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100 Best Songs With Brand Names in the Title


There are numerous brands that cater to the likes and preferences of people in society. In recent years, brand consciousness has become a way of life for teens and young adults. Be it clothes, accessories, automobiles, gadgets, or any other line of product, youngsters from different walks of life like to sport their favorite brands. Musicians and brands have a close association. Certain musicians have taken brand loyalty to a whole new level by actually including brand names in their songs.

What Is the Purpose of Mentioning Brand Names in Songs?

A brand name maybe mentioned in a song for different reasons. While certain musicians may actually mention a brand as part of the contractual obligation or sponsorship agreement with the product they endorse, many singers and songwriters often narrate an authentic experience or association with brands. While sometimes a brand is mentioned in the song title or lyrics to target an audience, most times a line of product is mentioned to share a personal experience. Musicians may also use the name of a brand to metaphorically to explain a concept or idea. Although certain musicians may endorse labels for the money, majority of bands and artists mention products and brands they connect with organically.

Certain singers and songwriters humorously describe their personal experience with a brand and the funny circumstances or situations they encounter. In certain songs, a luxury product maybe mentioned, to convey different aspects of materialism and greed that comes with fame and success. Artists also use names of brands to create a specific type of imagery with their lyrics. A brand name may be used creatively to rhyme or prophesize a message in the chorus or verse of the songs. Brands may also partner with bands and artists to influence specific segments in the market through songs.


Bands and Artists as Brand Influencers

A number of automobile brands, fashion and lifestyle brands, food and beverage brands, and electronics brands among others, have found unique ways to expand their market share by creatively incorporating their products in music videos through sponsorship deals and partnerships with bands and artists. Major companies have realized the important role musicians play in influencing the consumer-driven market. With clever titles, lyrics, and music videos, bands and artists have become the new brand influencers of our generation. Indeed, brands and bands are a prolific combination.

What Do Brands Symbolize in Songs?

Brands symbolize a wide-range of attributes related to personal experience and promotion. Major brands realize the importance and potential of artists from different genres. Conglomerates realize musicians possess the power to influence people. Keeping this in mind, brands are eager to partner with bands and artists to bring about a cultural shift of brand favoritism through songs and lyrics. Different market segments are targeted by brands through sponsorship deals. In recent years, music videos have become a revenue generating medium for both brands and artists.

Through sponsorship deals with bands and artists, business houses and multinationals are spending huge amounts of money to cultivate their image and build brand consciousness among consumers in different segments. A number of bands and artists exhibit, showcase, and flaunt a variety of brands in their music videos in accordance with partnership and sponsorship agreements. Cars and motorbikes that belong to the high-end market are often showcased in music videos to embody a luxurious lifestyle, and to influence specific markets. Although brands convey a wide spectrum of influences, in songs they often symbolize or represent

  • Lifestyle
  • Imagery
  • Luxury
  • Passion
  • Class
  • Greed
  • Individualism
  • Comfort
  • Attitude
  • Value
  • Satisfaction
  • Aura
  • Happiness
  • Confidence

The list below showcases a diverse collection of rock songs, pop songs, country songs, folk songs, hip hop songs, alternative songs, indie songs, disco songs, jazz songs, blues songs, and dance songs with brand names. If you have a view, opinion, or songs suggestion, let us now in the comments section.

Top 10 Best Songs With Brand Names

  1. “Gucci Gang”—Lil Pump
  2. “Nikes”—Frank Ocean
  3. “Hey Porsche”—Nelly
  4. “My Adidas”—Run DMC
  5. “Blueberry Faygo”—Lil Mosey
  6. “Dior”—Pop Smoke
  7. “Firestone”—Kygo featuring Conrad Sewell
  8. “Kodachrome”—Paul Simon
  9. “Uber Everywhere”—MadeinTYO
  10. “Aston Martin Music”—Rick Ross featuring Drake and Chrisette Michele


11. “White Mercedes”—Charli XCX

12. “Lego House”—Ed Sheeran

13. “Rolex”—Ayo & Teo

14. “Versace”—Migos

15. “Me U & Hennessy”—DJ Loaf

16. “Fireball”—Pitbull featuring John Ryan

17. “Mustang Sally”—Wilson Pickett

18. “Beamer, Benz or Bentley”—Lloyd Banks featuring Julez Santana

19. “Chanel”—Frank Ocean

20. “New Patek”—Lil Uzi Vert


21. “Jimmy Choo”—Fetty Wap

22. “Cadillac Ranch”—Bruce Springsteen

23. “Bugatti”—Ace Hood featuring Future and Rick Ross

24. “Tom Ford”—Jay Z

25. “Chloraseptic”—Eminem featuring Phresher

26. “Novocaine for the Soul”—Eels

27. “Pacman Fever”—Buckner & Garcia

28. “Jeepster”—T. Rex

29. “Mercedes Benz”—Janis Joplin

30. “Rum and Coca-Cola”—The Andrews Sisters

31. “A.D.I.D.A.S.”—Korn

32. “Little Honda”—The Hondells

33. “Orange Crush”—R.E.M.

34. “Air Force Ones”—Nelly

35. “Mercedes Boy”—Pebbles

36. “E.M.I.”—Sex Pistols

37. “Pink Cadillac”—Bruce Springsteen

38. “Hot Rod Lincoln”—Charlie Ryan

39. “Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo”—Tracy Byrd

40. “Mercy”—Kanye West featuring Big Sean, Pusha T and 2 Chainz


41. “Coca-Cola Cowboy”—Mel Tillis

42. “Life in Technicolor”—Coldplay

43. “No Vaseline”—Ice Cube

44. “Hello Kitty”—Avril Lavigne

45. “Little Red Corvette”—Prince

46. “Bitchin' Camaro”—The Dead Milkmen

47. “Smells Like Teen Spirit”—Nirvana

48. “Gatti”—JackBoys, Travis Scott and Pop Smoke

49. “Maybach Music 2”—Rick Ross featuring Kanye West, T-Pain and Lil Wayne

50. “Hey Little Cobra”—The Rip Chords

51. “600 Benz”—Wale featuring Rick Ross and Jadakiss

52. “Chevy Van”—Sammy Johns

53. “Brand New Cadillac”—Vince Taylor

54. “Red Barchetta”—Rush

55. “Disney Girls”—The Beach Boys

56. “Patek Water”—Future & Young Thug

57. “The JCB Song”—Nizlopi

58. “Gucci Gucci”—Kreayshawn

59. “Doctor Pepper”—Diplo, CL, Riff Raff and OG Maco

60. “From a Buick 6”—Bob Dylan


61. “Louboutins”—Jennifer Lopez

62“Detroit Vs. Everybody”—Eminem featuring Big Sean, Royce da 5‘9”, Danny Brown Trick Trick and Dej Loaf

63. “Jose Cuervo”—Shelly West

64. “Mercury Blues”—Alan Jackson

65. “Corona and Lime”—Shwayze

66. “Ferrari”—Bebe Rexha

67. “G.T.O.”—Ronny & the Daytonas

68. “Versace on the Floor”—Bruno Mars

69. “Supersoaker”—Kings of Leon

70. “Gucci This (Gucci That)”—OMG

71. “Tuscan Leather”—Drake

72. “Rolex Sweep”—Skepta

73. “Black Dog”—Arlo Parks

74. “John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16”—Keith Urban

75. “DHL”—Frank Ocean

76. “Sexy People (The FIAT Song)”—Arianna featuring Pitbull

77. “Rover (Mu la la)”—S1mba featuring DTG

78. “Galaxie”—Blind Melon

79. “Sunshine”—Lil Flip

80. “Polaroid”—Keith Urban


81. “Waze”—Skepta, Chip and Young Adz

82. “Terraplane Blues”—Robert Johnson

83. “Jumpman”—Drake and Future

84. “Nintendo Game”—Alessia Cara

85. “Harleys in Hawaii”—Katy Perry

86. “Electric Aunt Jemima”—The Mothers of Invention

87. “The Jean Genie”—David Bowie

88. “Rolls Royce”—Achille Lauro

89. “Volvo Driving Soccer Mom”—Everclear

90. “Pac-Man”—Gorillaz

91. “Diet Mountain Dew”—Lana Del Rey

92. “Polaroid Picture”—Frank Turner

93. “Working for MCA”—Lynyrd Skynyrd

94. “Red Bull and Hennessy”—Jenny Lewis

95. “My 64”—Mike Jones featuring Bun B and Snoop Dogg

96. “Box Chevy V”—Yelawolf

97. “White Lightning”—George Jones

98. “Gucci Flip Flops”—Bhad Bhabie featuring Lil Yatchy

99. “Hennesy n Buddah”—Snoop Dogg featuring Kokane

100. “Porsche”—Charli XCX featuring Mo

Other Notable Songs With Brand Names

  • “Busting Up a Starbucks”—Mike Doughty
  • “Jaguar and Thunderbird”—Chuck Berry
  • “McDonald's Girl”—Dean Friedman
  • “The Key to Her Ferrari”—Thomas Dolby
  • “White Mustang”—Lana Del Rey
  • “Greyhounds”—De La Soul
  • “Ferrari Boyz”—Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame
  • “Tesco Disco”—The Kooks
  • “Ridin’ n’ that Chevy”—Three 6 Mafia
  • “Crusin’ In My 64”—Eazy-E
  • “Lamborghini Doors”—Rick Ross featuring Meek Mill and Anthony Hamilton
  • “Heinz Baked Beans”—The Who
  • “Polaroid”—Imagine Dragons
  • “Silver Thunderbird”—Marc Cohn
  • “Tyler Got Himself a Tesla”—Florida Georgia Line
  • “Zerox”—Adam and the Ants
  • “Camaro”—Kings of Leon
  • “Lincoln Continentals and Cadillacs”—Tim McGraw featuring Kid Rock
  • “Gucci on My”—Mike Will Made It featuring 21 Savage, Migos and YG
  • “Mars Bars”—The Undertones
  • “D'usse”—Lil Wayne
  • “Gucci & Dior”—Krawk
  • “Chrome Heart Tags”—Lil Uzi Vert
  • “Levi Jeans”—Drumma Boy featuring Rocko and 2 Chainz
  • “Harley”—Lil Yachty
  • “Porsche”—NSG
  • “Waffle House”—Colt Ford
  • “Church in a Chevy”—Jordan Davis
  • “Ferrari Music Freestyle”—Fetty Wap featuring House Party
  • “Velcro Fly”—Z.Z. Top
  • “Black Label”—Lamb of God
  • “Chevrolet DJ”—Cole Swindell
  • “Monsanto Years”—Neil Young
  • “Sony”—Big Audio Dynamite
  • “Chanel (Go Get It)”—Young Thug featuring Gunna & Lil Baby
  • “El Camino”—Elizabeth Cook
  • “Gucci Everything”—GA’ME featuring Chief Keef, French Montana and Fabolous
  • “Drakkar Noir”—Phoenix
  • “Mason Jar”—Natalie Stovall and the Drive
  • “Cherry Vimto”—Viola Beach
  • “Lil Porsche”—Tyga
  • “Poprocks And Coke”—Green Day
  • “Grey Goose Chase”—Brad Paisley
  • “I’m Gucci”—Migos
  • “Breaking Into Aldi”—Fat White Family
  • “Photoshop Handsome”—Everything Everything
  • “Gallardo”—Gunplay featuring Rick Ross and Yo Gotti
  • “Old School Caddy”—Hit-Boy featuring Kid Cudi
  • “Corvette Bummer”—Beck
  • “United Breaks Guitars”—Sons of Maxwell
  • “Pints of Guinness Make You Strong”—Against Me!
  • “Ridin’ In My Chevy”—Snoop Dogg
  • “Novocaine”— Fall Out Boy
  • “Jack Daniels”—Miranda Lambert
  • “Netflix & Chill”—Fredo
  • “20 in a Chevy”—Cole Swindell
  • “Addison Lee”—Not3s
  • “Christian Dior Denim Flow”—Kanye West featuring Kid Cudi,John Legend, Pusha T, Ryan Leslie and Lloyd Banks
  • “Chevrolet”—Hard Target x The Lacs
  • “Gucci Fendi Prada”—FSG Rell featuring Tr0y W0nder
  • “Codigo”—George Strait
  • “VW Van”—Jake Owen
  • “Maybach Curtains”—Meek Mill featuring Nas, John Legend, Rick Ross and Johnny Legend
  • “Jimmy Choos”—Rickie Lee Jones
  • “Green Gucci Suit”—Rick Ross featuring Future
  • “Christmas in Blue Chair Bay”—Kenny Chesney
  • “Silverado Saturday Night”—Aaron Watson
  • “Polo”—St. Lunatics
  • “White Ferrari”—Frank Ocean
  • “Mexican Fender”—Weezer
  • “Pol Roger”—Jimmy Eat World
  • “Nike Boots”—Wale
  • “Carl Perkins' Cadillac”—Drive-By Truckers
  • “57 Chevrolet”—Billy Joe Spears
  • “Carbona Not Glue”—Ramones
  • “Gucci Bandana”—Soulja Boy featuring Shawty Lo Gucci Mane
  • “Daddy’s Lambo”—Yelawolf
  • “Balmain Jeans”—Kid Cudi featuring Raphael Saadiq
  • “Red Ford Radio”—U.S. Girls
  • “Ferrari Horses”—D-Block Europe featuring Raye
  • “Now and Later”—Sage the Gemini
  • “Versace Rap”—Vince Staples
  • “Sequential Circuits”—Panda Bear
  • “Gucci Louis Prada”—Twista featuring Tyga
  • “Liquor Locker”—Vic Mensa
  • “Through My Ray-Bans”—Eric Church
  • “Nikes on My Feet”—Mac Miller
  • “Duct Tape Heart”—Barenaked Ladies
  • “Bentley Coupe”—Thuto
  • “Just From Chevron”—Dirty Projectors
  • “Marc Jacobs”—Riff Raff
  • “Chanel”—Slim Jxmmi featuring Rae Sremmurd, Swae Lee & Pharrell
  • “Hard Rock Cafe”—Carole King
  • “Me and Jack”—Jon Pardi
  • “Ray Ban Vision”—A-Trak featuring Cyhi the Prynce
  • “Cadillac on 22’s”—David Banner
  • “Goodyears”—Travis Denning
  • “The Last Chance Texaco”—Rickie Lee Jones
  • “Polo Down”—Young Dro
  • “Hennessy”—Tshego featuring Gemini Major and Cassper Nyovest
  • “New Dior”—DigDat featuring D-Block Europe
  • “Please Stop Making Fake Versace”—Father
  • “Harley Davidson”—Diesel Dhal
  • “iPod on Shuffle”—Eric Bellinger
  • “Gucci Please”—Gucci Mane
  • “Ray Bans”—JT Hodges
  • “Benz Friendz (Whatchutola)”—Future featuring Andre 3000
  • “Camaro”—Liz Longley

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