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Leave Me the F*** Alone: 40 Songs to Fuel Our Hatred of the World

Join us as Larry Rankin shares his own ideas and analysis on popular music of today and yesterday.

Do you ever want to be left alone? Some songs just scream "get the hell away from me" and make for the perfect ambiance to our antisocial mood swings.

The following list, which is in no particular order, crosses many decades and genres but is an attempt to give you a sampling of great music for when a dark room, four fingers of bourbon neat, and a big ol’ platter of self-loathing is just what the doctor ordered…and if the doctor disagrees, well, he can just go f*** himself.

Leave Me Alone Song Overview


1. "Mind Your Own Business"

Hank Williams Sr.


2. "Everything About You"

Ugly Kid Joe


3. "I Hate Everything About You"

Three Days Grace


4." I'll Be Glad When You're Dead, You Rascal You"

Louis Armstrong


5. "Get in the Ring"

Guns N' Roses


6. "Tear Away"

Drowning Pool


7. "I Don't Care"



8. "Goodbye Earl"

Dixie Chicks


9. "And When I Die"

Blood, Sweat & Tears


10. "Creep"



11. "Numb"

Linkin Park


12. "Flowers on the Wall"

The Statler Brothers


13. "Sounds of Silence (original)"

Simon & Garfunkel


14. "Sounds of Silence (cover)"



15. "Paint it Black"

The Rolling Stones


16. "Make the World Go Away"

Eddie Arnold


17. "I Drink Alone"

George Thorogood


18. "Tainted Love"

Soft Cell


19. "Tainted Love"

Marilyn Manson


20. "Take This Job and Shove It"

Johnny Paycheck


21. "Shove This Jay-Oh-Bee"



22. "Cleaning Out My Closet"



23. "American Woman (original)"

The Guess Who


24. "American Woman (cover)"

Lenny Kravitz


25. "You're No Good"

Dee Dee Warwick


26. "Leave Me Alone"

Michael Jackson


27. "These Boots are Made for Walkin'"

Nancy Sinatra


28. "Hit the Road Jace"

Ray Charles


29. "No Time"

The Guess Who


30. "Sam Hall"

Johnny Cash


31. "Here's to Us"



32. "Weak"



33. "Another Brick in the Wall"

Pink Floyd


34. "I'm Alright"

Kenny Loggins


35. "You Don't Love Me Anymore"

Weird Al Yankovic


36. "Break Stuff"

Limp Bizkit


37. "A Place for My Head"

Linkin Park


38. "Stronger"

Britney Spears


39. "My Life"

Billy Joel


40. "Missing You"

John Waite


1. "Mind Your Own Business"—Hank Williams Sr. (1949)

Old Hank, is there any better drinking music in the world? Though the majority of his songs have the effect of making one want to eat a bullet, this angry little ditty projects the hatred outward.

2. "Everything About You"—Ugly Kid Joe (1991)

Just a gloriously fun hate song. It is like an anthem of sorts for a country of antisocial misfits.

3. "I Hate Everything About You"—Three Days Grace (2003)

A song with a name like this and over 100 million hits, this song almost validates your anger. It doesn’t make you weird, bad, or even original to occasionally want to forsake the whole damn universe and be alone for a few minutes.

4. "I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead, You Rascal You"—Louis Armstrong (1929)

A funny, sarcastic, callous song that some of you may remember from sampling in the Grumpy Old Men movie series. Believe it or not, one of the first performances of this song accompanied a Betty Boop cartoon! Can you imagine a child’s cartoon accompanied by a song about hatred and marital infidelity in this day and age?

The roaring '20s must have been one heck of a time to live!

5. "Get in the Ring"—Guns N’ Roses (1991)

From the standpoint of pure anger, this foul piece of music is one of the most spiteful things ever written. Leave it to Guns N’ Roses to find a way to harness the descriptive potential of a yeast infection.

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6. "Tear Away"—Drowning Pool (2002)

“I don’t care about anyone else but me!” Self-indulgent much? I think all of us can find it therapeutic to summon our inner sociopath on occasion.

7. "I Don’t Care"—Apocalyptica (2008)

“If you were dead or still alive, I don’t care.” Well, there’s a Get Well Soon card you’ll probably never see.

8. "Goodbye Earl"—Dixie Chicks (2000)

One of the most memorable videos you’ll ever see. Dennis Franz stars as a wife-beating creep whose better half and best friend were murdered.

Maybe this song is a bit of a cheat for the list because it involves two women working together. Still, I think in certain instances, antisocial behavior can be a group endeavor.

9. "And When I Die"—Blood, Sweat & Tears (1969)

“Give me my freedom for as long as I be. All I ask of livin’ is to have no chains on me.” I don’t know what else to say besides this song is just brilliant. It has seen me through many a foul humor and, for its time, has to be one of the most blasphemous things ever written.

10. "Creep"—Radiohead (1992)

“I don’t belong here.” A sentiment we have all felt at one time or another.

11. "Numb"—Linkin Park (2003)

Numb. Is there any better description for depression? Sometimes the numbness is unnerving, unwanted. We just want to feel again. Sometimes the numbness is something we bring about ourselves because it just hurts too bad to feel anymore.

12. "Flowers on the Wall"—Statler Brothers (1965)

Yes, a whimsical, fun song, but just think about it. “Counting flowers on the wall, it don’t bother me at all.” There’s a darkness there.

13. "Sounds of Silence (original)"—Simon & Garfunkel (1966)

Just a wonderful and cryptic song. Sometimes it seems darkness is our only friend.

14. "Sounds of Silence (cover)"—Disturbed (2015)

If you like the original, you should really give this remake a listen. It is wonderful. I wouldn’t have included it if it wasn’t.

15. "Paint it Black"—Rolling Stones (1966)

“I’ve seen jelly beans and wished that they’d turn black.” Wow, that’s dark…oh that’s not how it goes? Still, be dark if it was.

Sorry, a bit of silliness to break up the monotony of all this darkness. Another great song when we want to leave it all behind.

16. "Make the World Go Away"—Eddy Arnold (1963)

The title says all that needs to be said.

17. "I Drink Alone"—George Thorogood (1985)

Alcoholic much? If you need the definition of the word, this song sums it up quite nicely.

18. "Tainted Love"—Soft Cell (1981)

This song actually existed for 16 years before a band was able to make it popular.

19. "Tainted Love"—Marilyn Manson (2001)

If I’m honest, I like the Marilyn Manson version better than the Soft Cell one. Maybe “Tainted Love” is just a song that continues to improve over time?

20. "Take This Job and Shove It"—Johnny Paycheck (1977)

I was surprised to learn it was actually David Allen Coe who wrote this song. He has certainly went on to have a more fruitful career than the one-hit wonder Johnny Paycheck.

This is the perfect song for after a long day’s work.

21. "Shove This Jay-Oh-Bee"—Canibus (1999)

This is a remix, rap version of “Take This Job and Shove It,” and though I love to pay homage to originals, I actually like this better than the original. Some of you might recognize this song from the cult classic film Office Space.

22. "Cleaning Out My Closet"—Eminem (2002)

The poor guy just has mommy issues.

23. "American Woman (original)"—Guess Who (1970)

The Canadian band The Guess Who, not to be confused with the English band The Who, had some good songs, but although they wrote this ditty, I think the guy below is the one who made it blow the roof off the dump.

24. "American Woman (cover)"—Lenny Kravitz (1999)

Mr. Kravitz, I envy you. I’ve never had the luxury of having to beat the women back with a stick.

25. "You’re No Good"—Dee Dee Warwick (1963)

Another song that was written by another and sang by many, but with all due respect to Linda Ronstadt, Dee Dee Warwick did it best.

26. "Leave Me Alone"—Michael Jackson (1989)

The title says it all.

27. "These Boots are Made for Walkin’"—Nancy Sinatra (1966)

A classic leave me the f*** alone song.

28. "Hit the Road Jack"—Ray Charles (1961)

“I guess if you say so, I’ll have to pack my things and go!” Ray Charles, a true master of the craft.

29. "No Time"—Guess Who (1969)

“On my way to better things. I found myself some wings!” The second time The Guess Who is on our list. In this case, they sing the definitive version. A wonderful way to tell someone they are no longer needed.

30. "Sam Hall"—Johnny Cash (1965)

An absolutely irreverent, mean, even evil song. If you’re in the right temperament, it’s just wonderful.

Johnny Cash sings this tune just beautifully. However, believe it or not, the original version is an Old English folk song dating back to the early 1700s.

31. "Here’s to Us"—Halestorm (2013)

Another wonderful song for after a hard day’s work. Might I suggest the unedited version? The obscenity really adds a layer of depth that just isn’t present in the clean recording.

32. "Weak"—Seether (2000)

“I just want to be alone!” Preaching to the choir, brother!

33. "Another Brick in the Wall"—Pink Floyd (1979)

“Hey teacher, leave them kids alone!”

34. "I’m Alright"—Kenny Loggins (1980)

A fun, smooth song often associated with the classic comedy film Caddyshack, but don’t be fooled by its gentle flow. The song is definitely about being left the hell alone.

35. "You Don’t Love Me Anymore"—"Weird Al" Yankovic (1992)

Like all Yankovic songs, this one is meant to be funny, but the love interest’s continual attempts to murder the gentleman suitor certainly conveys a darkness worthy of our list.

36. "Break Stuff"—Limp Bizkit (2002)

Where are they now? Limp Bizkit’s music in the early 2000s gave no sign of a man who would later become a preacher.

37. "A Place for My Head"—Linkin Park (2002)

Linkin Park knows angry.

38. "Stronger"—Britney Spears (2000)

Yes, the girl known for bubblegum pop actually did sing a song with a little anger in it.

39. "My Life"—Billy Joel (1978)

For those of you that remember Bosom Buddies, the crossdressing-based sitcom starring Tom Hanks from the early 80s, you’ll remember this soft yet rebellious tune as the show’s theme song.

40. "Missing You"—John Waite (1984)

Yes, the underlying sentiment of this song is that Mr. Waite is missing her, but the overt sentiment is that he is not.

These People Do NOT Have to Leave Me Alone

Ironically enough, this list, of all lists, was collected collaboratively with my wife. So I’d like to thank her for being patient enough to work alongside me.

I would also like to extend a thank you to Flourish Anyway, an absolute master of the song list. This being my first song list, I asked for her assistance regarding a few technical questions, and she was generous enough to provide assistance.


Wilhelmina.Ross on May 17, 2020:

708 Clark Dr

Larry Rankin (author) from Oklahoma on October 18, 2017:

Linda: thanks so much for dropping by.

Linda Robinson on October 12, 2017:

Good Morning Larry wow I know you received help from your wife, but what an excellent, interesting hub from beginning to end. You brought light on the subject in ways that most of us I am sure never looked at it quite the way you portrayed it. Loved the read. Linda

Larry Rankin (author) from Oklahoma on September 30, 2016:

Mmmhh...A nice glass of 20 year old Glenrothes:-)

I really enjoyed the comment.

mts1098 on September 30, 2016:

funny thing is...I like some of those songs and never gave thought to the meaning on would be 3 finger scotch for me...cheers

Larry Rankin (author) from Oklahoma on September 28, 2016:

Nadine: I think it's part of the human condition. Most of us like to play rebel sometimes.

Thanks for dropping by. I always like to hear from you.

Nadine May on September 28, 2016:

Wow why would songwriters be inspired by such negative titles? It's the same what people sometimes were on a T shirt. Really.

Larry Rankin (author) from Oklahoma on September 27, 2016:

Always glad to hear from you, Alicia:-).

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on September 26, 2016:

You've chosen an unusual and interesting theme for a playlist article, Larry. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

Larry Rankin (author) from Oklahoma on September 25, 2016:

Mel: that's certainly a good one! Glad you dropped by. We had a lot of fun putting this list together.

Mel Carriere from Snowbound and down in Northern Colorado on September 25, 2016:

I prefer my self-loathing on tiny Hors d'oeuvre dishes, not big platters. You've compiled quite an impressive f*** you list here. I think my favorite is I Drink Alone, because as old Lonesome George says, when I drink alone I definitely do prefer to be by myself.

Larry Rankin (author) from Oklahoma on September 21, 2016:

Jill: I definitely had humor in mind when I wrote this. I pepper a bit of humor in most things I do.

I'm happy you enjoyed it, and I appreciate your help on tracking copied hubs.

Jill Spencer from United States on September 21, 2016:

Should this have made me laugh? OMG what a fun hub.

It's already been copied, you know. I'll send you the link to the site, Larry, in an email.

Larry Rankin (author) from Oklahoma on September 21, 2016:

FlourishAnyway: My wife and I were really going for a list that had at least a song everybody could identify with.

I love the Johnny Paycheck song, but I also enjoy the rap take on it an awful lot.

Thanks so much for the kind words:-)

Larry Rankin (author) from Oklahoma on September 21, 2016:

Bill: I think we all have a little something rebellious in us. Probably is more of an end of the day type of article, lol.

Larry Rankin (author) from Oklahoma on September 21, 2016:

Read Mike: my wife and I really had fun putting this list together. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

FlourishAnyway from USA on September 21, 2016:

Truly original! I love the topic and the fact you included everyone from Johnny Paycheck (love his "Take This Job .. " song) to hard rock. The commentary was colorful too. Fun stuff!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on September 21, 2016:

Maybe I shouldn't have started my day with this read. LOL I don't know what it means, but I recognized almost all of those songs. :)

Readmikenow on September 21, 2016:

I really enjoyed this. I give you credit for originality and creativity. This was an interesting take on these songs. Good work.

Larry Rankin (author) from Oklahoma on September 21, 2016:

Jodah: thank you for dropping by.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on September 20, 2016:

An incredible list of songs, Larry, and many I am familiar with. When I saw the title I thought it was going to be a hub by Flourish Anyway..but got a surprise. Well done.

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