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100 Best Songs With “Alive” in the Title

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The word “alive” is used in songs to express a wide range of emotions. Singers and songwriters use the term to narrate stories based on fact or fiction. While songs based on literal accounts are profound and contemplative, tunes that contain fictional elements are often exaggerated with a theatrical spectrum of humor and diabolism.

What Does the Word “Alive” Convey?

A plethora of thoughts, ideas, and concepts are conveyed with the word “alive” in songs. A great number of songs describe the transition of of awakening the soul to feel alive. The ability to succeed despite all odds is often described with the feeling of the resilient human spirit being alive. The transformation that takes place in a person is metaphorically explained with feelings of love replacing despair. In certain songs, the word alive is used to incorporate a sense of dynamism in the verse or chorus. These songs often rely on anthemic sing-along lines that are inspiring and message-oriented.

In certain songs about love the protagonist describes how hurt feelings engulf the state of mind and how difficult it is to emerge renewed. These songs draw a comparison of good times with bad as they narrate the intricacies in a relationship. Certain singers and songwriters tell stories about how well-connected individuals in this world do things to sabotage lives, but do not succeed with their evil intentions, due to the perseverance of honest and truthful people. These songs metaphorically showcase the power of human endurance against the minds of evil people. Musicians from different genres aesthetically narrate how blessed they feel when life gives them a second chance.

What Does "Alive" Symbolize in Music?

The word alive is symbolic of varied human sentiments that express deep feelings. Certain tunes showcase how people forget about their loved ones, as they get busy chasing money. These songs typically characterize the emptiness within that is compensated with moments of momentary happiness. In certain songs about emotions, the protagonists describe that although they are alive in a world of luxuries it feels like living in a world of the living dead. These songs thoughtfully manifest dead feelings towards each other plagued in a world of emptiness where all that matters is staying abreast in a competitive circle.

In certain songs the term alive is used to showcase how active and alert a person is towards the needs of others. These songs exemplify the vigor and energy of individuals that are selfless and ever willing to help others. Bands and artists often express different forms of dark sarcasm with a message to reflect upon. A number of tunes with contemplative lyrics bestow an aura of thankfulness for being alive. Through these songs we are reminded to experience the little joys of life and be happy and content with what we have. How love changes everything is articulately showcased in tunes about happiness. The feeling of just being alive in this beautiful world is compared figuratively as a dwelling place in paradise.


The list below showcases a collection of rock songs, pop songs, country songs, R&B songs, folk songs, hip hop songs, indie songs, alternative songs, reggae songs, synthpop songs, new wave songs, disco songs, jazz songs, blues songs, EDM songs, and dance songs with alive in the title. If you have a view, opinion, or song suggestion, let us know in the comments section.

10 Best Songs With "Alive" in the Title

1. “Alive”—Sia

2. “Stayin’ Alive”—Bee Gees

3. “Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah)”—Andy Grammer

4. “Alive”—Empire of the Sun

5. “Keep My Spirit Alive”—Kanye West featuring Conway the Machine and Westside Gunn

6. “Alive”—Goldfrapp

7. “Look Alive”—Rae Sremmurd

8. “Alive”—Pearl Jam

9. “Alive”—Rufus Du Sol

10. “Wanted Dead Or Alive”—Bon Jovi


11. “Buried Alive”—Avenged Sevenfold

12. “Good To Be Alive”—Meghan Trainor

13. “Look Alive”—BlocBoy JB featuring Drake

14. “Alive”—The Black Eyed Peas

15. “Stay Alive”—Jungkook

16. “Keep Yourself Alive”—Queen

17. “Come Alive”—Paris Hilton

18. “Alive”—Chase & Status featuring Jacob Banks

19. “I’m Alive”—Willie Nelson

20. “When We Come Alive”—Switchfoot


21. “Eat You Alive”—Limp Bizkit

22. “So Alive”—MC Skepta and N-Dubz

23. “Be Alive”—Beyonce

24. “I Come Alive”—The Used

25. “Wanted Dead Or Alive”—2Pac and Snoop Doggy Dogg

26. “Love Is Alive”—Lea Michele

27. “Help I’m Alive”—Metric

28. “You Are Alive”—Fragma featuring Damae

29. “Alive”—Jennifer Lopez

30. “Come Alive (The War of the Roses)”—Janelle Monae

31. “The Club Is Alive”—JLS

32. “Alive and Kicking”—Simple Minds

33. “Alive”—Sonique

34. “Alive”—Bee Gees

35. “Alive Again”—Cher

36. “I’m Alive”—Stretch and Vern

37. “Eaten Alive”—Diana Ross

38. “Alive!”—Mondotek

39. “Love Is Alive”—Gary Wright

40. “Awake and Alive”—Skillet


41. “Alive”—S Club

42. “I’m Alive”—Celine Dion

43. “It’s a Great Day To Be Alive”—Travis Tritt

44. “I’m Alive”—Electric light Orchestra

45. “Keepin’ Halloween Alive”—Alice Cooper

46. “Feel Alive”—ATB

47. “So Alive”—Love and Rockets

48. “Love Will Keep Us Alive”—Eagles

49. “Born To Be Alive”—Patrick Hernandez

50. “Dreams (Will Come Alive)”—2 Brothers on the 4th Floor

51. “I’m Alive”—The Hollies

52. “Alive and Living Now”—The Golden Palominos

53. “We Trying To Stay Alive”—Wyclef Jean featuring John Forte and Pras

54. “Alive with the Glory of Love”—Say Anything

55. “Die Alive”—Tarja

56. “The Dream Is Still Alive”—Wilson Phillips

57. “Alive”—Beastie Boys

58. “Buried Alive By Love”—HIM

59. “Come Alive’—Netsky

60. “Still Alive”—Ellen McLain


61. “I’m About To Come Alive”—David Nail

62. “Dead Or Alive”—Bill Anderson

63. “I’m Alive”—Seal

64. “Alive Again”—Chicago

65. “Alive”—Krewella

66. “Susannah’s Still Alive”—Dave Davies

67. “Alive”—Rebecca St. James

68. “Love Is Alive”—The Judds

69. “Man Alive”—Diesel

70. “Buried Myself Alive”—The Used

71. “I’m Alive”—Jackson Browne

72. “Keeping the Dream Alive”—Munchener Freiheit

73. “Keep Hope Alive”—The Crystal Method

74. “So Alive”—Ryan Adams

75. “Out Alive”—Kesha

76. “Never Take Me Alive”—Spear of Destiny

77. “I’m Alive”—Tommy James and Shondells

78. “Chivalry is Alive and Well and Living in Glasgow”—Barrie-James O’Neill

79. “Keeps Me Alive”—Moses Sumney

80. “Alive”—Vincent Bueno


81. “So We Can Stay Alive”—Garbage

82. “We Alive”—Chris Wu

83. “Alive”—P.O.D.

84. “Good Time To Be Alive”—Lady Antebellum

85. “I Buried Your Love Alive”—Ashley Monroe

86. “Come Alive”—Madonna

87. “Alive”—Lo-Pro

88. “The Devil Is Alive and Well”—Brad Paisley

89. “So Alive”—Goo Goo Dolls

90. “I Am Alive”—Paul Van Dyk

91. “Alive”—One Direction

92. “Illest Mother****** Alive”—Kanye West And Jay Z

93. “The Last One Alive”—Demon Hunter

94. “Alive”—Khalid

95. “Alive In You”—7eventh Time Down

96. “Seimei/Still Alive”—B’z

97. “Alive/Physical Thing”—Koda Kumi

98. “Look Alive, Sunshine”—The Chemical Brothers

99. “Dead Or Alive”—KAT-TUN

100. “Alive”—Dami Im

Other Notable "Alive" Songs

• “I Feel Alive”—Imri Ziv

• “Don’t Take Me Alive”—Steely Dan

• “Rod Hul Is Alive - Why?”—Half Man Half Biscuit

• “Stay the Ride Alive”—Gackt

• “Love Is Alive”—Phil Vassar

• “Fully Alive”—Flyleaf

• “I’m Alive”—Elhaida Dani

• “Alive Again”—Marianas Trench

• “Alive/Awake”—Oh Land

• “I Dream Myself Alive”—A-ha

• “Alive”—Mya

• “I’m Alive”—Yoko Ono

• “Alive In You”—Jesus Culture featuring Kim Walker-Smith

• “Come Alive”—Hugh Jackman

• “Alive”—Kate Ryan

• “Drive Alive”—Lead

• “I’m Alive”—Norah Jones

• “Alive”—Daft Punk

• “You’re Alive”—Sesame Street

• “Buried Alive”—Blitzkreig

• “I’m Alive”—Disturbed

• “Alive”—Melissa O’Neil

• “I Am Alive”—Ultravox

• “It’s Nice To Be Alive”—Ball Park Music

• “Alive”—Natalie Bassingthwaighte

More "Alive" Songs

• “I’m Still Alive”—Twiins

• “Alive & Kicking”—Nonpoint

• “He’s Alive”—Don Francisco

• “Burry Me Alive”—We Are the Fallen

• “I’m Alive”—Johnny Thunder

• “Alive Forever Amen”—Travis Cottrell

• “Come Alive”—Ashes Remain

• “It’s Good To Be Alive”—Imelda May

• “Keepin’ the Summer Alive”—The Beach Boys

• “I’m Alive”—Blind Guardian

• “Bring Em’ Back Alive”—Audioslave

• “Alive”—Adelitas Way

• “Stay Alive”—Basshunter

• “Alive and Breathing”—Matt Maher

• “I’m Alive”—Neil Diamond

• “Alive”—Leona Lewis

• “Being Alive”—Bernadette Peters

• “She’s Alive”—OutKast

• “Feelin’ Alive”—Jonas Brothers

• “Alive”—Gravity Kills

• “I Am Alive”—Little Man Tate

• “Alive & Amplified”—The Mooney Suzuki

• “We’re Alive”—Cavetown

• “Alive”—Breed 77

• “Buried Alive”—Dropkick Murphys

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