Songs That Will Probably Make You Cry

Updated on October 1, 2018
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You know those days that you just feel sentimental? The times when you just want to put on some sad music and cry your eyes out? Well here are some songs that can help you do that.

Songs That Will Make You Cry

  1. "How to Save a Life"—The Fray
  2. "Walking Her Home"—Mark Schultz
  3. "My Immortal"—Evanescence
  4. "One More Time"—7Lions
  5. "Held"—Natalie Grant
  6. "Things Left Unsaid"—Disciple
  7. "Hurt"—Christina Aguilera
  8. "Slip on By"—Finding Favour
  9. "Forever and Always"—Parachute
  10. "In Loving Memory"—Alter Bridge
  11. "Gone Too Soon"—Daughtry

It's okay to cry
It's okay to cry

1. "How to Save a Life"—The Fray

Ok. If you haven't heard this song before, you must have been living under a rock during the mid-2000s. Lead singer of The Fray, Isaac Slade said in an interview that the song was inspired by a teen he was paired with at a camp for troubled youth. The song describes an adult trying to confront a teen about their destructive behavior but not knowing how

2. "Walking her Home"—Mark Schultz

One of my favorite songs ever and for good reason. This emotional love song was inspired by Mark Schultz's neighbors when he first moved to Nashville. The girl's dad told the guy to walk her home and never leave her side. Decades later, they are in a nursing home together and still arm in arm.

3. "My Immortal"—Evanescence

Currently at 515 million views on Youtube, My Immortal tells the story of someone driven to the edge of insanity after losing a loved one.

4. "One More Time"—7lions

This song was played over a video package dedicated to the recently deceased Ultimate Warrior during the April 14th, 2014 episode of WWE's Monday Night Raw.

The song describes the singer longing to be with their partner again for just one moment, though they can't because she passed away.

5. "Held"—Natalie Grant

If you aren't bawling by now, you will after this song. This song has you on the verge of tears after just the first line. The song was inspired by the stories of the deaths of three infants and how no Christian is immune from suffering.

6. "Things Left Unsaid"—Disciple

Another very sad song about someone dying. Lead singer of Disciple, Kevin Young, says he dedicated this song to his grandfather and wants listeners to tell the people close to them that they love them while they still have time with them.

Chose the acoustic version because it is way sadder.

7. "Hurt"—Christina Aguilera

This was written by Christina Aguilera and her producer Linda Perry with Linda's father who recently died in mind.

8. "Slip On By"—Finding Favour

Lead singer, Blake Neesmith says this song was inspired by his grandfather, who told him about how he lost his wife and son too soon and how he regretted not spending enough time with them. He told Blake to go home and hug his wife because our next breath isn't guaranteed.

9. "Forever and Always"—Parachute

Oh man, this song. This is probably the saddest song I've ever heard. You can read the song lyrics and instantly know what the song is about. It tells the story of a young couple who were engaged and madly in love. They thought they had their whole lives together until the girl got a phone call that her boyfriend was in a car accident and was dying.

10. "In Loving Memory"—Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge's lead guitarist Mark Tremonti wrote and dedicated this song to his mom who died a little bit before he wrote the song.

11. "Gone too Soon"—Daughtry

Chris Daughtry wrote this emotional song about a baby who was never born and what their life could have been like if they would have lived. He also donated all the money gained from the song to the kids affected by the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.


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    • profile image


      16 months ago

      I ask for songs to make me cry and you give me this?

      You know nothing about pain.


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