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88 Songs About the Mail, Letters and the Postal Service

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Celebrate writing, sending, and receiving letters and postcards through the postal service with a pop, rock, country, and R&B playlist of songs about snail mail.

Celebrate writing, sending, and receiving letters and postcards through the postal service with a pop, rock, country, and R&B playlist of songs about snail mail.

Mail Correspondence Is Dying

Nearly gone are the days of rushing out to the mailbox to discover that the postman has delivered colorful cards and letters, handwritten in loopy cursive or careful longhand. However, yesterday's sentimental love notes and pen pal letters, postcards from travel locations around the world, and money-filled wedding and birthday cards have all but been pushed aside by technology.

The brief texts, emails, and social media posts that have replaced them are quick, less personal, and have an unstable shelf life. Correspondence by mail is dying.

I still have original love letters written between my great-grand parents, as well as nearly ever card or letter my husband ever sent me. Unfortunately, the faster-paced high tech alternatives to the mail system just don't carry the same feelings. If you miss the lost art of letter writing, then make a playlist of pop, rock, country, and R&B songs about composing, sending, and receiving letters and postcards. Then go write a letter to a friend or loved one whom you cherish.

1. "Return to Sender" by Elvis Presley

Following a lover's squabble, the guy in this classic 1962 rock and roll tune repeatedly sends love letters to his sweetheart, only to have them returned unopened. His honey must be really mad. Even when he mails it special delivery (a special care service like overnight that no longer exists) he receives his letter back marked as follows:

Return to sender, address unknown
No such person, no such zone.

In 1993, the U.S. Postal Service issued an Elvis stamp celebrating what would have been The King of Rock and Roll's 58th birthday. Many of his fans purchased the commemorative stamps and mailed their envelopes to non-existent addresses so that they would have "return to sender" postmarks officially affixed on their mail in recognition of the King's hit.

2. "Please Mr. Postman" by The Marvelettes

The U.S. Postal Service can't catch a break in this 1961 soul ditty. Although the narrator in the song has been waiting for a long overdue card or letter from her far-away boyfriend, it's been mere crickets. She pressures the mailman to check his bag one more time then gives him a guilt trip about not receiving any mail. The postman must know something.

This was the first Motown song to achieve top billing on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart. The track was also named by Rolling Stone as one of the Top 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

3. "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours" by Stevie Wonder

This is someone who knows he's done wrong and is ready to make amends. After leaving his girlfriend, the wayward man in this 1970 soul number comes to his senses. He realizes that he has made a mistake and wants to reunite with her, so he places himself at his lover's mercy.

The narrator is anguished and isn't too ashamed to cry if that will help his honey see that he's a new man. After having been away sowing his oats, he swears that his interactions with other women during their "break" meant nothing. What's important is that he's ba-a-a-ck, and like a Post Office special delivery package, he pleads, "signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours." This signifies that he is ready to fully commit to a shared future with her.

Considering the meaning of this song, it seems like an unusual selection for use in Barack Obama's presidential campaigns and victory celebrations. The tune was lauded as one of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time by Rolling Stone magazine.

4. "Because I Love You (The Postman Song)" by Stevie B

The man in this love ballad wears his heart on his sleeve as he pines for the woman he wishes he could hold in his arms. When he receives a letter from her that seems to question his feelings, he responds to his partner with this song of calm reassurance.

Stevie B issues a number of tender promises such as these as he pours out these tender emotions:

Because I love you, my heart's an open door
Girl, I want you; please come on near
Because I love you, I'll be right by your side
To be your light, to be your guide.

The 1990 pop tune topped the charts as the Latin freestyle artist's only number one hit. Sadly, in Stevie B's private life, he apparently was not as supportive as he promised to be in his hit song. In 2011, the singer pled guilty to owing a whopping $420,000 in unpaid child support.

5. "Letter To Ur N(ex)t" by Mahalia

Imagine the cringeworthy awkwardness when your boo's crazy ex-girlfriend drops by to introduce herself and give you the lowdown on him. Turns out, there's a good reason for her freakish behavior.

In this understated 2022 R&B tune, singer-songwriter Mahalia takes the viewpoint of the former flame and approaches her ex-boyfriend's new sweetheart to warn her about his emotional mistreatment. The narrator acknowledges that she has probably been labeled as the crazy ex, but then gives her replacement the rest of the story.

That boyfriend broke her spirit and messed with her mind, suddenly ghosting her after they were involved in a deep love relationship. Good people don't do that. Woman to woman, the narrator advises her replacement to leave this man while she can because he is a malignant, serial con man, walking out on women once he knows that he has won them over. If she fails to do so, then the new gal risks becoming his next crazy ex. Act now while there is time.

6. "Letter to Me" by Brad Paisley

What advice would you give to your 17-year-old self? The man in this 2007 country crossover release imagines the opportunity to write a letter to his younger teenage self, offering helpful advice on navigating a painful breakup with his high school girlfriend and reminding him to be safer behind the wheel.

Additionally, the man counsels his younger self to listen to his parents, study hard for Algebra class, and take more time to appreciate the elders in his life. He offers a boost in self-confidence, urges his younger self to worry less, and offers reassurance that he is going to have a good life with a terrific wife and family in the future.

7. "Letters from War" by Mark Schultz

In this 2003 contemporary Christian song, letters between a soldier and his mother keep their relationship alive during wartime. The soldier's mom writes every night with news from home, well wishes, and loving words of encouragement to help him make it through.

That December, she receives a heart-stopping note from a fellow soldier that recounts her son's capture by the enemy after he saved his buddy's life. Praying that her precious boy is alive, the mother continues to write to him.

Finally, two long years later, a car approaches her driveway and a captain disembarks. It is her son, holding all of the letters that his mother mailed to him. He has been released and has returned home.

8. "Picture Postcards from L.A." by Joshua Kadison

Joshua Kadison is best known for his two 1993 U.S. Billboard Top 40 hits, "Jessie" and "Beautiful in My Eyes." This pop ballad from the same year has a similar wistful tone.

The song's narrator is a piano player in a bar who is involved in a casual romantic relationship with a waitress he works with named Rachel. She has dreams of stardom and moving to L.A. Sadly, however, neither Rachel's actual singing talent nor her motivation to follow through on her dreams match her far-flung aspirations.

The narrator does not have the heart to tell her the truth, so he listens to her singing and name-in-lights fantasies. He encourages her with the vague request, "send me picture postcards from L.A.," knowing that she'll probably never go.

9. "Postcard from Paris" by The Band Perry

The woman in this 2010 country song is content in a new love relationship until she spots her ex. He is the one who got away, and the fire for him still burns in her soul.

In that moment, she realizes that her heart will never be satisfied with a love that is second-best. She compares settling for a lesser man to the experience of receiving "a postcard from Paris when I've seen the real thing."

If you can identify, then stop right there and go get what you want. Don't grow to be an old man or lady with regrets.

10. "Postcards" by James Blunt

This light-hearted ukulele pop tune from 2013 features a guy who gushes with love for his longtime friend-turned-romantic partner. The narrator is now separated by distance from her but recounts the story of how their love started with friendship until he threw a grenade into their relationship by confessing his growing feelings of attraction.

Now he is always thinking about her and feels the need to share his love for her with the world. He compares their open secret to postcards (or basically private mail that anyone can actually read in that care is not taken to hide postcards' message in an envelope).

11. "Letter from America" by The Proclaimers

This perky 1987 song is no doubt deceptive in that it is a protest song that laments the shameful Highland Clearances, the cultural oppression and subsequent forced emigration of feudal Scottish tenants from the land that their families had farmed for centuries. Aristocratic landlords evicted the poor tenant farmers en masse in several waves from 1750-1860. This caused the displaced farmers to look abroad for new homes.

Some families could scrape together only enough money to send one or two of their family members abroad, or they went over as indentured servants (not an easy life). Having risked so much to afford their loved one safe passage to a better life, Scottish families hoped to receive a treasured letter confirming that their loved one arrived safely. This song gives a nod to the many Scots who headed for America. The video draws a parallel to the difficult times that the Scots again endured during the 1980s during de-industrialization.

12. "Tear-Stained Letter" by Jo-El Sonnier

Having lived in Louisiana, I love the strong zydeco underpinnings of this 1988 country ditty. Zydeco is upbeat Cajun-influenced R&B music with heavy accordion and percussion. It will make you want to dance or at least tap your toes.

In this song, a man has gotten himself mixed up in a stormy love affair with redneck woman. Last night at 3 a.m. the couple argued, and his girlfriend threw around furniture in his apartment, abusively roughing him up.

Her dangerous behavior broke his heart. In the morning that follows, the narrator nurses his wounds and tries to move on from the toxicity when the poisonous lady reaches out via letter to say "sorry":

Just when I thought I could learn to forget her
Right through the door come a tear-stained letter
Oh, oh, oh love love
Cry, cry if it makes you feel better
Set it all down in a tear-stained letter.

Odds are this guy takes her back, you think?

13. "Letter to You" by Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band

The Boss reunites with his old band for the first time since 2016 in this 2020 tune that is full of zest. He portrays a narrator who feels compelled to divulge some of the personal secrets kept close.

The contemplative ballad is about a man who writes a letter to someone he cares about to share his life learnings. The narrator details everything important in his life so that he may aid and teach his addressee. These include his fears and doubts, truisms, and lessons he has learned the hard way.

14. "A Letter to Myself" by The Chi-Lites

It takes a desperate, lovelorn man to write a love letter to himself, spray it with his sweetheart's favorite perfume, and pop the self-addressed stamped envelope in the mail. However, that's what the narrator in this tender 1973 soul number did because he missed his significant other so much.

We don't know why she is gone, but the pain reverberating throughout his life is unbearable. At a restaurant alone, the man orders dinner for two (how awkward), and when leaving home to go to the store, he still leaves his honey a note to let her know where he's going.

Could this dejected narrator be losing it a little? He's been playing his unusual letter-mailing game because he feels lonesome without his other half, however the letters only seem to make him miss his lover more. A little therapy could go a long way.

15. "Please Read the Letter" by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

The vocal blend of Led Zeppelin lead singer Robert Plant and bluegrass songbird Alison Krauss is both serene and stunning. That's probably why they won a Grammy Award for this 2008 folk rock offering.

The song features two people who just couldn't make a relationship together work. Their affair ends not in stormy bitterness but sadness and loose ends that are explained and emoted in a letter. Nailing it to her door is admittedly a little intense. He could definitely could have attached it with tape, but whatever.

"The Postal Service exists to serve every American, regardless of where you live or what you believe." - US Representative Conor Lamb

"The Postal Service exists to serve every American, regardless of where you live or what you believe." - US Representative Conor Lamb

16. "Letter to My Unborn" by 2Pac

Released years after the iconic gangsta rapper was murdered in 1996, this 2001 "Letter to My Unborn" is a message to any potential offspring not to make the same mistakes that he did. The Harlem-born rapper asks God for forgiveness for his sins, describes a bit about his history, and counsels his potential progeny to ignore the haters.

Most of all, however, he dispenses useful guidance, sensing that he will not be around to instruct his child(ren) personally. Here are several pieces of his advice:

  • never steal or deal drugs;
  • follow the rules of the game;
  • friends come a dime a dozen;
  • be an individual;
  • work hard and study; and
  • get your mind sharp, trust nobody.

17. "Stan" by Eminem (Featuring Dido)

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recognized this letter-writing song as one of the 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll. In addition, the 2000 hip hop number was honored by Rolling Stone as one of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

The song tells the fictional tale of an overzealous fan, Stan, who writes a series of letters to Eminem, becoming increasingly aggrieved when the rapper doesn't personally respond. Eventually, the mentally ill man sends a voice recording of himself, heavily intoxicated with his pregnant girlfriend bound in the trunk of his car as he heads for a bridge. Eminem then experiences a sudden flash of understanding that the aggrieved letter writer is his stalker fan, Stan.

18. "Another Postcard" by Barenaked Ladies

Monkey see, monkey do, monkey mail a card to you.

This 2003 reggae rap song, originally written as a joke, is about a protagonist who receives so many postcards through the mail that he suspects that a stalker could be involved. All of the postcards are from an anonymous admirer, and each picture features a different chimpanzee in a different scenario—a monkey dressed in a swimsuit, chimps who love cats, a monkey sitting on a toilet, etc. Creepy yet humorous too.

19. "Bad for Me" by Meghan Trainor (Featuring Teddy Swims)

Who hasn't had family drama? This relatable, autobiographically-inspired 2022 pop ballad addresses a self-centered blood relative with whom there has been conflict. The narrator's therapist directed her to write (but not send) a letter after she sought help for a toxic relationship with a blood relative. She reveals that the person makes empty promises, tells lies, and has the best intentions with harmful results.

Although she loves this relative, the narrator has reached the point at which she must draw her personal boundary and go "no contact" out of self-preservation. They are bad for her psychological health. The singer has a good relationship with her father and specifically denies that the song is about her brother.

20. "Open Letter (To a Landlord)" by Living Colour

To the slumlord, the rundown building he tore down may mean nothing, however there are people who call that neighborhood their home. The narrator of this 1988 rock track is one of them. He recounts the building's safety hazards, the landlord's greed, and the drugs that have infiltrated the community. Lastly, he advocates fighting to save the neighborhood where he grew up.

This open letter aims to shame the slumlord who cares nothing for the people or the neighborhood itself:

You want to run all the people out
This what you're all about
Treat poor people just like trash
Turn around and make big cash.

"To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart." - Phyllis Theroux, American writer

"To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart." - Phyllis Theroux, American writer

Even More Songs About the Mail, Letters and the Postal Service

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21. Love Letters

Nat King Cole


22. Postcards from the Past

Billy Idol


23. Letters



24. Letters from Home

John Michael Montgomery


25. The Letter



26. Love Letters in the Sand

Pat Boone


27. You Wear It Well

Rod Stewart


28. Letter to Heaven

Dolly Parton


29. From My Own True Love (Lost at Sea)

The Decemberists


30. Write Me a Letter



31. Lightning Strikes the Postman

The Flaming Lips


32. Box Full of Letters



33. Dear God



34. A Letter in the Mail

James Taylor


35. Rock 'N Roll Love Letter

Bay City Rollers


36. Down on the Farm

Guns 'N Roses


37. It's Me

Craig Morgan


38. Friends Will Be Friends



39. Soldier's Last Letter

Merle Haggard and The Strangers


40. Dancin' On My Grave

Rascal Flatts


41. Letter to Hermione

David Bowie


42. Letter Never Sent



43. Love Letters

Miranda Lambert


44. Sending Postcards from a Plane Crash (Wish You Were Here)

Fall Out Boy


45. Letter to Ezrah



46. Overnight Male

George Strait


47. Postcard

Troye Sivan (Featuring Gordi)


48. All Too Well

Taylor Swift


49. Walking on Sunshine

Katrina and the Waves


50. Mr. Lonely

Bobby Vinton


51. Somebody's Watching Me



52. I'm Happy

Imagine Dragons


53. City of New Orleans

Arlo Guthrie


54. Forty Hour Week (For a Livin')



55. Wish You Were Here

Mark Wills


56. Letter to My Daughters

Uncle Kracker


57. Dear John

Skeeter Davis & Bobby Bare


58. Letters Home



59. Postcards from Paris

John Denver


60. Postcards from Hell

The Woods Brothers


61. Postcard



62. Roll Over Beethoven

Chuck Berry


63. Home

Michael Buble


64. Love, Me

Collin Raye


65. Tim McGraw

Taylor Swift


66. Travelin' Soldier

The Chicks


67. P.S. I Love You



68. 1982

Randy Travis


69. He Stopped Loving Her Today

George Jones


70. Closure

Taylor Swift


71. XXX's And OOO's (An American Girl)

Trisha Yearwood


72. The Letter

The Box Tops


73. Just When I Needed You Most

Randy VanWarmer


74. No One Dies from Love

Tove Lo


75. If You Can't Say No

Lenny Kravitz


76. Love for Sale

Bon Jovi


77. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter

Bill Haley and His Comets


78. Unsent

Alanis Morissette


79. To the Guys That Date My Gir

Thomas Rhett


80. The Messenger

Linkin Park


81. The Letter (To Daddy)

Kellie Pickler


82. Dear Mr. President



83. Dear Patience

Niall Horan


84. Dear Rodeo

Cody Johnson & Reba McEntire


85. Dear Me

Eric Hutchinson


86. Dear Future Husband

Meghan Trainor


87. Dear Darlin'

Olly Murs


88. Postmarked Birmingham



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