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54 Songs About Hands

FlourishAnyway believes there is a playlist for just about any situation and is on a mission to unite and entertain the world through song.

We use our hands to love, fight, work, worship, and communicate. Celebrate the usefulness of these remarkable body parts and tools by creating a playlist of pop, rock, and country songs about hands.

We use our hands to love, fight, work, worship, and communicate. Celebrate the usefulness of these remarkable body parts and tools by creating a playlist of pop, rock, and country songs about hands.

Hands Songs: All About the Remarkable Usefulness of Hands

At the end of your two arms exist the most marvelous, versatile tools. Think about all we can do with our own two hands:

  • reach out to one another in love and comfort
  • earn a living
  • worship
  • care for ourselves
  • push others away in self-defense and violence
  • greet, congratulate, offend, and say goodbye.

Whatever you do with your hands, celebrate the remarkable usefulness of these tools with a playlist. We have a long list of pop, rock, and country songs to start you off.

1. "Hands On You" by Ashley Monroe

Many people regret the drunk hook up, but the girl in this sultry 2018 country music song is just the opposite. She looks back and regrets not laying hands on the guy she has the hots for.

As she lays alone in her bed, her mind races with missed opportunity:

I wish I would've laid my hands on you
Shown you a thing or two
I wish I would've pushed you against the wall
Locked the door and bathroom stall, windows and the screen.

2. "Slow Hands" by Niall Horan

Well, Niall Horan has certainly grown up nicely, if you know what I mean. And in this 2017 pop song, he's singing about big boy moves. He's got his hands all over a lady friend and she implores him to take their business upstairs where he can ... er display his handiwork.

3. "Hold My Hand" by Sean Paul

In this 2009 reggae-inspired tune, the narrator wants his girl to hold his hand both literally and figuratively. He pledges both love and respect until his dying breath and also assures her that he will always be there for her.

If you're holding a partner's hand as you venture together through life, remind them of your commitment to them with additional songs about promises.

4. "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" by The Georgia Satellites

In a world where we now have Tindr and easy hookups, people keeping their hands to themselves doesn't happen much anymore. The smitten fella in this 1986 rock song is in love with his girlfriend and wants to take things to the next level physically. However, his sweetheart refuses to get intimate until they are married:

My honey, my baby, don't put my love upon no shelf
She said, "Don't give me no lies, and keep your hands to yourself."

5. "My Own Two Hands" by Ben Harper

According to this peppy, reggae-infused song from 2003, you have the power to positively change the world with your own two hands. Noting that his hands are useful for holding, comforting, and working, the narrator seeks to clean up the earth, reach out to others in kindness, and make our world a better place to exist—safer, brighter, and happier.

If you're looking to change the world using your two hands and a whole lot of determination, consider adopting an anthem to keep you motivated.

6. "Take My Hand" by Emily Hackett & Will Anderson

This 2014 love song is so heartfelt and earnest in its emotion. It would make an ideal wedding song. A groom asks his bride to take his hand, give him her word, and embark on the journey of a lifetime together. With weak knees and a strong heart, he assures her that they'll be lifelong friends and lovers.

7. "Slow Hand" by The Pointer Sisters

The lady in this 1981 pop song has groovin' on her mind, but she's not interested in a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am. Tired of fast loving, she makes it known that her man must have a slow, unrushed hand and be ready for some all night lovin'.

8. "Hands Off My Heart" by MKTO

This 2016 pop song is about the struggle and surrender of toxic love. It features a guy who demands that the woman he is attracted get her hands off his heart. She's a schemer and a cheater, yet somehow difficult to resist.

The vixen reaches straight into his heart to rip it out. Wounded by her deceit, he warns her that he can also be a heartbreaker. If you know a thing or two about toxic love relationships, there are lots more songs on this topic.

9. "Hands On You" by Florida Georgia Line

Having been separated from his former lover for too long, the guy in this 2012 country song has his mind racing with naughty thoughts. He's consumed with ideas about what he'll finally do when he and his old flame reunite between the sheets and he can get his hands on her. As they burn up the dance floor, he's just waiting for the signal that they can take it back to his place.

10. "Daddy's Hands" by Holly Dunn

The grown woman in this 1986 country song looks back lovingly on all that her father's hands represent. His hands were working hands, calloused with deep lines, yet they were also capable of great comfort. Her father used them to pray, comfort his daughter when she had a nightmare, pat her back in congratulations, and hold her mother tight:

Daddy's hands were soft and kind when I was cryin'
Daddy's hands were hard as steel when I'd done wrong
Daddy's hands weren't always gentle, but I've come to understand
There was always love in daddy's hands.

11. "Too Much Time on My Hands" by Styx

Benjamin Franklin once said, "Idle hands are the devil's playthings." The guy in this 1981 classic rock song is a self-described loser with idle hands and a mind to match. While the world passes him by, he wastes his time at the local watering hole.

Hey, get a job, buddy. Or at least a productive hobby.

12. "Hands in the Air" by Timbaland (featuring Ne-Yo)

The vibe is right and the speakers are thumpin'. This 2012 electronic dance song urges you to get your hands in the air and dance with the rest of the wild crowd. Stand on a couch. Stand on a chair. Just get your hands in the air.

13. "Hold My Hand" by Hootie & The Blowfish

Each of us needs acceptance, especially when we're feeling at our worst. In this 2003 pop song, the narrator reaches out a hand in peace and love to a friend who needs it. Head down, crying, and with unkempt hair, the friend feels isolated, but the narrator extends a helping hand, offering to love them and lift them up the best he can. He offers hope more than anything else.

14. "Healing Hands" by Elton John

According to this uplifting 1989 pop song, there's nothing like the power of healing hands when you're feeling hurt, unloved, and out of choices. The power of touch can bring lightness to a dark work and help you learn to live again.

15. "Hands to Myself" by Selena Gomez

People say the guy Selena is attracted to is no good, but she is having a hard time keeping her hands to herself in this 2016 pop song. (Is that you again, Justin Bieber?) Mentally, she's going through their relationship and knows it's not a healthy one, but she just can't keep her hands off him.

Fun fact about hands:  Fingers don't have muscles.  The muscles in our forearms move the tendons in our fingers. Now you know!

Fun fact about hands: Fingers don't have muscles. The muscles in our forearms move the tendons in our fingers. Now you know!


to force someone's hand

making them do something unwillingly or sooner than planned

live from hand to mouth

not having any money to save because your earnings are spent on food and other essentials

eat out of someone’s hand

to be completely controlled by someone

hand in glove

to coordinate, collaborate, or work very closely together

to have blood on one’s hands

to deserve blame

to overplay your hand

to try too hard to achieve an objective, resulting in failure or complications

left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing

communication is poor among people involved

to go hat in hand to someone

to go humbly to ask someone for help or money

a hot hand

a winning streak

can’t find one’s butt with both hands (in broad daylight)

to be stupid or incompetent

give with one hand and take away with the other

to help in one way but also do something to have the opposite effect

oil someone's hand (grease someone's palm)

to bribe someone

time hangs on heavy hands

time moves slowly when you have little to do

16. "Clap Your Hands" by Sia

This danceable 2010 pop song urges you to shake off the negative energy and clap your hands. Dance to the music and take a chance on romance as you sway to the rhythm.

17. "Hold My Hand" by Jess Glynne

Feeling uneasy, the narrator in this 2015 pop song is looking for reassurance in the strong hand of her partner. She wants him to put his arms around her and tell her that everything is okay. Tired of being alone, she needs someone who is all in when it comes to this relationship:

Darling, hold my hand
Oh, won't you hold my hand?
'Cause I don't wanna walk on my own anymore.

18. "On the Other Hand" by Randy Travis

The guy in this 1986 country chart-topper has a real problem on his hands. On one hand, he sports a gold band and all the promises that go with it. On the other hand, he's cheating with a lover who makes him feel alive. Although torn between his choices, he ultimately knows he needs to go back home.

19. "Hands" by Jewel

With all the political talk about small hands, I guess you could insert your own joke here. However, this 1998 pop song takes on a spiritual and hopeful tone. The narrator references the challenges of poverty and heartache and relies on her own two hands—small, yes, but her own—to lift her up.

Jewel wrote the song when she was living out of her car and couldn't afford to buy a sundress that she wanted. She briefly contemplated stealing it but instead relied on her faith and the usefulness of her own two hands to work to be able to buy it.

20. "Riptide" by Vance Joy

In this indie rock song from 2014, a guy is utterly smitten with an unpredictable woman who has big dreams. Although there are things about her that scare him, he seeks to be her "left-hand man," meaning that he wishes to marry her.

Babies need exposure to early touch.  It is extraordinarily important for development of both cognitive function and a healthy body.

Babies need exposure to early touch. It is extraordinarily important for development of both cognitive function and a healthy body.

Even More Songs About Hands

SongArtistYear Released

21. Lay Your Hands on Me

Bon Jovi


22. Hold My Hand

Barenaked Ladies


23. Willie and the Hand Jive

Johnny Otis


24. Hand That Rocks the Cradle

Glen Campbell


25. U + Ur Hand



26. Hands in the Air

Miley Cyrus (featuring Ludacris)


27. Hand in My Pocket

Alanis Morrisette


28. Hands of Time

Margo Price


29. Hands All Over

Maroon 5


30. I Want to Hold Your Hand

The Beatles


31. Put Your Hand in Mine

Tracy Byrd


32. The Hand That Feeds

Nine Inch Nails


33. Hold My Hand

Akon & Michael Jackson


34. Lay Your Hands on Me

Thompson Twins


35. Put Your Hands Up

Matchbox Twenty


36. Write Your Number On Your Hand

Scotty McCleary


37. Hold My Hand

New Found Glory


38. If I Feel Your Hand

Mindy McCready


39. Hold My Hand

Maher Zain


40. The Devil's Right Hand

Steve Earle


41. Hand to Hold Onto

John Cougar Mellencamp


42. Touch a Hand, Make a Friend

The Staple Singers


43. Hold My Hand

The Fray


44. Don't Bite the Hand that Feeds



45. Take My Hand

Simple Plan


46. All Hands On Deck



47. Hand in Hand

98 Degrees


48. Hand on Your Heart

Kylie Minogue


49. Reach Out and Touch (Somebody's Hand)

Diana Ross


50. Put Your Hand in the Hand



51. Don't Take Your Hand Off My Heart

Dawn Sears


52. Born to Hand Jive

Sha Na Na


53. You Need Hands

Sex Pixtols


54. Hold My Hand

Lady Gaga


Questions & Answers

Question: What song contains the lyrics “stop, and hold her hand”?

Answer: Although there aren't any songs with those specific lyrics (at least not any that came up in my search of multiple lyrics databases), there is one that is close, and that is: "Tell Me You Are Tired" by Santana (1976). It uses the lyrics, "stay and hold her hand." Additionally, I found about 20 other songs that use the words "and hold her hand."

Question: What song contains these lyrics: "some people would rob their mother for the hands"?

Answer: The song that you want is this: "Ends" (1999) by Everlast. Note, however, that the lyrics are a little different, perhaps the result of mishearing them. This is common, no worry. Here's a sample of the actual lyrics and a link to the YouTube:


Some people will rob their mother

For the ends

Rats snitch on one another

For the ends

Sometimes kids get murdered

For the ends

So before we go any further

I want my ends. ...

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