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100 Best Songs With “Wild” in the Title

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Songs about being wild typically explore dreams and fantasies.

Songs about being wild typically explore dreams and fantasies.

When we hear the word wild, a lot comes to mind. The term is used often as a casual expression to convey a meaning. In songs the term “wild” is used to portray a wide spectrum of aspects associated with the mind and heart. Singers and songwriters use the term to showcase a literal meaning or reveal a concept or idea with a metaphorical understanding.

What Does the Word “Wild” Convey?

The word “wild” coveys a plethora of thoughts, ideas, and concepts. How instinct gets us to act and behave in different situations is put across in a compelling manner in songs. Certain songs showcase the animal instinct that comes to the forefront when a person is filled with rage or anger. The revengeful desire in these songs is associated with an untrusting environment of the wild. Different aspects about thoughts running wild are brought to life in a realistic manner. These songs reveal how a pattern of thoughts can trigger a negative mindset.

Numerous revolting aspects about the heart and mind are compared figuratively to the wilderness. In certain songs, singers and songwriters describe how wild hearts cannot be tamed. These songs showcase a turn of events that come along in the life of people that lead a reckless lifestyle through partying. Circumstances that bring out the wild side in people is laid out in a sympathetic manner in certain songs. These songs disclose how a transformation in personality comes about in a harsh and hostile environment. The wild effect someone or something has on a person is portrayed in an enchantingly exaggerated manner in certain tunes.

Wild songs can definitely be party songs.

Wild songs can definitely be party songs.

What Does Wild Symbolize?

The word wild symbolizes a wide range of attributes associated with feelings and emotions. Certain songs explore a world of dreams and fantasies. These songs showcase how the unfulfilled romantic desires of the protagonist are actually fulfilled through a series of fantasies. In certain songs, the protagonist fantasizes about having a one-night stand with an older man or woman. Wild and racy thoughts of making love are brought to life through dreams of the protagonist.

Different aspects of wild sentiments associated with love and lust are portrayed in an endearing manner in songs about desires. Certain singers and songwriters describe the wild things youth indulge in during their teenage days. Theses songs highlight the thrill youngsters derive from breaking rules and living a carefree life.

The feelings associated with being wild and free are described in a poetic manner in songs about life. In certain songs the effect a girl or boy has on the protagonist is metaphorically compared to a high derived from party drugs. These songs typically describe the feelings that arise from a helpless sate of the protagonist who is madly in love with someone. Certain songs describe the life of wild girls and wild boys who live a life of luxury, but are searching for peace and happiness in their lives. Although different aspects are represented with the term “wild”, in songs the term denotes or symbolizes

  • Life
  • Emotions
  • Thoughts
  • Partying
  • Instinct
  • Mind
  • Hurt
  • Personality
  • Freedom
  • Dreams
  • Power
  • Teenage
  • Situations
  • Journey
  • Fantasies
  • Heart
Other songs describe the life of wild girls searching for peace and happiness.

Other songs describe the life of wild girls searching for peace and happiness.

The list below showcases a collection of rock songs, pop songs, country songs, R&B songs, hip hop songs, alternative songs, indie songs, folk songs, disco songs, reggae songs, jazz songs, blues songs, synthpop songs, electropop songs, new wave songs, EDM songs, and dance songs with wild in the title. If you have a view, opinion, or song suggestion, let us know in the comments section.

Top 10 Best Songs With Wild in the Title

1. “Wild Thoughts”—DJ Khaled featuring Rihanna and Bryson Tiller

2. “Born to Be Wild”—Steppenwolf

3. “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses”—U2

4. “Young, Wild & Free”—Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa featuring Bruno Mars

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5. “Wild Thing”—The Troggs

6. “Wild”—Jessie J

7. “Wild, Wild West”—The Escape Club

8. “Wild World”—Cat Stevens

9. “Wild Love”—James Bay

10. “Wild Wild West”—Will Smith featuring Dru Hill and Kool Moe Dee


11. “Wild Hearts”—Keith Urban

12. “The Wild Boys”—Duran Duran

13. “Wild Side”—Normani featuring Cardi B.

14. “Wild”—Troye Sivan

15. “Wildest Dreams”—Taylor Swift

16. “Wild Things”—Ladyhawke

17. “Wild Horses”—Rolling Stones

18. “Wild Wild Son”—Armin van Buuren featuring Sam Martin

19. “Wild for the Night”—ASAP Rocky featuring Skrillex and Birdy Nam Nam

20. “Lions in the Wild”—Martin Garrix and Third Party


21. “Wild Love”—Cashmere Cat featuring the Weeknd and Francis and the Lights

22. “Where the Wild Roses Grow”—Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and Kylie Minogue

23. “No Church in the Wild”—Jay-Z and Kanye West featuring Frank Ocean and The-Dream

24. “Wild Horses”—Birdy

25. “Wild Ones”—Flo Rida featuring Sia

26. “In Your Wildest Dreams”—Tina Turner and Barry White

27. “Drive Me Wild”—Sawyer Brown

28. “Wild Child”—Kenny Chesney and Grace Potter

29. “Wild As Her”—Tyler Joe Miller

30. “Wild One”—Faith Hill

31. “Wild Eyes”—Broiler

32. “Wild Life”—Jack & Jack

33. “Walk on the Wild Side”—Lou Reed

34. “Wildest Dreams”—Brandy

35. “Youth Gone Wild”—Skid Row

36. “One Wild Night”—Bon Jovi

37. “Wild Roses”—Of Monsters and Men

38. “Wildest Dreams”—Iron Maiden

39. “Wild One”—Johnny O’Keefe

40. “Wild Thing”—Tone Loc


41. “Wild Wood”—Paul Weller

42. “Your Wildest Dream”—The Moody Blues

43. “Wild Things”—Alessia Cara

44. “The Girl’s Gone Wild”—Travis Tritt

45. “Near Wild Heaven”—R.E.M.

46. “Wild 2nite”—Shaggy featuring Olivia

47. “Wild Wild Life”—Talking Heads

48. “Wild Night”—Van Morrison

49. “Wild”—MoStack

50. “Wild & Free”—Lena

51. “Wild Honey”—The Beach Boys

52. “Wild ‘N Free”—Rednex

53. “Wild in Your Smile”—Dustin Lynch

54. “Wild Horses”—Garth Brooks

55. “Wild Boy”—Machine Gun Kelly featuring Waka Flocka Flame

56. “Wild Heart”—The Vamps

57. “Rosanna’s Going Wild”—Johnny Cash

58. “Wildside”—Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

59. “Wild Wild West”—Chris Cummings

60. “Wild Angels”—Martina McBride


61. “Deuces are Wild”—Aerosmith

62. “Reap the Wild Wind”—Ultravox

63. “Wild Wild Love”—Pitbull featuring G.R.L.

64. “Get Wild”—The New Power Generation

65. “Wild Dances”—Ruslana

66. “Alabama Wild Man”—Jerry Reed

67. “I Go Wild”—The Rolling Stones

68. “Wildflower”—5 Seconds of Summer

69. “Wild Man”—Ricky Van Shelton

70. “(You Bring Out) The Wild Side of Me”—Dan Seals

71. “Wild West Show”—Big & Rich

72. “Wild One”—Bobby Rydell

73. “Runnin’ Wild—Airbourne

74. “Wild Week-End”—Bill Anderson

75. “Wild in the Country”—Elvis Presley

76. “Beyond Your Wildest Dreams”—Sybil

77. “Wild Child”—Enya

78. “The Wild Side of Life”—Hank Thompson

79. “And the Crowd Goes Wild”—Mark Wills

80. “The Call of the Wild”—Aaron Tippin


81. “Wilder Days”—Baillie & the Boys

82. “Wild Wild West”—Kool Moe Dee

83. “Wild West End”—Dire Strait

84. “Girl Gone Wild”—Madonna

85. “Wild and Blue”—John Anderson

86. “Twenty Wild Horses”—Status Quo

87. “Wild Child”—W.A.S.P.

88. “Wildflowers”—Dolly Parton

89. “Wild”—John Legend featuring Gary Clark Jr.

90. “Wild At Heart”—Gloriana

91. “Wildflower”—Skylark

92. “Wild One”—Martha and the Vandellas

93. “Wild West Hero”—Electric Light Orchestra

94. “Wild Life”—OneRepublic

95. “Wildest Moments”—Jessie Ware

96. “Wild Eyed Boy from Freecloud”—David Bowie

97. “Wide-Eyed Dream”—Ricky Van Shelton

98. “Wild Heart”—Mumford & Sons

99. “The Wild and the Young”—Quiet Riot

100. “The Wild Life”—Bananarama

Other Notable Wild Songs

  • “Into the Wild”—Josh Baldwin
  • “Wild”—Jonas Blue featuring Chelcee Grimes, Jhay Cortez and Trini
  • “Love Is a Wild Thing”—Kacey Musgraves
  • “Wild Reputation”—AC/DC
  • “Wild Beach”—Doja Cat
  • “The Wild”—Mumford & Sons
  • “All the Wild Places”—Suede
  • “Wild”—Kings of Leon
  • “Run Wild Horses”—Aaron Watson
  • “Wild Eyed”—London Grammar
  • “Wild at Heart”—Birds of Tokyo
  • “Lost in the Wild”—Walk the Moon
  • “Wild One”—Green Day
  • “Where the Wild Things Are”—Far East Movement
  • “Wild Forever—Sophie Ellis-Bextor
  • “Wild Child”—Elen Levon
  • “Wild, Sweet and Cool”—The Crystal Method
  • “Flowers Grown Wild”—Bryan Adams
  • “When the Wild Wind Blows”—Iron Maiden
  • “Wild Man”—Kate Bush
  • “Back 2 the Wild”—Basement Jaxx
  • “Crazy Sexy Wild”—Inna
  • “Wild Child”—The Doors
  • “Children of the Wild”—Steve Angello
  • “Something Wild”—Lindsey Stirling featuring Andrew McMahon in the Willderness
  • “Run Wild”—Big Time Rush
  • “Wild and Wicked”—Shania Twain
  • “Stay Wild”—Little Birdy
  • “Young and Wild”—Zac Brown Band
  • “Wild Honey Never Stolen / Borne Away on a Black Barge”—J Tilman
  • “Sail the Wildest Stretch”—Powderfinger
  • “Wild Eyes”—Nana Mizuki
  • “Call of the Wild”—Black Sabbath
  • “Wild Young Hearts”—Noisettes
  • “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken”—Pink
  • “Bad Boys Running Wild”—The Scorpions
  • “The River Is Wild”—The Killers
  • “Wildest Horses”—Barei
  • “Get Wild Life”—Lead
  • “Drivin’ Me Wild”—Common featuring Lily Allen
  • “The Wild Bunch”—Fireworks
  • “Driving Me Wild”—Z-Ro
  • “Wildwood Days”—Bobby Rydell
  • “The Wild Son”—The Veils
  • “Wild Side”—Motley Crue
  • “Wild”—Namie Amuro
  • “Buck Wild”—E.U.
  • “Wild International”—One Day as a Lion
  • “Wild at Heart”—Arashi
  • “Life is Wild”—The Clash
  • “Wild Woman”—Imelda May
  • “I Get Wild/Wild Gravity”—Talking Heads
  • “Wild Heart”—Stevie Nicks
  • “Let Him Run Wild”—The Beach Boys
  • “Wild Irish Rose”—George Strait
  • “The Wild One, Forever”—Tom Petty
  • “She Drives Me Wild”—Michael Jackson
  • “Wild Life”—Wings
  • “Wild Ones”—Kip Moore
  • “Unbound (The Wild Ride)”—Avenged Sevenfold
  • “Wild Billy’s Circus Story”—Bruce Springsteen
  • “Wild Winds Are Blowing”—Slade
  • “Running Wild”—Roxy Music
  • “Wild Women”—Michael Learns to Rock
  • “She’s So Wild”—Donnie Iris
  • “Wildflower Wildfire”—Lana Del Rey
  • “Into the Wild”—LP
  • “Wild As the Western World”—REO Speedwagon
  • “My Wild Love”—The Doors
  • “Wild Child”—Hercules and Love Affair
  • “Wild As You”—Cody Johnson
  • “A Wild Being from Birth”—Lou Reed
  • “Wild Honey Pie”—The Beatles
  • “The Cry of the Wild Goose”—Frankie Laine
  • “Wild and Wicked World”—Hayley Kiyoko
  • “Wild Honey”—U2
  • “The Wild Rover”—Luke Kelly
  • “You’re Running Wild”—The Louvin Brothers
  • “Wild Wild Angels”—Smokie
  • “Pickin’ Wildflowers”—Keith Anderson
  • “Wild Mountain Honey”—The Steve Miller Band
  • “Restless and Wild”—Accept
  • “Wild Frontier”—The Prodigy
  • “All in All (This One Last Wild Waltz)”—Dexys Midnight Runners
  • “Wild Hearted Son”—The Cult
  • “Wild for You”—Sleep Machine
  • “She’s a Wild One”—Casey Parnell
  • “Wild Leaves”—Patti Smith
  • “Wild Woman”—Riley Green
  • “Little Wild One”—The Wonders
  • “Wild Is the Wind”—Johnny Mathis
  • “Wildsurf”—Ash
  • “Runaway Child, Running Wild”—The Temptations
  • “Wild Days”—Fool’s Garden
  • “Wild World”—Kip Moore
  • “Running with the Wild Things”—Against the Current
  • “Wild Flowers”—Things of Stone and Wood
  • “The Wild Ones”—Suede
  • “Wildflowers”—Cassandra Vaslik
  • “Leave Her Wild”—Tyler Rich
  • “Wild Out”—The Lox
  • “Dead Wild Cat”—Beck
  • “The Wild One”—Suzi Quatro
  • “Kings of the Wild Frontier”—Adam and the Ants
  • “Wild Horses”—Girls Aloud
  • “Call of da Wild”—OutKast featuring Goodie Mob
  • “Walk on the Wild Side”—Brook Benton
  • “Wild Wild Woman”—Your Smith
  • “Young Thing, Wild Dreams (Rock Me)”—Red Rider
  • “Wild Women Do”—Natalie Cole
  • “Wildflower”—Dean Brody
  • “Go Wild in the Country”—Bow Wow Wow
  • “Hot! Wild! Unrestricted! Crazy Love”—Michael Jackson
  • “Wild Tiger Woman”—The Move
  • “She’s a Wild Thing”—Lil Uzi Vert featuring A$AP Ferg
  • “Wildflower”—JaneDear girls
  • “My Wild Frontier”—Faith Hill
  • “Days of Wild”—Prince and The New Power Generation
  • “The Wild Homes”—The New Pornographers
  • “Wild Life”—Captain Beefheart
  • “Wildflowers”—Tom Petty
  • “Baby Runnin’ Wild”—Lead
  • “Generation Wild”—Crashdiet
  • “Wild Child”—Ace Wilder

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