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40 Songs About Hamsters

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Ray has been an online music writer for over four years. Having sung in multiple competitions as a youth, he has a passion for the art.

Songs About Hamsters

Songs About Hamsters

Many songs about hamsters showcase how cute they are and how cool they are as pets. Hamsters don’t need much attention, get enough exercise while running on their wheel, and are cuddly and enjoyable to handle. We also have a few songs that describe how humans are like hamsters. Enjoy this collection of songs about hamsters and try to connect with your pet hamster.

1. “The Hamster Dance Song”

Artist: Hampton and the Hamsters

Album: Hampsterdance: The Album

Year Released: 2000

Genre: Pop Music

Facts About “The Hamster Dance Song”

  • “Hamster Dance Song” is a cheery little dance tune with catchy lyrics and a quick-talking hamster chorus.
  • Most people cringe at “Hamster Dance Song,” but secretly, it’s one of those guilty pleasures like Aqua’s dance song “Barbie Girl.”
  • The “Hamster Dance Song” has an animated music video released in 2000 featuring four dancing hamsters worldwide.

2. “Hamsters”

Artist: King Missile

Album: The Psychopathology of Everyday Life

Year Released: 2003

Genre: Neo-Psychedelic

Facts About “Hamsters”

  • “Hamster” is a popular song by King Missile III that has been very popular with Tik Tok users.
  • The weird song talks about hamsters hanging off a man’s belt full of balloons while walking or jogging.
  • The song’s deeper meaning is that if you act insane, people will not question the stupid things you do. They will assume you are insane.

3. “Attack of the Radioactive Hamster From a Planet Near Mars”

Artist: Weird Al Yankovic

Album: UHF

Year Released: 1989

Genre: Pop Music Parody

Facts About “Attack of the Radioactive Hamster From a Planet Near Mars”

  • The song is one of the funniest songs about hamsters with a psychotic and lovely splash of vibe.
  • The title of this song is the longest of any song by Weird Al.
  • The third track on UHF, “Attack of the Radioactive Hamsters from a Planet Near Mars,” puts the spotlight on an even stranger area of Al’s life and career.
  • The song describes an invasion of hamsters from a planet near Mars. It is ridiculous and foolish.

4. “Heavy Metal Hamsters”

Artist: Helloween

Album: Pink Bubbles Go Ape

Year Released: 1991

Genre: Rock Music

Facts About “Heavy Metal Hamsters”

  • The song talks about Helloween’s former record label.
  • Michael Weikath revealed that “Heavy Metal Hamsters” was never intended to be part of the album but rather a single’s B-side.
  • Many critics praised the lyrics of the song “Heavy Metal Hamsters” song as great and rocking.

5. “Hamster Wheel”

Artist: Talib Kweli

Album: Prisoner of Conscious

Year Released: 2013

Genre: Rap Music

Facts About “Hamster Wheel”

  • Rob Mandell, Greene, and Jackson wrote “Hamster Wheel” for the American rapper Talib Kweli.
  • The track appeared on Talib Kweli’s fifth solo studio album in 2013, Prisoner of Conscious.
  • The “Hamster Wheel” music video premiered on July 3, 2013.

6. “Black Hamster”

Artist: Parry Gripp

Album: Mega-Party

Year Released: 2013

Genre: Novelty Music, Pop-Punk Music

Facts About “Black Hamster”

  • “Black Hamster” is one of the best novelty songs about hamsters sung by American singer-songwriter Parry Gripp.
  • The song is about a fuzzy superhero named Black Hamster fighting crimes with his sidekick named Neon Gerbil.
  • The song is an addictive and incredible children’s song with a touch of rap vibe.

7. “Harvey the Wonder Hamster”

Artist: Weird Al Yankovic

Album: Alapalooza

Year Released: 1993

Genre: Rock Music, Country Music, Children’s Music

Facts About “Harvey, the Wonder Hamster”

  • “Harvey, the Wonder Hamster” is a joyous, upbeat, ridiculously infectious little children’s song that debuts on Alapalooza’s long-playing record album.
  • “Harvey, The Wonder Hamster” is the pet of Weird Al in The Weird Al Show.
  • “Harvey the Wonder Hamster,” from one of Yankovic’s Al TV appearances, was included on the album due to numerous requests.
  • Despite the song’s 1993 release, they released the music video in 2019.

8. “Jim’s Hamster”

Artist: Oli Phillips

Album: Proud Songs

Year Released: 2020

Genre: Alternative, Indie Music

Facts About “Jim’s Hamster”

  • “Jim’s Hamster” is one of the cutesy and sad songs about hamsters by Oli Phillips.
  • Jim and his hamster have a love-filled relationship, but the relationship turns tragic when his hamster is diagnosed with cancer.
  • The song shows that individuals suffering from depression and loneliness may benefit from pets, especially hamsters.

9. “Little Hamster”

Artist: Damien JOE

Album: Little Hamster

Year Released: 2021

Genre: Indie Music

Facts About “Little Hamster”

  • “Little Hamster is one of the weirdest songs about hamsters because of its tune and vibe.
  • If you listen to the song, you can hear strange background voices and sounds.
  • It is a song about a hamster who loves cheddar and strawberry cake and does whatever it wants.

10. “Hamster for a Year”

Artist: Nat Budin

Album: Blue Sky

Year Released: 2020

Genre: Country Music

Facts About “Hamster for a Year”

  • The singer compares himself to a hamster who feels like he didn’t belong when he moved from Seattle to Bellingham.
  • The song talks about being positive and not having to change yourself to fit in.

11. “Hamster Wheel”

Artist: Salamii TK

Album: The Cave

Year Released: 2021

Genre: Rap Music

Facts About “Hamster Wheel”

  • “Hamster Wheel” is a song that describes how people live and work as if they’re on a hamster wheel. We work hard, chase money, and burn energy as if we’re on a hamster wheel, but somehow we feel incomplete.
  • Salami TK/Matthew Salami wrote the song and released an official visualizer directed by The Nobu.

12. “Lost Hamster”

Artist: Cocomelon

Album: Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs

Year Released: 2020

Genre: Kids Music

Facts About “Lost Hamster”

  • The song talks about Jellybean, the class pet hamster at JJ’s school.
  • In the music video, JJ, TomTom, and Yoyo are looking for the missing hamster named Jellybean.
  • The song says the lost hamster is the softest animal on earth, and his squeaks are lovely when he sings.

13. “Hamster Party”

Artist: Hampton and the Hamsters

Album: Hampsterdance: The Album

Year Released: 2000

Genre: Pop Music

Facts About “Hamster Party”

  • “Hamster Party” is one of the funkiest songs about hamsters by Hampton and the Hamsters.
  • The song mainly talks about hamsters dancing around, waving their paws, and bouncing around.
  • Fuzzy, Hado, and Dixie are among the friends the main character mentions included in the party.

14. “A Song About Hamsters”

Artist: Bryant Oden

Album: The Song drops Collection Volume 3

Year Released: 2000

Genre: Pop Music

Facts About “A Song About Hamsters”

  • “A Song About Hamsters” is a funny song that talks about cute hamsters.
  • It is a song perfect for everyone to listen to, especially kids and teens.

15. “Even Hampsters Fall in Love”

Artist: Hampton and the Hamsters

Album: Hampsterdance: The Album

Year Released: 2000

Genre: Pop Music

Facts About “Even Hampsters Fall in Love”

  • “Even Hampsters Fall in Love” features a playful and happy tune perfect for kids.
  • The song describes that no matter how small the act of love is, everyone has access to the gift of being loved.

Continuation List of Songs About Hamsters

Title of Songs About HamstersArtist(s)

16. “22 Songs About Hamsters”

J. Edgar

17. “Happy Hamster Music”


18. “Jeremy Corbyn Ate My Hamster”

Little Terry AKA the Bairn

19. “Brought Her Home”

Arm and Hamster

20. “Hamster Song’"


21. “Kibble-Remastered 2021"

Arm and Hamster

22. “Monsieur Fred Hamster”

Chantal Goya

22. “Hamster Wheel”


23. “(We Wish You) A Hammy Christmas"

Arm and Hamster

24. “Hamster Joe”

Jack Vreeswijk

25. “The Secret Life of a Hamster”

Rhett and Link

26. “Jingle Bells”

The Singing Hamsters

27. “All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth”

Alvin and the Chipmunks

28. “The Hamster Gang”

The Hamster Cult

29. “Hamsters Everywhere”

Danny Pagam

30. “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”

Hampton and the Hamsters

31. “A Hamster’s Life”

Hampton and the Hamsters

32. “Dance to the Music”

Hampton and the Hamsters

33. “Dreaming”

Hampton and the Hamsters

34. “Birdie Song”

Hampton and the Hamsters

35. “Spin the Wheel”

Hampton and the Hamsters

36. “Hamsters Get the Blues”

Hampton and the Hamsters

37. “Round and Round”

Hampton and the Hamsters

38. “Everybody Feel the Groove”

Hampton and the Hamsters

39. “Jingle Bells”

Hampton and the Hamsters

40. “Deck the Halls”

Hampton and the Hamsters

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