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100 Best Songs About the Devil

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The devil and its various avatars are an exceedingly popular in music. Conceived as the personification of evil in religious traditions and cultures, the devil is considered by many a hostile and destructive dark force often portrayed literally or metaphorically. Concepts and ideas associated with the devil are intertwined differently in mythology, psychiatry, theology, literature, and art. It’s the belief of the unknown that manifests fear in the minds of people.

Different Names Associated With the Devil

The devil is known by different names in various cultures. Some of the popular titles bestowed upon the evil entity are:

  • Lucifer
  • Mephistopheles
  • Iblis
  • Beelzebub
  • Shaitan
  • Angra Mainyu
  • Prince of Darkness
  • Dark Lord
  • Satan
  • Ol' Scratch

The Seven Deadly Sins

In songs from different genres the devil represents an evil force that is powerful and destructive. Although the term is used in its literal sense to depict different forms of evil, it is also used figuratively in songwriting, to explain a deeper meaning. Different forms of death and destruction are attributed to the forces of evil in numerous songs.

Negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, frustration, loneliness, emptiness, sadness, guilt, and fear are often showcased metaphorically as Satan’s power over the human spirit. A great number of singers and songwriters represent different forms of sin and falsehood as work of the devil. Certain bands and artists showcase Satan as a revered entity that is often misunderstood.

The diabolic minds of individuals that take pleasure in lies and deceit are often represented by the dark forces of evil in songs. The devilish charm of individuals with a seductive nature are theatrically depicted in lyrics of certain songs. Certain songs tell the story of how certain people conspire to do something harmful, illegal, or immoral.

These songs bring to life the destructive power that people use for selfish gain and sadistic pleasure. Although different demons are depicted being associated with the devil in art, literature, and music, the classification of demons in Christian teachings is based on the Seven Deadly Sins with each demon representing the temptation of the type of sin.

They are:

  1. Lucifer (Pride)
  2. Mammon (Greed)
  3. Asmodeus (Lust)
  4. Leviathan (Envy)
  5. Beelzebub (Gluttony)
  6. Satan (Wrath)
  7. Belphegor (Sloth)

The Devil in Song

In songs, the devil is symbolic of a wide range of evil elements. Dark personality traits of humans are showcased with evil intent that stems from thoughts and transitions into destructive deeds. The manifestation of negativity is metaphorically portrayed as the dwelling place for the devil. Sometimes, musicians use the term “devil” to highlight an aspect about someone of something in a humorous or sarcastic manner. The sinful nature of human beings is attributed to the work of the devil in numerous songs. These songs reflect upon how people become slaves to sinful acts and succumb to evil ways for the lure of money.

In certain music videos that showcase the devil or devilish ways, dark atmospheric surroundings of blue, black, grey, and red are exceedingly popular. Although depictions of the devil in music videos differ drastically in accordance with genre, certain rituals stay true. Certain heavy metal videos depict blood, gore, nudity, and satanic rituals to portray the presence of Lucifer in this world. In a great number of songs, Satan is showcased as the harbinger of death and destruction. Although the school of thought associated with the devil varies in accordance with believers and scientific thinkers, the depictions of the devil are creatively brought to life by artists, musicians, and writers.

Different forms of deception, disguise, and trickery people adopt in their scheme of things to profit and gain in the material world is often associated as a sign of being enslaved by Satan. While a number of songs explore different aspects of the devil in a serious and philosophical manner, certain tunes showcase the representation of evil through mankind with the devil being brought to life with manifestation of thoughts. Whatever we choose to believe, one thing’s for sure, the devil is an unknown entity you cannot ignore.

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The list below showcases a collection of rock songs, pop songs, country songs, R&B songs, folk songs, hip hop songs, alternative songs, indie songs, disco songs, reggae songs, jazz songs, blues songs, new wave songs, synthpop songs, electropop songs, EDM songs, and dance songs about the devil. If you have a view, opinion, or song suggestion, let us known in the comments section.

The 10 Best Songs About the Devil

1. “Dancing with the Devil”—Demi Lovato

2. “Sympathy for the Devil”—The Rolling Stones

3. “Pride Is the Devil”—J. Cole featuring Lil Baby

4. “(You’re the) Devil in Disguise”—Elvis Presley

5. “Met Him Last Night”—Demi Lovato featuring Ariana Grande

6. “Deal with the Devil”—Pop Evil

7. “Runnin’ with the Devil”—Van Halen

8. “Devil Woman”—Cliff Richard

9. “Devil on My Shoulder”—Billy Talent

10. “Between the Devil and Me”—Alan Jackson


11. “Devil’s Got a New Disguise”—Aerosmith

12. “Rap Devil”—Machine Gun Kelly

13. “Devil’s Work”—Joyner Lucas

14. “The Devil in I”—Slipknot

15. “Devil Pray”—Madonna

16. “Better the Devil You Know”—Kylie Minogue

17. “Devils Haircut”—Beck

18. “The Devil Is a Lie”—Rick Ross featuring Jay-Z

19. “Run Devil Run”—Girls’ Generation

20. “Devil Inside”—INXS


21. “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”—Charlie Daniels Band

22. “Devil in a New Dress”—Kanye West featuring Rick Ross

23. “Devil’s Pie”—D’Angelo

24. “The Devil’s Beat”—Sandi Thom

25. “Dust Devil”—Madness

26. “Take Me Down”—The Pretty Reckless

27. “Devil Inside”—Utada

28. “My Man and the Devil on His Shoulder”—Hadise

29. “You Me and the Devil Makes 3”—Marilyn Manson

30. “Devil’s Party”—INXS

31. “Little Devil”—Neil Sadaka

32. “Devils & Dust”—Bruce Springsteen

33. “Chase the Devil”—Max Romeo and the Upsetters

34. “If the Devil Danced (In Empty Pockets)”—Joe Diffie

35. “Devil Eyes”—Penny McLean

36. “Devil’s Broom”—Joseph Arthur

37. “Devil Gate Drive”—Suzi Quatro

38. “Devil Woman”—Marty Robbins

39. “Smile Pretty for the Devil”—Children of Bodom

40. “I’m Going Through Hell (Before the Devil Even Knows)”—Rodney Atkins


41. “Devil’s Deal”—The Zutons

42. “The Number of the Beast”—Iron Maiden

43. “Run Devil Run”—Paul McCartney

44. “A Night with the Jersey Devil”—Bruce Springsteen

45. “Devils and Angels”—Toby Lightman

46. “Gimme”—Alice Cooper

47. “Better the Devil You Know”—Sonia

48. “Devil is a Loser”—Lordi

49. “Devil’s Radio”—George Harrison

50. “Friend of the Devil”—The Grateful Dead

51. “Devil in the Bottle”—T.G. Sheppard

52. “The Devil Has All the Best Tunes”—Prefab Sprout

53. “Who Put the Devil in You”—You Am I

54. “Devil’s Ball”—Double

55. “Race with the Devil”—Girlschool

56. “Devil Came to Me”—Dover

57. “Devil’s Spoke”—Laura Marling

58. “Tribute”—Tenacious D

59. “Shout At the Devil”—Motley Crue

60. “Devil with a Blue Dress On”—Shorty Long


61. “Pay the Devil (Ooo, Baby, Ooo)”—The Knack

62. “The Devil’s in the Temple”—Bon Jovi

63. “Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music”—Larry Norman

64. “I Fell in Love with the Devil”—Avril Lavigne

65. “Take the Devil Out of Me”—George Jones

66. “Devil in a Midnight Mass”—Billy Talent

67. “Devil’s Advocate”—The Neighborhood

68. “Devil’s Child”—Judas Priest

69. “Race with the Devil on a Spanish Highway”—Al Di Meola

70. “Talkin’ Devil”—Bob Dylan

71. “Devil’s Face”—Nova Twins

72. “Devil You Know”—DD Smash

73. “Devil’s Gun”—C.J. & Company

74. “The Devil”—Banks

75. “El Diablo”—Elena Tsagrinou

76. “Devil or Angel”—The Clovers

77. “Devil’s Dance”—Metallica

78. “Dante’s Inferno”—Iced Earth

79. “Satan Rejected My Soul”—Morrissey

80. “Devil’s Whisper”—Raury


81. “The Devil’s Chasing Me”—The Reverend Horton Heat

82. “Devil’s Food/Black Widow”—The Alice Cooper

83. “Devil in His Heart”—The Donays

84. “Devil”—Shinedown

85. “The Devil Made Me Do It the First Time”—Billy Joe Shaver

86. “Devil’s Night”—Motionless in White

87. “The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown)”—Fleetwood Mac

88. “Kiss the Devil”—Eagles of Death Metal

89. “Daniel and His Sacred Harp”—The Band

90. “The Devil Is in Her Eyes”—The Jayhawks

91. “Devil Got My Woman”—Skip James

92. “Satan is Real”—Kreator

93. “Devil”—Stereophonics

94. “Lucy Over Lancashire”—Paul Rooney

95. “The Devil’s Back”—The Pretty Reckless

96. “God and Satan”—Biffy Clyro

97. “The Garden of Allah”—Don Henley

98. “Me and the Devil Blues”—Robert Johnson

99. “Devil Devil”—MILCK

100. “The Devil’s Song”—Marcy Playground

Other Notable Devil Songs

• “Dance with the Devil”—Katy Perry

• “The Devil Don’t Sleep”—Brantley Gilbert

• “Devil in Your Eye”—Mumford & Sons

• “The Devil’s Bleeding Crown”—Volbeat

• “The Devil’s in the Details”—Jennifer Paige

• “The Devil Is Alive and Well”—Brad Paisley

• “Devil in Me”—Halsey

• “If the Devil Don’t Want Me”—Ashley Monroe

• “You, the Room & the Devil on Your Shoulder”—As It Is

• “The Devil in My Bloodstream”—The Wonder Years

• “The Devil Beneath My Feet”—Marilyn Manson

• “Me and the Devil”—The Fratellis

• “Seven Devils”—Florence and the Machine

• “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here”—Alice in Chains

• “Devil Side”—Foxes

• “Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You”—Madonna

• “Get the Devil Out of Me”—Delain

• “The Devil in Stitches”—Bad Religion

• “Devil”—CLC

• “Devil Side”—Vamps

• “Beat the Devil’s Tattoo”—Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

• “The Devil’s Orchard”—Opeth

• “Dancing with the Devil”—Marina Kaye

• “Slave of Satan”—Reverend Bizarre

• “Devil’s Arcade”—Bruce Springsteen

• “The Devil’s Workday”—Modest Mouse

• “Kung-Fu Devil”—AFI

• “Mogwai fear Satan”—Mogwai

• “Devilicious”—Nicki Webster

• “The Devil Inside You”—Our Last Night

• “Devil In Your Heart”—SIM

• “Race with the Devil”—Gene Vincent

• ‘Devil Eyes”—Hippie Sabotage

• “Devil’s Got Your Boyfriend”—Tracy Bonham

• “The Devil in Me”—Jackson Jackson

• ‘Die For the Devil”—Enforcer

• “Tying a Knot in the Devil’s Tail”—Cisco Houston

• “Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean”

• “The Devil Cried”—Black Sabbath

• “Speak of the Devil”—A Day to Remember

• “Rock Me Like the Devil”—Crucified Barbara

• “In the Devil’s Territory”—Sufijan Stevens

• “Lucky Devil”—Carl Edward Dobkins

• “Satan’s a Woman”—Twin Temple

• “Devil”—Barren Gates

• “Run Devil Run”—Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins

• “The Devil You Know”—Jesus Jones

• “Devil Was in My Yard”—Sleepy Jackson

• “Angels and Devils”—The Beautiful South

• “Devil’s Night”—D12

• “The Devil’s Crayon”—Wild Beasts

• “Drinking with the Devil”—Rainbow

• “Satan’s Fall”—Mercyful Fate

• “The Devil’s Den”—Skrillex & Wolfgang Gartner

• “Pickin’ to Beat the Devil”—Pure Prairie League

• “The Devil’s Song”—Rusty Cage

• “Devil By His Side”—Jerry Cantrell

• “Christmas with the Devil”—Spinal Tap

• “Devil in You”—Blues Saraceno

• “Take My Scars”—Machine Head

• “Devil Woman”—Ringo Starr

• “Some Devil”—Dave Matthews

• “We’re the Devils”—Karliene

• “The Devil’s Been Busy”—Traveling Wilburys

• “Faustina Echoes”—Agalloch

• “Up Jumped the Devil”—Nick Cave

• “Devil”—Gothminister

• “Bleed for the Devil”—Morbid Angel

• “Devil’s Song (This Feels Like a Nightmare)”—Anthony Green

• “Where the Devil Don’t Stay”—Drive-By Truckers

• “The Devils Right Hand”—Steve Earle

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