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100 Best Songs With “Lost” in the Title

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If you've ever been lost, either for real or metaphorically, you'll identify with at least one of these songs about being lost.

If you've ever been lost, either for real or metaphorically, you'll identify with at least one of these songs about being lost.

The word “lost” is used in songs to showcase a plethora of emotions. Singers and songwriters employ the word creatively to portray a wide spectrum of concepts and ideas. While certain songs are based on real life experiences, majority of the songs bring to life an expression of thoughts to convey a profound meaning.

What Does Lost Mean?

In songs, the word “lost” conveys a wide range of meanings in accordance with the theme. While certain songs bring to life the literal meaning of the term, majority of tunes portray diverse metaphorical accounts through a story or narrative. The different feelings associated with being lost are described in a poetic manner in songs from different genres.

Aspects about loneliness and despair are portrayed exquisitely in songs about losing someone or something. How the protagonist feels when love is lost in a once-healthy relationship is aesthetically expressed in songs about breakups.

Certain songs about lost love are a dark and diabolic tale of anger and betrayal that arise through grounds of suspicion on a partner. Singers and songwriters explore different situations that lead to a rift between friends in songs about lost friendships. These songs describe how the inflated ego gets in the way of friendship to prove a point.

Numerous songs showcase the different emotions one goes through when lost in a world of dreams and memories. These songs express the protagonist’s desire to go back in the past and make changes in their life.

Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

What Does Lost Symbolize?

The term “lost” symbolizes different aspects associated with the heart and mind. Musicians describe the complex feelings of being lost in a competitive world in a riveting manner through their songs. The inability to cope up with the mechanisms of a fast-paced life are thoughtfully portrayed in these songs.

How life takes a turn when someone loses a loved one is narrated in a heartfelt manner in songs about grief. The joy and happiness felt when someone or something that was lost is found is expressed in a theatrically emotive manner in certain songs.

How thoughts manifest when hope is lost is showcased in a grimly shocking manner in certain songs. These songs portray how the dark mind become a harbinger of sorrow and destruction through a negative construct of thoughts. Certain singers and songwriters convey a sense of mysticism and romanticism involved with the feeling of being lost in a world of dreams.

These songs showcase varying degrees of awe and admiration for someone or something through a series of fantasies and adventures. The progressive elements in these songs compel listeners to interpret lyrics with a philosophical mindset.

The idea of being "lost" means different things in different songs.

The idea of being "lost" means different things in different songs.

The list below showcases a collection of rock songs, pop songs, country songs, R&B songs, folk songs, hip hop songs, indie songs, alternative songs, disco songs, reggae songs, synthpop songs, electropop songs, new wave songs, gospel songs, jazz songs, blues songs, EDM songs, and dance songs with lost in the title. If you have a view, opinion, or song suggestion, let us know in the comments section.

10 Best Songs With "Lost" in the Title

1. “Lost Cause”—Billie Eilish

2. “Lost in the Citadel”—Lil Nas X

3. “Lost”—Frank Ocean

4. “Lost in Yesterday”—Tame Impala

5. “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’”—The Righteous Brothers

6. “Lost Boy”—Ruth B

7. “Lost”—Coldplay

8. “You Lost Me”—Christina Aguilera

9. “Lost Without U”—Robin Thicke

10. “Lost in Love”—Air Supply


11. “Things We Lost in the Fire”—Bastille

12. “Lost One”—Jazmine Sullivan

13. “Lost in the Fire”—Gesaffelstein and the Weeknd

14. “Lost”—NF featuring Hopsin

15. “Lost”—Maroon 5

16. “Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing)”—Fred Again and the Blessed Madonna

17. “I Lost a Friend”—Finneas

18. “Lost”—Vassy featuring Afrojack

19. “Lost in Paradise”—Evanescence

20. “Lost in You”—Three Days Grace


21. “Lost Highway”—Bon Jovi

22. “The Girl You Lost to Cocaine”—Sia

23. “The Lost in You”—Sugababes

24. “Lost Without Your Love”—Bread

25. “Lost on You”—LP

26. “Lost and Found”—Ellie Goulding

27. “Lost”—Gorilla Zoe

28. “Lost”—Faith Hill

29. “Lost in This Moment”—Big & Rich

30. “Lost Without You”—Delta Goodrem

31. “Lost You Anyway”—Toby Keith

32. “Lost One”—Jay-Z featuring Chrisette Michele

33. “I Get Lost”—Eric Clapton

34. “Lost in Your Eyes”—Debbie Gibson

35. “Lost in the Fifties Tonight (In the Still of the Night)”—Ronnie Milsap

36. “My Heart Is Lost to You”—Brooks & Dunn

37. “The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret”—Queens of the Stone Age

38. “Lost in Music”—Stereo MCs

39. “Lost in You”—Chris Gaines

40. “Lost in My Mind”—Rufus Du Sol


41. “Lost in You”—Rod Stewart

42. “Island of Lost Souls”—Blondie

43. “Lost in Japan”—Shawn Mendes

44. “Lost on You”—Lewis Capaldi

45. “Lost for Words”—Pink Floyd

46. “Lost in Love”—New Edition

47. “Lost in Your Love”—John Paul Young

48. “Makin’ Up for Lost Time (The Dallas Lovers Song)”—Crystal Gayle and Gary Morris

49. “The Whole World Lost It’s Head”—The Go-Go’s

50. “Get Lost”—Icona Pop

51. “Long Lost Friend”—Restless Heart

52. “I Wanna Get Lost with You”—Stereophonics

53. “Lost in the Feeling”—Conway Twitty

54. “I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper”—Sarah Brightman and Hot Gossip

55. “Lost & Not Found”—Chase & Status

56. “Must Of Got Lost”—The J. Geils Band

57. “Since I Lost My Baby”—The Temptations

58. “Lost in Music”—Sister Sledge

59. “Lost and Found”—Brooks & Dunn

60. “Lost”—Menudo


61. “The Love I Lost”—Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes

62. “Lost in Stereo”—All Time Low

63. “Lost in the Wild”—Walk the Moon

64. “Lost in Your Light”—Dua Lipa featuring Miguel

65. “For the Lover That I Lost”—Sam Smith

66. “Lost in the Woods”—Jonathan Groff

67. “I Lost It”—Kenny Chesney

68. “Never Lost”—Elevation Worship

69. “Lost”—Dermot Kennedy

70. “Lost & Found”—Jorja Smith

71. “Lost to You”—Hayden James featuring Farr

72. “Lost Without You”—Kylie Minogue

73. “Lost and Lonely”—Paloma Faith

74. “Lost in You”—Lena Meyer-Landrut

75. “I Love You but I’m Lost”—Tears for Fears

76. “Lost in the Middle of Nowhere”—Kane Brown featuring Becky G

77. “Lost”—Hunter Brothers

78. “If I Lost You”—Travis Tritt

79. “Lost Control”—Alan Walker featuring Sorana

80. “Lost”—Cher Lloyd


81. “Anthem for a Lost Cause”—Manic Street Preachers

82. “Lost and Found”—Train

83. “Lost in Hollywood”—System of a Down

84. “Lost in the Echo”—Linkin Park

85. “But We Lost It”—Pink

86. “Lost in Paradise”—Rihanna

87. “Lost”—Roger Sanchez featuring Lisa Pure and Katherine Ellis

88. “If I Lost You”—Garbage

89. “Lost in the World”—Kanye West featuring Bon Iver

90. “Lost & Found”—Chris Brown

91. “Lost”—Cold Chisel

92. “Mama Lost Her Smile”—Lee Ann Womack

93. “Lost in the Sun”—Ivy

94. “Lost”—Quavo

95. “Lost”—Illenium featuring Emilie Brandt

96. “Love Is Lost”—David Bowie

97. “Ain’t No Love Lost”—Hadise

98. “Another Hero Lost”—Shadows Fall

99. “Lost Boy”—Troye Sivan

100. “Lost My Way”—Plan B

Other Notable Lost Songs

  • “Where the Lost Ones Go”—Sissel and Espen Lind
  • “Lost Yo Mind”—Beyonce
  • “Lost”—Dido
  • “Lost Without You”—Freya Ridings
  • “Let’s Get Lost”—Carly Rae Jepsen
  • “Forever Lost”—The Magic Numbers
  • “Lost in the Post”—The Wombats
  • “You’re Lost”—Lil Uzi Vert
  • “Lost in Forever”—P.O.D.
  • “I Thought I Lost You”—Miley Cyrus and John Travolta
  • “Lost Generation”—Rizzle Kicks
  • “The Lost Children”—Michael Jackson
  • “Lost and Found”—Delerium featuring Jael
  • “That Which I Have Lost”—George Harrison
  • “Lost in Space”—Apollo 440
  • “Everything’s Not Lost”—Coldplay
  • “Lost in TV”—Seude
  • “All Is Not Lost”—OK Go
  • “Lost and Running”—Powderfinger
  • “Nearly Lost You”—Screaming Trees
  • “Lost Stars”—Adam Levine
  • “Lost”—Lasgo
  • “Lost in Space”—Lighthouse Family
  • “I Must Have Lost It on the Wind”—Elton John
  • “Lost in America”—Alice Cooper
  • “Lost”—Samra
  • “Lost in Your Love—Redlight
  • “Lost It”—Rich the Kid
  • “In the Lost and Found (Honky Bach)”—Elliot Smith
  • “Lost in California”—Little Big Town
  • “I’ve Been So Lost for So Long”—American Football
  • “I’d Be Lost / Only One”—Sarah Blasko
  • “Lost on the Way Home”—Chromeo
  • “Lost in America”—Ross Mintzer
  • “Lost in Love”—Big Time Rush
  • “Lost”—Dead By April
  • “Lost City”—The Sound of Arrows
  • “You’ve Lost Your Charm”—Fireworks
  • “Lost in You”—Shelly Poole
  • “Paradise Lost (You’re the Reason Why)”—Half Man Half Biscuit
  • “Lost Myself”—Longpigs
  • “I’ve Lost You”—Elvis Presley
  • “Motor City (I Get Lost)”—Company of Strangers
  • “Lost Without Each Other”—Hanson
  • “Lost”—Danny Brown
  • “Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile”—David Allan Coe
  • “The Loves We Lost”—Tiesto
  • “Lost My Heart”—Shania Twain
  • “Lost then Found”—Leona Lewis
  • “Ballad for the Lost Romantics”—New Found Glory
  • “Lost Ones”—Lauryn Hill
  • “Modigliani (Lost in Your Eyes)”—Book of Love
  • “Lost Souls in Endless Time”—DragonForce
  • “Generation Lost”—B.o.B
  • “The Lost Get Found”—Britt Nicole
  • “Lost Control”—Grinspoon
  • “Lost in the Supermarket”—The Clash
  • “I Lost My Soul”—George Gaudy
  • “Lost in the Flood”—Bruce Springsteen
  • “Lost and Found”—The Kinks
  • “I Lost Myself”—Munn
  • “When I Lost You”—Sarah Whatmore
  • “Lost in Time”—Celldweller
  • “You Lost the Sweetest Boy”—Mary Wells
  • “Let’s Get Lost”—G-Eazy
  • “Lost in the Twilight Hall”—Blind Guardian
  • “Lost in Your Love”—Tony Hadley
  • “The King Has Lost His Crown”—ABBA
  • “Lost Chances”—Hawkwind
  • “Lost to a Geisha Girl”—Skeeter Davis
  • “Lost It All”—Avenged Sevenfold
  • “We Lost the Road”—Bee Gees
  • “Lost Souls”—Baby Keem
  • “Lost Inside Your Love”—Badfinger
  • “Lost”—Skin
  • “Lost in a Lost World”—The Moody Blues
  • “Since I Lost You”—Genesis
  • “Lost Someone”—James Brown
  • “Lost”—Michael Buble
  • “Lost Again”—Yello
  • “Is That Your Chick (The Lost Verses)”—Memphis Bleek featuring Jay-Z and Missy Elliott
  • “Lost Cat”—Catatonia
  • “Lost and Found”—Feeder
  • “Lost in the Grandeur”—Korn
  • “Lost My Baby Blues”—David Frizzell
  • “She’s Lost Control”—Joy Division
  • “Lost Chronicles”—Hawkwind
  • “I’m Lost Without You”—Blink-182
  • “Long & Lost”—Florence and the Machine
  • “Lost Cause”—Beck
  • “Lost”—The Badloves
  • “The Lost Ones”—Ted Hawkins
  • “Lost Paraguayos”—Rod Stewert
  • “Lost”—Red
  • “Lost Johnny”—Hawkwind
  • “I Lost Myself in Loving You”—Jamie Miller
  • “Lost Without You”—Teddy Randazzo
  • “Love Lost”—The Temper Trap
  • “Lost in Hollywood”—Rainbow
  • “Lost the Flow”—Conrad Keely

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