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Synth Album Review: "Escape" by Fizzy Mitz

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Initial Impressions

Fizzy Mitz’s Escape provides exactly what the title suggests: an escape. This album is an escape into rich pools of sound that are punctuated by shimmering, sparkling moments. The whole album wraps the listener in a soothing embrace as it glides along. There are also moments in which melancholy wells up to leaven the ethereal flow of the luscious synths. Under it all, bass supports it and the drums throb to add more shape to the music.

Perhaps the biggest strength of Escape is the atmosphere that Fizzy Mitz creates on it. There’s a creamy, lush quality to the way that the sounds swirl in misty waves. Moments of glittering synth trade off with aching guitar lines and dense bass like deep water buoys up the tracks. The way all of this is tinged with a melancholy feeling only adds to the evocative sonic sensations.

I also enjoy the mixture of synth and guitar sounds on Escape. The synths are textured, varied and full of different auditory sensations to please the ears. The guitar often has a slightly distant quality that adds a feeling of floating in a tide of ethereal sounds. Sometimes the synths are raised and lambent, others they have a round quality that fills the ears and they all interlock well together.

The relaxed feeling of this album also drew me in. It has a laid-back quality that suffuses every track and leaves me feeling settled and at ease. I enjoy the fact that Fizzy Mitz creates a sense of cohesion and connection on this album that makes it feel all of a piece.

My Favourite Tracks Analyzed


“Escape” starts off with rich pools of sound flowing along with a deep throb of bass and sweeping, gliding waves of sound. A medium-high, dense, shining synth is joined by a bright guitar that carries a melodic pattern winding through and around the synths and over the deep, even pulse of the beat.

Rising clouds of luscious synth climb as the guitar cries out passionately and the big retro drums keep up a strong heartbeat. The guitar is a clean line moving over the other musical elements. I enjoy the sensations of light and glow in this track, flowing all around the soaring voice of the guitar and above the bass and the throb of the beat.


Echoing ripples of metallic and gliding synth move along with a slowly evolving bass line to open “Sinking. “ Soft vocals kick in, feeling smooth and easy, as they flow into the song. I am drawn to this track’s sliding smoothness as shining synth slips along gently. The drum beat shapes the music over bass like dark blue water.

A swirling synth background enfolds the other elements of the track while flashing light sparkles through and the lambent synth calls out in a delicate shimmer as round, full synth chords also rise through the soft ripples and sound waves.


“Satellites” comes to life on a lightly floating sonic background as a quick, digital line of throbbing synth notes is joined by a solid bass line that pulses in time. The strong drums, big and deep, move underneath the gliding ease and drift of the intertwining synths.

I am drawn to the slightly distorted guitar melody that is mournful and fragile while a crystalline arpeggio spins over the misty dream around it. An electronic noise repeats, lost and distant over the ethereal glow all around it.


There’s a lush resonance to “Sunrise” with full, caressing xylophone that wraps the listener’s ears in warmth and a sense of gliding flow. Wells of rich sound rise through the music as elevated synth flashes out in pulsing waves and low, thick bass also drifts through as that lushness goes on.

The solid drumbeat anchors the track’s glow and depth, providing a pulse to move it forward. I enjoy how the tide of creamy synth provides a feeling of being held by the music. The low synth ripples in dense waves while the elevated elements shimmer before more caressing sounds enfold the ears in soothing sensations.

“It’s Not Over Yet”

“It’s Not Over Yet” starts with oscillating, throbbing synth waves that move in blocks of patterned sound over the drum beat that sweeps in and pulses along. A yearning line of medium high synth notes is cut by a slightly hazy guitar. I am enamoured of how the raised, glimmering synth sparkles and the roving guitar line flows in and drifts away.

The shine of the synth intertwines with the aching voice of the guitar, singing out over the track’s heartbeat, touched by a trembling feeling from the oscillating synth density. The roaming guitar moves with a washed out shine over the gentle movement of the drum and bass pulsation below it, those ripples of synth now fading.

“Dark Hour”

A pattern of medium high, intertwining synths with depth and a feeling of cohesion open “Dark Hour” as long sweeps of rough-edged sound move along with a shining light high above them. Steady, strong drums propel the track and a synth with a melancholy guitar-like edge plays a melody with a hurting feeling to it that I find expressive.

The solidity of the drums underpins drifts of intertwined synth that shine over the depths below. There is a feeling of loss but also the chance that hope will return being expressed in the music. The synths dance in a mingled pattern of warmth before slowly fading away.


“Pull” comes into being with echoing, uneven pulses of full, round sound that move into open space, floating out across a broad soundstage. Soothing chords move with a slight static crackle and high, intertwined synth carries a pattern of wiggling notes over the edged glide and vibrating gentleness below it. I am drawn to the way that the easy drumbeat flickers below the tapestry of soothing synth sounds that enfold one another over the supporting weight below.


An airy, gliding flow of sound is quickly joined by deep, powerful but smooth drums to kick off “Heights/Warp.” A distant, distorted synth sings warmly over the energetic beats, deep bass and quicksilver arpeggios that dance through lightly. I like how the gentle synth with a dandelion seed float synth with a warm feeling floats over the dark, oscillating bass pulse. is Chiming, sparkling synth flickers as the beat throbs. The darker oscillation contrasts the ethereal, breathy synth that hazily flows over the beats and bass.


Full, circular synth is cut by chiming light as a wash of sound surrounds the listener and that extending glide spins into a mournful flow to start off “Re-Entry.” The melancholy synth flow fades into rising chords that glide out with gentleness and ease. There is weight below the delicate sounds above it, everything moving in one deep flow of sound. I am attracted to the way in which all the parts softly blend into a creamy, intertwining sonic whole.

Broken, cutting synth flashes over the dense background as a throb of drums adds some form to the drift and slide of the interlocked synths. The drums have drive and strength, forming a heartbeat pulse that shudders underneath that glow and air above it. The track gently glides in a softer tide, shot through with beams of light.


Escape is an atmospheric sonic journey across misty, swirling soundscapes full of depth and emotion. It is also a noticeable showcase of how much he has grown as an artist since I first reviewed his music. I hope to see him go from strength to strength in future.