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Best Metal Love Songs of All Time

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Ray has been an online music writer for over four years. Having sung in multiple competitions as a youth, he has a passion for the art.

Best Metal Love Songs of All Time

Best Metal Love Songs of All Time

1. “Love You to Death”

Artist: Type O Negative

Genre: Gothic Metal, Haunted Metal, Doom Metal

Year Released: 1996

Facts About “Love You to Death”

  • “Love You to Death” is one of the best gothic metal love songs by Type O Negative for their fourth album October Rust.
  • Josh Silver and Peter Steele produced this single in 1996 under Roadrunner Records.
  • “Love You to Death” is one of the band’s best-known songs.
  • The song is a song perfect for weddings or anniversaries.
  • The single has a sexy and erotic vibe suitable for couples who are truly deeply in love.
  • Type O Negative depicts psychotic love.

2. “This Love”

Artist: Pantera

Genre: Power Ballad, Heavy Metal

Year Released: 1991

Facts About “This Love”

  • “This Love” is a ballad love song by Pantera, a heavy metal band from Arlington, Texas.
  • The track is from Pantera’s best-selling album Vulgar Display of Power.
  • “This Love” is one of Pantera’s most famous songs.
  • The single peaked at #10 on the 50 Best Pantera songs ranked by Metal Hammer, a monthly heavy metal and rock music magazine.
  • Loudwire, an American online magazine, placed the single on the 10 Best Pantera Songs list.
  • The metal song is about the story of vocalist Phil Anselmo’s past relationship.

3. “N.I.B.”

Artist: Black Sabbath

Genre: Heavy Metal

Year Released: 1970

Facts About "N.I.B."

  • "N.I.B." is an English metal love song released by Black Sabbath in 1970.
  • Geezer Butler, the band's bassist, composed the song's lyrics with the devil Lucifer in mind.
  • The song's composer revealed that the song is about the devil falling in love and thoroughly changing to the right person.
  • A few of the notable covers of this song are that of Ozzy Osbourne and Primus.
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4. “Love?”

Artist: Strapping Young Lad

Genre: Metal, Progressive Metal

Year Released: 2005

Facts About “Love?”

  • “Love?” is a love song interpreting love as an evolutionary device designed to produce offspring.
  • “Love?” is an anthropological perspective of love.
  • Devin Townsend wrote this breakthrough single of Strapping Young Lad.
  • Devin Townsend revealed that the track is an ironic examination of what it meant to be responsible.

5. “A Little Piece of Heaven”

Artist: Avenged Sevenfold

Genre: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock

Year Released: 2007

Facts About “A Little Piece of Heaven”

  • “A Little Piece of Heaven” is a dark and heavy metal love song about a couple living together.
  • The music is horrifying and affectionate at the same time because the couple gets married in death for the rest of their unnatural life.
  • The track debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200.

6. “With Her, I Die”

Artist: Poisonblack

Genre: Metal

Year Released: 2003

Facts About “With Her, I Die”

  • “With Her, I Die” is a metal love song of Poisonblack from their album Escapexstacy.
  • Poisonblack is a Finnish gothic metal band from Oulu, Finland.
  • Some critics interpret this song as a love song that talks about heroin and some interpret it as sex.

7. “I Need Your Love”

Artist: High Spirits

Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

Year Released: 2014

Facts About “I Need Your Love”

  • “I Need Your Love” is a metal song of High Spirits for their album You Are Here.
  • Hells Headbangers Records produced the track in 2014.
  • The song is about missing someone and seeking for love.

8. “Right Here in My Arms”

Artist: HIM

Genre: Alternative Metal

Year Released: 1999

Facts About “Right Here in My Arms”

  • “Right Here in My Arms” is the second metal single from HIM’s album Razorblade Romance.
  • Ville Valo, a Finnish rock star and multi-instrumentalist, wrote the song.
  • The intense piece depicts a deeply in love guy with a girl who doesn’t feel the same way. girl
  • The song is a poetic, sad, and realistically lifelike.

9. “When the Wild Wind Blows”

Artist: Iron Maiden

Genre: Metal

Year Released: 2010

Facts About “When the Wild Wind Blows”

  • “When the Wild Wind Blows” is an 11-minute track from Iron Maiden’s 15th studio album The Final Frontier.
  • Steve Harris, the founder of Iron Maiden, wrote the song as the band’s fifth-longest song.
  • The song has a different rhythm from what Iron Maiden did before.
  • The band revealed and told Billboard Magazine that the song has a very complicated arrangement, and they had to learn in sections.
  • The track’s inspiration was Raymond Briggs’ graphic novel entitled When the Wind Blows.

10. “Close My Eyes Forever”

Artist: Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne

Genre: Hard Rock, Glam Metal

Year Released: 1989

Facts About “Close My Eyes Forever”

  • “Close My Eyes Forever” is a love song duet by Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne.
  • Ford and Osbourne accidentally wrote this song in the studio while they were both drunk.
  • The song peaked at #8 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and reached #25 on the U.S. Billboard Album Rock Tracks Chart.
  • “Close My Eyes Forever” is Osbourne’s highest-charting single of his full career.

11. “Love Zone”

Artist: Judas Priest

Genre: Heavy Metal

Year Released: 1988

Facts About “Love Zone”

  • “Love Zone” is a third metal love song by Judas Priest from their album Ram It Down.
  • Rob Halford, K. Downing, and Glenn Tipton wrote this song in 1988.
  • Judas Priest produced this song with Tom Allom.
  • Although the track was not a smashing success, the song displays a lot of horny and hotlines.

12. “Girl in the Slayers Jacket”

Artist: Pig Destroyer

Genre: Death Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal

Year Released: 2007

Facts About "Girl in the Slayers Jacket"

  • "Girl in the Slayers Jacket" is an exciting metal song from Pig Destroyer's Phantom Limb.
  • Scott Hull produced the "Girl in the Slayer Jacket" in 2007.
  • J.R. Hayes, an American musician, vocalist, and lyricist of the band, wrote this song.
  • The metal love song details the life and death of a girl who hung herself from McLean's overpass.
  • The last verse of the brutal song hints that the slayer jacket girl lost her innocence at the age of five.

13. “Falling in Love”

Artist: Scorpions

Genre: Rock Music, Classic Rock

Year Released: 1980

Facts About “Falling in Love”

  • “Falling in Love” is a metal song about starry-eyed lovers finding and professing their love.
  • “Falling in Love” is a song recorded by Scorpions for their album Animal Magnetism.
  • Dieter Dierks, a German musician, sound engineer, and producer, produced this song in 1980
  • Herman Rarebell, a German musician, known as the drummer for the band Scorpions, composed its lyrics.

14. “L.O.V.E. Machine”

Artist: W.A.S.P.

Genre: Heavy Metal

Year Released: 1984

Facts About "L.O.V.E. Machine"

  • "L.O.V.E. Machine" is a 1984 song by W.A.S.P. from their self-titled album W.A.S.P.
  • "L.O.V.E. Machine" is a metal track about carnality.
  • The song is all about being hot and wild love.
  • Blackie Lawless, the band's lead singer, and rhythm guitarist, composed the song's lyrics.

15. “You’re in Love”

Artist: Ratt

Genre: Glam Metal, Heavy Metal

Year Released: 1985

Facts About "You're in Love"

  • "You're in Love" is a heavy metal love song of the American band Ratt for their album Invasion of Your Privacy.
  • The track was the second single released from the record by Atlantic Records, Ratt's record label.
  • Ratt's bassist Juan Croucier composed the song's lyrics with Stephen Pearcy, the band's lead singer.
  • The single reached #89 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #34 on the Billboard Top Rock Tracks chart.

16. “The Death of Love”

Artist: Cradle of Filth

Genre: Extreme Metal

Year Released: 2008

Facts About “The Death of Love”

  • “The Death of Love” is a metal love song from the Cradle of Filth’s 2008 album Godspeed on the Devil’s Thunder.
  • The song is about Joan of Arc being burned at stake.
  • The song also depicts Joan of Arc’s lover going crazy and becoming a criminal.
  • They released a music video of the track on July 31, 2009.
  • The album reached #48 on the Billboard 200 Chart and #73 on the U.K. Albums Chart.

17. “Prisoner of Your Eyes”

Artist: Judas Priest

Genre: Heavy Metal

Year Released: 1982

Facts About “Prisoner of Your Eyes”

  • “Prisoner of Your Eyes” is a metal love song of Judas Priest for the album Screaming for Vengeance.
  • “Prisoner of Your Eyes” is a love song about a man in love with someone, but their relationship ended a long ago.
  • The track is a song of unrequited love.
  • “Prisoner of Your Eyes” has a theatrical and rocky vibe.

18. “Hold on to My Heart”

Artist: W.A.S.P.

Genre: Metal Music

Year Released: 1992

Facts About “Hold on to My Heart”

  • “Hold on to My Heart” is the third single from W.A.S.P.’s 1992 concept album The Crimson Idol.
  • The track was one of Blackie’s most commercially oriented and emotional songs.
  • The single is about finding someone to take away the ache and anxiety of living without love.
  • The metal song’s guitar riffs are tender and smooth, which makes it very dynamic.

19. “Please Don’t Touch”

Artist: Johny Kidd and the Pirates

Genre: Rock and Roll

Year Released: 1959

Facts About “Please Don’t Touch”

  • “Please Don’t Touch” is the debut single of Johnny Kidd & the Pirates, an English rock and roll band.
  • The single peaked at #25 on the U.K. Singles Chart
  • One of the most notable cover versions of this song was Headgirl’s version.
  • Johny Kidd composed the lyrics of the song with Guy Robinson.

20. “Benighted”

Artist: Opeth

Genre: Progressive Death Metal, Progressive Rock

Year Released: 1999

Facts About “Benighted”

  • Opeth produced this relaxing song with Mikael Akerfeldt and Fredrik Nordstrom.
  • The song is about letting fears control beliefs.
  • It is a metal song that measures how strong your faith is.
  • It is a meetup between the outcast and Melinda wherein the outcast tries to convince her to abandon her superstition and run away with him.

21. “The End of Heartache”

Artist: Killswitch Engage

Genre: Metalcore

Year Released: 2004

Facts About “The End of Heartache”

  • “The End of Heartache” is the second single and title track of Killswitch Engage album The End of Heartache.
  • The single was Resident Evil: Apocalypse’s theme song for the movie.
  • The single peaked at #31 on the Mainstream Rock Chart.
  • “The End of Heartache” was the theme song for the professional wrestler Roderick Strong in Ring of Honor.

22. “Date with the Devil”

Artist: Mutoid Man

Genre: Metal

Year Released: 2017

Facts About “Date with the Devil”

  • “Date with the Devil” is a Mutoid Man’s metal love song from their album War Moans.
  • They recorded the track at Godcity Studios in Salem, Massachusetts.
  • Kurt Ballou, an American musician and producer and the guitarist of the metal band Converge, produced this single on June 2, 2017.

23. “Ruptured Heart Theory”

Artist: Eyehategod

Genre: Sludge Metal

Year Released: 1994

Facts About “Ruptured Heart Theory”

  • “Ruptured Heart Theory” is a metal love song of Eyehategod for their 1994 album 7” Vinyl.
  • They included the single on their 1996 album Dopesick.
  • The track then appeared on the Eyehategod’s 2006 Century Media reissue.
  • Mike Williams, an American singer, and songwriter, composed the lyrics of “Ruptured Heart Theory.”

24. “Lavatory Love Machine”

Artist: Edguy

Genre: Progressive Metal, Hard Rock

Year Released: 2004

Facts About "Lavatory Love Machine"

  • "Lavatory Love Machine" is a love song recorded by Edguy for their album Hellfire Club under Nuclear Blast Records.
  • "Lavatory Love Machine" peaked at #46 on the Swedish Singles Chart.
  • The single appeared on Edguy's compilation album The Singles.
  • Tobias Sammet, a German musician, singer, songwriter, and music producer, composed the track's lyrics.

25. “In Love”

Artist: Grave

Genre: Death Metal

Year Released: 1991

Facts About “In Love”

  • “In Love” is a Grave song for their album Into the Grave in 1991.
  • “In Love” is a metal love song that defies the saying “Until deaths do us part.”
  • The single depicts a lover who refuses to let the reaper put an end to their relationship.

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