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100 Best Songs With “Soul” in the Title

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The word “soul” is used by musicians creatively in songs to convey a meaning or concept. Although the term often references a wide range of attributes associated with heart, mind, and emotions, in many songs the word soul showcases a metaphorical mindset to reveal a deeper meaning.

What Does the Word “Soul” Represent in Songs?

In songs, the word “soul” represents different aspects pertaining to character, reason, perception, feeling, thinking, memory, qualia and consciousness. A singer-songwriter finds unique ways to unscramble complex thoughts into words that that explain a concept or idea in a lucid manner. Although in religious, mythological, and philosophical contexts the soul is associated as an incorporeal essence of living beings, in art, music, and literature, the term soul may not manifest the actual meaning but rather convey an expression of thoughts.

While certain songs explore the dark side of life with the word soul, many songs depict the joys of life that reside in our actual self. Lyrics in certain songs describe the soul as a metaphorical dwelling place for humans that feel trapped or completely free inside their minds. The mental abilities of humans are often showcased with theatrical themes and thought-provoking lyrics. Certain musicians thoughtfully narrate the mental distress and anxiety individuals encounter with the problems they face. In certain songs the term “soul” is used humorously to engage thoughts with contradictory aspects of life.


Symbolism of Soul in Songs

In a number of songs the soul represents happiness or sadness associated with the state of mind of a living being. Often a collection of thoughts that relate to a positive mindset or negative mindset are portrayed with a thematic representation of characters. Musicians from different genres bring to life the emotional intensity and intellectual energy of people from different walks of life. In certain songs, the spiritual nature of humankind is credited with different faculties of knowledge and reasoning associated with mind and soul. In certain music videos, complex emotions of love and feelings of resentment are supplemented with attributes of a troubled soul.

Immortality and psyche are displayed in contrasting ways by bands and artists to depict mind and spirit. Sometimes intense passion and the burning desire to be with someone are theatrically showcased with alluring elements of the dark side. The transformation that people go through in different phases of life is sometimes showcased with reflective changes in the inner-self. Imperfection and imbalances of human beings is often characterized with the inability to control the desire and spirit within. Although the spirit of our soul is rather diverse in understanding and belief in religion and philosophy, in music it often symbolizes or denotes

  • Emotions
  • Happiness
  • Sadness
  • Calmness
  • Human Spirit
  • Turmoil
  • Wisdom
  • Knowledge
  • Intuition
  • Yearning
  • Psyche
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Desire
  • Immortality

The list below showcases an epic collection of rock songs, pop songs, country songs, R&B songs, folk songs, hip hop songs, alternative songs, indie songs, blues songs, disco songs, reggae songs, soul songs, funk songs, EDM songs and dance songs with the word soul in the title. If you have a view, opinion or song suggestion, let us know in the comments section.

Top 10 Best Songs With Soul in the Title

  1. “Hey, Soul Sister”—Train
  2. “Soul to Squeeze”—Red Hot Chili Peppers
  3. “Soul Man”—Sam & Dave
  4. “All That You Have Is Your Soul”—Tracy Chapman
  5. “Soul Meets Body”—Death Cab for Cutie
  6. “(You’re My) Soul and Inspiration”—The Righteous Brothers
  7. “Heart Full of Soul”—The Yardbirds
  8. “Who's Gonna Save My Soul”—Gnarls Barkley
  9. “All about Soul”—Billy Joel
  10. “Soothe My Soul”—Depeche Mode


11. “Soul to Soul”—The Temptations

12. “Soul Survivor”—The Rolling Stones

13. “Bold Soul Sister”—Ike & Tina Turner

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14. “Soul Love”—David Bowie

15. “Who Will Save Your Soul”—Jewel

16. “Just My Soul Responding”—Smokey Robinson

17. “Ooh My Soul”—Little Richard

18. “Soul Kitchen”—The Doors

19. “Soul One”—Blind Melon

20. “What Your Soul Sings”—The Style Council


21. “Soul Power”—James Brown

22. “Show Me Your Soul”—Red Hot Chili Peppers

23. “Wash My Soul”—Tricky

24. “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul”—Modern Talking

25. “California Soul”—Ashford & Simpson

26. “A Stone Throws Away”—The Style Council

27. “Lady Grinning Soul”—David Bowie

28. “Soul for Hire”—Elvis Costello

29. “Hole in My Soul”—Aerosmith

30. “What Is Soul”—Funkadelic

31. “Stoned Soul Picnic”—The 5th Dimension

32. “Mr. Soul”—Buffalo Springfield

33. “Queen of My Soul”—Average White Band

34. “Birdhouse in Your Soul”—They Might Be Giants

35. “Warmness on the Soul”—Avenged Sevenfold

36. “Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot”—Sting

37. “European Soul”—Kim Wilde

38. “Soul Serenade”—Aretha Franklin

39. “Hole in Your Soul”—ABBA

40. “Soul Searchin’”—Glenn Frey


41. “Recover Your Soul”—Elton John

42. “Soul Singing”—The Black Crowes

43. “New Soul”—Yael Naim

44. “Bullet Soul”—Switchfoot

45. “Save My Soul”—Kristine W

46. “Memphis Soul Stew”—King Curtis

47. “Black Is the Soul”—Korn

48. “Soul Finger”—Bar-Kays

49. “Deeper Shade of Soul”—Urban Dance Squad

50. “Soul Deep”—The Box Tops

51. “Soul Searching”—Bazzi

52. “Agent Double O Soul”—Edwin Starr

53. “Transparent Soul”—Willow Smith featuring Travis Barker

54. “Soul Mine”—Average White Band

55. “Plundered My Soul”—The Rolling Stones

56. “Satisfy My Soul”—Bob Marley and the Wailers

57. “Hear and Soul”—T’Pau

58. “Sold My Soul to Yo Mama”—Linkin Park

59. “I Know you Got Soul”—Eric B. & Rakim

60. “2 Souls on Fire”—Bebe Rexha featuring Quavo


61. “Soul Sacrifice”—Santana

62. “Little Bit O’ Soul”—The Music Explosion

63. “Greedy Soul”—Liam Gallagher

64. “Tornado of Souls” —Megadeth

65. “I Got Soul”—Young Soul Rebels

66. “Soul to Preach To”—Fuel

67. “L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)”—Kasabian

68. “Searchin' My Soul”—Vonda Shepard

69. “The Celtic Soul Brothers”—Dexys Midnight Runners

70. “Body and Soul”—Anita Baker

71. “Soul Food”—Keith Urban

72. “This Dying Soul”—Dream Theater

73. “Soul Survivor”—Beverley Knight

74. “Soul Mate No. 9”—Tina Arena

75. “Sweet Soul Music”—Arthur Conley

76. “Good for Your Soul”—Oingo Boingo

77. “Soul Survivor”—Rita Ora

78. “Hey You, I Love Your Soul”—Skillet

79. “Awake My Soul”—Mumford & Sons

80. “Soul Shaker”—Big & Rich


81. “Soul Machine”—Black Stone Cherry

82. “We Sold Our Souls to Metal”—Soulfly

83. “Sell Your Soul”—Hollywood Undead

84. “Soul Plane”—Takeoff

85. “Novocaine for The Soul”—Eels

86. “American Soul”—U2

87. “Soul Rebel”—Bob Marley and the Wailers

88. “Keep a Little Soul”—Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

89. “Soul Sucker”—Ozzy Osbourne

90. “Heavy Soul”—You Me at Six

91. “Soul”—Lee Brice

92. “They Want My Soul”—Spoon

93. “Save My Soul”—Mike + the Mechanics

94. “Sell My Soul”—Seether

95. “Lost Soul”—Bruce Hornsby and the Range

96. “Damaged Soul”—Black Sabbath

97. “Soul Love”—Beady Eye

98. “The Soul Cages”—Sting

99. “Soul Free”—George Michael

100. “Soul Makossa”—Manu Dibango

Other Notable Songs About Soul

  • “Ono Soul”—Thurston Moore
  • “If You Could See Into My Soul”—Silverstein
  • “Soul Stripper”—AC/DC
  • “Soul Survivor”—Young Jeezy featuring Akon
  • “No Soul/No Control”—Suzi Quatro
  • “Save My Soul”—Decadance
  • “Captain Soul”—The Byrds
  • “Soul on Fire”—Spiritualized
  • “Our Souls”—Gene Vincent
  • “Soul Experience”—Iron Butterfly
  • “Music in My Soul”—Sandi Thom
  • “Hospital for Souls”—Bring Me The Horizon
  • “Lost Souls”—Raury
  • “Souls of the Departed”—Bruce Springsteen
  • “Ocean Soul”—Nightwish
  • “Soul Food”—Frankie Seay & The Soul Riders
  • “Dead Souls”—Joy Division
  • “Sweet Soul Music”—London Boys
  • “Soul in Isolation”—The Chameleons
  • “Shepherd of My Soul” —Kutless
  • “Soul of a Man”—Beck
  • “The Book of Souls”—Iron Maiden
  • “Fire to My Soul”—Demon Hunter
  • “Hiero Mind Body Soul”—Del the Funky Homosapien
  • “Souls in the Machine”—Goo Goo Dolls
  • “Music Selector is the Soul Reflector”—Deee-Lite
  • “I've Got Soul”—Hanson
  • “Sell My Soul”—Midnight Oil
  • “Your Capricious Soul”— Michael Stipe
  • “You Got Soul”—Johnny Nash
  • “Corner Soul”—The Clash
  • “Troubled Soul”—Amy McDonald
  • “Soul City”—The Partland Brothers
  • “Lost Soul”—Screaming Lord Sutch & the Savages
  • “Oh My Soul”—Casting Crowns
  • “Shadow and Soul”—Red
  • “Elvis on the Radio, Steel Guitar in My Soul”—The KLF
  • “Save Your Soul”—Jaime Culum
  • “Heart and Soul”—Twin Atlantic
  • “Graveyard Souls”—Crown the Empire
  • “Lost Souls”—Jeezy
  • “Soul Bossa Nova”—Quincy Jones
  • “People Get Up and Drive Your Funky Soul”—James Brown
  • “Redeemer of Souls”—Judas Priest
  • “Summer of All Dead Souls”—...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
  • “Island of Souls”—Sting
  • “Song in My Soul”—Phil Wickham featuring Hollyn
  • “My Soul Sings”—Delirious?
  • “Sweet Soul Sister”—The Cult
  • “Hole in My Soul”—Apocalyptica
  • “Singin' My Soul”—Gin Wigmore
  • “One Last Soul”—Black Country Communion
  • “Keep My Soul in Song”—Jimi Goodwin
  • “Soul”—Matchbox 20
  • “Lonely Soul”—Unkle featuring Richard Ashcroft
  • “Man Without A Soul”—Lucinda Williams
  • “Rebel Soul”—Kid Rock
  • “Soul Coaxing”—Raymond Lefevre
  • “Heart and Soul”—Huey Lewis and the News
  • “Woman’s Got Soul”—The Impressions
  • “Soul Cake”—Sting
  • “I'm In Love and It’s Burning in My Soul”—The Subways
  • “Only My Soul”—David Coverdale
  • “Soul Inspiration”—Anita Baker
  • “A Little Soul”—Pulp
  • “Soul of My Soul”—Michael Bolton
  • “Fame Will Eat the Soul”—Van Morrison
  • “Troubled Souls”—Jack Savoretti
  • “My Soul's Got Wings”—John Mellencamp featuring Carlene Carter
  • “Your Body Not Your Soul”—Club + Blizzards
  • “The Meaning of Soul”—Oasis
  • “Slaughter of the Soul”—At the Gates
  • “Soul of a Man”—Blind Willie Johnson
  • “Heart and Soul”—Meghan Trainor
  • “Little Soul”—Depeche Mode
  • “Soul on Fire”—KMC
  • “Lost Souls in Endless Time”—DragonForce
  • “Soul Brother”—Todd Rundgren
  • “Captain Soul”—The Byrds
  • “It Is Well With My Soul”—Mahalia Jackson
  • “Soul Surrender”—The Longshot
  • “Love Will Save Your Soul”—Grouplove
  • “Gypsy in My Soul—Van Morrison
  • “Take My Heart, Take My Soul”—The Pointer Sisters
  • “Atomic Soul”—Russell Allen
  • “On My Soul”—Meek Mill
  • “Take My Soul”—Thievery Corporation featuring Lou Lou
  • “Soul City Walk”—Archie Bell & the Drells
  • “Face Without A Soul”—Status Quo
  • “Soul Killing”—The Ting Tings
  • “Jesus, Lover of My Soul”—The Edwin Hawkins Singers
  • “Soul & Substance”—Masta Killa
  • “The Soul of All Natural Things”—Linda Perhacs
  • “Wake for Young Souls”—Third Eye Blind
  • “Silver Soul”—Beach House
  • “Soul Searchin’”—Brian Wilson and Andy Paley
  • “Soul in My Body”—Pinc Louds
  • “On The Soul Side of Town”—Tower of Power
  • “Soul Companion”—Mary Chapin Carpenter
  • “Save My Soul”—JoJo
  • “Good for My Soul”—The Jesus & Mary Chain
  • “True Trans Soul Rebel”—Against Me!
  • “Sold My Soul to Rock N’ Roll”—Bette Middler
  • “How Much Did You Get For Your Soul?”—Pretenders
  • “Soul Hacker”—Fear Factory

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