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The Vinyl Countdown: Best Classic Rock Anti-Love Songs


Valentine's day is coming up, and love is in the air. You know what? We're here to get rid of all the mushy-gushy. Take a look at the best classic rock anti-love songs as voted by you, the viewers!

Another reason to hate love: all the cute ones are gay or taken.

Another reason to hate love: all the cute ones are gay or taken.

20. Everything She Wants - WHAM!

This single was released on a double-A side with "Last Christmas" back in 1984. The song is about a gold digger, who then gets pregnant. Her boyfriend/sugar daddy isn't even happy to find out about the baby, since he's already forking out so much money for the woman.

19. So Lonely - The Police

This 1978 song didn't chart until it was re-released, and Sting recycled the lyrics from an earlier song of his, "Fool In Love." He also used "No Woman No Cry" by Bob Marley as the basis for his song. Basically, Sting's a copycat.

18. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right - Bob Dylan

Another plagiarist, Dylan copied or slightly altered several lyrics of this 1962 song from Paul Clayton's "Who's Gonna Buy You Ribbons When I'm Gone?" Dylan's song has been covered by a number of artists, including Bobby Darin, Ke$ha, Johnny Cash, and The Seekers.

"Are you breaking up with me?"

"Are you breaking up with me?"

17. Big Shot - Billy Joel

This song, off of the album 52nd Street (1979 Grammy for Album of the Year), was written about Mick Jagger's soon-to-be-ex-wife, Bianca. Joel wrote the song from Jagger's perspective.

16. What It Takes - Aerosmith

Steven Tyler drops several references to other Aerosmith songs in this power-ballad anti-love favorite. The song is about breaking up with a girlfriend, and wondering what it will take to get over her.


15. Promises Promises - Naked Eyes

This was the second hit single from Naked Eyes, peaking at #11 on the Billboard charts. From power ballad to sob-fest, this song is about a guy who's trying to be anti-love after his lady breaks his heart.

14. The Breakup Song - Greg Kihn

While not exactly an anti-love song in itself, this song reminisces of the excellent breakup songs of music's past. "The Breakup Song" is featured in Grand Theft Auto V!


13. Would I Lie to You - The Eurythmics

In this song, Annie Lennox confronts her cheating lover and leaves him! Her music video boyfriend curses at her in an argument backstage, and she later pushes him off stage.


12. She Said She Said - The Beatles

This song makes me love Paul McCartney more - it was inspired during an LSD trip, where the Byrds, Peter Fonda, and the other Beatles all dropped some acid. Fonda was talking about how he had almost killed himself, and Lennon commented, "You're making me feel like I've never been born!" It ended up being a pretty good anti-love song.


11. Die, Die My Darling - The Misfits

This song was released several months after The Misfits broke up. Metallica covered it in '98 on Garage Inc, where it reached #26 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock charts.

Be my Valentine?

Be my Valentine?

10. This Love - Pantera

This song is so anti-love, it's not even funny. It was inspired by a band members previous relationship, and the video depicts a prostitute who kills a man that tries to rape her.

9. Love Is For Suckers - Twisted Sister

The title track from Twisted Sister's 1987 album, this song embodies everything this countdown is about. Just take a look at the lyrics - "Love is for dreamers, love is for believers, love is for losers, love is for suckers."


8. Love Bites - Def Leppard

"Love Bites" was Def Leppard's only number 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. It describes a woman who is running off with another guy, while her boyfriend is left wondering if she still thinks of him.

7. Treat Me Right - Pat Benatar

This song is from the best breakup album of all time, Crimes of Passion. The album was #2 on the charts for five weeks, and yielded 5 hit singles.

6. Used to Love Her (But I Had to Kill Her) - Guns N' Roses

Apparently Axl wrote this song as a joke - it was about his dog and how he loved it, but eventually had to put it down and bury it in the back yard.


5. Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye - Motörhead

This song was released on the album The Wörld Is Yours in 2010. Nothing makes someone anti-love like a cheater, as described in this song.

WHO would cheat on Lemmy?

WHO would cheat on Lemmy?

4. Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac

Talk about awkward - Lindsey Buckingham wrote this to Stevie Nicks, who happened to be in the band with him. The two wrote several songs about their relationship, which had to be weird for their bandmates.

3. Love Stinks - J. Geils Band

This song is a rant about love that isn't returned. It was the title track to the band's 11th studio album, which was released in 1980.


2. I Hate Myself For Loving You - Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Joan Jett's producer Kenny Laguna has said that Joan came up with the guitar riff for the song, writing it as "I Hate Myself Because I Can't Get Laid." That just doesn't seem as radio friendly. Seriously though, if Joan Jett is having trouble getting some, the rest of us are doomed.


1. Love Hurts - Nazareth

This song was introduced with the Everly Brothers, and later covered by Roy Orbison. The most successful version was Nazareth's, released in 1975. Love is like a flame, don't get hurt!

Drinking = love, right?

Drinking = love, right?


Alex Rose (author) from Virginia on November 05, 2014:

Wednesdays 11-1!! So now! http://www.wodustudios.com/#!tune-in/c1ajl

Al Wordlaw from Chicago on November 05, 2014:

beautiful mess, you covered a lot of them, at least on the pop/rock side. Is there anyway to hear your radio broadcast via the internet? Let us know the days and time. Great hub write up here!

kevin murphy from Ireland on October 07, 2014:

This is brilliant haha. love it!

mts1098 on February 27, 2014:

This list is a bit surprising to me but I enjoyed it anyway...cheers...keep these coming...

Alex Rose (author) from Virginia on February 12, 2014:

That would've been a great song!

dearabbysmom from Indiana on February 12, 2014:

Enjoyed the list and commentary. I also love 'Already Gone' by the Eagles. "...then you'll have to eat your lunch all by yourself"--what a hoot!

Brenda Thornlow from New York on February 12, 2014:

Some great songs on this list! My all-time favorite, Go You Own Way...awesome breakup song. That whole album (Rumors) really spoke to me when I was going through my divorce.

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