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46 Songs About Pregnancy Loss

FlourishAnyway believes there is a playlist for just about any situation and is on a mission to unite and entertain the world through song.

If you have experienced a pregnancy loss or miscarriage or know someone who has, make a playlist of pop, rock, and country songs about the experience as a reminder that you are not alone.

If you have experienced a pregnancy loss or miscarriage or know someone who has, make a playlist of pop, rock, and country songs about the experience as a reminder that you are not alone.

Songs About Losing a Child

The most heart-rending scene I've ever witnessed occurred in a hospital room when my younger sister cradled her stillborn baby, born just hours earlier. Numb, my sister had waited for her daughter since she was a girl herself, only to have her fairy tale ripped apart and end in silent tragedy. How unfair.

No one knows why the baby girl came four months early. Perhaps the loss was related to a fender bender with a texting driver earlier that week. Maybe her death was just one of those sad things.

Whatever the case, along with the demise of the baby (who had already been named Lacey) a number of dreams died as well. My sister would never know who this infant would grow up to be or what she looked like. The child's family would never get to laugh with her, read bedtime stories with her, and see her graduate from high school.

My sister already had two young boys at home and eventually gave birth to another boy after Lacey, however the raw physical and emotional experience of stillbirth shattered a part of her. Nothing will ever replace that child lost.

If you know someone undergoing the pain of pregnancy loss, let them know you support them in their grief. Honor the life of the infant lost by sharing this touching poem about a stillborn baby that I wrote and read at my niece's funeral. Then create a playlist of pop, rock, and country tunes for grieving parents.

1. "Small Bump" by Ed Sheeran

Before this tender 2012 pop tune takes a sorrowful turn, it celebrates the hope and promise that every parent feels as they await the arrival of their growing child. The narrator is a father who envisions what his child will look like. He eagerly anticipates snuggling, comforting, and protecting the infant once it is born.

But then, the song takes a tragic and unexpected turn. Suddenly, that joy turns to grief when the five month-old fetus is miscarried. Although singer Ed Sheeran adopted a first-person narrator's perspective, he wrote the song about a close friend who experienced this personal loss.

2. "More" by Halsey

Prior to eventually becoming a first-time mother in 2021, Halsey suffered three devastating miscarriages. She shares her deep longing for a child in this 2020 pop ballad that describes how she has loved her would-be child all of her life.

Dejection and disappointment take hold as she yearns for the the pitter-patter of tiny feet, and she puts away tiny clothes that gathering dust. The loss of miscarriage just makes her ache for a baby more.

3. "Gone Too Soon" by Daughtry

Wracked with grief, the man in this 2011 rock ballad ventures down the painful path of could-woulda-shoulda been. He ponders who the child he and his wife lost might have been and what they might look like:

Not a day goes by that I don't think of you
I'm always asking why this crazy world had to lose
Such a ray of light, we never knew
Gone too soon ... .

The father of twins, Daughtry was inspired to pen the song after a friend's daughter experienced pregnancy loss. When the musician first played the song for his brother, his brother broke down and revealed that he and his wife had also lost a child to miscarriage years prior. Many people carry the silent grief of this loss with them, unbeknownst to even the closest of friends and family.

4. "Cry Pretty" by Carrie Underwood

When strong emotions swirl within, sometimes all of the fortitude in the world cannot hold back the tears. Falling apart and exposing your pain to others may not be pretty. Your mascara runs, your eyes grow red, and your nose drips. However, such sadness is authentic, so give people insight into what you are feeling. Allow them to connect, listen, and to help.

Country singer Carrie Underwood was inspired to write this emotional 2018 song as a result of two life-changing situations. The first was a freak accident which left her with a broken wrist and 40 stitches near her mouth. The second was a string of three miscarriages in two years. These miscarriages occurred between the birth of her first son in 2015 and before the eventual birth of her second son in 2019.

5. "Spark" by Tori Amos

The despairing woman in this 1998 pop release treasures the tiny life inside her womb, yet at the same time, she has a sense of foreboding that it is slipping away. The woman has given up cigarettes and now she (and therefore her fetus) are addicted to nicotine.

Anxious, the woman lays on an ultrasound examining table in the dark as the technologist notes the length of the baby (6.58 cm). Sadly, there is no heartbeat detected. Guilt plagues her for being unable to keep the child alive.

Later, she yields to a D&C, and her anguish makes her declare that the entire experience of loss is too painful to ever go through again. Others attempt to support her by telling her that she really doesn't mean it. Singer Tori Amos endured three miscarriages but ultimately became the mother to a daughter in 2000.

6. "Something's Not Right" by Lily Allen

Lilly Allen was inspired by the tragedy of delivering a baby boy who was stillborn at six months old, writing this slow piano ballad of distress for the 2015 Peter Pan sequel, Pan. The narrator rests in the hospital and experiences the disquieting feeling that the life inside her womb is ending:

Something's not right
Something's not right
We had forever
We never got it together.

The artist experienced the trauma of both a miscarriage and a stillbirth. Ultimately, she gave birth to two healthy daughters, but mothers never forget the babies that didn't make it.

7. "Thy Will" by Hillary Scott & The Scott Family

Confused and heartbroken, the woman in this 2016 Grammy Award-winning contemporary Christian song does not understand why her miscarriage is part of God's plan. Struggling to make sense of the tragic loss, she puts herself at the mercy of God in this faith-affirming tune.

Hillary Scott is the co-lead vocalist of country group Lady A and the daughter of country musician Linda Davis. The song was inspired by Scott's personal experience with miscarriage in 2015.

8. "I Still Know You" by Jacob Lee

This comforting 2019 song of pregnancy loss features a father who seeks to understand the immeasurable depths of grief that his partner is feeling following stillbirth. The world has gone grey, and dreams have died along with their child.

The mother unfortunately blames herself for being unable to keep the baby alive. She harbors an intense, impossible longing to nurture and parent this child. Even though the child's parents will not get the chance to watch them grow and raise them, the song reassuringly asserts, "I still know you."

9. "Who You'd Be Today" by Kenny Chesney

Although not specifically about pregnancy loss, this moving country song from 2005 is about someone who died too young. The narrator mourns his loved one, sensing their presence everywhere he goes. Their young life was a book that had just begun, but sadly, death stole away the pages. The narrator wonders who they'd be today had that not happened, and he finds comfort in the knowledge that one day they will be reunited.

10. "Beam Me Up" by Pink

In this emotional 2012 acoustic ballad, a mother covets a momentary reprieve from the gut punch of grief brought on by the loss of her child. She imagines that there is a parallel universe where "nothing breaks and nothing hurts" and this is the place that shelters the darling child she mourns.

Seeking a momentary reunion to steady herself until they can be together one day, the sorrowful mother pleads:

Could you beam me up,
Give me a minute, I don't know what I'd say in it
Probably just stare, happy just to be there holding your face
Beam me up,
Let me be lighter, I'm tired of being a fighter, I think,
A minute's enough,
Just beam me up.

11. "Birdsong" by Kina Grannis

This plaintive 2018 pop ballad was originally written about a frail bird that songstress Kina Grannis rescued and rehabilitated. In retrospect, however, the singer realized that her song could encompass the loss of a child by miscarriage.

The narrator lovingly describes how the bird's beautiful life fell suddenly into her hands. She cared for the bright and magic-eyed soul, earnestly attempting to make a home within. Although she thought they would have more time together, the woman's sweet protectee flew away before she was ready to say goodbye, leaving her to grieve the loss.

12. "Hard Days" by Brantley Gilbert

The man in this inspirational 2019 country ditty reminds listeners that we may not understand the reason for heartache, life challenges that stretch us to our limits, and weights that threaten to bring us to our knees. Without these character-building trials, we may never learn our own strength, may not discover our life purpose, or grow as close to God. Hard days can be transformative, however. The tune is not about miscarriage specifically but rather attempts to find the silver lining in facing life adversity.

13. "Over the Rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole

For parents desiring a more buoyant tune to remind them of their lost infant, Native Hawaiian Israel ("Iz") Kamakawiwoʻole creatively covers Judy Garland's 1939 iconic song, "Over the Rainbow." The song narrator references a heavenly, dreamy place high in the clouds beyond the rainbow. There are no troubles over the rainbow in this happy place he has heard about and he hopes to one day go.

14. "Fly" by Celine Dion

With the poetic lyrics of this tender 1996 pop ballad, songbird Celine Dion bids a bittersweet goodbye to a young life cut tragically short. Her song was inspired by the death of her niece from cystic fibrosis, although it is certainly appropriate for other contexts of loss such as miscarriage.

The tune's narrator encourages the spirit of the tiny lost life to go fly towards peace. She urges them to go find the light until they one day meet again:

Fly, fly do not fear
Don't waste a breath, don't shed a tear
Your heart is pure, your soul is free
Be on your way, don't wait for me
Above the universe you'll climb
On beyond the hands of time
The moon will rise, the sun will set
But I won't forget.

15. "Take My Place" by Lily Allen

As if her experience of child loss is all a dream, the woman in this 2014 song is plagued by feelings of unreality. She cannot believe that this pregnancy loss is happening and wishes that someone else could take her place.

Choking on air, this woman who yearned for motherhood cannot breathe from the unfairness of it all. Why is this happening? In raw anguish she confesses, "This is more than I can take."

16. "Little Invitro" by Gary Numan

The man in this slow, glum rock number from 2000 expresses emptiness, disbelief, and guilt over the unexpected death of the developing child that he and his child wife were looking forward to meeting. Instead of being able to hold the baby in their arms, the child perished and left the parents bereft.

The narrator feels empty and wrought with disbelief and guilt. Unable to hold a funeral or have a simple grave marker, he is plagued with bewildering questions about where to go from here. (Note that for stillborn babies, some parents now do opt for funerals and gravestones or markers. My sister did this for her stillborn daughter.) Towards the end of the song is an angst-filled guitar solo that expresses his searing pain.

Numan's his wife, Gemma experienced multiple miscarriages during their IVF treatments. Ultimately, the couple did become parents.

17. "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton

This somber 1992 rock ballad by legendary guitarist Eric Clapton honors his four-year-old son, Conor, who tragically tumbled from a 54-story apartment building. The Grammy Award-winning track is appropriate for memorializing the loss of any loved one.

The narrator wonders whether his son would know or recognize him if he saw him in heaven and whether it would be the same. He realizes that he cannot spend his entire life mourning his son's death and asks his lost loved one for help in navigating the pain.

18. "Crystallise" by Jax Jones

This 2021 dance and electronic single is inspired by the pregnancy loss experienced by the singer and his wife. The song is unusual for this playlist in that it presents an energetic beat as the antidote to sadness.

The track references the loss of a long waited-for dream. The miscarried child is the narrator's "light" and "diamond" who saved them from darkness. Although their dream of parenthood is not realized this time, hope crystallizes around the idea of having another baby someday. In real life, the couple first become parents to a daughter in 2020, three years after the miscarriage that inspired this song.

19. "Winter Bear" by Coby Grant

Australian singer-songwriter Coby Grant wrote this special 2019 song when the grandfather of a stillborn baby boy reached out to the musician for assistance. The grandfather sought a means of expressing the extended family's love and compassion and their desire to commemorate the child's brief life. With the grandpa providing thoughts, poems, and emotive words as inspiration, Grant penned this touching song which became a viral hit on social media.

The evocative tune references a parent's sense that they have always known, longed for, and loved their deceased child. The ditty notes the indescribable depths of that love. The parent sees the glimmer of their baby in the stars at night and wonders whether the child's spirit can feel how much they are loved—then, now, and always.

20. "Bottle By My Bed" by Sunny Sweeney

There's an empty nursery at the top of the stairs in this 2017 country song and a heartbroken woman who is childless but not by choice. As she aches for a child, that empty room haunts her. She daydreams about motherhood and wishes that she, too, could reach for a baby bottle by her bed.

Songstress Sunny Sweeney experienced miscarriage, followed by unsuccessful IVF treatments. She uses this tune to share her private anguish of being unable to have the baby she so dearly pines for. The experience is particularly tormenting for the singer, given that so many other women around her struggle with the carpool lane and the terrible two's. She'd give anything to be one of those harried mothers.

"Even those that never fully blossom bring beauty to the world." - Unknown

"Even those that never fully blossom bring beauty to the world." - Unknown

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