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59 Songs About Paradise

FlourishAnyway believes there is a playlist for just about any situation and is on a mission to unite and entertain the world through song.

Whether your paradise is a heavenly afterlife, a travel destination, a passionate romance, a state of mind, home, or something else, make a playlist of pop, rock, country, and R&B songs that celebrate the many meanings of paradise.

Whether your paradise is a heavenly afterlife, a travel destination, a passionate romance, a state of mind, home, or something else, make a playlist of pop, rock, country, and R&B songs that celebrate the many meanings of paradise.

A Paradise Vibe

Wherever paradise is, for me, it better have cats. Otherwise, I'm staying right here. I have 5 indoor cats, and life is especially perfect in the evenings when my husband and I (yes, cat ladies do get married) relax in the living room with the cats quietly splayed out around us. We have a paradise vibe going on right here at home.

Paradise has long been glorified as a spiritual place of eternal peace, prosperity, and happiness. However, you might use the term to describe the desired life you create, a relationship, sensual pleasure, an exotic travel destination, or a state of mind. Others use the term ironically or facetiously to draw attention to how imperfect or unhappy a situation is.

Whether your paradise is a heavenly afterlife or something entirely more earthly, make a playlist of pop, rock, country, and R&B songs about the topic. We have a long list to start you off.

1. "Two Tickets to Paradise" by Eddie Money

Eddie Money penned this classic 1978 rock tune about a girlfriend he was trying to impress, and it has become a signature song. The girl's mother was trying to come between her daughter and the rocker, hoping that the young woman would instead become interested in an aspiring doctor, lawyer, or accountant.

In the song, the singer surprises his sweetheart with two tickets for a lovers' getaway to a paradise vacation spot. Telling her to pack her bags because they are leaving for a faraway trip tonight, he doesn't specify the destination. It could be any paradise destination technically. (You're thinking somewhere tropical, aren't you?) In reality, Money had purchased two bus tickets to see the California redwoods. They never took the vacation together, and she dumped the singer before he became famous.

2. "Paradise" by Coldplay

The protagonist in this global rock hit from 2011 developed unrealistic expectations of life while growing up, based on the beloved fairy tales and fantasies she surrounded herself with as a youngster. When awake, the girl faces a reality of disappointments, heartache, and regret. Disappointed by this harshness and the cruelty of reality, she dozes off to a more pleasant dream world as a form of escapism.

Time tempers her expectations so that she sees hope and possibility with her eyes open. She subsequently notices elements of paradise in her waking life: "This could be paradise."

3. "Paradise" by Stick Figure

This 2021 reggae and dub ditty is so hypnotic that you could put it on repeat and vibe to it for a while to create your own paradise. The man in this song is trying to find his paradise, a state of mind. He searches for love, hope, and acceptance within the context of a place where he can belong. Having traveled the world, the wanderer seeks gentle comfort and homecoming.

4. "Paradise to Me" by Niko Moon

Is your idea of paradise a tropical beach with white sand, an ocean breeze, and palm trees, or are you satisfied with a trip to the lake house with friends? The guy in this 2020 country song takes a three-day weekend trip to the lake with his buddies. They kick back on their boat, drink some Coronas, and enjoy water sports. For him, this is paradise, and luckily, it's not too far from home.

5. "Paradise City" by Guns N' Roses

Paradise is what you make it to be. At almost seven minutes long, this globally popular hard rock track from 1989 made the cut for Rolling Stone's list of "The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time." The high-energy song was inspired by the city of Los Angeles, where the band was living at the time, and it references hard times, drugs, and pollution typically found there.

In contrast to the gritty living found in big cities, the song's chorus reflects Axl Rose's longing for the Midwest. His memories of Bloomington, Indiana, sparked a desire to return home to where "the grass is green and the girls are pretty."

6. "Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio (featuring L.V.)

Rather than glorifying a lifestyle of violence, criminal conduct, and death threats, this 1995 gangsta rap number keeps it real by highlighting the hopelessness inherent in growing up in a community with few choices. The Grammy Award-winning song became topped the charts around the globe and was featured in the major motion picture, Dangerous Minds. Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Stevie Wonder composed the song and insisted that there be no profanity.

7. "Dark Paradise" by Lana Del Rey

Critics sometimes describe Lana Del Rey's music as "Hollywood sadcore" for both its tone and lyrics. This 2012 tune about a woman who morosely grieves a dead partner is a prime exemplar of her style. The singer has often been criticized for glorifying death and dying and discussing desires for her own final demise in interviews. (Get help.)

In the song, the narrator is haunted by the memory of her loved one and says she wishes she was also dead. However, she fears they won't be reunited on the other side. Sleep provides a welcome escape in that the depressed woman can reconnect with him in her dreams.

8. "Almost Paradise" by Mike Reno (featuring Ann Wilson)

Two lovers rejoice in having found the love of a lifetime in this 1984 soft rock ballad which was the love theme for the major motion picture, Footloose. The man declares that he never expected to achieve perfect love and almost gave up on searching for it entirely. Now, however, the couple has found eternal happiness in each other's eyes, and they proclaim it "almost paradise," like they are "knockin' on heaven's door."

9. "Slide Away" by Miley Cyrus

In an obvious reference to her ex-husband, actor Liam Hemsworth, former Disney princess Miley Cyrus describes a former paradise that she is forsaking by breaking up with a lover. The raunchy singer and the hunky star of The Hunger Games were romantically involved off and on for a decade before briefly marrying in 2018. The two divorced in 2020 due to irreconcilable differences.

The song narrator notes that in their wild times previously she was nearly paralyzed by "whiskey and pills." They are no longer 17, however; she has matured. This 2019 pop song expresses relief that each of them will be returning to where they came from—her to the city and him to the ocean. (Note that Hemingsworth is Australian.) Let's see if they learn from their past mistakes.

10. "Another Day in Paradise" by Phil Colllns

The use of "paradise" in this 1989 pop ballad is paradoxical. A cold, homeless woman calls out, seeking help from an unwilling stranger as blisters on her feet interfere with her ability to walk. Rather than supplying her with assistance, the man looks the other way. As he crosses the street to avoid her, he whistles to himself and ignores her entreaties. This is just another day of being an unacknowledged homeless person who doesn't matter.

11. "Paradise" by Khalid

In this leisurely-paced 2019 jam, the narrator and his friend are blissed out smoking dope together and trying to live in the moment. His buddy is struggling with his mother being disappointed in him so he tries to impart some advice regarding living for yourself and enjoying right now. Nothing, he counsels his friend, will erase sins—not love, hate, wealth, or careful self-analysis. Find your paradise and you do you.

12. "Big Yellow Taxi" by Counting Crows (featuring Vanessa Cartlon)

This 2003 folk rock tune is a cover of the classic song by Joni Mitchell who wrote it on her trip to Hawaii. The tropical paradise had become a tawdry tourist trap in many parts. Mitchell witnessed how nature's beauty had been wrecked by development, including building parking lots and mowing all the trees down. She was also concerned about environmental issues such as the use of the toxic synthetic pesticide DDT on agriculture. The message of the song is to not take the environment—our paradise—for granted.

13. "Just Another Day in Paradise" by Phil Vassar

The reality of marriage is often overdue bills and screaming kids, honey-do lists and family pizza nights. In this country crossover tune from 2000, the narrator touches on the stressors and rewards of having a young and growing family. Even though it's not the calm paradise he probably imagined, he wouldn't have it any other way. Life is good even though it's not perfect.

14. "Paradise Lost on Me" by Zac Brown Band

In a desperate attempt to get over his ex, the man in this 2021 country song returns to the island location where they met. (Not a good move! It's befuddling why he would do that.) The waves, the snow-white sands, and everything else about the tropical locale reminds him of when they met and obviously rubs salt in his emotional wounds. The hard luck fella declares that without his beloved beside him, paradise is lost (i.e., wasted) on him. He can't enjoy himself.

15. "Paradise" by MEDUZA (featuring Dermot Kennedy)

Persistence and bravery are the names of the game in this 2021 electronic dance song. The narrator faces both difficult circumstances and struggle with uncertainty, however standing strong will eventually lead him to paradise. Right now he feels as though he is missing something, so he asks a friend for help in bridging the gap between where he wants to be and where he currently is.

16. "Locked Out of Heaven" by Bruno Mars

In this 2012 pop song about sensual overload, a man confesses that he feels so besotted with his lover that it's as if he was "locked out of heaven" before he met her. He worships her and each time they have sex it's so ecstatic that he feels born again. Now that's a girl with influence.

17. "Love Me Like You Do" by Ellie Goulding

Heads are spinning and hearts are on fire in this 2015 electropop love ballad from the Fifty Shades of Gray soundtrack. The breathy narrator of this worldwide hit hungers for the touch of her love interest. She is dizzy with anticipation and implores him to not make her wait any longer for their sexual festivities to commence:

Fading in, fading out
On the edge of paradise
Every inch of your skin, is a Holy Grail I've gotta find
Only you can set my heart on fire, on fire.

18. "Paradise" by Sade

In this 1988 R&B crossover hit that became a signature song for Sade, she professes to a love interest, "I'd wash the sand off the shore." (I sure hope you have that type of dedicated love in your life.) The narrator declares that their relationship just "feels right" and is "like paradise" then announces that she wants to share her life with them.

19. "Rose in Paradise" by Waylon Jennings

When a beautiful young woman named Rose marries a jealous Georgia banker in this 1987 country chart-topper, she seals her fate forever. She's a flower for the taking, and her husband builds her a stately mountain mansion with a garden. On the mountain, the banker keeps her safe from outsiders, and he hires a gardener to monitor her when he needs to travel.

In a foreboding manner, the banker swears that

I would walk through Hell on Sunday
To keep my Rose in Paradise.

Both the gardener and the wife disappear and no one ever hears from he or Rose again. Although rumors run rampant, folks don't know what happened. Many years later, the banker still talks about her and there is an eerie rose that blooms in all seasons and even at night.

20. "Cheeseburger in Paradise" by Jimmy Buffett

After trying vegetarianism for 70 days, the narrator in this 1978 pop song had a carnivorous relapse with a big fat cheeseburger on a big warm bun. He calls it both "Heaven on Earth" and a "sensuous treat." (Note that it is no sensuous treat for the cow who gave its life.) The narrator then details precisely how he wants his burger prepared: lettuce, tomato, and Heinz 57 sauce, with a side of fries and a cold beer.

The tune was inspired by a failed boating trip wherein Jimmy Buffett and other passengers aboard had to survive several days on peanut butter and canned food. Upon their eventual arrival, their appetites were sated with cheeseburgers.

Paradise is depicted to be a place of everlasting peace, happiness, comfort, and bliss.

Paradise is depicted to be a place of everlasting peace, happiness, comfort, and bliss.

Even More Songs About Paradise

Know a song about paradise that should be on this list? Make a suggestion in the Comments Section below!

SongArtist(s)Year Released

21. Paradise Tonight

Mickey Gilley and Charley McClain


22. Sailing

Cristopher Cross


23. Paradise



24. Paradise by the Dashboard Lights

Meat Loaf


25. Paradise



26. Country Boy's Paradise

The Lacs


27. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now



28. Welcome to Paradise

Green Day


29. Summer Paradise

Simple Plan (featuring K'naan & Sean Paul)


30. Redneck Paradise

Kid Rock (featuring Hank Williams Jr.)


31. Bird of Paradise

Snowy White


32. Lost in Paradise



33. Moment in Paradise

Electric Light Orchestra


34. Paradise

H.E.R. (featuring Yung Bleu)


35. Paradise

Craig Morgan


36. Lost in Japan

Shawn Mendes


37. I Do (Cherish You)

Mark Wills


38. Rockin' the Paradise



39. I've Never Been to Me



40. When You Look Me in the Eyes

Jonas Brothers


41. Paradise

John Prine


42. Cool for the Summer

Demi Lovato


43. Beautiful Life

Bebe Rexha


44. Anywhere

Rita Ora


45. May the Bird of Paradise Fly up Your Nose

Little Jimmy Dickens


46. Golden Hour

Kacey Musgraves


47. Outta Here

Kenny Chesney


48. Better Life

Keith Urban


49. Be As You Are

Kenny Chesney


50. Sherry’s Living in Paradise

Kenny Chesney


51. Here Comes Temptation

Trisha Yearwood


52. Everything

Mary J. Blige


53. Pimpa's Paradise

Damian Marley


54. My Heaven

Trace Adkins


55. Heaven Is Missing an Angel

George Strait


56. A Lot to Learn About Livin'

Easton Corbin


57. Place Out on the Ocean

Jamey Johnson


58. Wish You Were Here

Mark Wills


59. Pastime Paradise

Stevie Wonder


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