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79 Songs About Running Away

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Songs About Running Away

Songs About Running Away

Songs about running away usually focus on escaping life, home, love, problems, or even running away with someone you love. Occasionally, life can be frustrating, and you feel you just need some temporary comfort to recharge before continuing on your journey. The following list contains songs that capture that feeling if you find yourself in a similar situation.

1. “Run Away With Me (Patrick Stump Remix)”

Artist: Carly Rae Jepsen

Album: Emotion

Year Released: 2015

Genre: Synth-Pop, Dance-Pop Music

Facts About “Run Away with Me (Patrick Stump Remix)”

  • Carly Rae Jepsen recorded “Run Away With Me” for her third studio album, Emotion (2015).
  • The single is one of the best songs about running away with your lover to make one weekend together count after being away for so long.
  • David Kalani Larkins, Jepsen’s boyfriend, and cinematographer directed the video. It features footage Larkins recorded of the pop star as they traveled the world.
  • Despite its minor success in the charts, the song received many positive reviews from music critics.

2. “Run to the Hills”

Artist: Iron Maiden

Album: The Number of the Beast

Year Released: 1982

Genre: Heavy Metal Music

Facts About “Run to the Hills

  • Iron Maiden’s song “Run to the Hills” is a heavy metal song. Along with “Running Free,” it is one of the most famous Iron Maiden songs about running away.
  • As one of the band’s most famous songs, “Run to the Hills” ranks #27 on VH1’s list of the 40 Greatest Metal Songs and #14 on the Greatest Hard Rock Songs list.
  • This song about running away referenced Columbus’s arrival in the Bahamas when he enslaved the native Arawaks to work in gold mines. When they tried to escape by “running to the hills,” the Spaniards chased them down with dogs and killed them.
  • Song critics report that the song is about the conflict between Native Americans and Europeans as a whole, and its perspective ranges across different regions, periods, and viewpoints.

3. “The Running Kind”

Artist: Merle Haggard

Album: A Working Man Can’t Get Nowhere Today

Year Released: 1978

Genre: Country Music

Facts About “The Running Kind”

  • “The Running Kind” is one of the most popular country songs about running away.
  • Music artists Merle Haggard and The Strangers composed and recorded “Running Kind.”
  • The song topped the US country singles chart at #12 and the Canadian country singles chart at #10.
  • Additionally, Johnny Cash and Tom Petty covered the song on the Unearthed box set.
  • As the song points out, Merle Haggard feels a closeness to his parents as a birthright, but it also illustrates a sense of distance.

4. “Love Story”

Artist: Taylor Swift

Album: Fearless

Year Released: 2008

Genre: Country-Pop Music

Facts About “Love Story”

  • Taylor Swift wrote and recorded the song “Love Story.” Swift based the song’s narrative on the story of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet as told from Juliet’s perspective, yet replaced the play’s tragic conclusion with a happy ending.
  • There is a possibility that this song is about Taylor Swift’s relationship with Joe Jonas, who she was dating for much of 2008. The line “Romeo, take me someplace we can be alone” refers to how they were never alone because of their fame.
  • It is one of the most romantic country songs about running away together. The lyric “I sneak out to the garden to see you” represents how the couple had to run away from the paparazzi to meet and have a date.

5. “Runaway”

Artist: Kanye West

Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Year Released: 2010

Genre: Progressive Rock, Chamber Pop Music

Facts About “Runaway”

  • Kanye West’s song “Runaway” is the second single from his fifth studio album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.
  • West’s song expresses his thoughts about failed relationships and his acceptance of the media’s perceived view of him.
  • Kanye West celebrates the “douchebags” on this track, where he conveys many conflicting ideas while expressing the desire to run away from it all. It is one of the songs about running away from problems and people’s wrong assumptions about yourself.
  • Numerous publications, including MTV, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Complex, and New York Post, praised the song and listed it among the best pieces of the year 2010.

6. “Desperado”

Artist: Rihanna

Album: Anti

Year Released: 2017

Genre: Trap Music

Facts About “Desperado”

  • Rihanna recorded “Desperado” for her eighth studio album, Anti. It is one of the most popular songs about running away together with someone you love.
  • Rihanna rented a Malibu house for months while recording Anti and spent that time extensively writing and composing music with her band of various musicians.
  • A “Desperado” is a reckless criminal or someone on the run. The lyrics describe him as a hardhearted man that is difficult to be entangled.
  • Although Rihanna wishes to run away with the “Desperado,” she is also afraid that he might abandon her later. Either way, she convinces her partner that she is ready to leave everything behind and run away together.

7. “Must Get Out”

Artist: Maroon 5

Album: Songs About Jane

Year Released: 2005

Genre: Pop Music

Facts About "Must Get Out"

  • “Must Get Out” is a pop song by the American band Maroon 5 from their debut album, Songs About Jane.
  • This song is a dreamy lyrical tale about a difficult relationship period.
  • Critics believe it is about a guy and a girl in love but not open about their feelings for each other.

8. “Runaway”

Artist: Avril Lavigne

Album: The Best Damn Thing

Year Released: 2007

Genre: Pop-Punk, Pop Music

Facts About “Runaway”

  • Avril Lavigne’s song “Runaway” appears on her third studio album, The Best Damn Thing.
  • It is one of the most popular songs about running away from problems, losing control in a good way, when you’re having a bad day.
  • In this song, she describes a terrible day in which nothing seems to be going well, and she feels that running away could give her peace of mind.

9. “Let’s Get Lost”

Artist: Carly Rae Jepsen

Album: Emotion

Year Released: 2015

Genre: Synth-Pop, Dance-Pop Music

Facts About “Let’s Get Lost”

  • Carly Rae Jepsen’s third studio album, Emotion (2015), features “Let’s Get Lost” as the ninth track.
  • The song’s beginning catches attention because it sounded like “Daylight” by Matt and Kim.
  • The music is super catchy; the saxophone in it is freakishly good.

10. "Runaway"

Artist: Ed Sheeran

Album: X

Year Released: 2014

Genre: Pop Music

Facts About “Runaway”

  • Ed Sheeran’s “Runaway” is the ninth track on his second studio album, X.
  • Sheeran planned for the song to appear on a future album with Pharrell, but he included it on the album when he was persuaded to have “Sing.”
  • A song by Ed Sheeran talks about him running away from home, his fathers’ drinking problems, and all the problems he had at home.
  • “Runaway” is one of the most popular 21st-century pop songs about running away with someone from home and your problems.

11. “Run to You”

Artist: Bryan Adams

Album: Reckless

Year Released: 1984

Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Heartland Rock Music

Facts About "Run to You"

  • Bryan Adams’ single “Run to You” came from his fourth album, Reckless (1984).
  • It is one of the unique rock songs about running away from home and from your lover. The song describes a man’s intention of running toward his seductive mistress rather than his faithful partner.
  • Several different kinds of love are described in this song. Some interpretations of the song include a guy who runs away from reality to music and a woman whose love never dies.
  • The song peaked at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on Billboard’s Top Rock Tracks chart.

12. “I Am Born to Run”

Artist: American Authors

Album: What We Live For

Year Released: 2016

Genre: Alternative/Indie Music

Facts About “I Am Born to Run”

  • American Authors’ song “I’m Born to Run” represents how you should live in the present, not worry about what happened in the past or what will happen in the future.
  • In this song, there are so many things that show how one should live in the moment and live one’s life to the fullest, and that if one wants an enjoyable life, running away from problems is the best solution.
  • “I’m Born to Run” is the second track on the album, and it has certain features that will keep you going down with ease.

13. “You Keep Running Away”

Artist: The Four Tops

Album: Classic Sounds of the Motor City, Volume 1

Year Released: 1967

Genre: R&B, Soul Music

Facts About “You Keep Running Away”

  • “You Keep Running Away” is a Four Tops’ 1967 recording of a Holland-Dozier-Holland composition.
  • “You Keep Running Away” reached #7 on the R&B charts and #19 on the Hot 100 charts.
  • It is a song of heartbreak and loss. It is one of the saddest songs about running away from someone. The man describes what it is like to be left by his girl, who keeps running away from him.

14. “I Ran (So Far Away)”

Artist: A Flock of Seagulls

Album: A Flock of Seagulls

Year Released: 1982

Genre: New Wave, Synth-Pop Music

Facts About “I Ran (So Far Away)”

  • “I Ran” is a song by English new wave band A Flock of Seagulls from their 1982 self-titled debut album.
  • The album’s opening track is a concept piece about an invasion of Earth by aliens.
  • This song describes a person’s experience seeing an attractive female - he gets anxious and wants to run from his feelings, but he cannot forget her.

15. “Running Away”

Artist: Sly and the Family Stone

Album: There’s a Riot Goin’ On

Year Released: 1972

Genre: Funk, Soul Music

Facts About “Running Away”

  • Sly and the Family Stone released “Running Away” as a single in early 1972, and it appears on their 1971 album, There’s a Riot Going On.
  • The Raincoats and the Colourfield later covered the song, whose version peaked at #84 in the UK.
  • Critics believe it is about someone suffering from depression which runs away from problems but keeps making the same mistakes.

16. “Hold Me Down”

Artist: Halsey

Album: Badlands

Year Released: 2015

Genre: Electropop Music

Facts About “Hold Me Down”

  • Astralwerks released “Hold Me Down,” a song by American singer Halsey that samples Son Lux’s “Easy,” in 2015.
  • “Hold Me Down” is one of the inspirational songs about running away from those things or people who hold you back. The song serves as a reminder that regardless of how small you are or how small others think you are, you should never give up.
  • Over 100 million streams have been recorded on Spotify since the song’s release, and it’s been certified gold in Australia.

17. “Running Away”

Artist: Bob Marley

Album: Kaya

Year Released: 1978

Genre: Reggae Music

Facts About “Running Away”

  • Marley, the song’s male lead has run away from a woman, but he tries to run away from himself.
  • In other interpretations, Marley left Jamaica and left his family in exile in England, spending two years ensuring the safety of his loved ones.
  • The music seems to shift in the latter half of the song to portray a character who is no longer running but instead strolling after escaping whatever they were fleeing.

18. “Sleep on the Floor”

Artist: The Lumineers

Album: Cleopatra

Year Released: 2016

Genre: Folk Rock

Facts About “Sleep on the Floor”

  • The Lumineers’ single “Sleep on the Floor” is from their second studio album Cleopatra.
  • A scene from the music video begins with a young girl attending a funeral for her father before her boyfriend tells her, “If we don’t go now, you might never be able to leave.”
  • “Sleep on the Floor” is one of the greatest songs about running away from the life you are used to living. This song by the Lumineers is about leaving one’s small town and trying to “seize the day” in the big city.

19. “La La La”

Artist: Naughty Boy featuring Sam Smith

Album: Hotel Cabana

Year Released: 2013

Genre: UK Garage, R&B, Dance-Pop Music

Facts About “La La La”

  • The song “La La La” was released by British record producer Naughty Boy, with vocals featuring Sam Smith.
  • The Official Charts Company confirmed that it was the fastest-selling single of 2013 in the UK.
  • According to Naughty Boy, this song is about blocking out everything you’re told and acting like a kid. As if he is a kid, he covers his ears and says, “La La La.” This gesture shows the man-kid in him.

20. “Runaway Love”

Artist: Ludacris featuring Mary Blige

Album: Release Therapy

Year Released: 2007

Genre: Conscious Hip-Hop, R&B Music

Facts About “Runaway Love”

  • “Runaway Love” is one of the most popular and inspiring songs about running away from life and problems.
  • Earth, Wind & Fire, Mary J. Blige, and Ludacris performed the song at the 2007 Grammy Awards show.
  • The message of the song is both inspiring and sad. In this song, Ludacris and Mary J. Blige discuss how everything will be better if the girls run away together and leave painful memories behind.

21. “Walking Away”

Artist: Craig David

Album: Born to Do It

Year Released: 2000

Genre: R&B Music

Facts About “Walking Away”

  • “Walking Away” is the third single from Craig David’s debut studio album Born to Do It, written by him and Mark Hill.
  • This song is a breakup song. Craig is tired of everything he has to deal with, such as his disagreements with his girlfriend and the miscommunications that surround their relationship.
  • According to the song’s storyline, Craig runs away from a crappy relationship with a girl who just used and abused him and caused him so much trouble that she wasn’t even worth it.
  • In 2001, it became the #1 song in both sales and airplay in New Zealand, where it was the #3 song in the United Kingdom.

22. “A Sweeter Place”

Artist: Selena Gomez

Album: Rare

Year Released: 2020

Genre: Electropop, Hip-Hop Music

Facts About “A Sweeter Place”

  • Selena Gomez’s third studio album comprises thirteen tracks, including “A Sweeter Place,” which features guest vocals from rapper Kid Cudi.
  • “A Sweeter Place” is a song by Selena featuring Kid Cudi, about how they want to run away and find a place where they can forget about all their worries.
  • Both Selena and Kid Cudi talked about their rough and tough times when they were both struggling with depression and anxiety, which eventually caused complications in their physical health.

23. “Paradise”

Artist: Coldplay

Album: Mylo Xyloto

Year Released: 2011

Genre: Alternative Rock, Electronic Rock, Pop Rock, R&B Music

Facts About “Paradise”

  • Coldplay’s song “Paradise” is the second single from their fifth album, Mylo Xyloto, released on September 12, 2011.
  • According to Chris Martin, the song is about two people who grew up in a sizeable oppressive city, and they both feel lost in their lives. He added that the story of “Paradise” is about a lost girl who escapes through fantasy.
  • The song reflects the challenges we face as we grow older, making it harder to meet the challenges we thought we could easily overcome before.

24. “Running Scared”

Artist: Roy Orbison

Album: Crying

Year Released: 1961

Genre: Orchestral Pop, Bolero Music

Facts About “Running Scared”

  • Roy Orbison’s last ever live performance was the song, performed two days before his untimely death at a Cleveland venue on December 4, 1988.
  • As the song’s main character, Orbison sings about his lover’s past love and their feelings for one another, which was generally the mood of his music.
  • “Running Scared” is one of the greatest songs about running away together with your lover. In “Running Scared,” the character ends up getting to walk away with the girl -- a twist not seen in much of Orbison’s work.

25. “Breakaway”

Artist: Kelly Clarkson

Album: The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement: Original Soundtrack and Breakaway

Year Released: 2004

Genre: Folk Pop Music

Facts About “Breakaway”

  • This song was first intended for Lavigne’s debut studio album, Let Go, after Matthew Gerrard, Bridget Benenate, and Avril Lavigne wrote it together.
  • “Breakaway” is one of the best songs about running away from the life you are used to and trying new things.
  • The lyrics talk about running away from the struggles you’ve gone through, moving on, and achieving your dreams.

Continuation of Songs About Running Away

Title of Songs About Running AwayArtist(s)

26. “Runaway”


27. “Break Away”

Rascal Flatts

28. “Navigator”

MOONZz with Restless Modern

29. “Run”

Cascada (Mulshine Remix)

30. “Lost”

Scavenger Hunt

31. “Back Again”


32. “Fly Away”

Thefatrat ft Anjulie

33. “Don’t Want to Go (ft Go Periscope)”

Nigel Good

34. “Disappear”

Nigel Good (ft Mango, Andre Frauenstein & Stefan Ludik)

35. “Runaway”

Krissy & Erika

36. “Run Red Run”

The Coasters

37. “Run Joe”

Louis Jordan

38. “Run Away”

Real McCoy

39. “Run Through the Jungle”

Creedence Clearwater Revival

40. “Running Away”


41. “Nowhere to Run”

Martha & The Vandellas

42. “Free”


43. “Waterfalls”

LVNDSCAPE & Holland Park

44. “Fast Car”

Jonas Blue & Dakota

45. “Youth”

Troye Sivan

46. “Runaways”

Betty Who

47. “Infinite High”

Panama Wedding

48. “Conqueror”


49. “Growing Pains”


50. “Where the Hell Are My Friends”


51. “Beat of My Drum”


52. “Getaway”


53. “Rivers and Roads”

The Head and the Heart

54. “What We Live For”

American Authors

55. “‘Run”

George Strait

56. “Stand Up and Run”

Billy Talent

57. “Take the Money and Run”

the Steve Miller Band

58. “The Distance”


59. “Run Rudolph Run”

Chuck Berry

60. “Run, Baby Run”

Sheryl Crow

61. “Run Away”

Anthem Lights

62. “I Run To You”

Lady Antebellum

63. “I Run for Life”

Melissa Etheridge

64. “Pray to God”

Calvin Harris Ft. Haim

65. “The Champ”

Ghostface Killah

66. “Freak Out”

Brightest Diamond

67. "Can't Kill Us"

the Glitch Mob

68. “Big Time Sensuality”


69. “Drone On”

Physical Therapy Ft. Jamie Krasner

70. “I Need Sunshine”

Maverick Sabre

71. “Running on Empty”

Jackson Browne

72. “Shake It Off”

Taylor Swift

73. “My Way”

Calvin Harris

74. “Eastside”

Benny Blanco

75. “South Of The Border”

Ed Sheeran & Camila Cabello

76. “Come Fly With Me”

Frank Sinatra

77. “Check Yes Juliet”

We The Kings

78. “Anywhere”


79. “Runaway (U&I)”


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