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66 Songs About the Wind

Whether you're facing a slight breeze, strong gust or gale, or a full blown hurricane, honor the grace and power of the wind with a playlist of pop, rock, country, and R&B songs.

Whether you're facing a slight breeze, strong gust or gale, or a full blown hurricane, honor the grace and power of the wind with a playlist of pop, rock, country, and R&B songs.

Like Words, Winds Can Soothe or Destroy

Winds contain the capacity to

  • soothe
  • pollute
  • spread life
  • help create electricity or
  • cause great damage.

Throughout the globe, both wind and our words can either connect people or send them fleeing for physical or emotional safety. They can comfort or devastate.

Whether a gentle ocean breeze or healthy gale, a strong storm or destructive hurricane—the wind is simply the movement of air from high to low pressure due to differences in air temperature. But it is so much more.

Celebrate the importance of the wind with a playlist of pop, rock, country, and R&B songs. We have a long list of songs to start you off.

1. "Against the Wind" by Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band

We are all running against the wind, against those forces that would hinder our progress. In this sentimental 1980 soft rock tune about growing older and maturing, the song narrator takes a retrospective look at several significant points in his life when he was "running against the wind." These include sentimental musings about a young love affair he once had with a girl named Janey as well as his career as a musician on the road:

Against the wind
We were runnin' against the wind
We were young and strong, we were runnin' against the wind.

He describes life as a process of persisting against difficulties that stand in one's way. The song was inspired by singer-songwriter Bob Seger's experience as a cross country runner in high school.

2. "Candle in the Wind" by Elton John

Describing a life cut short in its prime, this stunning 1974 soft rock song is a tribute to the iconic 1950s actress and "blonde bombshell," Marilyn Monroe. It compares her life to a flickering candle whose flame is extinguished by the wind. The song hints at the actress' personal struggles, rocky relationships, and tragic death.

Born as Norma Jeane Mortensen, the legendary figure was raised in the foster care system after having never known her father and having been abandoned by her mother who was institutionalized with paranoid schizophrenia. At age 16, the future starlet quit school and married in an attempt to escape her unstable and abusive upbringing.

A pin-up-girl-turned actress, the hopeful young woman headed to Hollywood, where a 20th Century-Fox executive renamed her Marilyn Monroe. Although all she ever wanted was to be appreciated as a serious actress, Marilyn was typecast as in the dumb blonde role on account of her sex appeal. The studios also underpaid her.

Marilyn's personal struggles included three failed marriages, multiple miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy, plus a battle with alcoholism and prescription drugs. The long-term mistress of President John F. Kennedy (who also dated his brother, Robert F. Kennedy) tragically died of an overdose of barbituates at age 36. She was discovered face down, nude, with a telephone in her hand. Who knows what might have been.

No one can sing a tribute like Sir Elton John. This original version of his song was lauded as one of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time by Rolling Stone magazine. The song lyrics were reworked in 1997 to honor the memory of Princess Diana. That version is known as "Candle in the Wind 1997."

3. "Wind Beneath My Wings" by Bette Midler

If you've been a high flyer who has consistently been out front garnering accolades and applause, then chances are you are supported by one or more people behind the scenes. They quietly encourage your success and propel you forward. Without them you wouldn't be where you are.

This 1989 soft rock ballad recognizes those important "silent someones" in our lives who uplift us and allow us to soar to new heights. It is, above all, a heartfelt thank you.

4. "She's Like the Wind" by Patrick Swayze (Featuring Wendy Fraser)

This wistful soft rock love ballad from 1987 features a man who is thankful for every moment he can spend near the woman he loves. Sadly, the adoration he feels is not mutual.

Although he considers himself unworthy of her love ("she's out of my league"), he continues to pine for her nevertheless. The lovelorn guy cannot imagine giving up his dream of being with the elusive target of his desires. The narrator compares the lady to the ever-present wind because she can never be held or contained.

"She's Like the Wind" was featured on the soundtrack to the major motion picture, Dirty Dancing. It was a Top 10 hit on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and also reached the first spot on the US Billboard Adult Contemporary chart. Actor Patrick Swayze never repeated his Top 40 Billboard success, thereby making him a one-hit wonder.

5. "Ride Like the Wind" by Christopher Cross

You may not realize it from the mellow sound, but this 1980 pop rock song is about a brutal, wanted man who is fleeing the long arm of the law. This song seems to be set sometime in the Wild West era. The narrator has been tried and convicted to hang for multiple murders. Yep, take that in.

Deprived of sleep, the fugitive is now pushing on towards the Mexican border. With celerity, he is attempting to "ride like the wind" toward Mexico where he can evade his potential captors and be free from extradition. Note that Mexico and the US signed an extradition treaty in 1978.

6. "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas

There is profound philosophy blowing through this 1978 soft rock ditty, if you stop to pay attention to its lyrics. The hit song expresses deep thoughts mirroring those in the Bible—both the compelling sentiments expressed Genesis 3:19 ("...for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return") as well Ecclesiastes 3:20 ("All go to one place. All are from the dust, and to dust all return.") The idea is that life is ephemeral, material possessions mean nothing, and that ultimately, all of us return to the giant universe from which we came.

7. "Seminole Wind" by John Anderson

Don't say that country singer John Anderson didn't ring the alarm bells. Here the singer warns us about the greed and damage that we've been wreaking on the environment in the Florida everglades. Since the aftermath of the Revolutionary War, settlers have increasingly encroached upon Seminole land, draining it for profit and leaving wetlands critically endangered.

In 1992, Anderson, a Florida native, mourned the environmental crisis in this hit country song. He describes the environmental crisis and summons the long ago Seminole wind for help:

Progress came and took its toll,
And in the name of flood control,
They made their plans and they drained the land,
Now the glades are going dry.

8. "Ride the Wind" by Poison

This 1991 glam metal tune features a narrator who is on a long motorcycle journey with a friend. The travelers consider themselves both rebels and courageous modern warriors who ride "saddle iron horses of chrome."

Definitely adopting a hero complex, the narrator depicts himself and his buddy as total studs. The wind whips through their long hair and spanks the scars and tattoos that adorn their skin. These dudes visit bars along the way, have their way with lots of adoring ladies (of course they do!), and brave the rainy nights. Who knows where they came from or where they are going? And then the mysterious motorcycle heroes ride off into the wind.

9. "The Wellerman" by Nathan Evans

This viral 2021 TikTok song by Scottish singer Nathan Evans is a cover of a 19th century traditional folk sea shanty song. The tune was typically sung by whalers as they performed their duties rendering the animal carcass into meat and blubber. Whale oil was important during the Industrial Revolution, as it was used for fuel lamps and processed into soap, candles, and other products. Whales are friendly and express curiosity towards humans and do feel pain, of course, when harpooned.

The catchy, rhythmic tune describes a ship that is on the hunt for the right, fatty whale that will bring them the most profit. Wind rips through the sail as the bow of the ship dips down. The commercial supply ship in the song is owned by Englishmen, the Weller Brothers (hence, the "Wellerman"). Tonguing a whale refers to the onshore rendering process that results in payment for the men on board.

10. "Hurricane" by Luke Combs

In his rockin' country song from 2016, a guy that has suffered a bad relationship bust up finally allows his buddies to talk him into going out. However, no one could have forecasted this.

His friends run into his ex's friends in the nightclub, and suddenly, the narrator finds himself in the center of a storm. His ex-lover blows right in with her hair flying like the wind. The sight of her hits him like a hurricane, and his heart is gone in no time. He's headed back to her house, back to heartache, and back to where he knows he shouldn't be.

11. "Blown Away" by Carrie Underwood

The young Oklahoma girl at the center of this vengeful 2012 country single has been the victim of abuse at the hands of her alcoholic father, and her mother is deceased, unable to protect her. A tornado looms the horizon with her father passed out on the couch from a whiskey bender.

The narrator locks herself in the protective cellar and earnestly hopes that the oncoming storm levels the house and everything in it. The wind might dispense justice on her father and give the girl a fresh start:

There's not enough rain in Oklahoma
To wash the sins out of that house
There's not enough wind in Oklahoma
To rip the nails out of the past (blown away).

12. "Wild Is the Wind" by Bon Jovi

Didn't she know what she was getting into when she fell in love with a rock star? In this 1988 metal breakup tune, a guy lets his sweetheart know that yeah, it is actually her neediness that ultimately caused their breakup.

The narrator failed to make his partner happy and couldn't make her dreams come true. He tries to shoulder the blame for their broken relationship by acknowledging that he's "got a wild wind blowing through his heart." With his life on the road, he couldn't be there with his lover night and day. Although the fella will miss his ex, perhaps a better man can fulfill all of her relationship needs.

13. "Rock You Like a Hurricane" by Scorpions

Local radio stations dust off this 1984 rock anthem by German metal group the Scorpions when the weather man starts talking hurricanes. Their signature song is about a man who is scouting for a sexual partner. Boasting of his virility, he is "ready to make it with someone I choose" and he seeks to unleash all his pent-up energy by rocking his lucky lady "like a hurricane." Perhaps he's just full of hot air. No one knows, but she'll soon enough find out.

In 1985, the hit tune's sexually provocative lyrics prompted Tipper Gore and other wives of politically well connected Washington, D.C. government men to famously petition the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for change. They convinced record companies to voluntarily place warning labels on records that contained strong language, violence, sex, or substance abuse. The practice of explicit content warning labels continues to this day.

14. "Blue Bonnet Breeze" by Dolly Parton

If you've ever driven through north central Texas and seen the fields of blue bonnets, then you can picture the blue bonnet breeze that country singer Dolly Parton describes in this 2022 ditty. The song tells the story of a young couple with a Romeo and Juliet kind of love.

A rich city boy and a poor country girl fall in love in the fields of blue flowers and even get frisky there. (Beware of doing this yourself, however, as the blue bonnet fields may be hiding rattlesnakes). Their familes disapprove of their intent to marry, so the story takes a dark turn.

The couple wed and speed off to their tragic destiny as fast as they can. The young groom's truck crashes in the field of blue bonnets, their eternal resting place. (Wasn't there any other option?) Unfortunately, Dolly romanticizes the double suicide:

Now their souls swirled together
In the blue bonnet breeze.

15. "Western Wind" by Carly Rae Jepsen

Symbolically, the western wind is the bringer of spring and positive experiences, and this nostalgic pop tune from 2022 uses that idea to celebrate one's connection to people and home, even when physically separated. The song was written during the COVID-19 pandemic when Carly Rae Jepsen's grandmother died. At that time, the singer was unable to return home to Canada from California due to international travel restrictions.

16. "Hurricane" by Ofenbach and Ella Henderson

As they wrestle with ideas about their future together, emotions are spinning around like a hurricane between these lovers in this danceable 2021 pop number. The female narrator beckons her partner to stay. Pleadingly, she tells him that he's "blowing through my mind like the hurricane." He tells her to move on, but she's not taking this rejection easily.

17. "Wonderin' Bout the Wind" by Morgan Wallen

In matters of the heart, there are lovers who are the leaving kind and those who are the staying kind. When these mates find one another, the more stable of the two usually end up confused and heartbroken.

The man in this 2020 country song can't seem to understand why his girlfriend isn't fulfilled with sticking around longer. Rather than settling down and planting roots with her, she feels compelled to repeatedly drift in and out of his life. She is much like the wind he compares her to. (Maybe he should start calling her "Gale," if you know what I mean.)

18. "Walk the Way the Wind Blows" by Kathy Mattea

When love dies, where do you go from there? That's the question that the woman in this mournful 1986 country tune is facing as she reflects on an unfulfilling marriage that she is leaving after many years.

Together she and her husband made many memories over the years, but regrettably, they fell out of love. Having moved past her tears, she is now giving up and walking away. She feels directionless, aimless. The narrator has nowhere to go specifically, so she figures that she will just walk the way the wind blows.

19. "Summer Breeze" by Seals & Crofts

Summer breeze makes me feel fine
Blowin' through the jasmine in my mind.

As a man comes home from work in this groovy 1972 soft rock hit, he describes the simple pleasures in life. There's nothing remarkable about the scene, but he finds contentment in the summer breeze, the familiar sights and scents of the neighborhood, and his partner waiting in the kitchen with dinner on the table.

Wind turbines are a promising source of green energy that can reduce dependence on fossil fuels. However, they are expensive upfront, noisy, and the blades kill large numbers of birds and bats. The wind is also not always consistent or reliable.

Wind turbines are a promising source of green energy that can reduce dependence on fossil fuels. However, they are expensive upfront, noisy, and the blades kill large numbers of birds and bats. The wind is also not always consistent or reliable.

20. "Bama Breeze" by Jimmy Buffett

There's an easygoing vibe blowing through this famous Gulf Coast bar, The Flora-Bama Lounge and Package (aka The Bama Breeze). This 2006 country song celebrates that landmark, a honky tonk known for being a party 365 days a year. The well-known watering hole attracts a variety of celebrities and is located just feet from the Florida-Alabama line, albeit entirely on the Florida side. In 2004, the establishment suffered massive damage from Hurricane Ivan and was rebuilt.

Even More Songs About the Wind

SongArtist(s)Year Released

21. Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season

Kenny Chesney (Featuring Jimmy Buffett)


22. The Wind

The Fray


23. Summer Wind

Frank Sinatra


24. Where Her Heart Has Always Been

Alan Jackson


25. Must Have Been the Wind

Alec Benjamin


26. Wild Is the Wind

Nina Simone


27. Blowin' In The Wind

Bob Dylan


28. Walking in the Wind

One Direction


29. Ride the Wild Wind



30. She Took the Wind from His Sails

George Straits


31. Does the Wind Still Blow in Oklahoma

Garth Brooks (Featjiromg Rpnnie Dunn)


32. Colors of the Wind (from Pocohontas)

Judy Kuhn


33. Wild as the Wind

Garth Brooks (Featuring Trisha Yearwood)


34. The River and the Wind

Tanya Tucker


35. Four Strong Winds

Ian & Sylvia


36. Windsong

John Denver


37. Cold November Wind

Willie Nelson


38. Watch the Wind Blow By

Tim McGraw


39. Dancin' in the Wind



40. Wind in My Hair

Mandy Moore


41. Cold Wind Blows

Arcade Fire


42. Santa Ana Wind



43. Tryin' to Outrun the Wind

Willie Nelson and Waylong Jennings


44. Wind of Change



45. I'll Be the Wind

Garth Brooks


46. Cold Wind Blows



47. "The Wind"

The Zac Brown Band


48. Listening Wind

Talking Heads


49. Walking in the Wind

Steve Winwood


50. Hearts Against the Wind

Bonnie Tyler and J.D. Souther


51. Gust of Wind

Pharrell Williams


52. Hurricane

The Band of Heathens


53. Hurricane

Levon Helm


54. Shanghai Breezes

John Denver


55. Hello Hurricane



56. Hurricane



57. Waiting for the Hurricane

Chris deBurgh


58. Hurricane

Theory of a Dead Man


59. Storm Coming

Gnarls Barkley


60. Hurricane Jane

Collin Raye


61. Hurricane

Brigit Mendler


62. Hurricane



63. Strong Enough to Bend

Tanya Tucker


64. Sentimental Lady

Bob Welch


65. The Wind Blows

The All-American Rejects


66. Windy

The Association


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