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Library of Top 10 Music and Songs with Instant Play for Year 1975


The Year Is 1975

The year is 1975. The president is Gerald Ford. The cost of one gallon of gasoline is $.44. The average cost of a home was $11,787. A brand new Ford Mustang II, $4,819,

The Vietnam war ends this year. Jaws is the biggest and newest kind of movie (the soundtrack theme is still used for many marketing sound bites).

BIC markets the first disposable razor. The VHS tape is first introduced.

And, the number one music hit is...

1975 is plagued with gas shortages

1975 is plagued with gas shortages

Top Ten of 1975

This Top Ten list is brought to you by a handful of resources including Billboard Top Listing Charts and popular opinions. We hope you enjoy this collection.

No. 1 "Love Will Keep Us Together"

No. 1: "Love Will Keep Us Together"

Performed by Captain & Tennille.

“Love will Keep us Together” became the lead single and was the title cut from the Captain & Tennille's first album. Originally, Daryl Dragon (The Captain) was expecting that more honor would be given to the song, “I Write the Songs”.

“Love Will Keep Us Together” came in at number one on both the Billboards’s Easy Listening Chart and then also on the Billboard Pop Chart. It stayed on top for four weeks At year end, it also ranked number one on the charts. The recording became a Gold record and went on to win the Grammy Award for Record of the Year.

Neil Sedaka originally wrote “Love Will Keep Us Together.

Rhinestone Cowboy

No. 2: Rhinestone Cowboy

Glen Campbell led “Rhinestone Cowboy into the Number Two position and gained national attention in both the country and the pop scenes with several points where it hit the Number One place on the Billboard Hot Country Singles and the Billboard Hot 100 charts for three non consecutive weeks.

“Rhinestone Cowboy” battled for top place with “Feelings” by Conway Twitty and “Big Bad John” by Jimmy Dean. There were only six songs that reached top rankings in 1975 on the country charts. It ended up being in a top choice in one of the Capitol Records “Greatest Music Ever Sold” album.

Philadelphia Freedom

No: 3: Philadelphia Freedom

The Elton John Band brought “Philadelphia Freedom” up the charts, hitting the number one position several times throughout the course of 1975 on United States, Canada, and British charts. Elton John had three other chart toppers in the seventies. Elton John wrote Philadelphia Freedom as a favor for his good friend, Billie Jean King, a famous tennis star who was part of the Philadelphia Freedom’s Tennis Team. The song also has orchestral components, in which the arrangements were done by Gene Page. “Philadelphia Freedom” made its album debut in 1977.

Before the Next Teardrop Falls

No. 4: Before the Next Teardrop Falls

Before the Next Teardrop Falls became a hit, almost by accident. Turns out, when Freddy Fender recorded it, it was only because record producer Huey Meaux approached Fender and asked him to over dub the instrumentals and sing a verse in English and than repeat it, this time singing it in Spanish. Fender reluctantly agreed but to his surprise, the song took off on the charts and became more and more popular. Fender had commented, “The recording only took a few minutes, and I was glad to get it over with, thinking that would be the last of it.”

“Before the Next Teardrop Falls” hit the charts enjoying two weeks at the top of Billboard's Hot Country Singles.

His song ended up becoming a certified gold with over one million dollar in sales.

My Eyes Adored You

No. 5: My Eyes Adored You

Frankie Valli, covered this song which was originally titled, “Blue Eyes in Georgia” which was written by Bob Crewe and Kenny Nolan. The Four Seasons first recorded it in 1974 but Motown didn’t want to release it and Frankie Valli bought the rights for four thousand dollars. In March of 1975, “My Eyes Adored You” topped the Billboard Hot 100. It hit the Easy Listening charts at Number 2. Because of the history and the roots of the song, The Four Seasons were brought back into the limelight furthering their success.

 President Ford in the Oval Office with George Harrison and Billy Preston.

President Ford in the Oval Office with George Harrison and Billy Preston.

Shining Star

No. 6: Shining Star

Earth, Wind, & Fire turned “Shining Star” into their first number one hit in 1975 by hitting both the United States Hot One Hundred and the R&B charts in the same year. “Shining Star” can be found on the album, “That’s The Way of The World”.

“Shining Star” is an excellent example of funk music that found its way into the world of mainstream success. It won a Grammy for the Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group. The single sold well over a million copies. Certifying it a “gold”. Earth, Wind, & Fire performed their hit on “The Midnight Special, a popular music TV series.


No. 7: Fame

“Fame” was written by Davd Bowie, Carlos Alomar, and John Lennon and then performed by Bowie. It was released in 1975. It was David Bowie's first number one hit as a “single” on the Billboard Hot 100. It ended up being the number seventh song of the year. It only reached number seventeen in the UK.

“Fame” can be found in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as one of the songs that shaped rock and roll.

In the song, “Fame”, John Lennon sang “aim” over the riff to achieve the reverberating sound,

Bowie’s “Fame” became his first major hit in 1975.

No. 8: Laughter in the Rain

“Laughter in the Rain” was performed and composed by Neil Sedaka with lyrics written by Phil Cody. It is reported by Cody that the lyrics were written with a little help from marijuana. The song includes a twenty-second saxophone solo played by Jim Horn.

At one point, on the Billboard Hot 100, it hit the number one position. On the Adult Contemporary Chart, it spent two weeks at number one. For the year, overall, it came in at number eight.

“Laughter in the Rain,” did well also, in both Canada and the UK.

No. 9: One of These Nights

“One of These Nights” was written by Don Henley and Glenn Frey and then performed by the Eagles. It was the title track for the album of the same name. It hit the Billboard Hot 100. The single version was shortened from the album version by removing some of the song’s intro and on the tail end, the fade out. “One of These Nights” features a guitar solo by Don Felder which features a cutting edge combination of blues licks, string bends, and a very meaty distortion type tone.

The song is about “putting things off, according to Glen Frey. “It’s aboutGet the girl, make the money, and finding that house, he said.”

Thank God I'm a Country Boy

No. 10: Thank God I'm a Country Boy

“Thank God I’m a Country Boy” was written by John Martin Sommers. It was performed and recorded by John Denver, American singer and songwriter. Originally, it was recorded on John Denver's album, “Back Home Again”. It also appeared on his live version album, An Evening with John Denver.

When the live version was turned out into a single, it spent some time as a number one hit on the Billboard Magazine’s Hot Country Singles and also made it on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. In 1975, John Denver had six top-ranking hits.


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