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31 Songs With Brown in the Title

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Celebrate the beauty of the color brown with a playlist of pop, rock, country, and R&B songs with the word "brown" in the title.

Celebrate the beauty of the color brown with a playlist of pop, rock, country, and R&B songs with the word "brown" in the title.

Brown: Conflicted in Meaning and Undervalued

Although people these days are as divided in their opinions as oil and water, there is one thing they do generally agree upon. Surveys have consistently found brown to be the least favorite color. (Orange is also way down on the list.)

Brown is a combination of the three primary colors, and at its best, it represents warmth, earthiness, and approachability, plus security, safety, and dependability. Think about a mug of coffee, chocolate, fallen leaves, rich skin tones, solid wood, and teddy bears. Although one of the least-employed colors in advertising, brown is a stable and conservative color. The following brands accordingly use it in their logos: Hershey's, M&Ms, UPS (the company nicknamed "Brown"), Edy's, Cracker Barrel, J.P. Morgan, and Cotton.

"So what's not to love about such a color?" you may ask. Unfortunately, the other side is that negative associations with the color brown include poverty, decay, loneliness, plainness, and emptiness. What a bummer! As a result, if you use too much brown in decorating or attire, you run the risk of being perceived as boring, depressing, and lacking in motivation. And by all means stay away from Pantone 448C, "drab dark brown," identified by experts as "the ugliest color in the world." Unless, of course, you're like me and your hair and eyes are that color. It is what it is! Love who you are!

Celebrate the color brown and its many associations with a playlist of pop, rock, country, and R&B songs with brown in the title. We have a long list to start you off.

1. "Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison

With all the attention bestowed upon blue eyes as being the pinnacle of beauty, those of us with brown eyes—55-79% of the global population—appreciate it when some of that love flies our way. We rather desperately latch on to songs like this 1967 classic rock tune. It wistfully waxes nostalgic about a fun, carefree relationship with a brown-eyed beauty from the narrator's youth.

But wait. Did you know that "Brown Eyed Girl" wasn't supposed to be about eyes at all? Instead, the song was allegedly about an interracial relationship and originally titled "Brown Skinned Girl." Van Morrison modified the title and lyrics to "eyes" so that it would be more acceptable to radio stations. (Remember, it was the 1960s.) Some stations refused to play the song regardless, on account of the line, "making love in the green grass." Rolling Stone magazine named "Brown Eyed Girl" to its list of "500 Greatest Songs of All Time."

2. "Brown Skin Girl" by Beyoncé, Saint Jhn and Wizkid (featuring Blue Ivy Carter)

Beyoncé and friends salute the unique beauty of dark-skinned women in this 2019 R&B empowerment anthem with Afro-fusion influences. The song promotes the cultural pride of black and brown women and uplifts the most marginalized—that is, those with the deepest, darkest skin shades. The singer gives a nod to supermodel Naomi Campell, former Destiny's Child bandmate Kelly Rowland, and Oscar-winning actress Lupita N’yongo.

The narrator further provides encouraging advice to young brown-skinned girls:

The men dem gon' fall in love
With you and all of your glory
Your skin is not only dark, it shines and it tells your story
Keep dancin', they can't control you
They watchin', they all adore you
If ever you are in doubt, remember what Mama told you
Brown skin girl, brown skin girl
Ya skin just like pearls, brown skin girl.

3. "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" by Jim Croce

Troublemaker Leroy Brown is a fictional character in this 1973 pop song, a bully from the south side of Chicago. The intimidating gambling man stood about 6'4" and was regarded as the baddest man in town. Leroy liked to flaunt his weapons, fancy clothes, and diamond rings, and he relished being a man about town in his custom Lincoln Continental and El Dorado.

Everyone, however, eventually meets their match—even Bad, Bad Leroy Brown. One Friday while playing dice in a bar, ol' Leroy tried to mess with Doris, the wife of a jealous man, and that's when Bad, Bad Leroy Brown quickly got his face rearranged by Doris' husband.

The 1973 pop song was #1 on the Billboard chart at the time singer Jim Croce died in a small engine plane crash on takeoff. It was Croche's only song to top the mainstream Billboard chart while he was alive.

4. "Brown Sugar" by The Rolling Stones

For all its catchy vibes, this classic 1971 rock is probably The Rolling Stones' most controversial song. If you pay any attention to its lyrics it'll jump right out that this tune describes the abuse and forced sexual relationship with an underage enslaved girl. (How awful is that?)

One of Rolling Stone magazine's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time," "Brown Sugar" was at least partially inspired by an African American actress who became the mother of one of Mick Jagger's children. It's a different era now, and Jagger has admitted that he'd probably censor himself for all of the taboo subjects that were included in this tune.

5. "Plain Brown Wrapper" by Gary Morris

In this soothing country love song from 1987, an aging couple shares an intimate moment, and the husband reassures his wife of her beauty and his commitment. The narrator convinces his beloved to shed her jewels and her dress which are all outer adornments and, after all, just for show.

While outside what's left may be a plain brown wrapper, inside is solid gold, and that is all that matters:

Soon the years will surely fade away
Soon the time with lines and shades of gray
Soon the dreams will all be yesterdays
If all that's left is what we're feeling now
All that's changed won't matter anyhow
Rearranged, it's still the same somehow
When the outside's a plain brown wrapper
Still the inside's solid gold.

6. "Brown Skin" by India.Arie

In this 2001 soul track, India.Arie sends out good lovin' to her melanin-rich partner, comparing his sun-kissed skin to a Hershey's kiss or licorice. Intrigued that she can't tell where his mahogany skin ends and hers begins, she celebrates his kisses as magnetic, pure brown skin magic.

7. "Brown Chicken Brown Cow" by Trace Adkins

One part humor and the other hot mess, this 2011 country song tells the story of a pair of lusty farmers, Bobby Joel and Betty, who take a break from their work for a naked roll in the hay. Only the animals are watching—brown chicken, brown cow—and so far they're not telling.

The song's repeated phrase "brown chicken brown cow" represents an onomatopoeia for the guitar riff from 1970s porn. This sound has come to represent something risqué. What's more, just as this country ditty reached the Billboard country charts, it was suddenly pulled from country radio. Trace Adkins apologized for "Brown Chicken Brown Cow's" release, and a family-friendly song, "Just Fishin'," replaced it. He shifted the blame for the song to the songwriters.

8. "Charlie Brown" by Coldplay

Several songs are linked with Charlie Brown, a melancholy main character from the long-running comic strip created by cartoonist Charles M. Schulz. However, this 2012 alternative rock number doesn't name-check the Peanuts character in its lyrics at all. The closest this song comes is referencing "a cartoon heart." (During the songwriting process, the lyrics evolved, but the original title stuck.)

The tune instead describes the theatrical self-focus of youth. It encourages the listener to burst through restrictive expectations others and things that are holding you back to discover your potential and dreams. If you have the confidence and energy to meet the demands of life and soar to new highs, then past the fears, you may find that there's something wonderful and exhilarating waiting.

9. "Brown Eyed Blues" by Adrian Hood

The man in this 2007 pop love ballad has a case of the brown-eyed blues because he doesn't feel good enough for his partner. (Pull out those self-help books, buddy.)

The narrator is a brown-eyed man smitten with a brown-eyed beauty who brings out the best in him. Her touch makes him go weak, she's always top of mind, and he always wants to be with her. Although the guy wants to know if his sweetheart would take a chance on him, he doesn't feel worthy.

10. "Mary Brown" by Dave Alvin

There was nothing Charles Thomas wouldn't do for Mary Brown, and that was the source of his downfall. This 1998 rock song is a murder ballad narrated by a convicted robber who had grown up as Mary Brown's neighbor.

Charles was so in love with Mary that they carried on a clandestine affair both before and after her marriage to a highfalutin banker. But when Mary told her lover that her husband was cruel, Charles "left his body lyin' in the yard where their roses grew." In an act of betrayal, the young widow denied her relationship with the ex-con on the witness stand, ultimately condemning Charles to a murder sentence of 25 years to life. From behind bars, the foolhardy narrator still pines for his sweetheart who has since remarried her late husband's best friend.

8 Facts About the Color Brown

Brown glass gets its color from the addition of the metal nickel.

Brown road signs are internationally recognized as a means to convey tourist information.

Brown noise, which gets its name from Robert Brown rather than the color, refers to sounds with higher energy at lower frequency. Examples include: strong waterfalls, thunder, waves on the beach. Some people find brown noise helpful for sleeping.

Brown sugar is a soft sugar, a mixture of white sugar and molasses.

If your urine is brown, that could spell trouble. Medical conditions such as hepatitis, skin cancer, or bleeding in the urinary tract can turn your urine brown. However, certain foods such as fava beans or rhubarb can also turn pee brown.

All human eyes are actually brown. The color that our eyes "appear" to be is a combination of physics, the architecture of the eye, and the amount of melanin (brown pigment) in the iris.

According to experts, Pantone 448C (described as a "drab dark brown") is known as "the ugliest color in the world." In 2016, it was accordingly selected for cigarette packaging labels in Australia.

Brown fat is a substance that exists in humans and other mammals, especially fetuses, newborns, and hibernating animals. It produces body heat and is important for weight control.

11. "Pretty Brown Eyes" by Cody Simpson

The narrator in this 2013 pop tune describes his experience meeting a brown-eyed girl as love at first sight, but it seems more like infatuation and a couple of pickup lines. He flatters her with a compliment about how she looks without makeup, oddly assumes she's wild because she's from the city, and pesters her repeatedly to spend time with him.

12. "Ballad of Hollis Brown" by Bob Dylan

Hollis Brown is the protagonist in this somber 1964 folk ballad. Facing starvation, the beleaguered, penniless South Dakota farmer spends his last dollar on shotgun shells. Together with his wife and five hungry kids, he lives in a ramshackle cabin on the outskirts of town. Their prospects of survival are grim—downright hopeless—so Hollis Brown does the unthinkable, loading his weapon then ending seven lives.

13. "Sweet Georgia Brown" by Anita O'Day

Originally written in the 1920s, the lyrics to this jazz standard often vary by cover version. This tame rendition is about a new girl in town, Georgia Brown, who has all the girls jealous and all the guys raving about her.

In this 1958 number, Anita O'Day, nicknamed The Jezebel of Jazz, delivers a momentous performance in front of a lukewarm crowd at the Newport Jazz Festival. She was being filmed for the documentary Jazz on a Summer's Day. O'Day later recalled the day as the best of her life and admitted that when she took the stage she was probably high on cocaine.

14. "Charlie Brown" by The Coasters

"Why's everybody always pickin' on me?" asks poor Charlie Brown, the class prankster who is always acting out. He pulls pranks, throws spitballs, and disrespectfully addresses his English teacher as "Daddy-o." The BBC once banned the hit 1959 pop and R&B crossover song because it supposedly encouraged bad behavior in youth. Note that this Charlie Brown character and the one from the Peanuts comic strip have nothing to do with one another.

We've been enjoying chocolate since the 19th century BCE. Overall, dark chocolate is healthier than milk chocolate, with fewer carbohydrates and fat. Dark chocolate contains more cocoa and nutrients than the lighter variety.

We've been enjoying chocolate since the 19th century BCE. Overall, dark chocolate is healthier than milk chocolate, with fewer carbohydrates and fat. Dark chocolate contains more cocoa and nutrients than the lighter variety.

15. "Brown Liquor" by John Anderson

Don't say you weren't warned. When the guy in this 2007 country song drinks brown liquor, the wheels come off his bus. However, he can handle beer and clear spirits just fine. Maybe you understand from experience what he's talking about.

Brown liquor includes spirits such as bourbon, brandy, and cognac, but the narrator refers to it as "devil in a jug." The strong stuff "bends his brain" for reasons he can't explain and makes him want to shoot his gun. (Hey, watch where you're pointing that thing, big guy!):

When I drink brown liquor, I get crazy quicker
Than an old red fox on the run
I get t-t-tongue-tied and I lose my mind
And everything comes undone.

16. "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue" by Crystal Gayle

In 1977, this country-pop crossover song became a worldwide hit for Crystal Gayle, the little sister of legendary country artist Loretta Lynn. The brown-eyed narrator in Gayle's Grammy Award signature song is depressed because her lover has finally found someone new and is moving on. Feeling delayed remorse for treating him so badly, she pleads with him to stay by describing how sad his absence will make her feel. Sounds like it's a little too late!

17. "I Brake for Brunettes" by Rhett Akins

Blondes usually receive more than their share of male attention, but the guy in this 1995 country ditty leans a little towards stunning women with brown hair. The awkward fella cruises through town in a pickup truck, slamming on brakes in front of tanning bed businesses, fashion boutiques, and beauty salons.

Don't follow too close behind this rubber neckin' driver as he attempts to get a look at the ladies. He cautions you that although he doesn't have the bumper sticker, he brakes for brunettes.

18. "Charlie Brown's Parents" by Dishwalla

How often do people talk at you rather than truly engaging you in conversation? If it's a frequent, frustrating occurrence, then the message behind this 1995 rock song should resonate.

The narrator compares the experience to talking to the parents of Charlie Brown, the character from the Peanuts comic strip. Whenever Charlie Brown's parents, teachers, or other adults in his life spoke, their utterances came out as a series of incomprehensible "wah-wah-wah" sounds. The song quips that "it would take the jaws of life to pry open your words." Thus, anyone who sounds like Charlie Brown's parents isn't getting through as intended to their audience ... such as parents of teens, politicians, and telemarketers.

19. "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver" by Primus

Oh, now get your mind out of the gutter! Wynona must be a few cards short of a full deck, but it's a genuine Taco Bell-eating beaver that she keeps in a cage and pets all of the time.

When Wynona shows her special beaver to a traveling carnival man, the furry critter grabs the guy by the kiwis, and the carnie isn't able to pee right in over a week. One day when Wynona tosses her beloved beaver up in the air. When she pricks her finger on him, she figures he just might be a porcupine instead.

This 1995 funk metal song won a Grammy Award and is meant to be full of nonsense and fun. References to all Wynonas are purely fictional (sorry, Wynona Judd and Winona Rider).

20. "Brown Baby" by Nina Simone

Young Nina Simone famously alleged that in spite of a superb audition and credentials, she was denied entrance to the highly selective Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia because of racial discrimination. As a result, Simone supported herself playing piano in an Atlantic City nightclub, forced by necessity to sing her own accompaniment. Although the incomparable singer subsequently found her niche as a versatile R&B, jazz, gospel, and pop artist, such earlier experiences remained with her throughout her life. Simone is sometimes known by the moniker, The High Priestess of Soul.

In this 1962 bittersweet soul number, a mother holds her infant and articulates hope for her brown-skinned baby's future. She wants her child to show pride in themselves and exercise freedoms that she hasn't known, and she hopes they will live by the code of justice.

"Your skin is beautiful -- dark, light, in the middle, whatever. Brown is beautiful. Your hair is beautiful. If you wear a weave, it's beautiful. If you choose to be natural, that's beautiful too. Also, you are enough." - Nicole Byer, American comic

"Your skin is beautiful -- dark, light, in the middle, whatever. Brown is beautiful. Your hair is beautiful. If you wear a weave, it's beautiful. If you choose to be natural, that's beautiful too. Also, you are enough." - Nicole Byer, American comic

Even More Songs With Brown in the Title

Know a song with brown in the title that should be on this list? Make a suggestion in the Comments Section below.

SongArtist(s)Year Released

21. "Brown Eyed Handsome Man"

Chuck Berry


22. "Brown Eyes"

Lady Gaga


23. "Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter"

Herman's Hermits


24. "James Brown"

Big Audio Dynamite


25. "Good Brown Gravy"

Joe Diffie


26. "Brown Girl in the Ring"

Boney M.


27. "Brown Eyes"

Destiny's Child


28. "James Brown Is Dead"

L.A. Style


29. "Brown Eyes"

Fleetwood Mac


30. "Billy Brown"

Third Day


31. "Brown & Root, Brown & Root"

Rodney Crowell


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