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53 Songs About Breathing

FlourishAnyway believes there is a playlist for just about any situation and is on a mission to unite and entertain the world through song.

Take a deep cleansing breath and celebrate the life-sustaining need to breathe. Make a playlist of pop, rock, country, and R&B songs about heavy breathing, calm breathing, taking one's breath away, and feeling breathless.

Take a deep cleansing breath and celebrate the life-sustaining need to breathe. Make a playlist of pop, rock, country, and R&B songs about heavy breathing, calm breathing, taking one's breath away, and feeling breathless.

Just Breathe

Do you ever wonder why people advocate, "Just breathe"? You might think that it's senseless advice. However, what they're not articulating is that breathing and wellbeing are intimately connected. Change one and you can impact the other.

Breathing is a key bridge between the mind and body. It calms the brain, regulates blood pressure and heart rate, and influences emotion, memory, and awareness. When you're feeling anxious, angry, or frustrated, calm yourself with slow and steady breaths. Feeling passionate, gobsmacked, or celebratory? Your breathing reflects your mood.

Take a deep cleansing breath, then make a playlist of pop, rock, country, and R&B songs about breathing. We have a long list to start you out.

1. "Breathe" by Faith Hill

In the afterglow of their physical union, a woman embraces her lover, mesmerized by his breathing in this Grammy Award-winning love song from 1999. Magic floats in the air between them, and they meld into one. The need for words has disappeared. The tune not only hit the top of the country charts but also crossed over to the mainstream pop chart, including the US Billboard Hot 100 decade-end chart.

2. "Every Breath You Take" by The Police

Here's a creeper who is probably doing some heavy breathing as he keeps watch on his ex-girlfriend's every move from afar. Rolling Stone named "Every Breath You Take" to their list of the "500 Greatest Songs of All Time."

Sting wrote this 1983 new wave song during a dark personal time after he separated from his first wife, and he knew the emotionally intense song would become a hit. The Grammy Award-winning hit describes a narrator who embarks on an aggressive surveillance campaign of his ex-girlfriend. Although it's a stalking song (before we culturally recognized stalking as a thing), some couples misinterpreted the meaning and used it as their wedding song. Now that's awkward!

3. "Breathin'" by Ariana Grande

Anxiety disorders such as PTSD, phobias, or social anxiety affecting one in five Americans. Recognizing this, Ariana Grande gives a nod to all those who suffer from anxiety in this 2018 internationally successful pop hit. The song's narrator notes that when your whole world is spinning, you feel the sky is falling, and everything feels so overwhelming, there's only one thing to do: Just keep breathing. Grande has publicly acknowledged on social media that she lives with both depression and anxiety.

4. "Breathless" by The Coors

This internationally successful 2000 pop hit is considered the signature song of the Irish group, The Coors. It depicts the delicate dance of seduction between two people who long for one another emotionally and physically:

So go on, go on
Come on leave me breathless
Tempt me, tease me
'Till I can't deny this
Loving feeling
Let me long for your kiss
Go on, go on
Yeah, come on.

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5. "Breathe Deeper" by Tame Impala

Psychadelic pop artist Tame Impala offers up this 2020 tune with a message. The song narrator provides reassurance that he's in control of his own emotions. He says that when he's feeling tense, he breathes deeper so he can better face life. Then he recommends breath control as a means for others to get through stressful life events they may be facing. Come on! You've got this! Just breathe a little deeper and let the relaxation wash over you.

6. "Take My Breath Away" by Berlin

Sexual tension is building between partners in this love theme from the 1986 movie Top Gun. The couple engages in a slow-motion game of seduction. As attraction intensifies, they don't hesitate to take it further. One lover beckons the other to take their breath away. Oh, my!

7. "Last Breath" by Plain White T's

The guy in this 2010 rock tune is ready to call "uncle." With his last breath, he just wants to surrender to the emotional beating his significant other is giving him. He's good for her, he's good to her, but she's breathing down his neck and suffocating him. It's killing him, and he wants the fighting to disappear so normalcy can return.

8. "Alive" by Sia

The narrator in this 2013 pop song was born with a one-way ticket to a bare and broken place. The narrator recognizes that she has made some poor choices and has endured personal suffering because of it, however, she has made it through the worst. Having learned how to survive when life hurls roadblocks her way, she is still alive and breathing, now wiser for the experience. The woman has emerged out of the shadows of her past.

Sia triumphs in her struggle by taking ownership of her demons, as they have made her the gritty person that she now is. Although the song was written for Adele, both she and Rihanna declined it.

9. "Still Breathing" by Green Day

For some people, ugly realities are all life seems to dole out. The guy in this 2016 rock ditty is scared to death to live because it hurts so much. Feeling numb, all he can hope to do is breathe to merely survive.

The narrator identifies with people who are desperate, just existing, and not truly living. These include the following:

  • a drug-addicted junkie getting his last fix,
  • a gambler betting his last dime away,
  • a fatherless son,
  • a single mother barely keeping it together, and
  • a returning soldier who narrowly escaped harm when he walked across a landmine.

Life isn't always pretty or fair. Sometimes the best we can hope for is to continue breathing.

Did You Know? 9 Facts About Breathing

Newborns breathe about 30-60 times per minute, whereas adults breathe 12-15 times per minute.

In most people, the right lung is slightly larger than the left lung to accommodate the heart.

Mouth breathers tend to have more sore throats, illnesses, and ear infections. The reason for this is that the nose has not first filtered the air first.

If the surface of your lungs was laid out flat, it would be the size of a tennis court.

The lungs are the only body organs that can float in water.

People who breathe more quickly are often overweight. Breathing slowly and taking longer breaths reduces appetite.

Although the average adult can hold their breath for less than 1 minute, there are some people (typically free divers) who can hold their breaths in excess of 20 minutes.

Mouth breathing can contribute to bad breath, a misaligned bite, sleep apnea, snoring, changes in facial structure, a lisp, a shrinking jaw, worsening symptoms of chronic diseases, and nighttime urination.

About 85% of people breathe out of one nostril at a time. People exhale through one nostril for up to four hours then switch (called “nasal airflow cycles”). The cycles are affected by posture or congestion..

10. "Breathe" by Michelle Branch

Following an argument with her partner, the woman in this 2003 pop tune has spent the last hour driving around. She tries to self-comfort by holding her breath and counting to ten. This centers her, allowing her to know that everything is alright between her and her lover. Hey, whatever works.

11. "You Take My Breath Away" by Queen

If you've ever met someone who instantly turned your life upside down in a good way, then you can identify with this 1976 rock song. Freddie Mercury wrote it about his female lover, Mary Austin, whom he lived with for six years. They maintained a lifelong friendship until his death in 1991.

The narrator describes how it was love at first sight. His love interest looks into his eyes and reduces him to tears, destroys his mind, and makes him lose all control. He professes his love and proclaims his deep and abiding commitment:

I could give up all my life for just one kiss
I would surely die
If you dismiss me from your love
You take my breath away.

12. "Hold My Breath Until I Die" by Tegan and Sara

The girl in this 2019 alternative rock song reassures herself, "Oh, if I hold my breath until I die, I'll be alright." She has missed an opportunity to confess her crush, instead denying her feelings and misleading him that it's someone else she likes. Instantly she regrets not revealing the truth.

13. "Take My Breath Away" by Alesso

From the dance floor to the bedroom the narrator in this 2016 electronic number is lighting up the sexy factor with her partner. Teasing ecstasy, she wants to show him how he takes her breath away.

14. "Take a Breath" by Jonas Brothers

Throughout life, people change, promises are broken, and disappointments inevitably happen. This 2007 pop song recommends when you feel your world is spinning and life has punched you in the gut, just pause and take a breath. Don't overthink or over-dramatize it. You'll be okay. This moment will pass.

15. "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing" by Shania Twain

Heartbroken and still vulnerable, the woman in this 2002 country ballad is struggling to recover. Addressing her ex, she puts on a brave face and claims to be doing well, feeling both positive and alive. The narrator asserts that she has moved on, hasn't cried over losing him and certainly hasn't looked back on their breakup in regret.

She doesn't even get the words out when the truth betrays her:

And it only hurts when I'm breathing
My heart only breaks when it's beating
My dreams only die when I'm dreaming
So, I hold my breath, to forget.

Thematically, you might notice a peculiar similarity to Dwight Yoakum's country hit, "It Only Hurts When I Cry."

16. "I Can't Breathe" by Parker McCollum

The guy in this 2017 country ditty is caught in a no-win situation, and he is fraught with concern over the fate of his love relationship. The job he enjoys takes him on the road, away from the one he loves. Whether he is at home or away, he can't be in both places. He misses both and tries to keep his romance together, however his significant other accuses him of lying and doesn't answer his calls. It hurts so much he can't breathe.

17. "American Oxygen" by Rihanna

From an immigrant's perspective, Rihanna describes in this 2015 hip-hop number how hard Americans work to achieve our dreams. A passion to succeed, to make something of ourselves, is endemic of the American people, and the relentless pursuit of our goals is as important to us as breathing. Rihanna is originally from Barbados.

"Listen. Are you breathing just a little and calling it a life?" - Mary Oliver, American poet

"Listen. Are you breathing just a little and calling it a life?" - Mary Oliver, American poet

18. "The Breath You Take" by George Strait

This 2010 country song is about making the most out of life and finding true meaning:

Life's not the breaths you take
But the moments that take your breath away.

The tune describes a father carving out the important time to attend his son's baseball game. Later in life, he visits his son when his granddaughter is born. Then his son, in turn, is present when his father takes his last breath. Half of life is about showing up.

19. "Keep Breathing" by Ingrid Michaelson

Trouble is brewing on the horizon in this 2006 alternative rock song. As much as the narrator wants to save the world from the insanity that threatens to swallow it whole, events are overwhelming for her. Her fragile coping methods involve stabilizing her breathing, closing the blinds, and trusting that there are others who can join in the fight for good. Fans of Grey's Anatomy may recognize the song from the television show.

20. "One Last Breath" by Creed

Christian rock group Creed offers up this 2002 ditty about a desperate man going nowhere in his life. He's trying to escape what torments him as he endeavors in vain to hold on to what he cares about. As he faces an increasingly desolate fate, the narrator expresses remorse for the mistakes he has made in his life, and he cries out to heaven for help. Unable to save himself, with his last breath he seeks spiritual intervention.

"Inhale the future; exhale the past." - unknown

"Inhale the future; exhale the past." - unknown

Even More Songs About Breathing

Know a song about breathing that should be on this playlist? Make a suggestion in the Comments Section below.

SongArtistYear Released

21. "Breath"

Nelly Furtado


22. "Don't Hold Your Breath"

Nicole Scherzinger


23. "Breath"

Pearl Jam


24. "I'll Hold My Breath"

Ellie Goulding


25. "Harder to Breathe"

Maroon 5


26. "Take a Breath"



27. "Burning Bright (Field on Fire)"

Nine Inch Nails


28. "My Last Breath"



29. "Take a Breath"

David Gilmour


30. "Breathless"

NIck Cave & The Bad Seeds


31. "Lose My Breath"

Destiny's Child


32. "Barely Breathing"

Duncan Sheik


33. "Breathe (2 a.m.)"

Anna Nalick


34. "Breathing Underwater"

Emeli Sandé


35. "Breathless"

Corinne Bailey Rae


36. "Undertow"



37. "Breathe In, Breathe Out"

Chris Cagle


38. "Breathe You In"

Dierks Bentley


39. "I Can't Breathe"

Bea Miller


40. "Breathe"

Taylor Swift


41. "Breathing"

Jason Derulo


42. "Catch My Breath"

Kelly Clarkson


43. "Breathe Me"



44. "Breathe In, Breathe Out"

Matt Kearney


45. "Breathe Again"

Toni Braxton


46. "Breathe Again"

Sara Bareilles


47. "Breathe on Me"

Britney Spears


48. "Breathe No More"



49. "Just Breathe"

Pearl Jam


50. "How Do I Breathe Without You?"



51. "You Take My Breath Away"

Rex Smith


52. "Breathe Slow"

Alesha Dixon


53. "Breathe In, Breathe Out"

Set It Off


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