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The 50 Sexiest Music Videos of the '90s

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These are, what I believe, were the 50 sexiest music videos of the 90s. Unlike the other lists of "Sexiest" , "Hottest" or "Steamiest" music videos, the videos on my list are based on my own prerogative. I am not going to judge the videos based on how high the song ranked on the Billboard charts, how popular the artists were who sang in them, or how classic or iconic the videos became over the years. Instead I will be using my own memories of which videos turned me on more than any other. George Michael's Freedom would probably make anyone else's list based on how popular the video became. But I didn't really find the girls in his video that sexy. There was nothing there that made me fantasize about them after the video was over. To be honest, I found hundreds of other music videos far more alluring. So these are the 50 videos that turned me on the most during the 90s. They will not be ranked, but instead listed in the order I had seen them on television. Narrowing the list down to 50 was bad enough. Attempting to rank them imposable. Some other ground rules: They must be the videos I had seen that decade. And I did not see every video. There was plenty of opportunity not to have the only channel that aired something, or have missed the video when it did air. A 90s video I watched recently on YouTube, or got as an extra on a DVD, will not count. And since I only find females sexy, I will not be including videos for the ladies. If someone wants a list that includes Marky Mark or The Backstreet Boys, then they will have to come up with it themselves.

Janet Jackson - Love Will Never Do ( Without You )


Michael Jackson's little sister spent the later half of the 80s making a name for herself. Seven top ten hits in four years, all peeking in the top five, two at #1. Another top 5 hit as the featured singer on a Herp Alpert single. Two platinum albums that peaked at #1 on the albums chart. She continued her success in the 90s, with five top 5 hits in 1990 alone, three of which went to #1. By the end of the year she was the only recording artist to ever place seven singles from the same album in the to 5. Michael who?

Just about the only thing Michael's little sister had not achieved was obtaining sex symbol status. Her videos were still G rated. For the last single off her album Rhythm Nation 1814, Janet decided to hire Photographer Herb Ritts to direct the video. Formerly he had directed the music video for Madonna's Cherish, and just like that video, Janet wanted something that was both classy and sexy. Ritts delivered, turning Janet from the G rated teen queen into a sexy adult woman.

Divinyls - I Touch Myself


The video that turned lead singer Chrissy Amphlett into a sex symbol, thanks to the use of filters and a lot of quick editing. But the combination of what the images suggest, and Chrissy singing a song about pleasuring herself, earns this video a spot in the top 50.

Cathy Dennis - Just Another Dream ( Version #2 )


There are two music videos for this song. The first and more expensive video has never aired in the United States, and features Cathy on a red set full of carnival rides. By the time her first album was being released in the United States, Just Another Dream was remixed, which meant a second video needed to be shot.As I had mentioned in the first article, I found women getting their street clothing wet very sexy. And while Cathy does not actually do that in this video, she comes close. The second video on a smaller set which had one of those artificial waterfalls. The ones that are able to spray water at an angle instead of just dropping down. In the video Cathy bumps and grinds dangerously close to the stream, sometimes even sticking her hands through it. Often her crotch is less than an inch away. Meanwhile the waterfall device is also dripping a stream of water straight down, so that Cathy is dancing within a triangular wedge of wetness. While she does seem to be a bit damp in a few shots, you never see her actually get under any of the water. It was all just a tease. But a tease that worked. Cathy also dances about on a dry set. She was voguing before Madonna, and did it way better. Even without the water, Cathy Dennis delivered a very sexy dance. It is a shame that she released very few music videos, and only a handful ever aired in the United States. She was perhaps the sexiest female artist of the 90s, and was fully capable of writing hit songs. Why her career stumbled and she ended up writing and producing hit songs for others remains both a mystery and a tragedy.

Sheena Easton - What Comes naturally


Another thing I mentioned in the first article was that I was very fond of the vinyl trenchcoat. While Sheena wears plenty of other sexy outfits, the best had her in that vinyl coat.

Paula Abdul - Promise Of A New Day


About this time, singer Paula Abdul had put on a lot of pounds. While she would shed the weight within a year, and remain thin to this day, her record label could not abide a fat Paula Abdul. So they had this video shot in widescreen, then compressed it to make Paula look thin. It did not fool anyone. Meanwhile the video as released was set in a rain forest, and at one point in a waterfall. Fat or thin, Paula looked ravishing wet.

Mitsou - Dis-Moi, Dis-Moi


The Box was MTVs only direct competition during the 90s. It was a strange channel, and the first to use the text crawl long before CNN or the morning shows. The crawl was shown during the videos, and consisted of the name of a video followed by a three digit number. When the video was over, a menu popped up that rotated a list of videos in alphabetical order, all followed by three digit numbers. You were expected to call a 1-900 toll number, and after you were charged a buck, could use your touchtone phone to punch in one of the three digit codes, allowing you to pick the next video that aired. That is, if you did not mind more crawl on the bottom.

With most of the same videos airing for free on MTV, The Box was constantly looking for videos they knew MTV would never air. When MTV banned Madonna's Justify My Love, The Box made a fortune as people paid for it's airing over and over again. They were looking for the next Justify My Love, and found it in Canada. Singer Mitsou came from the French speaking part of Canada, and at that time insisted on singing in French. Her video for Dis-Moi, Dis-Moi ( translates to Tell Me, Tell Me ) had been banned by MuchMusic, the Canadian version of MTV, for much the same reasons Justify My Love had been banned. While a French language song had no chance of being a hit in the United States, The Box offered the video anyway. It starts out pretty tame, but then halfway through changes locations to the inside of a large bathroom complete with toilets and showers. Everyone is nude, including Mitsou who spends most of the time hiding her nudity behind the back of a chair. But it also frequently showed her in a transparent plastic raincoat, walking through the running showers. A very sexy video I and my friends watched over and over again. And we did not even have to pay for it. People kept ordering the video, so it kept playing continuously in a loop, with some other video occasionally butting in.

Sarah McLachlan - Into The Fire


Meanwhile, another Canadian singer was making an impression by being nude in a music video. Sarah McLachlan was nude, but covered from head to foot in a layer of mud, and strategically posed so that her arm was covering her breasts, and her crotch was turned away from the camera. Never the less, she was muddy and nude, and neither MuchMusic nor MTV banned the video.

Belinda Carlisle - Do You Feel Like I Feel?


In a video that was based on the cult classic science fiction film Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman, Belinda and her other band mates tower over a terrified crowd of people. But who cares about special effects when Belinda is wearing a stunning vinyl dress.

Martika - Coloured Kisses


Her career was brief. Her top 20 hit More Than You Know was immediately followed by the #1 smash Toy Soldier. And then Martika's popularity quickly faded. So she hired Prince to write her a song for her next album, and had another top 10 hit with the song Love... Thy Will Be Done. But once again her popularity quickly faded out, and radio stations everywhere ignored her next two singles. Which was a shame, because the album Martika's Kitchen marked her transition from teenage pop princess to adult sex symbol. Her next two video just barely got any airplay. Stay up to 4am and you may have caught them on MTV. Both of them sexy, and the video for Coloured Kisses being sexy enough to make the top 50. The highlight, Martika nude in a milk bath, just barely covering up her naughty parts, and being nimble enough to drape her legs and other parts over the side whenever the camera was not doing an overhead shot.

En Vogue - My Lovin ( You're Never Gonna Get It )


En Vogue had been so unpromising with their videos. And then boom, this one. Suddenly the scruffy female group were transformed into the sexiest women on the chart. And they would keep it up on all their following videos. But this one was their sexiest.

Cathy Dennis - You Lied To Me


A year earlier Cathy had teased us by dancing next to a wall of running water, but never actually going in. This time she got wet for sure. The video had her in a stylized apartment set. She goes down a spiral staircase to the room below which is inexplicably filled with a foot of water. Perhaps because the room has a shower, and apparently no drain. When the song reached its bridge, Cathy begins taking a shower in her dress.

Sophie B Hawkins - Damn! I Wish I Was Your Lover ( Version #1 a.k.a. The Diaper Version )


Here is another song with two different videos. The first was banned by MTV. A second video shot in black and white featuring Sophie performing with a band in an abandoned building became the official video. But whenever MTV banned a video it became newsworthy, and soon Entertainment Tonight was covering the story, and airing clips of the banned "diaper" version. And since MTV had an ongoing agreement with the record labels giving them exclusive rights to air all new music videos for a month or more before anyone else, the few remaining video shows began airing the version MTV rejected as the song climbed the charts. The Box jumped on the banned version immediately. Even after MTV's exclusive on the official video ended, America's Top Ten continued to air the diaper version when the song reached Billboards top ten. MTV's banning of videos seemed very arbitrary, even confusing Madonna when Justify My Love got banned even though more extreme videos released by her had not been banned. Many suspected that MTVs banning of videos was done for the publicity rather than content.

In the diaper version, she is occasionally seen wearing cloth wrap as shorts an another cloth wrapped tube top style around her chest. There seems to be nothing in the video that MTV had not already shown in countless other music videos, so exactly why they banned it remains a mystery. She does on one occasion crawl across the floor, but even that seems tame. Her performance is very sexual, which is why this video makes the top 50, but there is nothing nude like a crotch grabbing that one could pinpoint. MTV would go on to arbitrarily ban videos, each time press releasing the banning, until eventually the news media lost interest.

Snap! - Rhythm Is A Dancer


Something I liked more than the vinyl trenchcoat was the catsuit. Made out of vinyl, PVC or latex, they were form fitting and irresistibly glossy. But as sexy as they were, their association with the adult film industry and sex shops was enough to keep them out of most music videos. Even after Michelle Pfeiffer made the catsuit mainstream when she wore one in Batman Returns, most music video directors seemed reluctant to use them. The scarcity of catsuits in music videos made them all the more sexy when they occasionally did show up. The first mainstream video to use one was Rhythm Is A Dancer, worn by singer Thea Austin.

Tori Amos - Crucify


Cathy Dennis had teased us in the video Just Another Dream by dancing near running water but never getting wet. The only thing worse than that is when a girl does get wet in a video, but for some reason, because of the editing, it is not shown. This video had Tori Amos both wearing a dress in a bathtub, and taking a shower in the same dress. throughout the video we see the wet scenes, flashed on screen for a split second, and cropped to just closeups. Basically the video was telling us that the footage existed, and if we waited through the song, the rest of the footage would be shown. Then near the end we see a bathtub. We see a ton of water drop from the ceiling into the tub in slow motion. Then in slow motion we see Tori in her dress walking towards the tub and just begin to step into it. Then suddenly a lot of more cropped close up footage flashes across the screen for a second, and the video cuts to a damp Tori no longer in the tub. So basically, this video was letting us know there was sexy footage of Tori Amos in a tub and taking a shower, but we were not going to be allowed to see it. How frustrating! It did not stop the video from being sexy, but how frustrating.

Deborah "Debbie" Gibson - Loosin' Myself


People may criticize Miley Cyrus for her transition from child star to adult star. But they should keep this in mind; Miley is still a star. She was popular when she was Hannah Montana, and she was still popular and releasing hit records after she twerked on MTV. Miley took the risk of angering the millions of parents who turned their children onto Hannah Montana by gambling that most of those kids had grown up, and were ready to see her as an adult as well. The timing had to be perfect. Make the transition too early and parents everywhere will ban her fans from buying any further Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana products. Wait too late and her fans, now ready for collage, will have all outgrown her. Two decades ago teen star Debbie Gibson faced the same problem, and because her transition was mismanaged, lost her career.

Debbie Gibson was a phenom. A 15 year old singer who wrote, composed and produced her own songs. Debbie released hit after hit. But by the time she released Electric Youth she realized her original fan base were now reaching adulthood. It was time for her to make the transition. Her video for the song Anything Is Possible had her in an adultish outfit on a dark urban set. But it seemed more like Debbie was play acting adult rather than the real thing. Her management created a video that was a compromise. Not really adult, but not really kid friendly. Predictably, the parents complained, and in the next video Debbie retreated back to the sweet wholesome teen queen image. But by that time it was too late. Parents forbid their kids from listening to Debbie Gibson, and her fans old enough to tell their parents to shove it found her too immature.

Two years later Debbie was back to attempt the adult thing one more time. This time calling herself Deborah Gibson, she released a video that was unquestionably adult. For most of it Debbie is a stripper in a gentleman's club. There were other sexy images, such as Debbie ( sorry, Deborah ) in a rainstorm and a soaked dress. The video was sexy, but too late to save her career. MTV ignored it. VH1 aired it as part of a viewers choice contest, and it won. But VH1 ignored the results and refused to add it to their rotation, the alleged prize of the contest. Deborah showed up as a guest on Friday Night Videos, giving the video it's one and only broadcast television airing. For those few who saw it, the sight of sweet innocent Debbie Gibson suddenly doing a Madonna style video was thrilling. If only she had the guts to do this in 1990 and the courage to continue making such videos after the critics complained, then maybe she would still be releasing hit records to this day, rather than making a fool of herself on reality shows and cheap science fiction movies.

Tisha Campbell - Love Me Down


Trisha gets wet. In a singing in the rain inspired theme, she not only dances in a rain storm, but stands under a rain spout on the side of a building and gets thoroughly drenched.

Robert Plant - I Believe


It was mentioned in the other article that directors were basing music videos on the John Everett Millias painting of Ophelia. Since I found wet clothing on women sexy, and since the painting features a girl in a dress floating in water, naturally I found depictions of Ophelia in music videos very sexy. Three Ophelia themed videos made my top 50. The first was Robert Plant's I Believe which featured a beautiful actress as Ophelia, strolling through the woods, then ending up in a pond.

Liz Phair - Never Said


Liz got wet twice in this video. First while playing a guitar in a pond which she ends up sinking in, and a few seconds later rising up out of the surf at a beach in a metallic dress.

Meat Loaf - I Would Do Anything For Love ( But I Won't Do That )


Some videos I found sexy just because the singer got her clothing wet. And then some went beyond that. The girl in Meatloaf's Beauty and the Beast themed video gets into a steamy bathtub and begins rubbing herself, presumably scrubbing the dirt off her dress.

Curve - Missing Link


And then some videos I found sexy just because the girl got her dress wet. Lead singer Toni Halliday and the rest of her band are on a sparse set resembling a junk yard as rain pours down.

Lisa Lisa - When I Fell In Love


A more subtle entry in the parade of wet clothing videos. Lisa is wearing a white shirt over her bikini. She frolics in the surf and showers under a waterfall, both times soaking the shirt to transparency.

Sophie B Hawkins - Right Beside You


This is the 9th music video in a row to feature wet clothing. Was there a trend? Perhaps. There were plenty of other music videos released at the time that resorted to putting a fully clothed singer into the water or in a rainstorm. For example, Bjork's Human Behavior which featured her being chased by a hedgehog into a stream nearly made the cut into my top 50. Perhaps recording artists in the mid 90s were more open to getting wet when the director suggested it. Sophie B Hawkins was one of them. Here she is running around a beach and riding a horse in a rain storm. And there are plenty of close up shots of her getting drenched.

Traci Lords - Control


Why wouldn't Traci Lord's only music video make the top 50. If it had not been available on The Box, then it probably wouldn't. Even though her days as an under-aged actress in adult films was long behind her, MTV deemed her too controversial to air her video. The video wasn't much more than Traci in different outfits pretending to be a secret agent. But it was one of the first music videos to use latex clothing, which looked unbelievably sexy on her.

Adina Howard - Freak Like Me


Wearing a variety of sexy outfits and generally shaking her booty at the camera for much of the video, Adina Howard made a memorable first music video. But typical of MTV at the time, they would promote the hell out of a new artist, then never play another of their videos ever again.

Blues Travelers - Run-Around


Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, reimagened as a slutty teenager in a panty revealing mini dress. The premise here was to get Toto into a club where a band calling themselves Blues Traveler was performing. While a fake Blues Traveler made up of good looking actors lip syncs on stage, the real ugly looking band with overweight lead singer John Popper performs for real behind the curtain. Then Toto pulls the curtain back, revealing the hoax. A bit of a stretch for that gag, but it at least gave us a chance to see a sexy Dorothy trying to flirt her way past the doorman.

Madonna - Human Nature


Madonna in a vinyl catsuit. Madonna wearing latex clothing. Need I say any more?

Diana King - Ain't Nobody


An average performance video that every now and then cuts to Diana in a business suit splashing around in a tank of water.

Faith Hill - Lets Go To Vegas


As pointed out in the last article, Country music was incapable of releasing sexy music videos. Then something happened, and that something was the arrival of Shania Twain. Suddenly the rest of Country musics female stars woke up and began competing with her by releasing their own sexy videos. Faith Hill had been in a number of videos where she was nothing more than a pretty face. And then suddenly things changed, and there she was in a tight top and vinyl pants. The video made such an impression that Entertainment Tonight did a story on it. She looked so sexy that for the first time ever, I tuned into CMT to watch a music video. In the months that followed other Country artists would go from housewife fashion to Madonna inspired fashion, and I became a regular CMT viewer.

Cranberries - Ridiculous Thoughts ( Directors Cut )


The story goes like this; Samuel Bayer directed a video that featured Elijah Wood roaming a wasteland, trying to track down a radio signal. It is implied the signal is originating from The Cranberries who are performing the song at another location. After the video was completed, the Cranberries, for reasons known only to them, decided they wanted to remove all their performance footage, which included Doloris wearing a stunning red latex dress. Removing all the performance footage Bayer had shot, they replaced it with black and white concert footage. Bayer was not pleased, and had his name removed from the video as director. Of course, the conflict resulted in a news story on Entertainment Tonight, and the original directors cut of the video was shown. And while the Cranberries insisted they did not like Bayer's version, they did include it on their video collection DVD.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seed ft. Kylie Minogue - Where The Wild Roses Grow


Another of the Ophelia videos. This time it was Kylie Minogue floating in the water.

Shania Twain - You Win My Love


I began watching Faith Hill videos because she was wearing tight vinyl pants in Lets Go To Vegas. This lead to me watching a lot of CMT and TNN in order to see all the Faith Hill videos I had missed. And in turn discovered Shania Twain, beginning with this video where she is wearing tight vinyl pants. And suddenly there were two women who's videos I was seeking on the Country channels.

Toni Braxton - You're Makin' Me High


Toni Braxton and her friends Vivica A Fox, Erika Alexander and Tisha Campbell, are having a girls night in a penthouse. Men arrive in an elevator one at a time. The girls judge them then send each away to be replaced with the next man. Not only do you see the expression of enjoyment on the women's faces whenever they find some of the men attractive, but Toni finds one man in particular so attractive that she leaves with him. A nice moment when she has the stunned look of lust on her face, followed by her mouthing apologies to her friends as she feels compelled to leave with the guy, and finally the look of rapture on her face as she is being hugged by the man as the elevator door closes on them both.

Tonic - Open Up Your Eyes ( Version #1 )


The third of the three Ophelia videos. Tonic had two videos for this song, and this was the first version. Intercut with the band performing it shows an Ophelia hiking through the woods, then laying down in a stream, and finally getting up out of the water and walking away. This was intercut with footage of the band laying in the same stream. When the song began to climb the charts, a second video with a bigger budget was made. The roller skating version, which has since become the song's official video, had the band roller skating through a suburban neighborhood, but no footage of Ophelia.

Shania Twain - Home Ain't Where His Heart Is ( Anymore )


While singing a depressing song about losing the affections of her husband, it begins raining in Shania's house. I know we are supposed to be feeling sorry for Shania's ruined marriage, but she is wearing a white shirt that has grown transparent as it got more and more soaked. And at one point she has spread her arms wide so her chest is pushed out. Like most wet shirts in music videos, somehow the section over her naughty parts does not seem to become transparent like the rest of the shirt does. But who's complaining. Just having Shania in a wet anything was reward enough.

Souls - Cello ( Where You Were )


Maybe not as good a wet video as Shania's because lead singer Cecilia Nordlund is wearing dark undergarments and a dark sweater, but still fun to watch. The Swedish band Souls are performers at a circus. Their act consists of performing their song, and after changing from their performing attire into their regular street clothing, walking into a chest that will be lowered into a tank of water. I am not exactly sure if the band was suppose to escape from the chest, or just perform under water, but we see the band in the inside of the chest as water pours down all over them.

Chris Rock - Champagne


Clear plastic clothing was also attractive. Even if worn over street clothes, I found them sexy. Chris Rock does very little actual Rapping in this Rap video parody. The majority of the video has actress Ajai Sanders singing while wearing different sexy outfits that parody outfits typically worn by vixens in Rap videos. The best was a vinyl pants and bra under a plastic raincoat she wears while being doused by a giant champagne bottle. It is only shown in brief snippets during the video, but worth looking for.

Mariah Carey - Honey & Honey ( Bad Boy Remix )


I am going to take a liberty here and count two videos as one. Honey, which features Mariah as a secret agent escaping from villains, and the Bad Boy remix of the same song which features Mariah being rescued by Puff Daddy ( Sean Combs ), are basically the same longer video with different edits. And both share the same jet Ski chase. Honey was the first music video Mariah released after her divorce from Tommy Mottola. And without Mottola controlling her career, Mariah wanted a sexier image. She pulled it off with the Honey videos.

Fiona Apple - Criminal


Fiona is a a wild house party, or perhaps several house parties as she is seen wearing four or five different outfits. In each case, everyone but Fiona seems to be passed out drunk. The best section of the video has Fiona stripping all her clothing off, down to her undergarments, and even pulling those off as well.

Billie Myers - Kiss The Rain ( U.S. Version )


There was an original video made for the British market which had Billie having a breakdown in her apartment. Deciding that video was not good enough for the American market, a second video was shot featuring Billie outdoors in a rainstorm getting herself soaked.

Lauren Christy - Breed ( Version #2 )


Another song with two videos. The second had Lauren pouring a basin of water over herself. And since she was not wet enough, it begins to rain on the set.

Lisa Loeb - I Do


The album cover for her album Firecracker inspired the video for it's first single. The album cover featured a painting of Lisa curled up on the carpet wearing an oversized white dress shirt, and nothing else. Deciding her fans would probably want to see her do it for real, Lisa recreates the cover in her video, doing different poses while lying on a carpet wearing nothing but an oversized white dress shirt.

Imani Coppola - Legend of a Cowgirl


Unbelievably, by the late 90s the catsuit was still rarely used in music videos. One of the few videos was Imani Coppola's Legend of a Cowgirl. Imani is a waitress in a diner who fantasizes about being elsewhere. One of her fantasies has her as some sort of space queen, wearing a vinyl catsuit.

Sheryl Crow - Home


Filmed a a monster truck rally, the video ends with Sheryl being splashed in slow motion by one of the trucks, ending up completely soaked by muddy water

Goo Goo Dolls - Slide


One thing you could usually expect from music videos was that the director would completely ignore the songs lyrics and meaning, and fixate on the title or refrain. For example, the video for Olivia Newton-John's Physical has obese men exercising while Olivia sings to them. But the lyrics are about Olivia asking a man back to her apartment for some hanky panky after a date. Nearly two decades later video directors were still ignoring the lyrics. The song Slide is about a pregnant teenage girl and her boyfriend debating if she should get an abortion. However director Nancy Bardawil fixates on the title. So instead the video is about a girl literally sliding. It opens with a girl in a satin gown hiding under a bed from an unknown person, possibly a parent. When the person is gone she "slides" out from under the bed and climbs out her window. Grabbing the fire escape she "slides" down to the bottom ladder to the ground. Even when she gets to the drive-in where presumably her friends are, she continues to slide through stuff, mostly sliding through car windows, slicing across the back seat and sliding out the other window. The director did her best to make sure every time the Goo Goo Dolls sang the lyrics "slide" that the girl in the video was sliding. The video even ends with the girl sliding back through her bedroom window. There was something attractive about a beautiful girl in a prom dress crawling through stuff, even if it was a bit ridiculous.

Taylor Dayne - Unstoppable


Part of the video featured a fully clothed Taylor in a bath tub.

Charli Baltimore - Money


Another one of those heist videos where the female burglar is wearing something inappropriate. You would think by now every cat burglar in a music video would be wearing a standard latex catsuit, *sigh*. But that is not to say that Charli's outfit was not memorable, vinyl with decorative chain trimming.

Shania Twain - Man I Feel Like A Woman


Shania begins the video dressed in a mans suit and top hat, stripping throughout the video until she is down to a more feminine outfit, a corset and short skirt with boots, choker and opera gloves.

Esthero - That Girl


As I had already said, I was turned on by clear plastic clothing. The first were those clear plastic raincoats, but then other costumes were designed using the material. It did not even matter what was under it. A girl could be wearing a drab dress, but if she was also wearing a clear plastic coat, the who ensemble seemed sexy. In the video for That Girl, Esthero is a girl living in a climate controlled glass room. It is not actually determined if she has some sort of immunodeficiency, or that she does not breathe oxygen, but what is understood is that for some reason she can't freely breathe the air outside. When she does leave the room, she must wear a sealed suit with a glass helmet along with a breathing apparatus on her back, similar to what an astronaut in the movies may have worn. The suit has two layers, one fabric, and the outer layer clear plastic. I am pretty sure the outfit was not intended to be sexy, but instead a stylized version of a spaceman's outfit. But it was clear plastic, and unintentional or not, at the time I thought it was very sexy.

Monica - Street Symphony


Trying to prove once and for all she was no longer the 13 year old from her celebrated Miss Thang album, Monica released this video that had, among other things, her in all sorts of sexy outfits.

Faith Hill - Breathe


As brought up in the last article, a woman writhing in bed could be very sexy for what it suggested was going through her mind. Faith Hill did more than that in this video. A convincing performance that had anyone watching the video believing that she was in immediate need of her man. In fact, I dare say, this is probably the all time sexiest performance by a female recording artist in a music video.

That was the 50 sexiest videos of the 90's. For the 50 sexiest of the next decade, read this....


YoCa on March 21, 2020:

"The Beloved - Sweet Harmony" which is one of the sexiest videos of the 90's and is not on the list :(

Max Sanderson on July 21, 2017:

Could have added Kylie Minogue's Put Yourself In My Place as that was from the 90s to which she shows herself sexy. I LOVE IT

Charles Prickens on November 25, 2016:

Does anyone remember which video of the mid to late 90s where, for no reason I can conceive, there were some scenes with a naked girl on all fours, seen from the side (so it wasn't even censored I guess), within something like a tiny black cubicle (almost to the exact size for her to fit there in that pose), and the camera shot was also just that I believe, kind of as if she was there inside an old tube TV box. And there were something like green laser beans and perhaps vapor.

She just arched her back and made some smaller moves, these scenes would just randomly appear for just about a second. I don't remember anything else, though, I think it was probably very generic, like singer guys walking around random places and singing to the camera.

I thought it was something from the lighthouse family, but apparently it's something else. Something like adult pop contemporary or whatever. Maybe a boy band targeted to older teens/early tweens. Not sure even where from. They probably were never a rally big hit, I guess, otherwise I'd have more suspects.

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