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List of the Top 10 Best Merengue Songs for Beginners and Intermediate Dancers

Updated on July 04, 2016
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Anya Brodech is a professional Salsa, Latin, Swing and Ballroom dance teacher in Oakland CA. Visit her website, YouTube channel and Facebook

Get your next latin dance party started with this amazing merengue song playlist!
Get your next latin dance party started with this amazing merengue song playlist!

What Merengue Dancing is Like

Merengue is a super fun, upbeat and exciting Latin dance that is popular at Latin Nightclubs. It's super easy to learn how to dance because all you have to do is march your feet in time with the music and let your hips and arms do the rest. If you already know Merengue, congratulations! It's one of my favorite dances and I love teaching it to my beginner/non-dancer friends and they don't have problems picking it up.

Merengue can be danced to a straight/regular 8-count timing (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8), which almost all of these songs are. In Zumba classes and some Latin bars/nightclubs, they'll play super fast Merengue songs which are double time and danced twice as fast and really crazy. I've been dancing for ten years and I still haven't figured out those crazy fast Merengue songs still, but my Mexican friends are really into them and complain that my regular Merengue songs are too slow for them, hahaha. Anyway, find what works for you and I think that everybody should be comfortable dancing to these 10 songs regardless of their skill level.

Have fun!

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About This List

I ordered this list alphabetically by song name, for convenience, since I can't decide which song is my favorite. These are all great songs to dance to if you're having a party, and I've heard a lot of them play in Salsa/Latin Nigthclubs or in my Zumba classes!

If I missed any or you have suggestions for other songs I should include, please leave your comments down below!

I've also included a list of links to other articles about Latin dancing that I've written at the end of the page, including lists of the best Salsa, Bachata and Zumba songs!


"Acercate Ya" by Amor Romeira ft. Alean & Summer

"Acercate Ya" by Amor Romeira ft. Alean & Summer

This song is straight up and a must-have for your next Latin dance party! It has a really great beat and provocative lyrics that will get you going in no time. Enjoy!

"Esa Muchacha" by Los Hermanos Rosario

"Esa Muchacha" by Los Hermanos Rosario

I love this song because it's fun and crazy and I've heard it a million and one times while out social dancing. It's really easy to dance to and not super fast. I've also heard it played and danced to it in my Zumba class a bunch of times. It's got a really good beat and is good for showing off your dance moves and using it as opportunity to flirt with your dance partner and showing him how bien you baila (pardon my Spanglish, couldn't help it). It's definitely an inspiring song for women to impress their partners with their dance moves ;)

"La Temperatura" by Maluma feat. Eli Palacios

"La Temperatura" by Maluma ft. Eli Palacios

I love this song because I think that it's really sexy and a great opportunity for flirting with your dance partner and turning up the heat. I love the lyrics and how seductive they are. This is a really flirty song and I like to dance up close and personal to my partner to this song and see if I can make him sweat, mmm! ;)

"Otra Noche" by Kent y Tony

"Otra Noche" by Kent y Tony

I always turn up the volume when I play this song and try not to crash my car from dancing around while driving, hahaha I love the beat and the lyrics are really sexy and super hot. Perfect party music because it just makes you want to move around and jump and have a good time and grind up close with your partner, mmm!

Pegaíto Suavecito by Elvis Crespo ft. Fito Blanko

"Pegaito Suavecito" by Elvis Crespo ft. Fito Blanko

This is one of my all-time favorite merengue songs! I think it's super awesome and it always gets the party started and gets me going every time I hear it. A lot of my Latino friends love this song too, so when we're driving in the car and this song comes on, it's like "oh yeaah!! this is my jam!" Seriously, that's how much I love this song. If you haven't heard of this song, then you obviously haven't been out dancing merengue!

"Rabiosa" by Shakira

"Rabiosa" by Shakira

I like this song because it's all about passion and going for it, and is just really sexy. I love the lyrics about making each other crazy and biting on the lip, super kinky! mmm! Plus how can you not love Shakira? All of her songs are super awesome!

"Rompe la Cintura" by Alexis y Fido

"Rompe La Cintura" by Alexis y Fido

I love the beat of this song and how it's really crisp and clear. It's great for flirting and seducing and I always get really into it whenever I dance. The lyrics are all about being unapologetically sexy and just going all out. Que rico! ;)

"Suavemente" by Elvis Crespo

"Suavemente" by Elvis Crespo

This song has definitely been overplayed, but I still love it! I was at a regular American bar one night (no salsa or anything) and this song came on, so I grabbed a hott guy, told him to march his feet, and danced merengue with him and it was so much fun, haha! Everybody was looking at me, going OMG, where'd that come from?! (That's how much I love to dance!). So anyway, this song is great and you've got to include in your merengue playlist the next time you have a party, it's a classic!!

"Tu Me Quemas" by Chino y Nacho ft. Gente de La Zona, Los Cadillacs

"Tu Me Quemas" by Chino y Nacho, ft. Gente de La Zona y Los Cadillacs

This is a newer merengue song and I gotta say that I love it. The lyrics are really flirty and suggestive, and I love dancing up against my partner and seducing him with my moves during this song. I love songs about heat and fire because I just feel that they crank things up and take them to the next level.

Merengue is a super awesome, fun and sexy dance!
Merengue is a super awesome, fun and sexy dance!

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this list of Merengue songs and had just as much fun listening to them as I did! Have a great day and share this list with your friends if you loved it! Thanks!

© 2015 Anya Brodech


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