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100 Best Songs With Geometric Shapes in the Title

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Square, triangle, circle—all your favorite shapes are featured in song titles. Find out which ones here!

Square, triangle, circle—all your favorite shapes are featured in song titles. Find out which ones here!

The mysterious ways in which geometric designs render themselves in everyday life are fascinating. Be it a circle, square, rectangle, triangle, or any other figure, its shape that defines outcome. The geometric pattern we apply through a thought process shapes our lives. Musicians possess the knack of translating thoughts into a form of lyrics and poetry. A number of singers and songwriters have creatively mentioned geometric shapes in their songs to explain a concept or idea.

Messages Conveyed With Geometric Shapes in Songs

In songs, a wide range of beliefs, mindsets, and ideas are associated with geometric shapes. The grim realities of life are often represented with a geometric pattern. A philosophical viewpoint is presented in thought provoking manner to highlight a matter of importance concerning life and relationships.

Geometric designs or shapes in songs may reveal or conceal feelings associated with love and relationships. Encounters with different phases of life are portrayed with a geometric shape. The design of life in certain songs is metaphorically represented with shape to represent truth.


Two-Dimensional Shapes Representing Reality

  • Circle
  • Semicircle
  • Oval
  • Triangle
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Parallelogram
  • Rhombus
  • Trapezium
  • Kite
  • Pentagon
  • Hexagon
  • Heptagon
  • Octagon
  • Nonagon
  • Decagon

Three-Dimensional Shapes Representing Illusion

  • Cube
  • Cuboid
  • Cone
  • Cylinder
  • Sphere

Symbolism: Geometric Shapes in Songs

Diverse perspectives about reality and illusion are symbolically portrayed with geometric shapes, figures, and patterns in songs. The cause and effect designed by intent and actions of people influences the future to take shape differently. This cause and effect associated with good and evil is conveyed with the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence that stem from sacred geometry. Geometric designs in certain music videos represent the construct of the mind.

The complexities of understanding love and relationships are sometimes depicted with geometric designs that represent the mind. A geometric design or shape may also showcase a certain form of structure or order. Shapes that are symmetrical or uniform denote a balanced life, whereas shapes that are asymmetrical or irregular may symbolize a freeform life.

Abstract shapes are often used to portray dark elements based on reasoning. In different genres, curves represent the feminine form while edges represent masculinity. Although diverse attributes are associated with geometric shapes, in songs, these shapes may symbolize or denote:

  • Mood
  • Feelings
  • Emotions
  • Stability
  • Aggression
  • Honesty
  • Structure
  • Unity
  • Energy
  • Integrity
  • Love
  • Power
  • Conformity
  • Truth
  • Strength
  • Fertility
  • Protection
  • Balance
  • Transformation
  • Divinity
  • Conflict
  • Harmony
  • Life
  • Death

The list below showcases a collection of rock songs, pop songs, country songs, R&B songs, folk songs, hip-hop songs, alternative songs, indie songs, blues songs, jazz songs, reggae songs, disco songs, EDM songs, and dance songs with geometric shapes in the title. If you have an opinion or song suggestion, let us know in the comments section.

Top 10 Best Songs With Geometric Shapes in the Title

  1. “Circles”—Post Malone
  2. “(You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care”—Elvis Presley
  3. “Circle in the Sand”—Belinda Carlisle
  4. “Pink Triangle”—Weezer
  5. “Circle the Drain”—Katy Perry
  6. “Hip To Be Square”—Huey Lewis and the News
  7. “The Circle Game”—Joni Mitchell
  8. “Perfect Circle”—R.E.M.
  9. “Square One”—Tom Petty
  10. “Pyramids”—Frank Ocean


11. “Nonagon”—They Might Be Giants

12. “Circle for a Landing”—Three Dog Night

13. “A Sky Full of Stars”—Coldplay

14. “Will It Go Round in Circles”—Billy Preston

15. “In a Stone Circle”—Ian Anderson

16. “Yellow Triangle”—Christy Moore

17. “Circle Sky”—The Monkees

18. “Spin the Black Circle”—Pearl Jam

19. “Tiananmen Square”—Chumbawamba

20. “Don’t Be Square (Be There)”—Adam & the Ants


21. “Full Circle”—Little River Band

22. “Square Peg, Round Hole”—Chris Rea

23. “You’re Just Too Square (You Ain’t Nowhere)”—Dr. John

24. “Warm Wet Circles”—Marillion

25. “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square”—Nat King Cole

26. “Jeffery Goes to Leicester Square”—Jethro Tull

27. “Pyramid Song”—Radiohead

28. “The Circle is Small”—Gordon Lightfoot

29. “Love Triangle”—RaeLynn

30. “Kite”—Kate Bush

31. “Sittin’ in Circles”—The Electric Flag

32. “Vicious Circle”—Lou Reed

33. “Conehead”—Frank Zappa

34. “Square Biz”—Teena Marie

35. “The Width of a Circle”—David Bowie

36. “St. Thomas Square”—Isaac Hayes

37. “Address in the Stars”—Caitlin & Will

38. “Circle of Heartbreak”—Betty Wright

39. “Love’s Got Me in Triangles”—Haircut 100

40. “You’re So Square”—Buddy Holly


41. “The Game of Triangles”—Bobby Bare, Norma Jean and Liz Anderson

42. “Circle of Hands”—Uriah Heep

43. “Squares”—The Beta Band

44. “May the Cube Be With You”—Thomas Dolby

45. “The Auld Triangle”—The Dubliners

46. “Square the Circle”—Joan Armatrading

47. “Counting Stars”—OneRepublic

48. “Bermuda Triangle”—Barry Manilow

49. “Times Square”—Marianne Faithfull

50. “Can the Circle Be Unbroken (By and By)”—The Carter Family

51. “Dodecahedron”—Beth Jeans Houghton and the Hooves of Destiny

52. “Circle”—Harry Chapin

53. “Prayers/Triangles”—Deftones

54. “Bizarre Love Triangle”—New Order

55. “Washington Square”—The Village Stompers

56. “Square and Triangles”—Thompson Twins

57. “Circle of Steel”—Gordon Lightfoot

58. “New Killer Star”—David Bowie

59. “Turning Circles”—Judas Priest

60. “Circles”—Mariah Carey


61. “Square Rooms”—Al Corley

62. “The Circle is Unbroken”—The Incredible String Band

63. “Parallelograms”—Linda Perhacs

64. “Circle of Love”—Steve Miller Band

65. “The Triangle Fire”—The Brandos

66. “Circles”—Switchfoot

67. “All of the Stars”—Ed Sheeran

68. “Another Pyramid”—Sting

69. “Falling Like the Stars”—James Arthur

70. “Kite”—U2

71. “Circles”—Eddie Brickell and the New Bohemians

72. “Triangle”—Jamie Grant

73. “Stars”—Simply Red

74. “Triangle”—Gordon Lightfoot

75. “All the Stars”—Kendrick Lamar

76. “Bermuda Triangle”—Fleetwood Mac

77. “Lucky Star”—Madonna

78. “Hollywood Squares”—George Strait

79. “Four Square Miles”—Telluride

80. “Star Baby”—The Guess Who


81. “Video Killed the Radio Star”—The Buggles

82. “Pyramid”—Duke Ellington

83. “Rewrite the Stars”—Zac Efron and Zendaya

84. “Island of Circles”—Donovan

85. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Star”—Oasis

86. “Circles”—Jana Kramer

87. “Life in a Tenement Square”—Flogging Molly

88. “May the Circle Remain Unbroken”—13th Floor Elevators

89. “Kites Are Fun”—Free Design

90. “When the Stars Come Out”—Chris Stapleton

91. “Prism Song”—Julie Byrne

92. “Square One”—Coldplay

93. “Everybody is a Star”—Sly and the Family Stone

94. “Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)”—Muse

95. “Pyramid of Tears”—Lucinda Williams

96. “Baby I’m a Star”—Prince

97. “Hedron”—Badbadnotgood

98. “Circle. Square. Triangle”—Test Icicles

99. “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!”—The Beatles

100. “2 Pyramids”—Other Lives

Other Notable Songs With Geometric Shapes in the Title

  • “The Shoemaker of Leatherware Square”—The Lemon Pipers
  • “Outside a Small Circle of Friends”—Paul Ochs
  • “Circle of Love”—Dolly Parton
  • “Stars”—Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
  • “Circles”—Christina Aguilera
  • “The World Ain’t Round, It’s Square”—The Savages
  • “Stars”—Skillet
  • “Tra Le La Le La Triangle”—Patsy Cline
  • “We’ll Be the Stars”—Sabrina Carpenter
  • “American Triangle”—Elton John
  • “Since There Were Circles”—Bob Lind
  • “Golden Circle”—Terry Callier
  • “Shining Star”—Earth, Wind & Fire
  • “Crazy Circles”—Bad Company
  • “Time Square”—Aaron Cole
  • “I Narrowed This Triangle Down to Two”—Leona Williams
  • “Square Hammer”—Ghost
  • “Going in Circles”—Friends of Distinction
  • “Star”—The Hollies
  • “Full Circle”—Big Sean
  • “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)”—David Bowie
  • “Eye of the Pyramid”—Will Champlin
  • “Pyramids and Stargates”—Luca Turilli
  • “Circle”—Siouxsie and the Banshees
  • “My No No Square”—Jack Shore
  • “Triangles”—Kingdom Come
  • “Circle Up”—Chris Rice
  • “In the Winners Circle”—Mudhoney
  • “The Devil’s Triangle”—King Crimson
  • “Changes, Circles Spinning”—Moby Grape
  • “Turn a Square”—The Shins
  • “Circles”—Mac Miller
  • “City of Stars”—Ryan Gosling
  • “Anti-Circle”—The Roots
  • “February Stars”—Foo Fighters
  • “The Circle With a Hole in the Middle”—Ornette Coleman
  • “Square Car”—Cynthia Barber
  • “Like a Star”—Corinne Bailey Rae
  • “Death is a Star”—The Clash
  • “Beautiful Circle”—Sara Storer
  • “Circles”—Marquees Houston
  • “Dead Rock Star”—Iggy Pop
  • “Square Dance”—Eminem
  • “Flying a Kite”—Joanna Newsom
  • “Lines & Circles”—Screaming Trees
  • “Green Circles”—The Small Faces
  • “Triangle Head”—Stan Ridgway
  • “Full Circle”—Half Moon Run
  • “Pentangling”—Pentangle
  • “Shooting Star”—Bad Company
  • “Triangle”—The Beau Brummels
  • “The Keeper of the Stars”—Tracy Byrd
  • “Will the Circle Be Unbroken”—John Fahey
  • “Congo Square”—Teena Marie
  • “Love Circles”—Squeeze
  • “I Don’t Want to Be a Star”—Lenny Kravitz
  • “Circle of Friendz”—Gorillaz featuring Brandon Markell Holmes
  • “Even the Stars Fall 4 U”—Keith Urban
  • “Built Pyramids”—N.O.R.E. featuring Large Professor
  • “Triangle”—Janie Grant
  • “Cube & Puzzle”—Werkha
  • “There’s a Star for Everyone”—Aretha Franklin
  • “Circles and X’s”—Lucinda Williams
  • “Making Circles”—Christian Kane
  • “Sno-Cone Part 1”—Albert Collins
  • “Crop Circle”—Monster Magnet
  • “Kites”—Rooftop Singers
  • “Waiting For a Star to Fall”—Boy Meets Girl
  • “Semicircle Song”—The Go! Team
  • “Pack Fair and Square”—J Geils Band
  • “Square Inside a Circle”—Juliana Meyer
  • “Circles”—George Harrison
  • “We Are All Made of Stars”—Moby
  • “Tompkins Square Park”—Mumford & Sons
  • “Black Moon Pyramid”—Axel Rudi Pell
  • “Circle Slide”—The Choir
  • “Look for a Star”—Garry Mills
  • “Soho Square”—Kristy MacColl
  • “Circle Don’t Stop”—Prodigy, Abdul Raheem and Chinky
  • “Square 9”—Frightened Rabbit
  • “Dark Star”—Crosby, Stills & Nash
  • “Kites”—Simon Dupree and the Big Sound
  • “Shinin’ Star (Makin’ My Love)”—David Bowie
  • “Triangles and Squares”—Eddie Bush
  • “Fair & Square”—Jimmy Dale Gilmore
  • “Mary the Ice Cube”—Primus
  • “Another Star”—Stevie Wonder
  • “Sun On the Square”—The Innocence Mission
  • “Kite Song”—Patty Griffin
  • “Squares and Circles”—Gale Trippsmith
  • “Circle of Hypocrisy”—Napalm Death
  • “Big Square People”—Heaven 17
  • “Oval Song”—John Craigie
  • “Red Triangle”—The Bamboos
  • “Lost Stars”—Adam Levine
  • “The Circle”—Ocean Color Scene
  • “One Of the Brightest Stars”—James Blunt
  • “The Big Square Inch”—Sammy Hagar
  • “California Girl (the Tennessee Square)”—Glaser Brothers
  • “Circles”—George Alice
  • “Union Square”—Tom Waits
  • “Stars in Your Eyes”—Air Supply
  • “Turning Circles”—Sally Dworsky
  • “Wish Upon a Star”—Steve Miller Band
  • “Unsquare Dance”—The Dave Brubeck Quartet
  • “Stars Are Blind”—Paris Hilton
  • “Satellite Kite”—Beautiful Eulogy
  • “Circles”—Atlantic Starr
  • “Crop Circles”—Insane Clown Posse
  • “Strange News From Another Star”—Blur
  • “Going In Circles”—Isaac Hayes
  • “Wishing on a Star”—Rose Royce
  • “Gold in the Pyramid”—Pharao
  • “Brightest Morning Star”—Britney Spears
  • “A Circle of Love”—Freddy Cole
  • “The Prettiest Star”—David Bowie
  • “Circles”—P.O.D.
  • “Staring At the Stars”—Passenger
  • “Triangle Blue”—Ann Lewis

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