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Booty Playlist: 62 Pop, Rock, and Country Songs to Shake Your Backside To

FlourishAnyway believes there is a playlist for just about any situation and is on a mission to unite and entertain the world through song.

Shake your booty to this playlist of pop, rock, and country songs about rear ends.

Shake your booty to this playlist of pop, rock, and country songs about rear ends.

The Math and Science of Sexy Butts

Big or small, sitting high or hanging low, wiggly jiggly or firm, everybody has one. Butts—if you've never understood our cultural fascination with them, consider that there's some math and science behind it. Ready to get your measuring tape out to see how you compare?

The optimal waist-to-hip ratio is about .7 in women and .85 in men. Men are attracted to a low waist-to-hip ratio in women for procreative reasons, as this tends to signal youth, health, and fertility. And they are most attracted to a backside that curves out 45.5 degrees from the lower back.

Women, on the other hand, generally look for a V-shape in men, as evidenced by broad shoulders and a small waist. The so-called Adonis Golden Ratio, 1.618, describes the ideal ratio between a man's shoulders at their broadest point and his hips (or rather, his buns) at their beefiest. Ladies are attracted by these proportions because they tend to signal dominance and virility.

So there you have the math and science of sexy butts. If you're someone who enjoys the back view, then why not shake your caboose to a playlist about them? We have a long list of pop, rock, country, R&B, and hip-hop songs that will keep you and your moneymaker groovin' for a long time.

1. "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen

This famous 1978 rock song will make you want to wiggle your rumpus, no matter its size. The classic song describes a man's memories of being cared for by a naughty nanny who was a big heap of woman and introduced him to manhood. (These days she'd do time for that!)

Now a wealthy and successful man with homes and mortgages, he has a longstanding preference for the big-boned lovelies and credits "big fat Fanny" from his youth.

2. "All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor

If you are curvy, don't hide your girth. Instead, work it. Meghan says her mama told her that boys like a little extra something to hold on to. This 2014 pop song celebrates extra padding where it counts the most:

Yeah, it's pretty clear, I ain't no size two
But I can shake it, shake it, like I'm supposed to do
'Cause I got that boom boom that all the boys chase
And all the right junk in all the right places.

3. "(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty" by KC & The Sunshine Band

It's clear from this rock song that shaking your booty is no new thing. Way back in 1976, KC and the Sunshine Band implored the public to do their duty and shake their booty.

4. "Wiggle" by Jason DeRulo (Featuring Snoop Dogg)

Issuing a compliment that "You know what to do with that big fat butt," the narrator in this 2014 pop song is a guy who ogles a woman as she shakes her duff. He makes humorous observations and offers words of encouragement for her to keep up that wiggle dancing. If he took the time to talk to her, he might learn she has an attractive brain as well.

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5. "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" by Trace Adkins

Hey, put your tongue back in your mouth, cowboy. The jaw-dropping guy in this 2005 country hit is hanging out with his buddies in a bar when a woman in tight-fitting jeans saunters in.

They admire her as she shakes what she was born with, and American culture suddenly has a new name for buttocks: badonkadonk.

And whoo-wee
Shut my mouth, slap your grandma
There outta be a law
Get the Sheriff on the phone
Lord have mercy, how'd she even get them britches on?
That honky tonk badonkadonk.

Before Trace Adkins' "Bondonkadonk" song, had you ever heard of this term?

Before Trace Adkins' "Bondonkadonk" song, had you ever heard of this term?

6. "Bootylicious" by Destiny's Child

The ladies of Destiny's Child made their mark on music with this 2001 pop song. They're in a nightclub ready to turn it loose to the music, showing the world their posterior moves. But they have some doubts that their onlookers can handle the display:

I don't think you ready for this jelly
I don't think you ready for this
'Cause my body too bootylicious for ya babe.

Sir, there's a hole in your very nice jeans.

Sir, there's a hole in your very nice jeans.

7. "My Humps" by The Black Eyed Peas

Apparently big booties come with the inconvenience of having to answer the question, "What you gonna do with all that junk ... all that junk inside your trunk?" Fergie gives the answer in this 2005 pop song. She works it.

8. "Big Ole Butt' by LL Cool J

According to this 1989 hip hop song, LL Cool J is a terrible boyfriend, very disloyal. He's easily distracted by any big ole butt he sees, and he leaves a series of perfectly fine women in order to upgrade to those with increasingly larger posteriors. He's looking to supersize.

9. "Booty" by Jennifer Lopez (Featuring Iggy Azalea)

This is a very danceable 2001 pop song, and if you have a caboose that is "booty-full" then all the better. Get on the dance floor and shake your thing. The song isn't much for lyrics, but hey, what do you expect from a song about tushes?

10. "Tight Fittin' Jeans" by Conway Twitty

In this 1981 country song, a cowboy recalls a denim-clad woman who walked into the bar and stole his heart. She was a socialite unaccustomed to honky tonks, and he was instantly drawn to how she wore her jeans—snug as a glove. When she finally returned to her world, all he was left with were the sexy memories of how "a cowgirl came alive in those tight fittin' jeans."

11. "Those Jeans" by Ray Scott

This humorous 2012 country song features a narrator who describes an encounter he had with a woman wearing too-tight jeans. While the narrator was chatting her up in a bar, a greaseball with long, slick backed hair interjected and issued this proposition: "How do you get in those jeans baby, and tell me how do I?"

Rather than slap him for his naughty pick up line, the woman was impressed. The narrator then decided to adopt it for himself. However, he quickly found that results may vary.

12. "Chunky" by Bruno Mars

Usually chunky isn't a flattering word, but this is Bruno Mars, and that's what he digs. In this 2016 pop song, he sings the praises of women with mighty big rears who spill out of their Daisy Dukes. That sounds very "Walmart chic," don't you think?

He also gives a shout out to a lady who is 37-27-42, warning her that she better have her hair weave strapped on tight. (What?!?)

13. "Shake Your Thang" by Salt-N-Pepa

Poor Salt and Pepa. According to this funky R&B number from 1988, they were groovin' on the dance floor minding their business when people started hating on them. They judged the couple's dance moves as nasty, feaky, and cheap. Thankfully, the couple didn't pay attention and kept rockin'. Just shake your thang, no shame in that game.

I stand for girls who want to be sexy and dance but also having a strong sense of themselves. If you got a big ol' butt? Shake it! Who cares? That doesn't mean you shouldn't be graduating from college.

— Nicki Manaj, American singer known for her big rear end

14. "Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira

In this salsa-infused 2006 pop song, Shakira is burning up the dance floor with her Latin moves. It has become a signature song for Shakira and portrays her and a new love interest on the dance floor. The romantic tension between them is palpable, and the man confesses that "she makes a man wants to speak Spanish." Uno, dos, tres . . .

15. "Baby Got Back (I Like Big Butts)" by Sir Mix-a-Lot

This 1992 hip hop song starts out with some white girls hating on a black girl with a big caboose. (Call them jealous.) Then it transitions to the narrator who praises the figures of girls who are "little in the middle" and have big butts. He likes them round and big and says that he'll take a woman who is 36-24-36 . . . but only if she's 5'3".

16. "Built for Blue Jeans" by Tyler Dean

The narrator in this 2006 country song enjoys the view of a woman on the dance floor who has been poured into her pants. When she shakes her cowgirl derriere, he swears he's watching an angel who was built for blue jeans.

17. "Da Butt" by Experience Unlimited

If you don't recall the dance called "Da Butt," then this 1988 hip hop song should refresh your memory. All you need to do is shake your back forty like nobody's business. It helps if you have a bubble butt and some extra meat on your bones, but even if you don't, just show the world how you shake it.

Buns, tush, heinie, caboose? Whatever you call it, celebrate it!

Buns, tush, heinie, caboose? Whatever you call it, celebrate it!

18. "Rump Shaker" by Wreckx-N-Effect

This 1992 hip hop song features a man who talks up a full-bodied woman with compliments such as, "The way you shake your rump is turnin' mighty men to mice." He tries poetry, describes her body like a ridiculous U.S. map, and mostly encourages her to keep on shaking it.

19. "Booty Bounce" by Tujamo & Taio Cruz

Uncomplicated lyrics that uphold the beauty of voluminous bodies are featured in this 2016 pop song. And although the song is one you can really dance to, be warned that watching its accompanying video is not for the faint-hearted.

Holy moley, it'll either have you headed for McDonalds to pack on some pounds or it'll send you straight to the gym to ensure your junk doesn't end up in your trunk like that. Depends on which way you roll.

Bubble butt booty?

Bubble butt booty?

20. "Bubblegum" by Jason Derulo (Featuring Tyga)

Usually "bubble butt" is not a compliment, however this 2014 electronic pop song isn't quite calling it that. As he praises a woman who is extra curvy, he extols the virtues of her "ghetto booty." This song was a follow-up to Jason Derulo's hit "Wiggle."

Why are statues always unclothed?  Give these gals a cover up.  They're obviously huddling from the cold.

Why are statues always unclothed? Give these gals a cover up. They're obviously huddling from the cold.

Even More Songs About Booties

Do you know a (relatively clean) song about backsides that should be on our Booty Playlist? Leave us a suggestion in the Comments Section below!

SongArtistYear Released

21. Sweet Design



22. Country Girl (Shake It for Me)

Luke Bryan


23. Booty Bounce



24. Shake It Fast



25. Wiggle That Wotsit

The Hollies


26. Drop It Low

Ester Dean (featuring Chris Brown)


27. South Side

Thomas Rhett


28. Dazzey Duks



29. Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On

Mel McDaniel


30. Loose Caboose

Joe Tex


31. Shakin

Eddie Money


32. In Those Jeans



33. Darned If I Don't, Danged If I Do



34. Booty Man

Tim Wilson


35. Back That Thing Up

Justin Moore


36. Feelin' On Yo Booty

R. Kelly


37. Low



38. Why'd You Come In Here Lookin' Like That

Dolly Partin


39. Tush

ZZ Top


40. Too Much Booty (In the Pants)

2 Live Crew


41. Whole Lotta Love

Led Zepplin


42. Bonita Applebum

A Tribe Called Quest


43. Bubble Butt

Major Lazer (featuring Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga, and Mystic)


44. Ready Set Roll

Chase Roll


45. Big Fat Funky Booty

Spin Doctors


46. Hey Ya!



47. Twerk

Mylie Cyrus & Justin Bieber


48. Donkey

Jerrod Niemann


49. Shake Your Groove Thing

Peaches & Herb


50. Shake Your Bon Bon

Ricky Martin


51. Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)

The Jacksons


52. Shake Your Moneymaker

Elmore James


53. Tambourine

Eve and Swizz


54. Brickhouse

The Commodores


55. The Shake

Neal McCoy


56. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

Jerry Lee Lewis


57. Booty Wurk (One Cheek At a Time)

T-Pain (featuring Joey Galaxy)


58. Check On It

Beyoncé (featuring Bun B & Slim Thug)


59. Money Maker

Ludacris (featuring Pharrell)


60. Booty Call



61. Big Booty

Willie Nelson


62. Move to Miami

Enrique Iglesias (featuring Pitbull)


A hefty pear, shaped like a full bottom

A hefty pear, shaped like a full bottom

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FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on April 20, 2020:

Peggy - I just can't believe the number of songs there are on this subject!

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on April 19, 2020:

Love the pear photo! I am continually amazed at the number of songs that you come up with addressing a subject like this one about people's rear ends. Ha!

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on May 15, 2017:

Shyron - Ha! I haven't considered the boobies playlist. Yep, usually it's an either/or. Glad you enjoyed it! Hope your Mother's Day weekend was a good one.

Shyron E Shenko from Texas on May 14, 2017:

You got me on this one, the only song I thought of from your title was 'Tight Fittin Jeans' I have heard a lot of these song that you listed butt would not have thought of any one of them except ‘Shake Your Booty.’

Are you going to do one for Boobs, if so I would be at a loss for that one too, except for ‘Bounce Your Boobies’ I think with most women you have it up front or a bubble butt, but usually not both.

I really enjoyed this one.

Blessings and hugs

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on May 04, 2017:

Svetlana - I sent you an email. No offense taken at all! Your previous comment was identified as potential spam by HP and was not visible to me until just now. Don't fret about it. I think your ex's pancake butt lizard face lady friend sounds lovely. Not sure what she has to shake? Shook it off, I guess. I'm sorry to hear you've been not well. I hope you bounce back soon and get back to writing when you feel better. Have a wonderful Thursday.

kallini2010 from Toronto, Canada on May 03, 2017:

Hello Flourish:

I must apologize for the semi-coherent comment I left on this hub, but I did not mean it to be offensive. It was probably somewhat out of context and sometimes I fail to remember that everything "sounds" different in writing. For the record, I must clarify that I never offend people on purpose, especially people I'm friendly with. If I want to offend, I won't write anything at all.

I realize that I don't even know your name and I did not want to ask you point-blank. I could not also contact you privately via e-mail, as that option is disabled.

So, hopefully, this explanation will take care of the misunderstanding. All I was laughing at was HubPages' inconsistency when it comes to image selection. I asked them why they disabled the ads on my hub and that's what they wrote

"This Hub includes images of women in lingerie and sexual positions - content considered too sensitive for advertisers. We want Hubs that are well-written and important to remain published, even if they cover topics that are too sensitive to be advertiser-friendly".

Really? When it comes to images, I thought it was impossible to be pickier than me. I spend too much time selecting them, I think it is one of my curses.

I wanted to write earlier, but I haven't been well for quite a while now and even though I hope to get better soon, soon means - "who knows when?"

So, if this comment sounds just as semi-coherent as the first one, please take into consideration that it's the best I can do at the moment.

In short, I do apologize for what I have said, by no means I intended it to be offensive.

Take care,

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on April 30, 2017:

MsDora - Flickr is a great source of just about any type of photo you could want. I've written entire articles based on inspiration from a Flickr photo! Thanks for shaking a leg along with us.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on April 30, 2017:

I remember the shake, shake booty song. Nicki Manaj makes sense. Where did you find these photos? You rock!

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on April 28, 2017:

Jo - I'm sure your daughter has good memories of the talent show. Faculty can be so old school. The big butts song is by Sir Mix-A-Lot (#15) in case she wants to recall the good ole' days.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on April 28, 2017:

Justthemessenger - You made me smile with that one! Thanks for reading!

James C Moore from Joliet, IL on April 28, 2017:

No doubt about it, this is a great list. No if ands or .... Disregard the previous sentence.

Jo Miller on April 28, 2017:

When my daughter was in high school in the 90's there was a song called 'I Like Big Butts'. I remember that song because she and her friends decided to do a rendition of it in their talent show. Some of the faculty were appalled. I can't imagine why.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on April 25, 2017:

Linda - Glad you liked this. I did have a table with 45 synonyms for the booty, and some were quite funny or unusual. Unfortunately, the HP computer gods believed it was keyword stuffed or something, not sure. Have a great week, and thanks for reading.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on April 25, 2017:

The statistics in the first section are very interesting and the whole article is both informative and entertaining. Thanks for teaching me some new words, Flourish! I love the pear photo, too.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on April 24, 2017:

Heidi - I figured this would shake things up a bit. Wasn't sure of the reaction, but I'm sure happy people like it. I've added that awesome Brick House. Love that old music!

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on April 24, 2017:

Cyndi - I love adding the towns, lakes and other places that have names relevant to the current playlist. Sometimes the editors nix it, but I'm glad readers enjoy that feature as much as I do.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on April 24, 2017:

Peg - Booby. Laughing soo hard! OMG. I guess if you shake your backside hard enough, then those shake, too!

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on April 24, 2017:

Nadine - I'm always puzzled by that, too. When my daughter was young, she and I would take photos next to such statues and cover their strategic parts with our hands.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on April 24, 2017:

Larry - I love that song, too. Thanks for reading along.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on April 24, 2017:

billybuc - Not even "Shake Your Groove Thing"? We need to get you updated, my friend! Then you can shake your booty like the rest of us! Have a great week!

Cynthia B Turner from Georgia on April 24, 2017:

OMG. Hilarious! Who knew there were so many songs about the booty. And that list of towns...Thoroughly enjoyed the rump, I mean romp :-) Take care!

Heidi Thorne from Chicago Area on April 24, 2017:

Perfect playlist for #MoveItMonday! Love KC & The Sunshine Band throwback. Another group like Sir Mix-A-Lot who likes those proportions is the Commodores in "Brick House." Thanks for shaking things up this morning!

Peg Cole from North Dallas, Texas on April 24, 2017:

Great playlist on this topic, Flourish. I have to admit when I saw the title I thought about something else but you have it all covered here with these bootilicious songs. Love that Bass and the other songs, many of which I knew. Another fun experience here.

Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on April 24, 2017:

Ha ha ha ha I so enjoyed this post. Your photos and! Love the garden sculpture as well. )Why are statues always unclothed? Give these gals a cover up. They're obviously huddling from the cold.)

kallini2010 from Toronto, Canada on April 23, 2017:

Mmm... hmm... ehhh...

I have a question - how come there is no "I have a beautiful bum" (not that I have EVER measured my ratios) in your quiz? Because I think once you add that option, the number of votes will skyrocket. I will be the first to vote because I do have a ...

Did "they" disable ads because of all the suggestive, sexually explicit and degrading bum photos in your hub? Because "they" did on my beautiful hub with very tasteful pictures. I did not change them yet, butt...

I have recently changed my tune from "I have to lose weight and I will, I will" to "I decided to keep my curves" - you know what that means, right?

I also had the misfortune of sharing with my thirteen year old son that the wife of my ex has a flat - pancake butt. I don't know want possessed me, but the first time I saw her close enough was from behind and that flat surface has stricken me. The poor woman! Now he refers to her as a "Flat-butt, lizard-skin Name" and that butt is literally thrown in my face at every opportune and inopportune moment. I was wondering is there a song about pancake butts or mothers who cannot keep their findings to themselves? There must be.

My favourite song is "It's All About That Bass", which also has a Cha Cha Cha version, but I'll come back to explore all that Butt Business of Yours.

And I'll share it on Facebook and Pinterest - no ifs, ands or butts.

Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on April 23, 2017:

You had my favorite at #1:-) I love the Queen song.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on April 23, 2017:

"Shake Your Booty" was all I could come up blank after that, so the list was interesting. What was also interesting is I've never heard of about half those artists. :) Have a great Sunday!

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on April 23, 2017:

Martie - So glad you enjoyed this playlist. It was a real hoot to put together. I like that Meghan Trainor song, too. Keep shakin' and have a great week.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on April 23, 2017:

Terrielynn - Oh, that's cute. I imagine it only gets better with age!

Terrie Lynn from Canada on April 22, 2017:

LoL, I can't help butt laugh. This is a great reminder of when my husband and I were dating, his favorite song was fat bottom girls. I bet you can guess which one I have. Hehe. Well done again flourish

Martie Coetser from South Africa on April 22, 2017:

Pictures of some pretty butts in here! It's amazing how people can shake their butts these days! I will never get it right.

And I can't get enough of "All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor.

This is a fabulous playlist, thank you Flourish!

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on April 22, 2017:

Linda - I began to notice when I was putting another playlist together how many songs referenced backsides and looking good in jeans. I wondered what was up with that. I sure didn't expect that there were quite this many songs on the topic! Many more actually (especially in the hip hop realm), but some I chose to omit because they were not too clean (e.g., like Anaconda). Oh, and I would like to see the statue of David myself for ... um artistic reasons.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on April 22, 2017:

Audrey - I remember way back to when KC and the Sunshine Band released their Shake Your Booty song. I was a kid and didn't get it then but now I think I do. I'm happy you enjoyed this so much.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on April 22, 2017:

Cofeequeeen - Thanks for reading along. I liked the pear, too. So unusual. Have a wonderful weekend.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on April 22, 2017:

Audrey - Gotta shake it but I don't like when it hangs out. Glad you enjoyed this, poetess.

Linda Lum from Washington State, USA on April 22, 2017:

Oh Flourish - I laughed all the way through this one. Honestly, there are no words (and since you included Sir Mix-a-Lot, I have no other songs to suggest).

Best set of buns? I've seen the statue of David in person.

Audrey Hunt from Pahrump NV on April 22, 2017:

Shake your bootie! OH yes, did my share of this in my younger years...did it again to every one o f your videos. A super fun playlist. Great job putting this together.

Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on April 22, 2017:

There's one or two songs in here I don't know, but there's a good selection of songs in here I like. I love reading your musical lists. You've really done your research. The picture of he pear made me laugh lol.

Audrey Howitt from California on April 22, 2017:

I am right there with ya Flourish! Got my dancing feet on

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