78 Songs About Trucks and Trucking

Updated on February 5, 2020
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Whether you drive a Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, or some other brand of pick up truck, celebrate your love of trucks and trucking with a playlist of truck songs.
Whether you drive a Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, or some other brand of pick up truck, celebrate your love of trucks and trucking with a playlist of truck songs. | Source

The World Looks Different From the Window of a Truck

The world looks a lot different from behind the window of a 4x4. My husband started driving one last year, so this mama gets to ride shotgun. I'll be danged if I don't like the change of perspective.

If you enjoy the benefits of driving a truck—hauling loads, sitting up higher, and worrying less about getting stuck—then make a playlist of songs about trucks and trucking. We have a long list of songs to start you off.

1. "Pickup Man" by Joe Diffie

The country fella in this 1994 ditty discovered a long time ago that "there's something women like about a pickup man." Now nothing can separate him from his truck.

Like most country boys, he first became enthralled with trucks when he played with toy trucks as a kid. Then at age 16, he graduated to big boy toys and his first real truck. Besides meeting all of his wives in traffic jams, he knows that you can't have a decent tailgate without a truck. Let's hear it for the pickup man!

2. "Brothers of the Highway" by Tony Justice (featuring Aaron Tippin)

A truck driving anthem, this 2016 country song pays homage to all the "brothers of the highway" and "children of the wind" who earn their living delivering goods from point of origin to destination. They leave their families at home to criss-cross the country in big rigs, fueled by truck stop coffee and the freedom of the highway. Thank you for being people we can count on!

3. "Somethin' 'Bout A Truck" by Kip Moore

The young couple in this 2011 country song is gonna go make hay. She'll bring her red sundress and he'll bring the cold beer and his truck. They plan on kicking up a little dust in the farmer's field past the "No Trespassing" sign.

What happens in the back of the truck stays in the back of the truck. That's romance, country style.

4. "That Ain't My Truck" by Rhett Akins

Oh, the choices! The girl in this 1995 country song has been dating two guys and has promised both of them that she'd make a choice by tonight. When one of them, the narrator of the song, fails to hear back from her, he drives by her house and sees the other dude's truck parked out front. That tells him everything he needs to know.

If you can relate to the sore feelings that go along with being the third wheel in a relationship, make a playlist about songs about interlopers and love triangles.

5. "Back That Thing Up" by Justin Moore

Wait what? The guy in this country song from 2008 is supposedly teaching his lady friend to drive a truck. However, he sure uses a lot of sexually suggestive language to do it. Something tells me this isn't just about backing up a pick-up truck:

Can I tell ya, back that thing up
Throw it in reverse, let Daddy load it up
Honey, back that thing up
If you gonna work a farm you gotta learn to drive a truck
Honey, back that thing up.

6. "I Drive Your Truck" by Lee Brice

When a loved one or friend dies, all that may remain of them are the memories. The guy in this 2012 country song has his brother's truck, and it's a poignant reminder as to what's missing in his life.

The fallen soldier's dog tags hang from the rear mirror, the country station still rests where he left it, and there's a folded Go Army t-shirt in the back seat. The old truck is a bittersweet time capsule between brothers. It connects one brother killed in action with another who has been left behind to pick up the pieces.

The narrator is obviously missing someone he loves. If you can relate, make a playlist of songs about missing someone you love to help ease the pain.

7. "We Rode in Trucks" by Luke Bryan

In this 2007 country tune, the narrator recalls growing up in the south Georgia red clay, where trucks were the center of all that mattered. Young men hauled hay in trucks, went into town in trucks, hunted, fished, tailgated, and courted girls. There are few things that folks didn't do with a little mud on the tires.

8. "Take a Little Ride" by Jason Aldean

Maybe it's romantic to the girl he's seeing, but I see this 2012 country song as describing a cheap hookup. The narrator doesn't even take his love interest to dinner first. Instead, our pickup man shines up his Chevy, picks up a six-pack, then swings by his girl's house so they can go watch the corn grow all night. #Expectmore, sweetheart!

9. "Truck Got Stuck" by Lund

Credit this funny 2005 country tune to some Canadians who like big tires. They can sure make a mess in the mud, too, eh? The song describes how a bunch of buddies with trucks take turns getting stuck and unstuck in a mud-soaked prairie that had previously been dry for ages:

The Chev got stuck and the Ford got stuck
But the Chev unstuck when the Dodge showed up
But the Dodge got stuck in the tractor rut
Which eventually pulled out the Ford
And the Dodge.

Nothing works except some borrowed genetically modified canola seed. (The YouTube is funny if you want to look it up, but you'll have to turn it up loud to hear it.)

10. Jack 'Em Up by Jawga Boyz (featuring Pastor Troy)

If you've never been mud boggin', then you're just not country enough. This 2012 hick hop (country/rap) song celebrates making a dang dirty mess with yer truck in the backwoods with other 4x4 owners. Tires are usually as high as people's spirits. Mud gets thrown everywhere.

Several key lines from the song describe the messy essence of taking your truck mud boggin':

  • "It's been a bad day if it comes home clean"
  • "I keep the mud flyin' and I ain't even tryin'" and
  • "If you're scared to get it stuck, keep your truck out the mud."

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11. "Silverado Bench Seat" by Granger Smith

There's no second-guessing the intentions of the country boy in this 2013 song because he spells it right out for the girl he likes:

I wanna love you on a Silverado bench seat,
Fogging up the windows while we're parked down by the creek.
No other light beside the stars and the moon
That's what you get when this country boy loves you.

At least she's forewarned about his intentions.

12. "Dirt Road Anthem" by Jason Aldean

A number of country songs, unfortunately, give a perplexing wink and a grin to drinking and driving, and this 2011 ditty is one of them. Even though the narrator is driving on a country backroad, he can still wrap himself around a tree just as effectively as he can on an Interstate.

He flouts open container and DUI laws while reminiscing about the good old days and growing up in the backwoods.

Yeah I'm chilling on a dirt road
Laid back swervin' like I'm George Jones
Smoke rollin' out the window
An ice cold beer sittin' in the console

13. "Big Tires" by Lenny Cooper

This monster truck is so freaking loud you can hear it on the other end of the county. Well almost.

The guy in this 2011 country rap song is revving up his engine, and his testosterone is in overdrive. He's got himself some big ol' tires, and he's ready to hit the mud hole where he'll sling some mud and make some deep tracks with the best of them. With tires that big, does he need to jump down out of the cab?

14. "East Bound and Down" by Jerry Reed

Written for the 1977 Smokey and the Bandit movie soundtrack, this classic country ditty describes long-haul truckers transporting illegal beer across state lines at breakneck speeds. "East bound and down" is CB radio lingo that means a trucker is headed in an easterly direction and is done transmitting but is still listening to the channel.

There are about 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the United States, and the country is facing a shortage of them. Seventy percent of all American freight is transported by truck.

"I didn't wait for luck.  I tore after it with a truck." - A.A. Bell, author, from the book "Diamond Eyes"
"I didn't wait for luck. I tore after it with a truck." - A.A. Bell, author, from the book "Diamond Eyes" | Source

15. "Boys 'Round Here" by Blake Shelton and Pistol Annies and Friends

To hell with The Beatles. The boys 'round here don't do that kind of music, according to this 2013 country tune. They work with their hands, spit chewin' tobacco, and appreciate the fine art of Bocephus and honky tonks. That's where they talk about girls and trucks, their two favorite subjects. And if they're fortunate enough, they'll sweet talk one by asking her:

Have you ever got down with a
Red red red red red red red red red red redneck?

That come-on only works some of the time, but it's worth a try. If you're proud to be a redneck, embrace who you are and make a playlist of redneck anthems.

16. "Country Boy" by Alan Jackson

In this 2008 country song, a country gentleman offers a ride to a woman in need. He has a full tank of gas and a truck that can easily traverse city streets or back country roads. It's his 4-wheel drive chariot and he's eager to put it to good use.

17. "Eight Second Ride" by Jake Owens

You know you've found the right gal when her pick-up line is, "Do you mind takin' me home tonight? 'Cause I ain't never seen a country boy with tires on his truck this high." This country ditty from 2009 describes a redneck one-night stand. She climbs in his truck, isn't offended by the spit cup, and sings every word to "A Country Boy Can Survive."

This sure isn't the only song with a pickup line. If you're looking for some inspiration and humor, then make yourself a playlist of songs with pickup lines.

18. "Make Me Wanna" by Thomas Rhett

Keep your eyes on the road, fella!

As they ride down country backroads, the narrator of this 2013 country song is so distracted by the beauty of his girlfriend that it's difficult for him to think straight. Between her cute dimples and the dress she's wearing, his self-control has flown out of the window. He wants to pull the truck to the side of the road and get busy with her in the back of the truck. (Is this supposed to be romantic?)

19. "Hillbilly Deluxe" by Brooks and Dunn

Round 'bout Saturday night, them good ol' boys in the sticks shine up their trucks, put on their best denim and the smell-good Axe, then head uptown for a hillbilly hoedown. They may cruise through town blasting their car stereos or find a country girl to cuddle up with. According to this 2005 country song, you just can't do a small town Saturday night right without a pickup truck.

20. "(Married to My) Pickup Truck" by Rodney Carrington

The guy in this funny 2008 country song has given up on love and decided to marry his pickup truck. In addition to listening more than it speaks, the truck is more loyal and less critical than his ex-wife. The narrator also really likes that the truck doesn't demand good behavior from him.

Most Americans are dependent on long haul trucking for delivery of important goods to their home cities.  Trucking, however, has its risks.  It is consistently one of the 10 most dangerous occupations.
Most Americans are dependent on long haul trucking for delivery of important goods to their home cities. Trucking, however, has its risks. It is consistently one of the 10 most dangerous occupations. | Source

Even More Songs About Trucks and Trucking

Year Released
21. Cruise
Florida Georgia Line
22. Point at You
Justin Moore
23. Big Ol' Truck
Toby Keith
24. Eastbound and Down
Jerry Reed
25. Pickup Truck
Shane Yellowbird
26. Six Days on the Road
Dave Dudley
27. My Truck
Gretchen Wilson (featuring Josh Malter)
28. Two Of A Kind, Workin' On A Full House
Garth Brooks
29. My Truck
Colt Ford
30. Truck Yeah
TIm McGraw
31. Look At My Truck
Chase Rice
32. Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler)
33. If My Truck Could Talk
Jason Aldean
34. Mud on the Tires
Brad Paisley
35. Truck I Drove in High School
Mitchell Tenpenny
36. Mud Digger
Colt Ford (featuring Lenny Ford)
37. We Do It In a Field
Granger Smith
38. Follow That Dust
Taylor Ray Holbrook
39. Rough & Ready
Trace Adkins
40. 18 Wheeler
41. Teddy Bear
Red Sovine
42. Kickin' Up Mud
The Lacs
43. Convoy
Paul Brandt
44. Mine's Bigger
The Lacs
45. Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses
Kathy Mattea
46. 5-1-5-0
Dierks Bentley
47. Top Down
Fifth Harmony
48. Broke Down
Cole Swindell
49. Boy Gets a Truck
Keith Urban
50. Sticks
Craig Morgan
51. Drivin’ My Life Away
Eddie Rabbitt
52. Truck Step
Colt Ford
53. Asphalt Cowboy
Jason Aldean
54. I Want a Cowboy
Reba McEntire
55. I've Been Everywhere
Johnny Cash
56. She Was a Good Truck
Joey + Rory
57. Dirt Road Diary
Luke Bryan
58. Cab of My Truck
Dierks Bentley
59. Prisoner of the Highway
Ronnie Milsap
60. Chicken Truck
John Anderson
61. Highway Junkie
Gary Allan
62. Santa's Gonna Come in a Pickup Truck
Alan Jackson & The Chipmunks
63. Phantom 309
Red Sovine
64. Thank God for the Radio
The Kendalls
65. Truck Driver's Blues
Merle Haggard
66. My Ol' Bronco
Luke Bryan
67. Pickup Lines
Justin Moore
68. Ain't Goin' Down ('Til the Sun Comes Up)
Garth Brooks
69. Let's Ride
Easton Corbin
70. Dashboard
Chris Young
71. How Country Feels
Randy Houser
72. Suds in the Bucket
Sara Evans
73. Next to You, Next to Me
74. Runnin' Outta Moonlight
Randy Houser
75. She Loves My Truck
76. Driving My Life Away
Eddie Rabbit
77. That Old Truck
Thomas Rhett
78. Speedball Tucker
Jim Croce
Know a song about trucks or trucking that should be on this playlist? Make a suggestion in the Comments Section below.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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      • FlourishAnyway profile imageAUTHOR


        12 months ago from USA

        Phil R Neill - Sounds good! Have fun hauling whatever you're gonna haul in it, Thanks for stopping by!

      • Phil R Neill profile image

        Phil R Neill 

        12 months ago from Chester, Virginia, USA

        I think I am going to have to go out and buy a New Truck!

        Great write-up!

      • FlourishAnyway profile imageAUTHOR


        13 months ago from USA

        Bob - You too!

      • Robert Sacchi profile image

        Robert Sacchi 

        13 months ago

        Hope you have a great weekend.

      • FlourishAnyway profile imageAUTHOR


        13 months ago from USA

        Bob - Glad you enjoyed this! Have a great week!

      • FlourishAnyway profile imageAUTHOR


        13 months ago from USA

        Jo - Oh, no. No wonder you aren't fond of them! I'm sorry to hear that and very glad you lived to tell about it.

      • Robert Sacchi profile image

        Robert Sacchi 

        13 months ago

        Great list! A lot of songs I never heard of and a lot that brought back memories. Thanks for bringing me up to date. You may want to consider "CB Savage" in this or your songs that won't fly today article. Another to consider "White Knight".

      • jo miller profile image

        Jo Miller 

        13 months ago from Tennessee

        I've never understood the fascination with trucks, the bigger the better evidently. I've never been very fond of them myself, especially after a tractor trailer plowed into the back of me and my daughter. Lucky we weren't killed.

      • FlourishAnyway profile imageAUTHOR


        13 months ago from USA

        Jason - Happy New Year to you too! I still have a long list of playlist topics, yessirree.

      • manunulat profile image

        Jason Behm 

        13 months ago from Cebu, Philippines

        Happy new year!

        You never ran out of songs! Amazing lists about trucks... hehee

      • FlourishAnyway profile imageAUTHOR


        13 months ago from USA

        Linda, I never heard that term for a truck. You have a wonderful new year, too! Wishing you much success, happiness, and good health in the year ahead.

      • AliciaC profile image

        Linda Crampton 

        13 months ago from British Columbia, Canada

        This article made me think of my uncle. He drove big trucks (or juggernauts, as we called them) through Europe. I never got to ride in one, but it was interesting to hear his stories about them.

        Happy New Year, Flourish.

      • FlourishAnyway profile imageAUTHOR


        13 months ago from USA

        Heidi - Good one! I didn't have that one on my radar at all. Added definitely. I bet I'll have to do a farming playlist here at some point. Now you've got my mind racing on all kinds of farm-related hits. Have a happy, healthy and successful 2019!

      • FlourishAnyway profile imageAUTHOR


        13 months ago from USA

        Clive - Thanks for stopping by. Have a happy and successful 2019!

      • FlourishAnyway profile imageAUTHOR


        13 months ago from USA

        Mary - Cute comment! Wishing you all the best as well in the new year!

      • clivewilliams profile image

        Clive Williams 

        13 months ago from Jamaica

        I have no idea. Don't really listen truck songs. Nice list though.

      • heidithorne profile image

        Heidi Thorne 

        13 months ago from Chicago Area

        Used to be an Eddit Rabbit fan in the 80s. So I love "Driving My Life Away."

        But here's one that I'm not sure if it fits with this trucking playlist or a farming playlist: "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" by Kenny Chesny. I think the choice is up to you, Playlist Maven!

        Happy New Year!

      • aesta1 profile image

        Mary Norton 

        13 months ago from Ontario, Canada

        I can understand why there are many songs about trucks as the fascination with trucks have invaded our minds these days. May your New Year be a truckload of joy.

      • FlourishAnyway profile imageAUTHOR


        13 months ago from USA

        ptosis - Thanks for the recommendations which I added. Hope your evening was wonderful. Have a great 2019.

      • FlourishAnyway profile imageAUTHOR


        13 months ago from USA

        Linda - The unevenness between you and your husband sounds like that of my parents. I'm glad Mr. CarbDiva gave you your own step!

      • FlourishAnyway profile imageAUTHOR


        13 months ago from USA

        Tim - My nephews are Boy Scouts too. My sister finds that they learn a lot and expends their wild energy which she sure appreciates since she's a single parent. You have a wonderful New Year too!

      • FlourishAnyway profile imageAUTHOR


        13 months ago from USA

        Dora - It is touching that someone would grieve in this way. We had a neighbor whose husband died and she had a hard time getting rid of his truck although she wasn't able to drive it. It took her a couple of years. Happy New Year to you too!

      • ptosis profile image


        13 months ago from Arizona

        She Loves My Truck

        Artist: Cottonmouth

        Album: Blue Religion


        Runnin' Outta Moonlight Randy Houser

        Look out your window at the cloud of dust that's my headlights, that's my truck

        Come on baby, don't you keep me waitin'

        I gotta go, I've got a reservation tailgate for two underneath the stars

      • Carb Diva profile image

        Linda Lum 

        13 months ago from Washington State, USA

        Flourish, my guy is 6'2" but he took pity on me and installed a step on the side of his truck so that I can boost myself up and in. As you know I'm 5 foot nothing so that first step up or down is a doozy.

      • Tim Truzy info4u profile image

        Tim Truzy 

        13 months ago from U.S.A.

        Hi, Flourish,

        Love trucks. According to some sources I've read, the love of pick up trucks is becoming global. Most of these songs I recognized. I particularly like the Convoy song (probably the first hick-hop song recorded), and the Alabama song was great to hike to in the mountains when I was a Boy Scout.

        My Scout Leader was a big Alabama fan, as I am now. (At least, the upbeat stuff.)

        Great list about something most of us truly enjoy.

        Happy New Year to you and yours; keep on rolling, Flourish! Roll on!



      • FlourishAnyway profile imageAUTHOR


        13 months ago from USA

        Frances - My experience is that pickup owners are usually very willing to lend a helping hand to others. Glad you had someone willing to help you out when you needed it!

      • MsDora profile image

        Dora Weithers 

        13 months ago from The Caribbean

        Such a fun topic! Finally made some connection between trucking and romance. The story in Number 6 is touching. Happy New Year and New Lists!

      • FlourishAnyway profile imageAUTHOR


        13 months ago from USA

        Linda - Thank you for stopping by. I never imagined that I'd like pickup trucks. My husband gets to drive various vehicles for work long-term. He's had a Chevy truck for the last year plus and loves it. It does take some getting used to because of its size with backing up and its height with climbing into it (and I'm even a tall girl). However, we sure don't have to worry about getting stuck in the snow or fret about how we're going to haul away an old couch. They're pretty cool after all!

        Hope you have a happy and successful 2019!

      • FlourishAnyway profile imageAUTHOR


        13 months ago from USA

        Liz - Just about any subject! Thanks for stopping by!

      • FlourishAnyway profile imageAUTHOR


        13 months ago from USA

        Bill - Happy New Year to you as well. I didn't see you as a truck guy but it makes sense with all you do.

      • FlourishAnyway profile imageAUTHOR


        13 months ago from USA

        Peg - You have a mighty expensive truck! Sounds like you enjoy it!

      • FlourishAnyway profile imageAUTHOR


        13 months ago from USA

        Ellison - Thanks for stopping by and expressing your love of trucks. They're great for hauling horses from place to place when needed.

      • Frances Metcalfe profile image

        Frances Metcalfe 

        13 months ago from The Limousin, France

        Hi Flourish. Such witty commentary as always on these trucking songs. Can't say I've ever had to fend off a pickup guy. My experience was a good one - I'd crashed my car in the snow and a kind driver gave me a lift home!

      • Carb Diva profile image

        Linda Lum 

        13 months ago from Washington State, USA

        Flourish, I'll have to admit that none of these are on my playlist. I'm just not a Country/Western kinda gal. But I enjoy your summaries. Now I feel like going for a drive.

        I hope you have a wonderful and safe New Year.

      • Eurofile profile image

        Liz Westwood 

        13 months ago from UK

        I had no idea that there were so many songs about trucks. You are fast proving that you can put together a playlist for any subject.

      • billybuc profile image

        Bill Holland 

        13 months ago from Olympia, WA

        I drew a total blank, which is sad since I have a truck. Oh well!

        Happy New Year my friend!

      • PegCole17 profile image

        Peg Cole 

        13 months ago from Northeast of Dallas, Texas

        Trucks rule! I love driving my hubby's pickup truck and the looks I get because it's custom lowered, red and cool. These songs about trucks are as well. Keep on truckin'.

      • Ellison Hartley profile image

        Ellison Hartley 

        13 months ago from Maryland, USA

        Love this article, Some of the country music songs about trucks are my all time favorite songs!

      • FlourishAnyway profile imageAUTHOR


        13 months ago from USA

        Pamela - I don't know how he remembered them or sang them so quickly! He was a real legend. Thanks for commenting. Have a great weekend!

      • Pamela99 profile image

        Pamela Oglesby 

        13 months ago from Sunny Florida

        These are some well known truck songs, particularly if you listen to country music. This is a great review. I always thought that Johnny Cash's song was fun to listen to as I wondered how he could remember all those towns. You have a good list of some of the most popular songs.


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