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100 Songs About Sunsets

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Ray has been an online music writer for over four years. Having sung in multiple competitions as a youth, he has a passion for the art.

Songs About Sunsets

Songs About Sunsets

Songs about sunsets can be both lovely and motivating. If you are right at the moment where you want to listen to a piece of music while watching a sunset or want to listen to songs with sunset lyrics, then indulge in this comprehensive collection of songs about sunsets.

1. “Sunset”

Artist: Kid Ink

Album: Kid Ink (Hits Japan Tour Edition)

Year Released: 2016

Facts About “Sunset”

  • Kid Ink released one of the most popular songs about sunsets, entitled “Sunset,” on May 28, 2013, part of his album Almost Home.
  • In many literary works, “Sunset” is a song used as a motif and metaphor for portraying a character’s future.
  • This song about sunset describes Sunset Blvd, a famous strip of road in Los Angeles that stretches for miles. Because of the closeness of the Pacific Ocean to the streets, the sunsets are so predominant in Los Angeles that sometimes you feel like you are driving into a sunset.
  • The reference to the song’s lyrics, “Riding through the sun, riding through the sunset,” is a classic motif portrayed in many movies, books, novels, etc.
  • Check out the song’s lyrics here.

2. “California Sunset”

Artist: Neil Young

Album: Old Ways

Year Released: 1985

Facts About “California Sunset”

  • “California Sunset” is one of the most optimistic songs about sunsets released by Neil Young on August 12, 1985.
  • In the song, California is referred to as the promised land. Compared to other songs about California, this is more optimistic and seems to be more like a promised land.
  • The song celebrates Neil’s love for California and thanks to this beautiful state for its beautiful bay area.

3. “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset”

Artist: Luke Bryan

Album: What Makes You Country

Year Released: 2017

Facts About “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset”

  • “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset” is one of the most popular country songs about sunsets by American country music singer Luke Bryan. Bryan released it as the third single from his 2018 album What Makes You Country.
  • The song describes a romantic summertime relationship between two teenage lovers.
  • The song debuted at the May 2018 American Idol finale, where Bryan served as a judge.
  • “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset” reached number one on the Country Airplay chart and remained at that spot for two weeks.

4. “Waterloo Sunset”

Artist: The Kinks

Album: Something Else by the Kinks

Year Released: 1967

Facts About “Waterloo Sunset”

  • “Waterloo Sunset” is the band’s most notable and acclaimed song about sunsets.
  • Rolling Stone ranks “Waterloo Sunset” as #14 on its list of the 500 greatest songs of all time.
  • “Waterloo Sunset” topped the charts in Australia, New Zealand, and most of Europe. It failed to chart in North America.
  • In the song, a solitary narrator watches (or imagines) two lovers are passing over a bridge, in which the observer reflects on the couple.
  • Cathy Dennis recorded a version of the song for her 1997 album, Am I the Kinda Girl?.
  • This song was also the band’s first single to be available in true stereo.

5. “Love Like a Sunset Part II”

Artist: Phoenix

Album: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Year Released: 2009

Facts About Love Like a Sunset Part II”

  • “Love Like a Sunset Part II” is one of the most lovable songs about sunsets from Phoenix’s fourth studio album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.
  • The song compares our love to a sunset -- it was beautiful before it passed.
  • According to Mars, who spoke to the Washington DC free newspaper Express, the inspiration for this song came during a car trip.
  • Many people have different interpretations of this song, and another variation is that it refers to the end of a long-term relationship. Just like the sunrise and sunset, love starts and ends in cycles.

6. “Rendezvous at Sunset”

Artist: Kylie Minogue

Album: Fever

Year Released: 2001

Facts About “Rendezvous at Sunset”

  • Kylie Minogue recorded “Rendezvous at Sunset” during the Fever era (2001).
  • The song appeared as one of the B-sides to the lead single “Can’t Get You Out of My Head,” along with “Boy.”
  • This song is one of the best pop songs about sunsets with nu-disco influences.
  • The piece lasts three minutes and twenty-three seconds.

7. “She’s a Rainbow”

Artist: The Rolling Stones

Album: Their Satanic Majesties Request

Year Released: 1967

Facts About “She’s a Rainbow”

  • The Rolling Stones recorded “She’s a Rainbow” for their 1967 album, Their Satanic Majesties Request.
  • The song’s rich lyricism is accompanied by Nicky Hopkins’ brilliant piano and Brian Jones’ use of the Mellotron.
  • In December 1967, “She’s a Rainbow” was released as a single and reached #25 in the United States.

8. “Two Suns in the Sunset”

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: The Final Cut

Year Released: 1983

Facts About “Two Suns in the Sunset”

  • Pink Floyd’s 1983 concept album The Final Cut ends with “Two Suns in the Sunset.”
  • The song is about England’s fear of the nuclear holocaust. The line “the sun is in the east, even though the day is done” refers to a glowing fireball created by a nuclear explosion.
  • “Two Suns in the Sunset” is one of the best folk-rock songs about sunsets. Roger Waters adds that the song encourages the listener to live in the moment.

9. “Into the Sunset”

Artist: Mike Batt and Bonnie Tyler

Album: Mike Batt: The Penultimate Collection

Year Released: 1990

Facts About “Into the Sunset”

  • “Into the Sunset” is one of the sweetest love songs about sunsets and lovers.
  • Mike Batt and Bonnie Tyler performed “Into The Sunset” for The Dreamstone original soundtrack.
  • The track represented the relationship between Rufus and Amberley. However, they never used it in the TV series itself, even its instrumental form.

10. “Early Sunsets Over Monroeville”

Artist: My Chemical Romance

Album: I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love

Year Released: 2002

Facts About “Early Sunsets Over Monroeville”

  • “Early Sunsets Over Monroeville” is a slow song inspired by the classic horror film “Dawn of the Dead” by George A. Romero.
  • “Early Sunsets Over Monroeville” is about a man and his wife who escape from vampires while they’re trying to hide. Monroeville was the location of the mall scenes from the movie “Dawn Of The Dead” in Pennsylvania.
  • Frontman Gerard Way called this track a sweet song about “Dawn of the Dead.”
  • Since they filmed “Dawn of the Dead” in an actual mall as their set, most of the scenes were filmed at dawn and sunsets.

11. “Sunset”

Artist: Garrett Nash (Gnash)

Album: If

Year Released: 2017

Facts About “Sunset”

  • Gnash’s “Sunset” is one of the most popular songs about sunsets because of its simple and heartfelt lyrics.
  • The song is a love song about someone comparing his loved one’s beauty to a sunset.
  • “Sunset” can pass for a staple in love letters or letters of appreciation.

12. “Red Sails in the Sunset”

Artist: Nat King Cole

Album: Unforgettable

Year Released: 1952

Facts About Red Sails in the Sunset”

  • Hugh Williams and Jimmy Kennedy wrote the famous song “Red Sails in the Sunset.”
  • In this song, Kennedy draws inspiration from the yacht called “red sails” of the Kitty of Coleraine, often seen off the coast of Ireland, and his town Portstewart, a County Londonderry’s seaside resort.
  • Provincetown Follies used the song in their production on Broadway.
  • Kennedy wrote “Red Sails in the Sunset” during his stay in Portstewart while looking at the sunset.
  • Nat King Cole revived the song in 1951. This version appeared on Capitol Records’ Best Seller chart, peaking at number 24 for two weeks, garnering a spot in the list of best songs about sunsets.

13. “Sunrise, Sunset”

Artist: Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick

Album: Sheldon Harnick: Hidden Treasures

Year Released: 1964

Facts About “Sunrise, Sunset”

  • Harnick and Bock recorded a demo of “Sunrise, Sunset,” which appeared on Sheldon Harnick: Hidden Treasures (1949-2013).
  • Sheldon Harnick composed two versions of “Sunrise, Sunset” in 2011 that would be suitable for same-sex weddings.
  • This song speaks of two young people reaching that age when they are ready to turn away from childhood play and physical development.
  • “Sunrise, Sunset” is one of the popular songs about sunsets from the musical Fiddler on the Roof. The song appears at Tzeitel’s wedding in the musical, the eldest daughter of Tevye and Golde.

14. “What Makes the Sunset?”

Artist: Frank Sinatra

Album: Anchors Aweigh Official Soundtrack

Year Released: 1945

Facts About What Makes the Sunset?”

  • Frank Sinatra recorded “What Makes the Sunset?” for Columbia Records.
  • Columbia Records released this song in 1945 as an A-side single, peaking at #13.
  • This song about sunset is from the 1945 musical film “Anchors Aweigh.”

15. “Wasted Sunsets”

Artist: Deep Purple

Album: Perfect Strangers

Year Released: 1984

Facts About “Wasted Sunsets”

  • Deep Purple recorded “Wasted Sunsets” for the album Perfect Strangers in 1984.
  • “Wasted Sunsets” is one of the upbeat songs about sunsets released by the formerly world’s loudest band, Deep Purple.
  • The song is the 7th track of the album and plays at 136 BPM. It is the darkest slow ballad by Deep Purple ever.
  • While some Deep Purple fans criticize this song for not fitting in with the rest of the album and for disrupting the rocking vibe, others praise it for its great lyrics and guitar solo.

More Songs About Sunsets


16. "Castle on the Hill"

Ed Sheeran

17. "The Sunset Curse"


18. "Sunset "

Stevie Wonder

19. "Must Do Something About It"

Paul McCartney

20. "Canadian Sunset"

Sam Cooke

21. "Many the Miles"

Sara Bareilles

22. "Lula on the Beach"


23. “Lost in the Moment”


24. "Self Care"

Mac Miller

25. "Arabella"

the Arctic Monkeys

26. "Jamie All Over"

Mayday Parade

27. "Sunset"

The xx

28. "Sunset"

Roy Orbison

29. "You Can Cry"

Marshmello & Juicy J

30. "Gypsy"

Lady Gaga

31. "Into the Sunset"

Sheryl Crow

32. “African Sunset”

Tommy Page

33. "Shadow of the Day"

Linkin Park

34. "Sunrise to Sunset"

the Whitesnake

35. "Ekó"


36. "Gooey"

Glass Animals

37. "Summer Nights"


38. "Love is Alive"

Louis the Child

39. "Peaches"

In the Valley Below

40. "Night Ride"

Los Growlers

41. "Rhiannon"

Fleetwood Mac

42. "Beverly Laurel"

Tame Impala

43. "Slow Ride"


44. "Lazy Afternoon"


45. "River"

Civil Twilight

46. "Electric Feel"

Henry Green

47. "The Suburbs"

Mr Little Jeans

48. "Sunset"


49. "Sunset"

Nitin Sawhney

50. "A Good Day For Sunsets"

Roger Creager

51. "Chasing the Sunsets"

Imaginary Cities

52. "Living And Living Well"

George Strait

53. "Roots Run Deep"


54. "Whiskey Sunsets"

Moon Taxi

55. "Sunset Tonight

Jordan T.

56. "Sunset Song"

Richard Thompson

57. "Drink A Beer"

Luke Bryan

58. "Sunsets for Somebody Else

Jack Johnson

59. "Sunset"


60. "Here Comes The Sun"

The Beatles

61. "Dusk till dawn"


62. “Sundown”

Gordon Lightfoot

63. “Sunshine Blues”


64. “Child”

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

65. “Barfly”

Ray LaMontagne

66. "In The Sun"

Joseph Arthur

67. “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room”

John Mayer

68. "In The Sun"

She & Him

69. "Forever"

Ben Harper

70. “Revolution of the Sun”

Matthew Barber

71. “Fields of Gold”

Eva Cassidy

72. “Rambling Man”

Laura Marling

73. “Knew it All Along”

The New Lightweights

74. “Love Like a Sunset”


75. "Lula On The Beach"


76. “The Other Side”

Tonight Alive

77. “Sunset Grill”

Don Henley

78. “Sunset Superman”


79. “Sunset Cafe”

Rita Effendy

80. “Sunrise, Sunset”

Bright Eyes

81. “Sunset BB”

Pose Retals

82. “Sunset Goddess”


83. “Autumn Sunsets”


84. “Sunsets and You”

Zachary Nunis

85. “Sunset's On The Run”

Jack Leanza

86. “Sunset Riders”

Happy Cat Meows

87. “Sun Goes Down”

Jasmine Thompson

88. “Sunset Lover”

Petit Biscuit

89. “Follow The Sun”

Xavier Rudd

90. “Simple Life”

Jacqueline Govaert

91. “Draining”

Silversun Pickups

92. “Dawn”

Samuel Gajicki

93. “Doing Time”

Sublime, Lana Del Rey

94. "Weight of Love"

The Black Keys

95. "Garden Shed"

Tyler, The Creator, Estelle

96. "Mystery of Love"

Sufjan Steven

97. "The Night We Met"

Lord Huron

98. "Running"


99. "Warm Honey"


100. "Clocks"


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