 80's song and One Vision, I want to break Free, Hammer to Fall, A kind of Magic, Who wants to live Forever, and the 1989 song I want it All Queen made vh1 100 greatest songs of the 80's list and as well as other 80's lis and that's all that matters at the end of the day.

    • Eduardo 4 years ago

      Queen rocks, they weren't the best of the 80's only Michael Jackson was the best artist of the 80's but Queen with the songs Another one bites the Dust, Under Pressure, I Want To Break Free, and Radio Ga Ga made Queen one of the best artists of the 80's on this vh1 80's list/ countdown.

    • Leopold 4 years ago

      No Tom Petty? No New order? Only one Madonna track? Bon Jovi #1?? Shucks this list stinks.

    • Another one bites the Dust 4 years ago

      Tom Petty sucks, his songs didn't chart in the 80's, but Queen Under Pressure made this list and Queen deserves to have made this list they had a 70's and 80's decade and they took 80's to a whole other great level.

    • Radio Ga Ga 4 years ago

      Queen Under Pressure is the best 80's song on this list, even though Queen were big in the 70's, but Queen were great in the 80's too.

    • doogie 4 years ago

      are you serious? Tom Petty had tons of charting pop singles in the 80s! Don't do me Like That, Refugee, The Waiting, Change of Heart, You Got Lucky, Don't Come Around Here no More, Free Fallin', I Won't Back Down, Running Down a Dream, etc. and i don't get why people are talking about Queen being one of the best bands of the 80s. talk about not charting in the 80s! at least not in the U.S.! in my opinion, they didn't have enough hits in the 80s to be considered one of the best of the decade. the 70s, yes, but not the 80s.

    • Eduardo 4 years ago

      Excuse me Doogie, but If Tom Petty didn't make the vh1 100 greatest songs of the 80's list that means Tom Petty didn't chart in the 80's, but Queen Another one bites the Dust, Under Pressure, Body Language, I Want To Break Free, Radio Ga Ga, One Vision, A Kind Of Magic Who Want's To Live Forever, I Want It All, and Save Me were all great singles of the 80's and Crazy Little Thing Called Love was great in the early 80's and the song Under Pressure made this 80's list where is Tom Petty don't see him anywhere on this 80's list ha ha ha, so thanx for your remark Doogie.

    • Eduardo 4 years ago

      Excuse me Doogie, but If Tom Petty didn't make the vh1 100 greatest songs of the 80's list that means Tom Petty didn't chart in the 80's, but Queen Another one bites the Dust, Under Pressure, Body Language, I Want To Break Free, Radio Ga Ga, One Vision, A Kind Of Magic Who Want's To Live Forever, I Want It All, and Save Me were all great singles of the 80's and Crazy Little Thing Called Love was great in the early 80's and the song Under Pressure made this 80's list where is Tom Petty don't see him anywhere on this 80's list ha ha ha, so thanx for your remark Doogie.

    • Under Pressure 4 years ago

      And by the way Doogie, Queen isn't t+e best of the 80's I said that Queen were one of the best artists of the 80's I had to correct you on that, Queen Under Pressure made this 80's list I don't see Tom Petty anywhere on this list, he must of Didn't do very well in the 80's, but Queen had 80's breaking achievements in the USA, and the UK and with 80's song such as Another one bites the Dust, Under Pressure, and Radio Ga Ga , just face it Tom Petty sucked during the 80's.

    • Under Pressure 4 years ago

      And by the way Doogie, Queen isn't the best of the 80's I said that Queen were one of the best artists of the 80's I had to correct you on that, Queen Under Pressure made this 80's list I don't see Tom Petty anywhere on this list, he must of Didn't do very well in the 80's, but Queen had 80's breaking achievements in the USA, and the UK and with 80's song such as Another one bites the Dust, Under Pressure, and Radio Ga Ga , just face it Tom Petty sucked during the 80's.

    • Under Pressure, Radio Ga Ga 4 years ago

      Queen Under Pressure did make the list Eduardo is right Tom Petty didn't make the 80's list so that means Queen were good in the 80's they always mention Queen on 80's songs, and Channel vh1 classic is always playing Queen Under Pressure and Another one bites the Dust on vh1 classic Totally 80's show and Queen isn't the best of the 80's, but Queen is one of the best artists of the 80's, Tom Petty did not chart in the 80's I don't see no songs on this vh1 80's list at all of Tom Petty but I do see Queen Under Pressure song ranked at number 31 on this 80's list Doogie.

    • doogie 4 years ago

      actually, check Tom Petty's discography on his Wikipedia page and you'll see that he had plenty of Top 20 hits during the 80s, much more than during the 70s or 90s. they simply forgot to put him on here. and i get it, you're obsessed with Queen, but at least you're not one of the hundreds of people on here who are still obsessed with Michael Jackson and getting all mad because he didn't have more than two songs or songs from the crappy Bad album on here. check the 80s pop charts people, he certainly didn't dominate them, and there were some years when he didn't have any hits at all. in my opinion, fellow superstars Prince and Madonna were better and more consistent during the 80s.

    • Eduardo 4 years ago

      Doogie they did not put Tom Petty on the 80's vh1 list because his songs just could not win through fand who vote to put all of these artists on this vh1 100 greatest songs of the 80's list and as well as the vault and the poll and votes, people voted for Queen Under Pressure to be ranked on this list at number 31, and the fans didn't vote for Tom Petty because his songs sucked during the 80's, but Queen Another one bites the dust, and Under Pressure plus Radio Ga Ga were the bomb songs of the 80's Doogie stop being a Hater on Queen.

    • Under Pressure 4 years ago

      Doogie, Queen Under Pressure was voted on the 80's list by the fans, the vault, votes and the poll, and if Tom Petty didn't make vh1 100 greatest songs of the 80's list that means the fans did not vote for him, and he was not big in the 80's, go to www.80' and you will see Queen songs all over the 80's website, but you won't find Tom Petty on www.80' websiye Doogie just face it Tom Petty was an underrated artist of the 80's, Queen had the glam rock 80's fashion and Another one bites the Dust funk disco 80's song and the new wave 80's epic song Under Pressure.

    • Freddie Mercury and Eduardo 4 years ago

      Queen Under Pressure is the best song of the 80's doogie, Tom Petty isn't 80's he is just an average artist that's all, but QUEEN Rocks the 80's.

    • Freddie Mercury and Eduardo 4 years ago

      Queen Under Pressure is the best song of the 80's doogie, Tom Petty isn't 80's he is just an average artist that's all, but QUEEN Rocks the 80's.

    • Eduardo 4 years ago

      Queen Under Pressure song rocks I Love this song Totally 80's, tubular and Rad Love Queen.

    • Totally 80's 4 years ago

      Queen Under Pressure song was an okay song of the 80's I think Queen are more 70's than 80's, because Queen had 70's hits and in the 80's Queen only had 2 80's hit songs Another one bites the Dust and Under Pressure, and in the rest of the 80's decade Queen were a little rocky with choice of songs but just like Eduardo say Queen is not the best or greatest artists of the 80's but Queen is ONE of the best or greatest artists of the 80's r.i.p Freddie Mercury.

    • tp9224 4 years ago

      surprised that europe- final countdown, survivor- eye of the tiger and toto- africa don't make this list.

    • Makaila 4 years ago

      I think there is a pretty good mix of songs on here, but I agree that there should be one song per artist. Some more metal such as Metallica and Iron Maiden, Megadeth, etc. Poison never was, and never will be a classic band.

    • Nik 4 years ago

      Whatt??? pretty good list but wtf?? where the fuck is FLEETWOOD MAC! AND TAKE THAT! But good list and AHA's TAKE ON ME SHOULD BE ON THE TOP FRIGGIN 5, c'mon people it also lacks some uuhhhh petshop boys??? The cure? (close to me?? duh) and where is all the hip hop?? and bon jovi's livin on a prayer is an alright song, always by bon jovi should have been number 1, WHERE THE FLIP IS UB40? KINGSTON TOWN? CMON, STING? THE POLICE??, MORE DURAN DURAN SONGS, THEY WERE THE 80'S please I was born in 1993 and I have better taste in 80's music folks! Pshhhh, but not a bad list they had some good songs!

    • Eduardo 4 years ago

      Queen Under Pressure song needs to be in the top 5, that's just my opinion I think this list is neck and neck with the vh1 100 greatest songs of the 90's list but I think this 80's list is all wrong because Michael Jackson needs to be number 1, and Queen Under Pressure needs to be number 2, and MADONNA needs to be number 3.

    • PJ 4 years ago

      The eighties were the beginnings of lousy music. Metal: trash.

      I'll take 60's and 70's thank you.

    • pm2 4 years ago

      I'm surprised physical isn't on here, because wasn't it number one for like 10 weeks, also Gloria Estefan and msm from 85 on were pretty big on the charts too.

    • Eduardo the Puerto Rican. 4 years ago

      QUEEN should be number 1 you bitches, Freddie Mercury was very Gay but he had great music of the 70's and as being voted on vh 1 100 greatest songs of the 80's list as well coming in at number 31 with Under Pressure.

    • getpresales 4 years ago

      That list contains 100 of the top 1,000 songs of the 80's. Thriller is a glaring omission.

    • expert 4 years ago

      The 80's had the most diversity in mainstream music. Metal (metallica), Glam (Crue), Bubble Gum (tiffany, debbie gibson), Hip Hop (beasties, run dmc), New Wave (Cure), Rock (U2, Bruce Springsteen), Country (george strait, willie nelson)R&B (whitney houston, stevie wonder)

    • Anne 4 years ago

      Where's Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give Up"?

    • ILoveThe80's. 4 years ago

      I think VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 90's List is by far a way more better List than this crappy Bullshit VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 80's List the only Song I like on this 80's List is Queen And David Bowie Under Pressure Song that is my only favorite Song on this List Atleast QUEEN stayed consistant during the 80's.

    • wisconsinavenue 4 years ago

      No Crowded House! No Midnight Oil! No Naked Eyes! Very shortsighted list.

    • reagu profile image

      reagu 4 years ago from Los Angeles

      Why do I get the feeling that I probably know about 80% of the lyrics from each of these songs. I'll have to take a 3rd or 4th look.

    • Shantell 4 years ago

      I was born in 1982, and grew up all my life loving 80's music; that being said, Michael Jackson should have

      the #1 spot with either Thriller or Billie Jean; he was the artist of the DECADE period! But I agree with many others who have posted; where's Africa by Toto, Boys of Summer by Don Henley, WTH is Tina Turner!!!!! Private Dancer was a HUGE album! The Ram ones, The Cure....hell, Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel was both an amazing song and video! Phil Collins was no one to sneeze at, either....Smh...but gotta admit, love me some BonJovi and Queen!!!! 80's baby forever! Oh, and Crazy Train should be in the top 10, that song still crushes and Randy Rhodes has been dead for as long as I've been ALIVE! R.I.P. Randy Rhodes

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