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50 Songs About Sharks

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Ray has been an online music writer for over four years. Having sung in multiple competitions as a youth, he has a passion for the art.

Songs About Sharks

Songs About Sharks

You can find several songs about sharks in rock, children's music, and rap genres, as well as some obscure ones that we found for this playlist. A shark is always on the hunt for prey, just as musicians are always on the lookout for a good melody. Browse this playlist of shark songs and you will surely find some you can sink your teeth into.

Which song about sharks do you love most? What are your favorites? If any songs about sharks aren't on this list, please add them.

1. "Mack the Knife"

Artist: Bobby Darin originally by Kurt Weill

Album: That's All

Year Released: 1959

Genre: Moritat Music

Facts About "Mack the Knife"

  • "Mack the Knife" is one of the unique songs about sharks written in the early 90s.
  • In 1928, Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht wrote this song for The Threepenny Opera.
  • When Darin saw The Threepenny Opera in 1960 in Greenwich Village, he decided to perform this song.
  • Bobby Darin scored a U.S. and U.K. number one hit with this song in 1959.
  • The lyrics go like, "Oh, the shark, babe, has such teeth, dear And he shows them pearly white."

2. "Shooting Shark"

Artist: Blue Oyster Cult

Album: The Revolution by Night

Year Released: 1984

Genre: Pop Rock Music

Facts About "Shooting Shark"

  • Blue Oyster Cult's "Shooting Shark" is a song on the band's ninth album, The Revolution by Night.
  • "Shooting Shark" features synthesizers mixed with rock elements.
  • Randy Jackson, the bass player on this song, later became an A&R veteran and a judge on American Idol.
  • "The fourth time around is the last time around," as the man declares at the end of the song, leaving the listener to assume what will happen next.
  • "Shooting Shark" reached #83 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #16 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart.
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3. "Sharks Can't Sleep"

Artist: Tracy Bonham

Album: The Burdens of Being Upright

Year Released: 1996

Genre: Rock Music

Facts About "Sharks Can't Sleep"

  • "Sharks Can't Sleep" is track #8 (third and last single) on Bonham's album The Burdens of Being Upright.
  • Tracy Bonham is a Grammy-nominated American musician with multiple chart-topping songs.
  • Although "Sharks Can't Sleep" failed to chart in the United States, it is still one of the best songs about sharks.

4. "Shark Attack"

Artist: Split Enz

Album: True Colours

Year Released: 1980

Genre: Rock Music

Facts About "Shark Attack"

  • "Shark Attack" is a beautiful metaphor for getting dumped.
  • Split Enz's fifth studio album, True Colours, was their first significant hit.
  • In the U.S., "Shark Attack" was released after "I Got You," which succeeded on the singles chart.
  • The elder Finn channels all his frustrations early in his career into one glorious blast on "Shark Attack."
  • Critics say this shark music, which is about a sexy and evil woman, is crazy but lovable.

5. "Sharks Patrol These Waters"

Artist: Morphine

Album: Volume Nine

Year Released: 1994

Genre: Electronic, Rock Music

Facts About "Sharks Patrol These Waters"

  • "Sharks Patrol These Waters" is a shark theme song concentrated on guitar-based sounds.
  • It is one of the best songs about sharks with a very funky and jazzy style.
  • "Sharks Patrol These Waters" is the latest addition to Volume's series of cutting-edge alternative/indie-rock albums.
  • "Shark Patrol These Waters" portrays a scenario where dangerous sharks in the water patrol, and you should save your lifeboat.

6. "Jaws Theme"

Artist: John Williams

Album: Jaws

Year Released: 2000

Genre: Classical Music

Facts About "Jaws Theme"

  • "Jaws Theme" is one of the greatest songs about sharks with suspense and scary sounds.
  • In 1975, MCA released Jaws: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for Jaws on L.P., and in 1992, it was released on CD, featuring approximately a half-hour of new music by John Williams.
  • In Williams' description of the theme, performed on the tuba, he said it sounds like a shark grinding at you, instinctual, relentless, unstoppable.
  • In addition to earning Williams his second Academy Award, the film's score was ranked as the sixth-best score by the American Film Institute.

7. "Fast As a Shark"

Artist: Accept

Album: Restless and Wild

Year Released: 1982

Genre: Speed Metal Music

Facts About "Fast As a Shark"

  • Accept's 1982 album Restless and Wild contains "Fast as a Shark."
  • As a result of its fast double bass drumming, speed, and power, metal has reached a new level.
  • Martin Popoff ranked "Fast as a Shark" at #33 in his chart The Top 500 Heavy Metal Songs of All Time.

8. "A Shark in Jets Clothing"

Artist: Blondie

Album: Blondie

Year Released: 1976

Genre: Rock Music

Facts About "A Shark in Jets Clothing"

  • Leonhard Bernstein's "West Side Story" is referenced by the finger-snapping in the song.
  • "A Shark in Jets Clothing" is the 6th track on the album's side listing.
  • Jimmy Destri, an American musician, wrote the lyrics of this shark music.

9. "Baby Shark"

Artist: Pinkfong

Album: Baby Shark

Year Released: 2016

Genre: Animal Song

Facts About "Baby Shark"

  • "Baby Shark" is one of the most famous shark songs for kids.
  • "Baby Shark" is a children's song about a family of sharks who decide to go on a hunt together once they make an entrance.
  • Despite its long history - some sources date the Baby Shark song back to the 1900s - it was a version by South Korean education brand Pinkfong that triggered the viral craze.
  • It contains a continuous rhyme "doo doo doo doo doo doo," which exists solely for rhyme's sake and has no particular meaning behind it.
  • It is one of the most playful shark tunes ever recorded, perfect for toddlers.

10. "A Swim with the Sharks"

Artist: Powerman 5000

Album: The Blood Splat Rating System

Year Released: 1995

Genre: Rock Music

Facts About "A Swim with the Sharks"

  • "A Swim with the Sharks" is clearly about Jaws' shark movie.
  • Powerman 5000 released another version of "A Swim With The Sharks" in 1997.

11. "The Shark Fighter!"

Artist: The Aquabats!

Album: Hi-Five Soup!

Year Released: 2010

Genre: Pop Rock, Comedy Rock, New Wave Music

Facts About "The Shark Fighter"

  • "The Shark Fighter" is one of the shark songs from The Aquabats' fifth studio album Hi-Five Soup!, released in 2011.
  • There is a humorous narrative in "The Shark Fighter!" that focuses on an outlandish adventure of a fictional character.
  • It is one of the most incredible pop songs about sharks talking about the eponymous Shark Fighter, a wavy-haired ocean vigilante who dedicates his life to avenging the death of his past lover, a shark, by single-handedly fighting the shark population of the sea.

12. "Sharktooth"

Artist: Bully

Album: Feels Like

Year Released: 2015

Genre: Alternative/Indie Music

Facts About "Sharktooth"

  • "Sharktooth" is a bonus track that plays after "Bully."
  • The shark song urges someone to grow up and stop blaming others.
  • "Sharktooth" is one of the standout songs about sharks from Bully's modern twist album.

13. "Shark in the Water"

Artist: V V Brown

Album: Traveling Like the Light

Year Released: 2009

Genre: Pop Music

Facts About "Shark in the Water"

  • V V Brown recorded "Shark in the Water" for her debut studio album Traveling Like the Light.
  • Brown wrote the song in response to a past love who stalked her in his free time and was infidelity. It's a symbolic record about anxiety, and it's based on her experience with an affair.
  • With its peak of #67 on the Billboard Hot 100, the song is her first single to chart in the U.S.
  • As a result of Brown's re-recording, the song appeared in The Sims 3: Ambitions in the Simlish language, making it one of the most fabulous shark songs ever.

14. "Hammerhead Shark"

Artist: David Lee Roth

Album: A Little Ain't Enough

Year Released: 1991

Genre: Rock Music

Facts About "Hammerhead Shark"

  • "Hammerhead Shark" is the 4th shark music Lee Roth's A Little Ain't Enough album.
  • It is one of the best songs about sharks, especially the hammerhead ones, perfect for celebrating shark week.
  • As mentioned earlier, it is a song quickly reached from Flotsam and Jetsam's track.
  • In verse two, a drunken man fights a shark (obviously ironic), and in verse one, God tells Noah to make room for "my hammerhead shark."

15. "Fins"

Artist: Jimmy Buffett

Album: Volcano

Year Released: 1979

Genre: Rock Music, Gulf, and Western Music

Facts About "Fins"

  • Jimmy Buffett recorded the song "Fins" as part of his debut album.
  • In this song, men are metaphorically compared to sharks, making the song one of the best songs about sharks.
  • The title refers to the fins of metaphorical sharks, such as "land sharks," or men who try to gain the woman's attention in the song.

Continuation List of Songs About Sharks

Shark Song TitleArtist(s)

16. “Deepest, Bluest”

LL Cool J

17. “The Rapper Eater”

Lil Wayne,

18. “Shark”

Dwight Twilley Band

19. “Mr. Jaws”

Dickie Goodman

20. “Irresistible”

Fall Out Boy

21. “Victorious”

Panic! At The Disco

22. “Shark! Shark! Shark!”


23. “Petting Zoo Justice”

Dance Gavin Dance

24. “Pink Lemonade”


25. “Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake”

Bring Me The Horizon

26. “Till I Die”

Machine Gun Kelly

27. “Rocking The Boat”

Ice Nine Kills

28. “Lydia”

Highly Suspect

29. “Sharks”

Silver Sun

30. “Hey!”


31. Sharks”

Best Boy Grip

32. “Shark”

Throwing Muses

33. “Sharks Are Circling”

The Courteeners

34. “Maneater”

Daryl Hall & John Oates

35. “Main Title & First Victim”

John Williams

36. “Snakes on a Plane 2: Sharks on a Rollercoaster”

A Dinosaur, Former Fat Boys

37. “Shark Teeth”

Republic Gunship

38. “Baby Shark Finger Family”

Bounce Patrol

39. “Shark Bait”

Craigzlist Punks

40. “Baby Shark's Haunted House”


41. “Sharks”

Mad Heads

42. “Rivers of Sharks (Shark Week Edition)”


43. “Billy The Theme Park Shark”

Arrogant Worms

44. “Love Shark”

Los Hermanos del Caballo

45. “Shark Bite”


46. “Shark Song”

Public Figures

47. “Great White Shark in my Swimming Pool”

Bartholomew Wrinkleberry

48. “Say Goodbye to the Sharks”

Purple Shark

49. “Cruise Ship”

Lilac Boy

50. “Shark City”

Genuwine Beauty

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