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40 Songs About Whispering

FlourishAnyway believes there is a playlist for just about any situation and is on a mission to unite and entertain the world through song.

Whispers can impart secrets and rumors, messages between lovers, and inspiration from God or nature. Celebrate whispering with a playlist of pop, rock, and country songs.

Whispers can impart secrets and rumors, messages between lovers, and inspiration from God or nature. Celebrate whispering with a playlist of pop, rock, and country songs.

What's in a Whisper?

You strain to hear what is whispered and listen carefully for the privately transmitted message. Is it a secret or silly joke shared by a child or a conspiratorial bit of juicy gossip relayed between friends? Perhaps a coworker is briefly alerting you that your fly is unzipped or you're trying to honor the norms of the public library to keep quiet. God, nature, or your inner demons may be speaking directly to you, or your lover may be offering an invitation for a rendezvous.

Whispers create a private cocoon and temporarily exclude the outside world. Celebrate their wonder with a playlist of pop, rock, and country songs about whispering.

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1. "Everybody Talks" by Neon Trees

The guy in this 2011 alternative-rock chart-topper has a crush on a young woman, and he's earnestly attempting to win her heart. Unfortunately, the gossipy whispers of others threaten to derail their budding romance. He laments that when they kissed, people began to whisper, and the secrets and rumors caused her to back away from him.

2. "Careless Whisper" by George Michael

Some betrayals of trust cannot be repaired. When the narrator in this classic pop ballad from 1984 cheated a lover and friend, he gave little thought to the consequences of his transgression. Now he deeply regrets his error and knows that he'll never find another woman he loves as much.

The tune was a worldwide smash hit, but did you know that George Michael didn't like the song much? He was dumbfounded that something he wrote in 30 minutes could mean so much to people. He and Andrew Ridgeley from Wham! co-wrote the song on a bus when they were each only 17 years old.

3. "Whisper" by Chase Rice

It starts with a whisper between lovers and ends with his breath on her neck and the kitchen table cleared with one swipe. Whoa, that's some whisper! In this country song from 2016, the narrator is daydreaming about his ladylove whispering thoughts between them that nobody else should hear—barely spoken words that will take all the mundane troubles out of their lives for the evening. Someone's getting naughty tonight.

4. "Whisper" by Tyler Joseph

The frontman for rock duo Twentyone Pilots sees this song as a special gift to someone he loves. He hopes the 2007 tune will whisper his heartfelt feelings directly to them:

A song is not much time to show
How beautiful you are
But I will sing a song to your heart
I don't know what I should give,
Or what I'm to sing
All I can do is give you this
Let my heart play
I know your face,
Let this song whisper your name.

5. "Whispers in the Dark" by Mumford & Sons

The narrator in this folk rock ballad from 2012 describes his personal struggle between his love of God and his love of a woman whose pure heart he seeks. After sharing whispers in the dark and other earthly pleasures, he feels disappointed in himself for crossing a boundary with her. He has lost his head to youthful indiscretion, although he does know that he loves her.

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6. "God's Whisper" by Raury

Raury Tullis is a singer, songwriter, and rapper popularly known by his first name only. He burst upon the international music scene with bold proclamations that he was "the future of hip hop" and "one of the greatest lyricists out here." His music reflects his confidence.

This well regarded 2014 folk rap song, "God's Whisper," appeared in three motion pictures. The narrator declares that he will live his life on his own terms and declares that his generation is on a mission. Led by intuition, the narrator proclaims that they are inspired by God, even as others look upon them with derision:

You think I am nothing (I am nothing)
You've got something coming
(Something coming) because
I hear God's whisper
Calling my name
It's in the wind
I am the savior.

7. "Whisper" by Evanescence

The protagonist in this 2000 rock song by Evanescence resides in a dark psychological place. She is feeling isolated and severely depressed but claims she can will it away if she tries. Although demons within her pull her down, she struggles not to let them win. Fallen angels lie at her feet, proof of how powerful the force of evil is, and there are whispered voices that taunt her to succumb to the pain. The song's chorus in Latin means, "Save yourselves from danger, Save yourselves from evil."

Lead vocalist Amy Lee was raised Southern Baptist, and initially, Evanescence was publicized as a Christian rock band. While some contend this song is about the generic struggle of good vs. evil, others contend that it is specifically about suicide.

8. "Young Blood" by The Naked and Famous

This celebratory 2010 song captures the wonder and angst of youth. It's a time of naive exploration of identity and boundaries, mistakes and forgiveness. This vibrant, electro-charged alt rock song alludes to the whisper of time that overtakes us before we know it, transforming us into adults, parents, and those who reminisce about the freedom of youth.

9. "Let It Be" by The Beatles

You may assume that this classic rock song has religious overtones because it refers to "Mother Mary." In actuality, it is based on a comforting dream that Paul McCartney had in which his deceased mother whispers imparted advice (her name was "Mary"). When there are situations well beyond your control, you just have to adjust, adapt, and cope. The 1970 worldwide hit was the final single before McCartney left the Beetles.

10. "Does He Love You" by Reba McEntire (featuring Linda Davis)

The love triangle in this 1993 country ditty features two women verbally battling over a dishonest man. A wife and a mistress question whether they are deceiving themselves, but they also debate

  1. which of them does he loves best? and
  2. to whom does he whisper all his fantasies?

The scoundrel's wife acknowledges to the other woman that she's known about their affair for a while. Her husband placates his spouse with false assurances of fidelity then leaves home with a smile to be with his mistress. The other woman meanwhile takes comfort in knowing that she can heat up her lover's nights during their stolen moments.

This song won a Grammy Award, and the duet between Reba and Linda Davis seems so natural many can't imagine another singer. However, Reba's label initially encouraged her to pursue a bigger name star such as Wynonna Judd as a duet partner, even though Wynonna preferred to avoid songs about marital troubles. When Reba sent Wynonna a demo of the song, there was no response, so Reba proceeded as planned. Davis was a back-up vocalist in Reba's tour show at the time. Linda Davis is the mother of Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum.

11. "Whisper You Love Me Boy" by The Supremes

Hoping to mend a broken relationship, the narrator in this 1965 number implores her estranged lover to come back into her life and whisper sweet nothings like he used to. She misses his tender embrace and his quiet declarations of love.

12. "Whispers in the Dark" by Skillet

Written from the perspective of God, this 2006 hard rock tune promises to usher in comfort when one is feeling alone, ragged, and broken. The heavenly narrator encourages listeners to hear His whispers in the dark and offers to turn tears to roses. He says that His love is waiting.

13. "Whisper" by Alison Sudol

This mellow 2007 pop song by Alison Sudol describes a narrator's exhaustion from trying so hard to meet others' expectations. She has been so eager to please them that she has lost herself somewhat in the mix, thus sacrificing her own needs and identity. Her voice has been quieted to a whisper as a consequence of her choices.

Sudol is also known by the stage name A Fine Frenzy. The singer is also an actress and has appeared in two Harry Potter-spin-off films, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016) and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018).

14. "Whisper My Name" by Randy Travis

When Randy Travis' lover whispers his name, the experience for him is sheer elation. This 1994 love song was a number one country hit and describes how his world opened up with that one whisper:

I heard music bring a heart of stone to tears
I heard peace ring like an anthem through the years
And I heard hatred fall from grace
When I heard you whisper my name.

15. "Speak Softly Love" by Andy Williams

"Speak Softly Love" is a love song which describes whispered words and private moments, shared vows and passionate nights. The instrumental version of this 1972 easy listening song is known as "The Love Theme from The Godfather." The famed movie trilogy is about the violent mob family business.

16. "Whisper My Name" by ILIRA

Ilira Gashi is a Swiss pop singer of Kosovo and Albanian descent, and this whisper tune was her debut song. Will she join other female pop singers of Albanian descent who have made it big — like, Dua Lipa, Ava Max, Bebe Rexha, and Rita Ora?

In this catchy 2018 song with an electro-pop vibe, the narrator describes her intense attraction to her lover. She doesn't want anyone else and begs him to whisper her name, as it gives her a "pleasure-pain." His love is like a drug she just can't quit.

17. "Whispers of Your Name" by Kacey Musgraves

The woman in this 2007 country song finds herself alone, haunted by whispers of her former lover's name. She contemplates ways to forget him and quiet the whispers, including avoiding their favorite places, selling her ring and their car, and discarding old love letters and photos.

18. "Whispering Bells" by The Del-Vikings

In this sweet 1957 doo-wop song, the narrator beckons whispering bells to bring his lost lover back to him. The R&B/pop crossover hit was featured in the 1986 movie Stand by Me. The Del-Vikings were notable because they were one of the few racially integrated groups of their era.

Unfortunately, The Del-Vikings were among the 700+ artists whose master recording tapes were destroyed in whole or in part during a 2008 fire at Universal Studios Hollywood. Among the other artists affected were Chuck Berry, Aerosmith, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, The Carpenters, Sheryl Crow, R.E.M., and Nirvana.

19. "This Too Shall Pass" by India.Arie

The lady in this 2006 R&B song has experienced such heartache that it overshadows all else in her life: her strong body, her solid bank account, her glowing achievements. She is downhearted and sullen, but both the angels and the wisdom of the ancestors whisper to her that this too shall pass.

"This too shall pass" is an enduring truism meaning that nothing lasts forever. It is often spoken as a phrase of encouragement to someone who is hurting.

Looks like these two are whispering some juicy gossip.  Persistent whispering in the workplace can be a bullying tactic.

Looks like these two are whispering some juicy gossip. Persistent whispering in the workplace can be a bullying tactic.

Even More Songs About Whispers and Whispering

Know a song about whispers and whispering that should be on this playlist? Make a suggestion in the Comments Section below!

SongArtistYear Released

20. Leave a Whisper



21. Stop Whispering



22. A Whisper



23. The Whisper

New Kids on the Block


24. Words of Love

The Beatles


25. The Whisperer

David Guetta (featuring Sia)


26. Whisper

Lacy J. Dalton


27. Devil's Whisper



28. Whispers of the North

Gordon Lightfoot


29. Sounds of Silence

Simon & Garfunkel


30. Warm Whispers

Missy Higgins


31. More Than a Whisper

Nancy Griffith


32. F for You



33. Somebody's Kockin'

Eric Clapton


34. Cherie, I Love You

Nat King Cole


35. Do You Want to Know a Secret

The Beatles


36. Whisperer



37. Whisperers

Loïc Nottet


38. Whispering

Alex Clare


39. Whisper

Boombox Cartel (featuring Nevve)


40. Whispers

Oshi (featuring Avonlea)


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Eliza Day on July 27, 2019:

And some more songs about whispering:

1. Ace of Base - Whispers in Blindess

2. Elton John - Whispers

3. Hooverphonic - Day After Day

4. Missy Higgins - Warm Whispers

5. Rain Tree Crow - Cries And Whispers

6. Gary Numan - Whisper

7. Nanci Griffith - More Than A Whisper

8. Mel & Kim - From A Whisper To A Scream

9. Bee Gees - Whisper Whisper

10. Disclosure - F For You

11. Gordon Lightfoot - Softly

12. Eric Clapton - Somebod's Knockin'

13. Pam Tills - A Whisper And A Scream

14. Nat King Cole - Cherie, I Love You

15. Frank Sinatra - September In The Rain

16. The Cure - Treasure

17. Lila McCann - Whisper the Words

18. A Fine Frenzy - Whisper

19. Marlango - Green on Blue

20. Patty Loveless - Everything But The Words

21. Hank Locklin - She's Better Than Most

22. Dean Martin - Sleep Warm

23. The Beatles - Do You Want To Know A Secret

24. The Monkees - All Alone in the Dark

25. Onlap - Whispers in My Head

26. Pentakill - Last Whisper

27. Boombox Cartel, Nevve - Whisper

28. Oshi, Avonlea - Whispers

29. Son Lux - Whispering

30. Alex Clare - Whispering

31. Ash Grunwald, Kasey Chambers - Whispering Voice

32. The Rolling Stones - You Don't Have To Mean It

33. Loic Nottet - Whisperers

34. VersaEmerge - Whisperer

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Thanks for sharing.

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Isn't it ironic that The Whispers didn't really have a whisper song? :)

Happy Monday!

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A great selection of songs, I like the songs Careless Whisper and Let It Be. I totally agree with Liz Westwood - whatever the topic you can collate a list of relevant songs.

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I love these songs Flourish, another great list. I'll add some Canadian content for your consideration: "Whispers of the North" by Gordon Lightfoot and "Eastern Rain" by Joni Mitchell.

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