40 Songs About Eating Disorders With Lyrics

Updated on February 6, 2018

There are many songs out there with lyrics that relate to eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia. These songs can give outsiders a glimpse into the world of eating disorders, and many sufferers can relate to their lyrics. Not all of these songs directly are about these illnesses, but they may be relatable to many in some way!

1. "Courage"


"I know the right words to say
Like 'I don't feel well', 'I ate before I came'
Then someone tells me how good I look
And for a moment, for a moment I am happy
But when I'm alone, no one hears me cry"

2. "Eyesore"

Maria Mena

"The ugly naked truth
She starves me of my youth
And I stand alone until you catch on
I swear it's not by choice
But Ana has this voice
And it calms me down, it gives me purpose"

3. "Control"


"You say that you're in control,
You say that you are
I can't think of a time
When you looked less alive"

4. "Skin and Bones"

Mariana's Trench

"Feeling so easy
Make me skin and bones
I'm always on my knees for you"

5. "Invisible"

Skylar Grey

"I take these pills to make me thin
I dye my hair, and cut my skin"

6. "Dressed in Decay"


"You see the struggle flood the skin
From promises to paper-thin
She turns a blind eye, will of stone
From stunning smile to flesh and bone"

7. "Waltz Moore"

From First to Last

"I can't remember
The last time I've seen my own eyes
Or the color of my skin
Do you know what it's like to feel ugly all the time?"

8. "My Silent Undoing"

Queen Adreena

"Protruding hips and skull and spine
Ribcage cuts a clear outline"

9. "A Blood Red Bracelet"

Corinna Fugate

"A blood red bracelet, is all that's feeding me
Don't you see why you need me?
It's because I keep you free from need"

10. "Breathe Me"


"Help, I have done it again
I have been here many times before
Hurt myself again today
And the worst part is there's no one else to blame"

11. "Cause and Effect"

Maria Mena

"I can't laugh too hard, I'm on a diet.
I'm trying to lose myself,
You ought to try it.
Just starve for six days straight,
Oh, it's a riot"

12. "Ana & Mia"

The Trews

"It sucks you in, so it begins
Turning your insides out
Skin and bones, you're all alone
It's killing you slowly now
How Ana & Mia stay beautiful all day"

13. "Mary Jane"

Alanis Morissette

"I hear you're losing weight again Mary Jane
Do you ever wonder who you're losing it for?"

14. "She's Falling Apart"

Lisa Loeb

"They pull up their chairs to the table
She stares at the food on her plate
At the toast and the butter, her father, her mother
She pushes away"

15. "Tunic (Song for Karen)"

Sonic Youth

"I feel like I'm disappearing
Getting smaller every day
But I look in the mirror
And I'm bigger in every way"

16. "Sophie"

Eleanor McEvoy

"Sophie cannot finish her dinner
Says she's eaten enough
Sophie's trying to make herself thinner
Says she's eating too much"

17. "In Front of the Mirror"


"I prayed that I would look different in the mirror again today
Because I hated that anyone could see how I am ugly
But actually, I think I gained more weight than yesterday"

18. "Someone I Once Knew"

Dead Celebrity Status

"She wasn't born anorexic, but nowadays she suffers,
Staring at these half-naked stars on magazine covers
Feeling pressured by the public
She only weighs 90 pounds but still sucks in her stomach"

19. "Never Good Enough"

Rachel Ferguson

"Everybody said she was a winner
No one knew the secret kept within her
Starving for perfection
Hating her reflection"

20. "Ana's Song (Open Fire)"


"And you're my obsession
I love you to the bones
And Ana wrecks your life
Like an anorexia life"

21. "Fix Me"

Mariana's Trench

"And if you're ever feeling you're
Bruised and battered, always sore
And I wont tell no one
Just breathe, breathe"

22. "Deadly Beauty"

Faces Without Names

"Skips school, wont eat, can barely sleep
Takes drastic measures
Runs seven miles a day in the sun
Wearing a sweater"

23. "Self-Fulfilling Prophecy"

Maria Mena

"This hunger grows inside me like a tumor
The dizziness just compliments this failure of a girl
I'm settled now, the show of mine consumes me
But every pound I shed speaks volumes of my lack of self-control"

24. "Starving For Attention"

Geri Karlstrom

"Bones are beautiful
My drug of choice
Starving for perfection"

25. "Ugly"


"I think I'm ugly
And nobody wants to love me
Just like her I wanna be pretty, I wanna be pretty
Don't lie to my face 'cause I know I'm ugly"

26. "Numbers"


"My problems hide in numbers
That leave when I gag and heave
I weighed out every option
That scale's not fit for advice"

27. "I Hate the Way"

Polly Scattergood

"Maybe if I skip my dinner
Make myself pretty and thinner"

28. "Buried Myself Alive"

The Used

"I guess it's ok, I puked the day away
I guess it's better you trapped yourself in your own way"

29. "Skin & Bones"

Motion City Soundtrack

"What if there's nothing more to me?
I'm just skin and bones.
What if there's nothing more to you?
What if there's nothing left for us?"

30. "We Need to Eat"


"I say: You need to eat
She says: I'll feed on your breath
What if I leave?
She says: Without you I'll be dead"

31. "Just A Little Bit"

Maria Mena

"Just a little bit pretty
Just a little more aware
Just a little bit thinner
And maybe I'd get there"

32. "Bleed Like Me"


"Avalanche is sullen and too thin
She starves herself to rid herself of sin
And the kick is so divine when she sees bones beneath her skin
And she says, hey baby can you bleed like me?"

33. "Feeling Small"

Mariana's Trench

"This one's of me, throwing up for you
And I'm paler still, and that's the way you wanted it"

34. "Me & Mia"

Ted Leo & the Pharmacists

"Fighting for the smallest goal: to get a little self-control
I see it in your eyes, I see it in your spine
But call your friends,
'cause we've forgotten what it's like to eat what's rotten"

35. "Beauty From Pain"


"After all this has passed, I still will remain
After I've cried my last, there'll be beauty from pain
Though it won't be today, someday I'll hope again
And there'll be beauty from pain
You will bring beauty from my pain"

36. "Paper Bag"

Fiona Apple

"I got to fold 'cause these hands are too shaky to hold
Hunger hurts, but starving works, when it costs too much to love"

37. Please Eat

Nicole Dollaganger

"Cause I know you can only starve so much
'Til you like how it feels
Sitting on a throne of bones
Staring at that cold meal"

38. "Live Happy, Live With Anorexia"


"When the feast is over, the pain begins
And holds until you have
No more stomach to digest
So live happy, live with anorexia"

39. Skinny


And it will make you cry
And it will make you lie

40. Two

The Antlers

"And no one paid attention when you just stopped eating
Eighty-seven pounds and this all bears repeating"

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