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35 Songs About Being 19

Lauriano has always been a lover of local and international musicians. He enjoys listening to music and writing about what he discovers.

Your final year as a teenager is bound to be memorable, so here's a playlist of songs about being 19!

Your final year as a teenager is bound to be memorable, so here's a playlist of songs about being 19!

Songs about being 19 depict stories of being nineteen years old which is a watershed moment in everyone's life. There's pressure to make your final teen year exceptional while preparing to enter your twenties. The teenage years are filled with pleasure, memories, and life lessons. Your final year as a teenager is bound to be memorable, so I put together a playlist of songs about being 19 that will add some enchantment to your late teens.

1 “Dear John” by Taylor Swift

Album: Speak Now

Genre: Country Music, Country Pop

Year Released: 2010

Song Facts About “Dear John”

  • Taylor Swift released "Dear John" in 2010. It's the fifth tune from Speak Now, her third studio album.
  • The song refers to one of her ex-boyfriends, John Mayer, whom she dated briefly. She also collaborated with him on "Half of My Heart," a song from his 2009 album Battle Studies.
  • The song could be named after a "Dear John" letter. Can You Forgive Her? was inspired by an 1862 poem about Alice Vavasor in the book Can You Forgive Her? It is a letter written to a loved partner, generally when the recipient is overseas owing to military service, to inform them that their relationship is over.
  • Dear John, it is performed at 119 BPM (Moderato), or 40 Measures/Bars Per Minute.

2. “Nineteen” by Hayley Williams

Album: Tegan And Sara Present The Con X: Covers

Genre: Alternative/Indie, Pop

Year Released: 2017

Song Facts About “Nineteen”

  • The song, written by Tegan Quin and performed by Hayley Williams, is about a young and romanticized love. Here's a pro tip: don't fall in love with someone you don't know. 'Nineteen' relates the story of a girl who had a romanticized image of her spouse long before she met them. Her ideal vision in her head aided her in falling in love quickly, but it also hurt her in the end. Are we taken aback?
  • Hayley Williams's Nineteen is a highly sorrowful song with a pace of 174 BPM. It can also be utilized at 87 BPM half-time. The song is 4 and 11 seconds long and features an A key and a minor mode. With a rhythmic pattern of 5 beats per bar, it has low intensity and is not very danceable.
  • You can play "Nineteen" by Hayley Williams on acoustic guitar with the following chord progression of E, A, D, G, B, E on the key of F. You can play this song with or without a capo.

3. “Perfect Places” by Lorde

Album: Melodrama

Genre: Pop music, Alternative/Indie, Synth-pop, Pop

Year Released: 2017

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Song Facts About “Perfect Places”

  • The second song from Lorde's sophomore album Melodrama is "Perfect Places."
  • Lorde explained that the song's theme is about going out and hooking up, in which she pierces a hedonistic atmosphere with stabs of melancholy.
  • Lorde explained that the song's theme is about going out and hooking up, in which she pierces a hedonistic atmosphere with stabs of melancholy.
  • On June 21, she announced in an open letter that she was making a music video, and on August 1, she teased on Instagram that it would be released on Thursday, August 3, with Grant Singer, who also composed Green Light, directing. The video was almost certainly shot in Japan.

4. “Fast” by Juice WRLD

Album: Death Race for Love

Genre: R&B/Soul,Hiphop/Rap

Year Released: 2019

Song Facts About “Fast”

  • "Fast" is the sixth track from Juice WRLD's second studio release, Death Race for Love, released on March 8, 2019.
  • In "Fast," Juice WRLD laments how his life has changed since becoming famous and how quickly the world has moved around him.
  • The video is kept simple, emphasizing the astounding visual effects rather than a narrative. Close-ups of Juice delivering his verses, race vehicle scenes, and a hint of macrophilia are included. The album's racing motif is continued with the vivid colors and streaks of moving light. Alexandre Moors directed the video, which has had over 78 million views as of June 2022.
  • For a youngster, becoming globally famous practically overnight can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, many young stars turn to drugs to cope. Juice WRLD discusses how it felt to be in the public eye in his most vulnerable years. Although he became affluent and self-sufficient early, his upbringing was not as flawless as it seemed.

5. “Nineteen in Naples” by Jonathan Richman

Album: I'm So Confused

Genre: R&B/Soul, German Pop

Year Released: 1998

Song Facts About “Nineteen in Naples”

  • I'm sure you've never heard this song before, but if you have, congratulations! Jonathan Richman's "Nineteen in Naples" is a beautiful, dramatic tune that transports you to the old west. that will indeed connect to your heart. It is a great song about being Nineteen
  • Nineteen In Naples is performed at 172 BPM (Presto), or 43 Measures/Bars Per Minute.4/4 time signature.
  • You can also play this song on guitar using the following chord progression E A D G B E in the Key of C. No capo is needed, and it will be great for those starters because it has beginner's difficulty.

6. “Hey Nineteen” by Steely Dan

Album: Gaucho

Genre: R&B/Soul

Year Released: 1980

Song Facts About “Hey Nineteen”

  • The song, according to one reviewer, "was about a middle-aged man's dissatisfaction with a young lover."
  • The bridge of the song implies that there is pleasure in the connection as well. However, the tune is ambiguous enough to indicate that the protagonist indulges himself.
  • In early 1981, "Hey Nineteen" reached number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, #11 on the Adult Contemporary chart, and #68 on the R&B Singles chart. With a 19-week chart run, "Hey Nineteen" is tied for the longest-running chart hit with "Peg" and "Rikki Don't Lose That Number."

7. “Coxton Yard” by Title Fight

Album: Shed

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Year Released: 2011

Song Facts About “Coxton Yard"

  • The song "Coxton Yard" by Walter Schreifels made it to the top songs about being 19 and described the practice of self-harm.
  • The song's title, "Coxton Yard," could refer to a coal hub in the same area of Pennsylvania where Kingston is located. The hub is used to transport coal by train.
  • "Coxton Yard" exemplifies Title Fight's brutally simple yet effective lyrical style in this piece of music.

8. “I Was Only Nineteen” by Redgum

Album: Caught in the Act

Genre: Alternative/Indie, Children's Music, Rock, Folk, Country

Year Released: 2005

Song Facts About “I Was Only Nineteen”

  • The most well-known song by Australian folk group Redgum is "Only 19", also known as "I Was Only 19," but rather "A Walk in the Light Green." It was published in March 1983.
  • Track, which spent two weeks at the peak of the Kent Music Report Singles Chart. It was additionally recorded for Redgum's live album Caught in the Act (Epic Records), which was released in June and lasted in the top 40 of the Kent Music Report Albums Chart for four months.
  • The song was written by Redgum's main vocalist-guitarist, John Schumann, based on experiences he heard from veterans, particularly Mick Storen (his brother-in-law) and Frankie Hunt.
  • "I Was Only 19" was rated number 20 on Triple M's "Ozzest 100" list of the "most Australian" songs of all time in January 2018.

9. “Nineteen” by Movements

Album: Outgrown Things

Genre: Rock/Alternative Rock

Year Released: 2016

Song Facts About "Nineteen"

  • "Nineteen" is the second single and second track from Movements' debut EP Outgrown Things, released in 2016.
  • Patrick Miranda claims that his relationship with his father has been strained for a long time. He composed "Nineteen" about his disagreements with his father. 19 is him stating everything he could never say.

10. “Not Nineteen Forever” by The Courteeners

Album: St. Jude

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Year Released: 2008

Song Facts About “Not Nineteen Forever”

  • The Courteeners' fourth single, "Not Nineteen Forever," was released on March 31, 2008, as a CD and two 7" singles. It was taken from the group's debut album, "St. Jude." The highest charting Courteeners single to date peaked at #19 on the UK Singles Chart. Most recently, Manchester United used it as the record-breaking 20th title-winning song. 2010's Pro Evolution Soccer includes the tune.
  • The song became "The Courteeners'" most popular single to date when it peaked at #19 on the UK Singles Chart. It was made available on March 31, 2008, as two distinct 7" singles and a CD single.
  • The song became "The Courteeners'" most popular single to date when it peaked at #19 on the UK Singles Chart. It was made available on March 31, 2008, as two distinct 7" singles and a CD single.

11. “19 and Crazy” by Bomshel

Album: Fight Like A Girl

Genre: Country music, Country

Year Released: 2009

Song Facts About “19 and Crazy”

  • The American country music duo Bomshel is titled "19 and Crazy." As the third single from their debut album, Fight Like a Girl, it was made available in September 2009. Bomshel, which consists of Kelley Shepard and Kristy Osmunson, wrote the song alongside Mark Irwin and Josh Kear. The music was also created by Osmunson, Kear, and Irwin.
  • The female narrator of the upbeat country song "19 and Crazy" expresses a wish to maintain the lifestyle of her late teenage years.
  • J. Country Universe's Coyne scored the song a B. Bobby Peacock of Roughstock provided a favorable review, stating that it was similar in concept to Mark Wills' "19 Somethin'," but added, "a sense of maturity balances it by the initial verse, [which] straddles the border between urgency and just plain quick."

12. “Anything You Want” by Spoon

Album: Girls Can Tell

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Year Released: 2001

Song Facts About “Anything You Want”

  • The piano-driven love song "Anything You Want" is perhaps the most obvious example of Spoon's post-post-punk maturation process; a rocker completes the single in the vein of Telephono called "Shake it Off," and a cover of Yo La Tengo's "Decora," with which Spoon takes some liberties to effectively free it from the psychedelic realm of Electr-O-Pura.
  • JAWNY's song Anything You Want has a BPM of 112 and is quite upbeat. Additionally, it can be utilized double-time at 224 BPM or half-time at 56 BPM.
  • I believe it's in the phase before most relationships end, though some people do go on. He mentions going through the same thing every night, which could be a reference to the arguments that frequently lead to breakups, the constant battling that occasionally results in one person telling a lie to appease the other, and going to bed speaking falsehoods.

13. “Once And Never Again” by The Long Blondes

Album: Someone to Drive you Home

Genre: 2006

Year Released: Alternative/Indie

Song Facts About “Once And Never Again”

  • The Long Blondes, a UK indie rock band, issued their second major label single, "Once And Never Again," in October 2006, just before their debut album, "Someone To Drive You Home."
  • On Pitchfork Media's list of the best 500 songs of the 2000s, the song is ranked #390. Dusty Springfield and Gene Pitney are depicted in the cover art.
  • This song, in my perspective, is about a mother whose daughter is dating an abusive man. However, much of the song's lyrics allude to an abusive partner who treats her horribly, and her mother is sympathetic and eager to support her.
  • Once and Never Again is performed at 114 BPM (Moderato) or 29 Measures/Bars Per Minute.4/4 time signature

14. “Don’t Like Who I Was Then” by The Wonder Years

Album: No Closer to Heaven

Genre: Alternative/ Indie

Year Released: 2015

Song Facts About "Don't Like Who I Was Then"

  • "Don't Like Who I Was Then" is the fourth track from the No Closer to Heaven album.
  • "I Don't Like Who I Was Then," their most popular and undeniably refined song, leaps from the speakers, making it one of the best songs about being 19.
  • In August 2015, "I Don't Like Who I Was Then" became accessible for streaming via Alternative Press.

15. “Twinkle Lights” by The Sonder Bombs

Album: Modern Female Rockstar

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Year Released: 2018

Song Facts About "Twinkle Lights"

  • Sonder Bombs' "Twinkle Lights" is a wonderfully soothing tune that will hit you right in the heart.
  • "Twinkle Lights" is one of the best songs about being 19 that talks about moving forward together in support of one another as the only form of healing.
  • According to singer Willow Hawks, this song is a letter to her younger self.

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Muddy Waters


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Pet Symmetry


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22. "Jonathan"

Adriene Lenker


23. "19"

By Old 97’s


24. "19"

Paul Hardcastle


25. "Trouble"

Imagine Dragons


26. "Nineteen and Aimless"

Joshua Lee Turner


27. "We’ve Been Had"

The Walkmen


28. "Reflektor"

Arcade Fire


29. "Thumbs"

Lucy Dacus


30. "Kick the Tragedy"

Drop Nineteens


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