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10 Best Songs About Coffee

Since completing university, Paul has worked as a librarian, teacher, and freelance writer. Born in the UK, he currently lives in Florida.

As well as making a tasty and enlivening beverage, coffee also makes great subject matter for many song lyrics.  Listed below are some of the best coffee songs.

As well as making a tasty and enlivening beverage, coffee also makes great subject matter for many song lyrics. Listed below are some of the best coffee songs.

Ballad of the Sacred Bean

Coffee makes the world go round, that's what I believe. Without it, how would we find the energy to get out of bed, get ready, and go to college or work?

For those who like to celebrate the sacred bean, I have put together my top ten best tracks that reference the dark, caffeinated drink!

There are many songs about coffee, especially in the blues and jazz genres, where coffee has always been appreciated with a particular fondness.

These tracks explore the deeper meaning of the bean, they don’t just happen to be songs with coffee in the lyrics. They are about the potent beverage that gives us energy, makes us feel good, keeps us awake, and makes some of us talk non-stop for hours and hours!

Best Songs About Coffee

  1. "One More Cup of Coffee" by White Stripes
  2. "One Cup of Coffee" by Bob Marley
  3. "A Cup of Coffee" by Johnny Cash
  4. "Coffee Homeground" by Kate Bush
  5. "Coffee Song" by Cream
  6. "Coffee and TV" by Blur
  7. "Cup of Coffee" by Garbage
  8. "Coffee Club" by Spandau Ballet
  9. "40 Cups of Coffee" by Ella Mae Morse
  10. "One More Cup of Coffee" by Bob Dylan

I explore each of these tracks in more detail below.

1. "One More Cup of Coffee" by White Stripes

Album: The White Stripes

Year: 1999

This is such a cool and brooding cover version of the Bob Dylan song. Without the gypsy violin, and incorporating an electric guitar as the main backing for the vocals, this version is certainly different, but just as great as the original. Jack White does himself proud.

This is my top pick out of all the best coffee songs in my list.

Favorite Lyric

“One more cup of coffee for the road”

One more cup of coffee

For the road

One more cup of coffee

'Fore I go…

— The White Stripes, "One More Cup of Coffee"

2. "One Cup of Coffee" by Bob Marley

Album: N/A (single)

Year: 1962

This early Bob Marley single is so bouncy, it's difficult to believe that it's not caffeine driven. The beat is definitely more ska than reggae, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of my top coffee songs.

Favorite Lyric

“One cup of coffee then I'll go”

One Cup of Coffee

Then I'll go

Though I just dropped by

To let you know…

— Bob Marley, "One Cup of Coffee"

3. "A Cup of Coffee" by Johnny Cash

Album: Everybody Loves a Nut

Year: 1966

Johnny Cash and Ramblin’ Jack Elliott sing my next featured song about coffee, what a combo!

Although, it must be said that Johnny Cash and his friend sound like they are more under the influence of alcohol than coffee!

Favorite Lyric

“Just dropped in to have a cup of coffee, friend.”

Got about three more hundred miles to go

And well I just dropped in to have a cup of coffee friend

Yeah I just dropped in to have a cup of coffee friend

Don't you offer me none of that whiskey don't need no wine…

— Johnny Cash, "A Cup of Coffee"

4. "Coffee Homeground" by Kate Bush

Album: Lionheart

Year: 1978

A song from Kate Bush’s album, Lionheart is the next number for my top coffee songs. This song is strange, but beguiling. The backing music resembles carnival music.

Favorite Lyric

“And I bet you gave them coffee homeground”

Well, you won't get me with your Belladonna, in the coffee,

And you won't get me with your arsenic, in the pot of tea,

And you won't get me in a hole to rot, with your hemlock

On the rocks...

— Kate Bush, "Coffee Homeground"

5. "Coffee Song" by Cream

Album: Fresh Cream

Year: 1966

It is fitting that the classic rock band Cream should do one of the best songs about coffee (as cream so often accompanies a brew to such tasteful effect)! Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, and Ginger Baker were in their heyday when this song was recorded!

Favorite Lyric

“The coffee tasted so fine”

There's a full time reservation

Made in a bar at the railway station.

And there's a story, a kind of fable,

On a card at the corner table...

— Cream, "Coffee Song"

6. "Coffee and TV" by Blur

Album: 13

Year: 1999

Written and sung by Blur's guitarist, Graham Coxon, this is a song about love, loss, loneliness, and coffee. The song was one of Blur's most played tracks on U.K. radio. The video tells the story of a dancing milk carton called Milky, who goes to seek out Graham Coxon, who in the video, has run away from home.

Favorite Lyric

"So, give me coffee and TV, history
I've seen so much"

Sociability, it's hard enough for me

Take me away from this big bad world

And agree to marry me

So we could start over again…

— Blur, "Coffee and TV"

7. "Cup of Coffee" by Garbage

Album: Beautiful Garbage

Year: 2001

Anglo-American band Garbage's song concerning the caffeinated beverage begins with the dramatic line, "You told me you don't love me/Over a cup of coffee" and ends with "It took a cup of coffee/To prove that you don't love me."

Fronted by Scottish singer, Shirley Manson, the band are perhaps most famous for recording the theme for the James Bond movie The World Is Not Enough.

Favorite Lyric

"It took a cup of coffee
To prove that you don't love me"

So no of course we can't be friends

Not while I'm still this obsessed

I guess I always knew the score

This is how our story ends…

— Garbage, "Cup of Coffee"

8. "Coffee Club" by Spandau Ballet

Album: Diamond

Year: 1982

Spandau Ballet were a New Romantic band formed in London, England, in the late 1970s. Their biggest hit was their 1983 U.K. number one single, "True." The track: Coffee Club was featured on their 1982 album, Diamond.

Favorite Lyric

"No coffee club will have the rub
When product is your answer"

Matthew didn't stay home

He went abroad instead

Journeys to glory breathing in his head

Got caught up with shoe horns…

— Spandau Ballet, "Coffee Club"

9. "40 Cups of Coffee" by Ella Mae Morse

Album: N/A (single)

Year: 1953

Ella Mae Morse was a Texas-born singer who combined jazz, blues, boogie woogie, swing, and country sounds to produce an original pop sound in the 1940s and 1950s that would later evolve into rock 'n' roll.

The King himself, Elvis Presley, spoke highly of Ella Mae Morse, crediting her for teaching him how to sing.

Favorite Lyric

"Forty cups of coffee, waiting for you to come home"

Pace the floor, stop and stare

I drink a cup of coffee and start pulling out my hair

I'm drinking forty cups of coffee

Forty cups of coffee…

— Ella Mae Morse, "40 Cups of Coffee"

10. "One More Cup of Coffee" by Bob Dylan

Album: Desire

Year: 1976

A classic track from the 1970s Bob Dylan album, Desire. Haunting, mysterious, and best listened to with a cup of mocha in your hand. Later, covered by the White Stripes, which is the first song on my list!

Songs about coffee don’t get any better than this!

Favorite Lyric

“One more cup of coffee before I go to the valley below”

One more cup of coffee for the road

One more cup of coffee 'fore I go

To the valley below…

— Bob Dylan, "One More Cup of Coffee"

20 More Songs About Coffee

There are too many songs about coffee for me to list every single one of them. However, here are some more suggestions that could have easily made it onto the list above.

  • "Five Cups of Coffee" – Jayhawks
  • "Black Coffee" – Black Flag
  • "A Cup of Hot Coffee" – Outsiders
  • "Acid Coffee" – Sundown Park
  • "Coffee Talk" – Jazzanova
  • "All of This Can Caffeine Too!" – Vermin
  • "Black Coffee in Bed" – Squeeze
  • "A Lonesome Cup of Coffee" – Mel Torme
  • "Kids on Coffee" – Descendents
  • "Sugar in My Coffee" – Ginger Leigh
  • "Java Jive" – Manhattan Transfer
  • "Coffee Cantata" – Johann Sebastian Bach
  • "Coffee Song" – Don Sanders
  • "Coffee" – Supersister
  • "Cigarettes and Coffee" – Otis Redding
  • "Coffee Date" – Wild Billy Childish and the Musicians of the British Empire
  • "Cup of Roasted/Cup of Poisoned Coffee" – Team Starkid
  • "You're The Cream In My Coffee" – Nat King Cole Trio
  • "Death Bed (Coffee for Your Head)" – Powfu

© 2011 Paul Goodman


Marlon Borba on July 05, 2020:

Bach BWV 211.

Bob on May 02, 2020:

Find a song actually praising coffee though or totally focused on coffee and beans. Even one. Ever. Doesn't exist.

MudpuddleNL on July 11, 2019:

“Cup Of Roasted Coffee” and “Cup Of Poisoned Coffee” by Team Starkid

George on June 29, 2019:

Coffee Song - Don Sanders

Malcolm on September 26, 2017:

Coffee by Supersister. Probably one of the best

Dan B. on August 23, 2017:

The song 'Coffee' by As Fourty Sleeps is pretty good.

MasterDripper on August 21, 2014:

well done...I had no idea there were so much music on coffee...I love the Marley song and it is a bit more "bouncy" than expected...cheers

Me4Trish on October 01, 2013:

What about Ottis Redding's song "Cigarettes and Coffee"?

Greg on April 27, 2013:

Hi. CAPPUCCINO CROWD. Bit of shameless self-promotion, but this is a not-bad song/video package …

Linda Bilyeu from Orlando, FL on October 28, 2011:

Wow I never knew there songs about coffee! Very creative! :)

Paul Goodman (author) from Florida USA on October 02, 2011:

Thanks for spending some time promoting my work, Terry! I love coffee in the morning, although I have to watch it in the evening, as I won't sleep if I drink it too late in the day!

Teresa Schultz from East London, in South Africa on October 02, 2011:

Must have been too much coffee that made you include the coffee songs you could have included but didn't - but did! Coffee definitely gets my boyfriend and I up and going in the morning - hm, and throughout the day too. A great collection of coffee songs - nice hub. ps, it's also coffee that has helped me spend the last two and half hours promoting your stuff - hope it all helps! - if not, oh, well, just more coffee for you then.

Richard on September 12, 2011:

I didn't see John Sebastion Bach's Coffee Cantata! By far the absolute BEST! Check it out

Ohh Betty on August 11, 2011:

Splendid list!

What about 'Java Jive' by Manhattan Transfer? .

glassvisage from Northern California on August 05, 2011:

Wow, 40 coffee songs! :) What a funny idea for a Hub. Thanks for sharing these videos!

Paul Goodman (author) from Florida USA on May 29, 2011:

I've added a list of tracks that I might have included in the top 7. Of course, I am sure that there are many, many more songs about coffee that I haven't thought of?

pmccray on May 08, 2011:

Never new there were so many tunes about the brew. Very different read. Voted up, marked useful.

Chris Andrews from Norwalk, Ohio on May 02, 2011:

Def. original. I liked it.

DaveysRecipeRead on May 02, 2011:

Quite original. An enjoyable read.

Paul Goodman (author) from Florida USA on May 01, 2011:

hi terry, I have a list of nearly 40 "coffee songs" but I couldn't put them all in there! :-)

terry caulfield on May 01, 2011:

what about Black Coffee In Bed by Squeeze and more obscurely, Coffee Date by Wild Billy Childish and The Musicians Of The British Empire?