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76 Love Songs for the Christmas Season

FlourishAnyway believes there is a playlist for just about any situation and is on a mission to unite and entertain the world through song.

Light up the holiday season with the spirit of love and togetherness celebrated with your special someone. Embrace the meaning of this merriest time of year. The Christmas season is filled with peace, joy, and—most of all—love.

Light up the holiday season with the spirit of love and togetherness celebrated with your special someone. Embrace the meaning of this merriest time of year. The Christmas season is filled with peace, joy, and—most of all—love.

Christmas Is the Season for Love

From holiday wrapping and ribbons to sweet treats, bright lights, and festive decorations, there's so much about the Christmas season that makes it special. What really makes the holidays grand, however, is having someone to share the experience with.

Whether you're crushing on someone new or already have a long-term partner, make a festive playlist of Christmas love songs. We have a long list of both old holiday favorites and fresh originals.

1. "All I Want for Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey

Songbird Mariah Carey took a big risk when she released this original 1994 Christmas tune at the pinnacle of her career. At that time, holiday albums were typically the offerings of faded celebrities rather than current stars. Carey, however, nailed the holiday vibe with high energy and reverberating vocals that sound almost as if she is channeling Darlene Love from the 1960s.

The result is timeless so that this seasonal ditty has become a new Christmas classic. In 2019, it topped the Billboard chart an amazing 25 years after its release. Now that's staying power! Surprisingly, 15 minutes is all it took Carey and a collaborator to write and compose the favorite holiday love song.

The uptempo exuberance of this ditty conveys that gifts, snow, and the festivities of the season are meaningless without her sweetheart by her side. With a doo-wop flavor and the joyous clanging of bells in the background, the song narrator asks Santa to please make her wish come true by reuniting her with the one she loves.

2. "Christmas Without You" by Ava Max

The best gifts in life don't come from a store, according to this 2020 original holiday single. This Christmas love anthem emphasizes the gift of togetherness. The narrator doesn't know exactly where her beloved is right now, but she does know where she wishes he was—her arms:

Wherever you go, you light up the room
I hope that you'll make it back home soon
'Cause it won't feel like Christmas without you.

3. "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!" by Frank Sinatra

While the snow outside piles up, pull up a cozy blanket and a bag of microwave popcorn for some good Netflix and chill time with your boo next to the fire. Nevermind that this holiday classic was written during a California heat wave and makes no mention of Christmas. It does a good job of conjuring up thoughts of cold weather. While many artists have recorded the holiday favorite, the 1950 rendition here by ol' Blue Eyes is consistently among the favorites.

4. "Santa Tell Me" by Ariana Grande

The narrator in this original R&B holiday tune from 2014 begs Santa to please, oh please reveal if her true love feels the same way about her. Perhaps she's just really bad at picking boyfriends, or maybe she's trying to rush love. Seeking to avoid another lop-sided romance and broken heart, the girl wants to know if her current love affair is the real deal or just another silly fling. Tell her, Santa!

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5. "Santa Baby" by Eartha Kitt

Get your jingle on with this sexy 1953 Christmas classic while you suck the stripes off a candy cane and wait for Santa to deliver the goods, you dirty little elf. This delightfully sultry ditty features a gold-digging gal who claims to have been an angel all year, if we are to believe her.

Now she's cashing in on her good behavior with a long list of requests for big ticket items. Go big or go home, girl! The sassy gal asks Old St. Nick for a wish list full of expensive gifts, including:

  • a sable,
  • a light blue 1954 convertible,
  • the deed to a platinum mine,
  • a duplex,
  • Tiffany's decorations for her tree, and
  • a ring (diamond, of course).

Singer Eartha Kitt was an Emmy Award-winning actress and Broadway performer who was widely recognized for her portrayal of the antiheroine, Catwoman, in the 1960s "Batman" television show.

6. "Merry Christmas Darling" by The Carpenters

The single lady in this nostalgic 1970 Christmas tune has finally completed her holiday preparations. The gal has mailed all of her greeting cards—nobody does that anymore—and she's shopped 'til she dropped. Now having time to rest by fire, the narrator admires the decorated tree. Longingly, the solitary girl pines for her long-distance lover, and she beckons him to return over the miles. She confesses, "I wish I were with you."

7. "Winter Wonderland" by Michael Bublé

With the snow falling down, who needs the romance of candlelight when you have a the fireplace, perfect for snuggling? This favorite holiday song ironically does not mention Christmas. It features a man serenading his partner as they stroll through the glistening snow, arm in arm. He entices her with sweet ideas of what they can do, including building a snowman and pretending to marry, as well as seeking warmth together by the fire.

The tune was written by a Pennsylvania man who was being treated for tuberculosis in a sanatorium that overlooked a snow-covered park. Originally recorded in 1934, more than 200 artists have since covered this song, including Tony Bennett, Bing Crosby, Darlene Love, Gwen Stefani, Eurythmics, Amy Grant, Meghan Trainor, and others. Here, crooner Michael Bublé offers up his rendition from 2011.

8. "Blue Christmas" by Elvis Presley & Martina McBride

Three decades after his death, the King of Rock and Roll resurfaces looking and sounding like he did in his youth, thanks to the miracle of modern technology. Here he is paired with country star Martina McBride in this 2008 virtual duet of Elvis' 1964 Christmas classic, "Blue Christmas." The tune portrays a dejected lover who is separated for the holidays from the one he loves.

In this mournful holiday tune, the narrator is surrounded with memories of his lover, but the holiday festivities will not be enough to take his mind off missing her. In spite of his sadness, he expects that the object of his affection will be handing the separation just fine.

9. "This Christmas" by Donny Hathaway

Looking forward to a season of connectedness and cheer, the guy in this upbeat 1970 soul number has love and joy in his heart to share this Christmastime. Donny Hathaway wanted his 1970 holiday song to become the ultimate Black Christmas carol. Unfortunately, his untimely death in 1979 cut that dream short, as Hathaway fell 15 stories from his hotel room, an apparent suicide. Hathaway struggled with major depression and paranoid schizophrenia.

He was posthoumously honored with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019. Approximately five decades after its release, "This Christmas" has become a holiday standard, appearing on the Billboard music chart and realizing Hathaway's dream.

10. "Wrapped in Red" by Kelly Clarkson

Unrequited love and secret crushes are fine for awhile but not for years on end. The woman in this 2013 yuletide love ballad decides to lay her heart on the line and be vulnerable. She risks it all by showing up at her one and only's door bedazzled in red and ready to confess her feelings. What will he say?

11. "Naughty List" by Liam Payne and Dixie D'Amelio

Remember that Santa is watching everything you do (yep, even that). When the couple in this fun holiday tune from 2020 suddenly find themselves under the mistletoe, one thing leads to another, and they get totally carried away:

Now we're on the naughty list
Must've been the way we kissed
Santa saw the things we did
And put us on the naughty list.

Fortunately, she is his favorite holiday gift and the narrator is looking to keep her around all year. No returns or regifting here! Apparently this is love!

12. "Christmas Tree Farm" by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift leaned on her childhood memories growing up on a Pennsylvania Christmas tree farm when she wrote and recorded this 2019 holiday song in less than 24 hours. It's about a narrator who feels lonely in the middle of the December hustle and bustle. To alleviate the stress and anxiety, she closes her eyes and recalls all of the nostalgic details of the Christmas tree farm that was her childhood home: the cider, the holly, the ribbon, and unconditional acceptance.

The narrator looks forward to folding into the arms of her sweetheart. Being with him reminds her of home and warm familiarity. She fantasizes of being there together with her significant other.

13. "Please Come Home for Christmas" by Eagles

You might recognize this melancholy Christmas love song by its first few words ("Bells will be ringing . . ."). Although the Eagles made it a hit in 1978, blues singer Charles Brown actually first released it in 1960, initially making the carol a local favorite around the I-10 corridor in Texas and Louisiana.

The ditty features a lovelorn narrator who is surrounded by all of the celebratory trappings of Christmas. The holiday music and cheerful people remind the anguished man that he is alone and without his honey. Filled with sorrow, he pleads with his beloved to return home from her "walkabout" in time for Christmas. Then, in desperation he adds, "if not for Christmas, by New Year's night."

14. "One More Sleep" by Leona Lewis

In this 2013 Christmas tune, the narrator is getting super jazzed that her lover will be returning home soon. As she sits by the window trying to pass the time, the perky narrator is so excited that she can barely breathe. She counts down the days until she won't be sleeping alone. Oh, how the naughty thoughts dance inside her head!

15. "I Got My Love to Keep Me Warm" by Indina Menzel (Featuring Billy Porter)

Who needs a coat and gloves when your heart is on fire? Stay warm and toasty with your huggable partner. As icicles form in the stormy December weather outside, the narrator cuddles together inside with her lover where it's safe. Snuggling is the absolute best! Let love warm you both from the inside out.

Written by Irving Berlin and introduced to audiences in the 1937 musical motion picture On the Avenue, this cold weather song makes no mention of the holiday season. Over the years, the song has been recorded by music greats such as Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Rosemary Clooney, Dean Martin, and Rod Stewart. In this 2019 rendition, Indina Mendel and Billy Porter add themselves to that list.

16. "Kiss You This Christmas" by Why Don't We

This sweet yuletide love song features a guy who has been crushing on a girl all year round. It captures the cheer and anticipation he feels about the holiday season. The narrator is especially buoyant this Christmastime and has been dreaming of finally kissing the object of his affection. Rather than just going for it, he asks like a gentleman whether he can kiss his crush . . . because it's all about consent. Why Don't We is an American boy band, and this song was released in 2017.

17. "You Make It Feel Like Christmas" by Gwen Stefani (Featuring Blake Shelton)

The merrymaking and frolicking in this original holiday ditty from 2017 reflects the positive energy of newfound love. The upbeat tune describes how finding unexpected love after heartbreak makes this couple feel giddy. They proclaim that their partner makes their lives feel like Christmas.

The song was inspired by the relationship between pop and rock singer Gwen Stefani and country artist Blake Shelton. When the two met in 2014 while both were coaches on The Voice, NBC's reality singing competition, Stefani initially had no idea who Shelton was. Their respective marriages—Shelton's to Miranda Lambert and Stefani's to Gavin Rossdale—soon ended in 2015 at about the same time. They found themselves consoling one another and dating quickly after their breakups. Shelton and Stefani finally married in 2021—Shelton's third marriage and Stefani's second. Hopefully, it will always feels like Christmas for them.

18. "Cuddle Up, Cozy Down Christmas" by Dolly Parton and Michael Bublé

Someone must have spiked Dolly's eggnog in this 2020 holiday number because she's really getting her passion on. Sure, those vocals make sweet darlin' Dolly sound like she's been sipping on laughing gas. But don't let that fool you because these lyrics are a bit frisky.

With the snow piling up outside, Dolly has decided that rather than brave the cold weather outdoors she'd rather light some candles and play hide the snickerdoodles under the covers with her boy toy. She admits that her thoughts are racing and gives specific ideas on what they might do.

19. "Sleigh Ride" by The Ronettes

This peppy 1963 tune is all about "couples time" in cold weather. Two lovers take a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the glistening snow and spend the time all "snuggled up together like two birds of a feather would be."

Curiously, the song never references Christmas, and the original version instead mentions a birthday party at Farmer Gray's. (The Ronettes omit the bridge containing those lyrics.) "Sleigh Ride" is the group's second-highest chart hit in the US after "Be My Baby" (1963).

20. "25th" by Tori Kelly

What good is mistletoe if there's no one to lock lips with? The flirty gal in this 2020 holiday charmer wants her lover to take a midnight flight so they can bridge the distance keeping them apart this season. There will be no more silent nights around here once she reunites with her main squeeze on the 25th:

Don't you know that Christmas would be incomplete
If you're not here with me?
Sugar plums ain't half as sweet as you
Someone go tell Santa I don't need no gifts
Got nothing on my list
Don't you know my only wish is to hold you on the 25th?

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.” – Hamilton Wright Mabie, American essayist

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.” – Hamilton Wright Mabie, American essayist

Even More Christmas Love Songs

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SongArtist(s)Year Released

21. Mr. Christmas

Brett Eldredge


22. Mistletoe

Justin Bieber


23. Last Christmas



24. The Gift

98 Degrees


25. Fa La La

Justin Bieber and Boyz II Men


26. Christmas Eve

Céline Dion


27. My Only Wish (This Year)

Britney Spears


28. Baby, It's Cold Outside

Al Hirt and Ann-Margaret


29. I Never Knew the Meaning of Christmas



30. Snowflakes of Love

Toni Braxton


31. Love Is Christmas

Sara Bareilles


32. Christmas Everyday

Smokey Robinson (Featuring Us the Duo)


33.Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)

Mariah Carey


34. My Kind of Present

Meghan Trainor


35. One I've Been Missing

Little Mix


36. Present Without a Bow

Kacey Musgraves (Featuring Leon Bridges)


37. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)

Nat King Cole


38. Cold December Night

Michael Bublé


39. Merry Christmas Baby

Otis Redding


40. Christmas C'mon

Lindsey Stirling (Featuring Becky G)


41. Santa, Can You Hear Me?

Britney Spearts


42. Purple Snowflakes

Marvin Gaye


43. When Christmas Comes Around

Matt Terry


44. Fall In Love At Christmas

Fall In Love At Christmas


45. Bring Me Love

John Legend


46. Under the Mistletoe

Brett Eldredge and Kelly Clarkson


47. I'll Be Home for Christmas

Rascal Flatts


48. Every Year, Every Christmas

Luther Vandross


49. Christmas Eve

Kelly Clarkson


50. When Christmas Comes

Mariah Carey and John Legend


51. Take Me Home for Christmas

Day + Shay


52. 2000 miles



53. You Are My Christmas

Dolly Parton


54. Christmas Lights



55. Gift That Keeps on Giving

Tori Kelly


56. Underneath the Tree

Kelly Clarkson


57. Merry Married Christmas

Maddie & Tae


58. We Need Christmas

Maddie & Tae


59. Christmas Will Be Different This Year

Gary LeVox


60. Cozy Little Christmas

Katy Perry


61. All I Want (For Christmas)

Liam Payne


62. Kiss Me It's Christmas

Leona Lewis (Featuring Ne-Yo)


63. I'll Be Home

Meghan Trainor


64. Kiss Me, Babe It's Christmas Time

Owl City


65. Take Me Home for Christmas

Dan + Shay


66. Hang Your Lights

Jamie Callum


67. Santa Can't You Hear Me

Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson


68. Glittery

Kacey Musgraves (Featuring Troye Sivan)


69. Here This Christmas

Gwen Stefani


70. Make It to Christmas

Alessia Cara


71. Officially Christmas

Dan + Shay


72. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Darlene Love


73. Thank God It's Christmas



74. Light Up Like a Christmas Tree



75. Mistletoe Kiss

Gigi Vega


76. Christmas Mourn



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