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68 Songs With Look in the Title

FlourishAnyway believes there is a playlist for just about any situation and is on a mission to unite and entertain the world through song.

Get the visual attention you're after with a playlist of pop, rock, country, and R&B songs with look in the title -- whether you're looking at someone who has caught your eye or directing someone to look at you, look up, or look away!

Get the visual attention you're after with a playlist of pop, rock, country, and R&B songs with look in the title -- whether you're looking at someone who has caught your eye or directing someone to look at you, look up, or look away!

Songs About Looking

Sometimes a look can pack a more powerful punch than words. A sultry, seductive, "come hither" look or one of defiance. A look of bitter contempt or one of electric surprise, mouth agape and eyes wide. Expressing oneself visually gets the point across quickly, succinctly, and discreetly, especially if delivered appropriately and in a well-controlled manner.

While you're thinking about what looks you commonly give other people, make a playlist about of pop, rock, country, and R&B songs with look in the title. We have all the best to start you off.

1. "Look at Her Now" by Selena Gomez

Hey, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez wants you to know that she isn't crying over you anymore. This 2019 electropop ditty is one part diss-track and one part empowerment anthem. It airs out the couple's dirty laundry (like the fact that the Biebs was a no-good cheater and he got tripped up on his new fast living lifestyle back in the day).

Who could blame Gomez for feeling gut-punched when Bieber moved on way too fast after the couple's April 2018 break up? Two months after calling it quits for good, the Biebs was already dating Haley Baldwin. Then, in September 2018, he tied the knot with her. Ahh, but now that's water under the bridge.

In "Look at Her Now," Gomez displays perseverance in moving on from the breakup, with her head held high and her eyes fixed on the future:

Of course she was sad
But now she's glad she dodged a bullet (mmm)
Took a few years to soak up the tears
But look at her now, watch her go.

2. "The Way You Look Tonight" by Frank Sinatra

The smitten gentleman narrator in this classic, tenderhearted jazz song anticipates troubled times ahead. Right now, however, he spends precious moments with the beloved young lady who makes his heart go pitter-patter. His heart is aglow with the image of her soft cheeks, warm smile, and sweet laugh. Come what may, the fella will carry this picture of her face in his heart to buoy his spirits. Although originally performed by Fred Astaire for the 1936 movie Swing Time, many other artists subsequently covered this love song, including Frank Sinatra (1964).

3. "Look What You Made Me Do" by Taylor Swift

Sometimes karma needs a little push, if ya know what I mean. People throughout the world have tried to decode the clues in this 2017 electropop tune about ensuring adversaries get their comeuppance.

Taylor Swift, the country crossover artist who once projected the image of the saccharine sweet, innocent teenage girl, has discovered that not everyone can be trusted. As a result of multiple betrayals and being played for a fool, Swift had to reinvent herself, becoming edgier. Enter the tougher, harder, and smarter Taylor—i.e., the more badass Taylor. Now she has an enemy list and wishes that karma befalls her adversaries. Let the games begin, baby. And by the way, the diamonds in that video are 100% real.

4. "U Got the Look" by Prince

In this lusty pop rock song from 1987, the delicate Purple One and a tough-looking Sheena Easton trade sexy banter in a night club at closing time. There's teasing about how much makeup she wears, although Prince relents and compliments her as a natural beauty with the right look. They aren't shy about conveying that they're both seeking a hookup. But did she actually invite him to, "Let's get to rammin'"? (Cough, cough.) Now that's direct.

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5. "The Look" by Roxette

Do you have the look? This 1980 pop song by Swedish duo Roxette topped the US Billboard Hot 100 and was a big hit around the world. It features a guy who is completely wrapped up in the aesthetic vibe presented by the mad dog gorgeous woman before him. His description of her is utterly off the wall because the lyrics were simply meant to be placeholders in the song. But somehow they stuck:

Walking like a man
Hitting like a hammer
She's a juvenile scam
Never was a quitter
Tasty like a raindrop
She's got the look.

What a headscratcher!

6. "Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)" by Phil Collins

Talk about trying to heap the guilt on! There is a woman in the crosshairs of this lovelorn man's overbearing emotional radar, and she needs to run the other way. The stirring 1984 love ballad features a desperate fellow who gets all histrionic as he watches his significant other end their love relationship.

The narrator stands there going total emo, begging her to turn around to take a look at him. (Girl, don't do it! It'll only give him false hope!) The blubbery fella asks how his beloved can walk away from him when they shared so much and she's the only one who ever knew him. This guy has zero pride. Reduced to emotional rubble, the blubbery man knows that the chances of her returning are slim to none. Phil Collins has been married and divorced three times, and this song was written after his first divorce, when his ex-wife left, taking the children.

7. "Look at Us" by Vince Gill

Have you chosen your partner wisely? Even after decades of marriage, the man in this 1991 country song is still crazy about his bride. He swears that they will go down in history 100 years from now as examples of what true love really looks like. Together they serve as proof that you can spend a lifetime together with one person and just want more.

8. "Hey Look Ma, I Made It" by Panic! At the Disco

The music industry chews young talent up and spits them out, worse for wear. This contagious 2018 pop tune is a commentary on the music industry's pitfalls and evils. The song follows lead singer Brendon Urie's quest for fame.

The artist likens being a singer to selling one's body and depicts the record label as the pimp. The industry is portrayed as filled with phony people who merely pretend to be one's friends; they just want a piece of the success. Everything is about churning out chart-winning music that will win awards. Urie's narrator exuberantly calls out to his mother that against all odds he made it in the wicked industry, although he feels like their puppet.

9. "She Looks So Perfect" by 5 Seconds of Summer

Australian boy band 5 Seconds of Summer was responsible for a 10% jump in American Apparrel tighty whities after this song came out in 2014, because of their quirky line, "You look so perfect standing there in my American Apparel underwear." The song expresses a young man's love and attraction for his girlfriend. He ponders commitment as he makes her a mixtape (the predecessor of playlists) and contemplates elopment.

10. "I Look to You" by Whitney Houston

In this 2009 piano ballad, Whitney Houston turns over her earthly struggles to a higher power, seeking God's strength after so much personal adversity. She was heavily burdened by the collapse of her marriage to Bobby Brown, years of substance abuse problems, and troubling changes with her voice.

This R&B/gospel song describes feeling spent, having no fight left, and being drained of her melodies. Defeat calls as she reflexively looks to the heavens for a higher strength. Just three years later, in 2012, Houston died face down in a hotel bathtub of accidental drowning, with heart disease and cocaine use as contributing factors.

11. "Looks Like We Made It" by Barry Manilow

In the 1977 pop ballad, "Looks Like We Made It," Barry Manilow's narrator runs into a former girlfriend and grows fondly reflective as he recalls the warm feelings of their long-defunct love affair. The song is deceptively upbeat. Its celebratory "looks like we made it" line refers not to them as a couple but to them having successfully found love with others. Having moved on, the narrator believes that he is content in his love life until seeing his ex-lover today. We don't know whether she shares his pangs of regret, but you can't go back.

Throughout the 1970s, Grammy Award-winning Barry Manilow sold millions of albums and achieved super-stardom as a performer of syrupy romantic ballads. Personally, I love his over-the-top, swoon worthy songs. It is ironic that although women were his primary fan base back in his heyday, the singer ended up coming out as gay in 2017, at the age of 73, after marrying his long-time partner in 2014. Sadly, he reported that he didn't come out sooner because he felt it would disappoint his fans.

Manilow had all but disappeared from mainstream music charts by the 1980s. A member of the Jingle Hall of Fame, the pop legend is also known for his contributions to advertising. Jingles he wrote included State Farm's “Like a Good Neighbor,” Band-Aid's “Stuck on Band-Aid,” and McDonald’s “You Deserve a Break Today.”

12. "Looking Up" by Paramore

Being in a band ain't all butterflies and sparkly ponies, you know. It's also hard work, internal conflict, and occasional writer's block.

This 2009 alt-rock track is a confessional tune that describes the band Paramore's struggles in which they came close to breaking up. The personal song references tension among members when some bandmates took "cheap shots" at others or felt taken for granted themselves. Ultimately, the group was able to mend their diferences. Changes in band membership occured several years later.

13. "When I Look into Your Eyes" by Firehouse

When he peers into his lover's eyes, something rare and valuable is visible to the guy in this 1992 glam metal ballad. Eager to seal his commitment with her, he doesn't plan on ever giving her up.

This infatuated fella is up to his neck in feelings, seeing symbolism, signficance, and deep meaning that hopefully are reciprocated by his lady friend. If not, the target of his attention is going to have a very difficult time shaking him off. He professes to see the following when he looks into his true love's eyes:

  • forever,
  • all he's ever wanted,
  • undying love,
  • all his dreams come true, and
  • everything he's every wanted.

14. "Look It Up" by Ashton Shepherd

The sassy gal in this 2011 country ditty has been two-timed by her worthless loser of a husband, and now she's throwing the dictionary at him. The angry woman mocks him, instructing him to look up key terms like "faithful," "liar," and "goodbye."

When Hubby sneaks around with a local floozy and comes home drunk, his wife decides that she's finally had enough. In spite of his begging and pleading, the narrator kicks him out and has the last word. Stick a fork in this turkey because he's D-O-N-E, and you can look it up.

15. "You Look So Good in Love" by George Strait

Once a man puts an engagement ring on a lady's finger she seems to radiate the confidence, light, and positive energy of a lighthouse in a storm. Other men seem to take note, including any old flames who may be waiting in the wings.

The guy in this 1983 country song recognizes his former love interest as the one who got away. He sees how stunning she is in love. As he sparkles, shines, and gushes over the lucky guy in her life, the narrator now appreciates that he missed his chance long ago. He failed to fully value the lovely lady back then.

16. "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" by U2

Many of the songs by Irish band U2 have spiritual references, and this ditty expresses deep religious angst. The lost soul at the heart of this 1987 pop song is looking the whole world over for what he needs and has yet to find it. His journey is very physical and finds him climbing mountains, running through fields, and scaling city walls. Additionally, his search is interpersonal, as he kisses "honey lips" and feels "healing fingertips."

While there are definite Christian overtones in his references to a figure carrying "the cross of my shame," he ultimately expresses dissatisfaction that he still hasn't found what he's looking for. He seems to settle for a sense of agnostism. As many as 30% of Americans consider themselves non-religious ("nones").1

17. "Look Away" by Chicago

After a breakup, you'd expect an ex to grieve the loss of the failed relationship rather than move on quickly, however that's not what the woman in this sorrowful 1988 love ballad did. She not only found a new boyfriend but also had the nerve to contact her former flame up to inform him of the news. (Who does this?)

He wishes her well while candidly sharing that he will probably look away if he sees them together on the street. It seems like this cruel gal is really rubbing his face in her new love affair and toying with his mourning.

18. "Look Up Child" by Lauren Daigle

With husky vocals, American contemporary Christian singer gives voice to hope and faith in this soulful 2019 inspirational number. She provides inspiration that when the world seems to be falling apart around you, when you are confused and overwhelmed by suffering and tragedy, God beckons you to look up for the answers.

19. "Look What You've Done to Me" by Boz Scaggs

Heartaches don't last forever, so when it comes to romance, if you fall off the horse, don't give up. Dust yourself off. You'll be back in the saddle before you know it.

This hit song was part of the motion picture soundtrack for Urban Cowboy. Having experienced the hope and anguish of a failed love relationship, the guy in this 1980 soft rock love ballad never thought that he could repeat the experience of falling in love. It was just too painful. However, lo and behold he has opened himself up to the vulnerability of love again. Imagine that.

20. "Look What God Gave Her" by Thomas Rhett

The shallow-minded guy in this 2019 bro-country song is thinking below the belt while focused on a lady he admires. He doesn't take notice of her intelligence or interests. Rather, he notes how she's getting a lot of attention because of her beauty.

The narrator remarks that it's as if the heavens have opened up wide and deposited an angel into the room—one who gets the guys hot and attracts haters. She has eyes that can hypnotize and a charming smile while the men ogle her when she dances. How awkward. If he looked a little deeper, he might be able to sing about her sparkling personality or MENSA membership because she's three-dimensional, bro.

"Sometimes what you're looking for is already there." - Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul

"Sometimes what you're looking for is already there." - Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul

Even More Songs With Look in the Title

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SongArtist(s)Year Released

21. When You Look Me in the Eyes

Jonas Brothers


22. Look Up at the Stars

Shawn Mendes


23. When I look at You

Miley Cyrus


24. Just Look Up

Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi


25. Take a Look Around

Limp Bizkit


26. The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is You

Bryan Adams


27. Look What You've Done

Zara Larsson


28. Lookin' Out My Back Door

Creedence Clearwater Revival


29. Don't Look Back in Anger



30. Look at Me

Carrie Underwood


31. Looks That Kill

Mötley Crüe


32. Look What I Found

Lady Gaga


33. Through the Eyes of Love

Melissa Manchester


34. Look What You've Done



35. Look What the Cat Dragged In



36. Look Through My Eyes

Phil Collins


37. Looking in the Eyes of Love

Alison Krauss & Union Station


38. Look What You Done for Me

Arctic Monkeys


39. Look Alive, Sunshine

My Chemical Romance


40. What Have They Done to My Song Ma



41. Look After You

The Fray


42. Looks Like Hell

A Day to Remember


43. Look What You Done for Me

Al Green


44. Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee

Stockard Channing


45. Look at What I've Done

Chris Cagle


46. Looking for Angels



47. Lookin' For A Good Time

Lady A


48. Looking for an Angel

Kylie Mingoue


49. Dude (Looks Like a Lady)



50. Looking for Love



51. Lookin' Out for Number 1

Bachman–Turner Overdrive


52. Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun

Beastie Boys


53. Looking Down the Barrel of Today



54. Looking for Me

Paul Woolford and Diplo (Featuring Kareen Lomax)


55. Show Me What I'm Looking For

Carolina Liar


56. Lookin' for That Girl

Tim McGraw


57. Lookin' for Love

Johnny Lee


58. Something About the Way You Look Tonight

Elton John


59. Look What I've Found

Chris Cagle


60. Lookin' for Love

Johnny Lee


61. Hey, Good Lookin'

Hank Williams Sr.


62. You're Lookin' at Country

Loretta Lynn


63. Look Away

Big Country


64. Who Are You When I'm Not Looking

Blake Shelton


65. The Look of Love

Dusty Springfield


66. The Look of Love



67. That Look

Aaron Watson


68. Here's Looking at You

Gaslight Anthem



1More Americans are shifting away from religious affiliation, new study finds. (2021, December 15). the Guardian.

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