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46 Songs About Beginning Again and Starting Over

FlourishAnyway believes there is a playlist for just about any situation and is on a mission to unite and entertain the world through song.

Celebrate being able to start fresh, begin again, or press restart with these pop, rock, country, and R&B songs about starting over.

Celebrate being able to start fresh, begin again, or press restart with these pop, rock, country, and R&B songs about starting over.

Starting Over When You've Taken a Wrong Turn

If life is a journey, then surely you'll take some wrong turns on occasion. You may lose your sense of direction and take unintended side streets or miss an exit. At times, you'll find yourself turned around or facing a dead end. In those times, it's good to know that you can always start over.

Perhaps you've had to begin again in your own life, either in a relationship or with personal goals. If so, then make a playlist of pop, rock, country, and R&B songs about beginning again. We have a long list to choose from.

1. "Starting Over" by Chris Stapleton

The guy in this 2020 country hit yearns to leave town and strike out for the sunny coast. As a part of his vision, he wants his honey to come along so they can make a fresh start together. The dreamer in him prods her to take a chance and start over with him, living the beach life. Wherever she is that's where he wants to be.

2. "Brand New" by Ben Rector

Remember what being 17 and in love feels like? You're as giddy as a bird set free and your heart soars with possibilities. The man in this 2016 pop-rock tune feels as shiny as a brand new penny. His heart is pitter-pattering, and it's like someone pressed restart on his life. Love has grabbed him by the gonads and turned him all mushy:

I feel like windows rolled down, new city, streets and cabs
I feel like anything can happen, laughing,
You take me right back, when we were kids
Never thought I'd feel like this.

3. "Dance Again" by Selena Gomez

A return to dancing following hiatus is a metaphor for starting over in Selena Gomez's 2020 electropop ditty. The song describes a narrator who is meeting challenges again without drama taking control of her life. Her body is in sync with the rhythm of life and she's relishing her freedom, explaining that "happiness ain't something you sit back and you wait for." Sounds like she's loving the single life!

4. "I Can See Clearly Now" by Johnny Nash

This song may be five decades old, but it's still as relevant and catchy as ever. The buoyant narrator in this 1972 pop ditty is expecting bright new beginnings filled with blue skies, sunshine, and rainbows because the obstacles and hardships of yesterday are finally gone. The dark clouds have parted and showers are but a recent memory. The reggae-infused hit climbed to the top of the charts and inspired listeners about the possibility of new tomorrows.

5. "New Day" by Danny Gokey

Bursting with energy and purpose, the guy in this song is excited that your future looks so bright. It's a 2019 pop-inspired contemporary Christian tune that describes how love refreshes your spirit, your past slips away, and there is no need to look back. A new day now dawns, and even the most impossible of dreams are within your grasp. Are you ready to get out there and win?

Singer Danny Gokey came to national attention when he won third place in the finals of American Idol's eighth season in 2009.

6. "It's a New Day" by

Rapper and producer celebrates Barack Obama's historic election victory with this 2008 hip hop tribute to the 44th president. Recalling how this new day has been such a long time coming, the artist gives a shout out to visionaries Harriet Tubman, JFK, Abraham Lincoln, and MLK.

Electing the first Black president is a dream come true, something that many have prayed and waited for. Behind them lie heartaches, dark days, and sacrifices. It's time to cherish this moment.

7. "I'm Movin' On" by Rascal Flatts

Each of us carries around emotional baggage of regrets and painful memories. However, there comes a time when each of us is either overburdened by the load or we choose to release the weight of our troubles.

The man in this 2001 country crossover ballad looks back over a difficult emotional relationship as he packs up to move out of town. He has decided that growing past yesterday's mistakes requires a change of scenery. Therefore, he's moving on.

8. "A New Day Has Come" by Celine Dion

Mothers everywhere understand that having a child changes everything. This 2002 pop song was a worldwide hit and was Celine Dion's tribute to her first-born son, René-Charles. The singer experienced difficulty conceiving with her husband-manager, René Angélil, who was 18 years her senior. Thus, when the baby was finally born in 2001 she felt that a miracle had been bestowed upon them:

Where it was dark now there's light
Where there was pain now there's joy
Where there was weakness, I found my strength
All in the eyes of a boy.

The singer met her husband when she was only 12 and her then-manager mortgaged his house to finance her fledgling career. The two waited until she was 18 to begin a romantic relationship. She became his third wife seven years later, and they had three sons together.

9. "Today My Life Begins" by Bruno Mars

This upbeat 2010 pop tune promises that change is here. The narrator is happy to break the chains that bind him to the past, and he is casting them aside because a new day has arrived. If a new world awaits him, can't it be a new start for you as well?

10. "Dog Days Are Over" by Florence + The Machine

This tune is a reliable go-to when you need an emotional boost. After being besieged by dog days—a streak of bad luck of unknown length—the woman referenced in this vibrant 2008 indie rock tune can now say hello to unbridled joy. Sorrow has shoved off and it is replaced with happiness that "hit her like a bullet in the back." There's no resisting this newfound exuberance so the woman shouldn't even try. She just needs to go with it.

11. "Best Day of My Life" by American Authors

Have you ever had a dream that was so fantastic that it changed your day—perhaps even your life? The guy in this 2013 alternative rock song recalls a surreal dream that could have come from the childhood book, Where the Wild Things Are. In the big and loud dream, he danced with monsters and howled at the moon with friends throughout the night. The fella's nighttime sleep adventures were so much fun he didn't want to wake up. As a result, he describes them as the high point of his life. (Someone needs to get out more!)

12. "Starts with Goodbye" by Carrie Underwood

Some love affairs aren't meant to last. The girl in this 2005 country song is standing at a crossroads in her life and knows she must make a difficult choice. Goodbye is the first step to a better future. Breaking up with a sweetheart who isn't right for her will create tears for them both, but she'll soldier through the rough times in order to arrive at a better place in the long run. Hopefully, she will soon discover something fabulous awaits on the horizon.

13. "Feeling Good" by Michael Bublé

Nina Simone first released this jazz-infused number in 1965, and in the intervening years, many other artists have covered it. This strong 2005 version by Michael Bublé conveys the optimism of starting anew. Feeling free and on top of the world, the narrator celebrates "a new dawn ... a new day ... a new life" and cites the joys of nature. He shares the thrill of the bold new world. Bublé's cover of "Feeling Good" was featured as a part of ESPN's 2005 World Series of Poker tournament as well as the 2010 NBA draft broadcast.

14. "Beautiful Pain" by Eminem (Featuring Sia)

Where is all of the usual profanity is in this meaningful Eminem rap ballad from 2013? I noticed the omission but don't miss it.

In this emotional song, the narrator encourages a friend who displays incredible personal resilience in rising to meet a personal challenge. Suffering has humbled them but hasn't brought true defeat because they rise up from the ashes like a phoenix.

Yesterday is over and they've made it through. Although it may seem bleak and hopeless now just after the crisis, the confides that this is where the healing begins. It's a new start. Wounds can heal, and his friend can begin to say goodbye to grief.

15. "New Rules" by Dua Lipa

When it comes to getting over your ex, it's all about setting appropriate boundaries. There's a reason why the two of you broke up to begin with, true?

So says the sassy gal in this 2017 electropop ditty. She's setting some new rules for dealing with her old flame. The wise and worldly lady wants to ensure that she recovers from the breakup without drifting back into a relationship that wasn't working for her. Therefore, her rules are simple:

  • Don’t answer his calls.
  • Don’t let him in.
  • Don't be his friend.

The song was a chart topper and achieved worldwide popularity.

16. "Let It Go" by Idina Menzel

Time has come to release the constraints of your past. Let go of any negative energy holding you back—hurt, anger, feelings of sadness, betrayal, or self-doubt. Leave these behind so you can embrace your future.

In Disney's 2013 computer-animated feature film Frozen, Queen Elsa cast aside others' expectations of her and used this song of strength, resilience, and new beginnings as her personal anthem. The tune won both an Academy Award and a Grammy Award and climbed to the top 10 of the Billboard chart.

17. "New Attitude" by Patti LaBelle

The woman in this 1984 R&B/pop crossover hit goes from a hot mess to a hottie who is put together. In the name of love, the narrator boasts that she has made both aesthetic and emotional changes. As a result, she now feels in control with few worries to bother her. A makeover and some updated ideas have done wonders for her outlook on life:

I'm feelin' good from my head to my shoes
Know where I'm goin' and I know what to do
I tidied up my point of view
I got a new attitude.

Patti LaBelle recorded the hit song for the movie, Beverly Hills Cop, and it helped to launch her solo career as a pop artist. New beginnings indeed!

18. "Higher Ground" by Missy Elliot (Featuring Yolanda Adams, Kim Burrell, Dorinda Clark, Karen Clark-Sheard & Mary Mary)

Each moment is an opportunity to break with the past and begin again. This inspirational 2002 R&B track captures one's determination to overcome obstacles in pursuit a difficult but worthy goal. It encourages you to stay strong and continue to press on as you seek higher ground. It's never too late to start over.

19. "First Day of My Life" by Bright Eyes

This 2005 indie folk tune is a popular choice for weddings for good reason. When you meet that special someone, in a sense it's like being reborn. It's as if you've freshly awakened, as if your universe has begun again. Colors are more vivid. A great big world unfurls before you, inviting you to discover it together and create a shared history. Ah, love! This is what being alive is all about!

20. "Hurricane" by Lifehouse

Even in the context of old relationships, there is always room for forgiveness and a new start. This 2015 pop ditty describes a couple that has endured hardships together. Having "made it through hell and back again," they are sadly falling apart now, with bitter silence and quelled rage building a wedge between them.

However, the narrator, refusing to surrender this hard-fought relationship, pleads with his partner that they can begin again. The optimist in him believes that it will always get better.

"Forget the baggages of the past and make a new beginning." - Shebaz Sherif, Pakistani politician

"Forget the baggages of the past and make a new beginning." - Shebaz Sherif, Pakistani politician

Even More Songs About Beginning Again or Starting Over

SongArtist(s)Year Released

21. It's Time

Imagine Dragons


22. A Better Man

Clint Black


23. Turn! Turn! Turn!

The Byrds


24. I Will Survive

Gloria Gaynor


25. Brand New Man

Brooks & Dunn


26. Start Over



27. A Little Past Little Rock

Lee Ann Womack


28. Brand New Day



29. Picture

Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow


30. Starting Over Again

Reba McEntire


31. Start Over

Imagine Dragons


32. Begin Again

Taylor Swift


33. Tears Dry on Their Own

Amy Winehouse


33. I Made It Through the Rain

Barry Mannilow


34. Here Comes the Sun

The Beatles


35. It's Not Over



36. Starting Over Again

Natalie Cole


37. (Just Like) Starting Over

John Lennon & Yoko Ono


38. Cannonball

Lea Michele


39. Start of Something Good



40. Send Me on My Way

Rusted Root


41. Starting Over

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Featuring Ben Bridwell)


42. Press Restart

Walk the Moon


43. I Will Survive

Gloria Gaynor


44. Right Back Where We Started From

Maxine Nightingale


45. Miss Movin' On

Fifth Harmony


46. One Way Ticket (Because I Can)

LeAnn Rimes


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Turn Turn Turn and Here Comes the Sun are also great tracks. The Byrds had a great guitar sound and anything by The Beatles is wonderful (until Sergeant Pepper when they started going all LSD!).

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